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Under good atmospheric conditions with the absence of other illumination, during nautical twilight, the human eye may distinguish general outlines of ground objects but cannot participate in detailed outdoor operations.

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Nautical twilight has military considerations as well. The initialisms BMNT begin morning nautical twilight, i. This is partially due to tactics dating back to the French and Indian War part of the Seven Years' War of — , when combatants on both sides would launch attacks at nautical dawn or dusk.

Astronomical dawn is the moment when the geometric center of the Sun is 18 degrees below the horizon in the morning. Astronomical dusk is the moment when the geometric center of the Sun is 18 degrees below the horizon in the evening. After astronomical dusk and before astronomical dawn, the sky is not illuminated by the sun. However, some critical observations, such as of faint diffuse items such as nebulae and galaxies , may require observation beyond the limit of astronomical twilight.

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Theoretically, the faintest stars detectable by the naked eye those of approximately the sixth magnitude will become visible in the evening at astronomical dusk , and become invisible at astronomical dawn. However, in other places, especially those with skyglow , astronomical twilight may be almost indistinguishable from night. In the evening, even when astronomical twilight has yet to end and in the morning when astronomical twilight has already begun, most casual observers would consider the entire sky fully dark.

Because of light pollution , observers in some localities, generally in large cities, may never have the opportunity to view even fourth-magnitude stars, irrespective of the presence of any twilight at all, and to experience truly dark skies. This also occurs for most observers at higher latitudes on many dates throughout the year, except those around the summer solstice.

However, at latitudes closer than 9 degrees to either Pole, the Sun cannot rise above the horizon nor sink more than 18 degrees below it on the same day on any date, this example of twilight cannot occur because the angular difference between solar noon and solar midnight elevates less than 18 degrees. At latitudes greater than about These latitudes include many densely populated regions of the Earth, including the entire United Kingdom and other countries in northern Europe.

In Arctic and Antarctic latitudes in wintertime, the polar night only rarely produces complete darkness for 24 hours each day. This can occur only at locations within 5. At all other latitudes and dates, the polar night includes a daily period of twilight, when the Sun is not far below the horizon. Around winter solstice, when the solar declination changes slowly, complete darkness lasts several weeks at the Pole itself, e.

At latitudes within 9 degrees of either Pole, as the sun's angular elevation difference is less than 18 degrees, twilight can last for the entire 24 hours. This occurs for one day at latitudes near 9 degrees from the Pole and extends up to several weeks the further towards the Pole one goes. The only permanent settlement to experience this condition is Alert, Nunavut , Canada, where it occurs for a week in late February, and again in late October. This angle of the sun's motion with respect to the horizon changes with latitude as well as the time of year affecting the angle of the Earth's axis with respect to the sun.

At Greenwich, England At the equator , conditions can go from day to night in as little as 20—25 minutes. This is true because at low latitudes the sun's apparent movement is perpendicular to the observer's horizon. But at the poles, civil twilight can be as long as 2—3 weeks. In the Arctic and Antarctic regions, twilight if there is any can last for several hours.

There is no astronomical twilight at the poles near the winter solstice for about 74 days at the North Pole and about 80 days at the South Pole.

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As one gets closer to the Arctic and Antarctic circles, the sun's disk moves toward the observer's horizon at a lower angle. The observer's earthly location will pass through the various twilight zones less directly, taking more time. Within the polar circles , twenty-four-hour daylight is encountered in summer, and in regions very close to the poles, twilight can last for weeks on the winter side of the equinoxes. Outside the polar circles, where the angular distance from the polar circle is less than the angle which defines twilight see above , twilight can continue through local midnight near the summer solstice.

The precise position of the polar circles, and the regions where twilight can continue through local midnight, varies slightly from year to year with Earth's axial tilt. The lowest latitudes at which the various twilights can continue through local midnight are approximately Each stage of twilight civil, nautical, and astronomical lasts only 24 minutes.

Dawn, from an Old English verb dagian: "to become day", is the time that marks the beginning to the poles, where the Sun rises at the vernal equinox and sets at the autumn equinox, with a long period of twilight, lasting for a few weeks. Until Dawn is a horror adventure video game developed by Supermassive Games and .. "Until Dawn 'around 9 hours long', 'has hundreds of endings'".

From anywhere on Earth, the twilight period is shortest around the equinoxes and longest on the solstices. Daytime becomes longer as the summer solstice approaches, while nighttime gets longer as the winter solstice approaches. This can have a potential impact on the times and durations of dawn and dusk.

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This effect is more pronounced closer to the poles, where the Sun rises at the vernal equinox and sets at the autumn equinox, with a long period of twilight, lasting for a few weeks. Therefore, the angular radius of the polar circle is equal to the angle between Earth's equatorial plane and the ecliptic plane.

This period of time with no sunset lengthens closer to the pole. This period of "bright nights" is longer at higher latitudes. When the sun gets 9. In Sioux mythology, Anpao is an entity with two faces. Ushas is one of the most prominent Rigvedic deities. The time of dawn is also referred to as the Brahmamuhurtham Brahma is god of creation and muhurtham is a Hindu unit of time , and is considered an ideal time to perform spiritual activities, including meditation and yoga. In some parts of India, both Usha and Pratyusha dusk are worshiped along with the Sun during the festival of Chhath.

Prime is the fixed time of prayer of the traditional Divine Office Canonical Hours in Christian liturgy , said at the first hour of daylight. In Islam , astronomical dawn Arabic fajr is the time of the first prayer of the day, and the beginning of the daily fast during Ramadan. The simple reading of the Talmud is that dawn takes place 72 minutes before sunrise. Others, including the Vilna Gaon , have the understanding that the Talmud's timeframe for dawn was referring specifically to an equinox day in Mesopotamia, and is therefore teaching that dawn should be calculated daily as commencing when the sun is The longstanding practice among most Sephardic Jews is to follow the first opinion, while many Ashkenazi Jews follow the latter view.

L'Aurore by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Moore was sentenced to three years and served just over two years in Thailand prisons, first spending time in Chiang Mai Central Prison before being transferred to the notorious Klong Prem prison in Bangkok, an infamously brutal facility. Though this specific incident appears to be fictional, it's not too far off from what Moore describes in his memoir.

He talks about a Singaporean man being violently raped and beaten, who walked around like a zombie afterward. He also mentions being traumatized by the murders and rapes that occurred inside the prison on a regular basis. The prison guards told Moore that he was gonna die if he kept letting himself be a target of violence. Why don't you get in the ring? Why don't you fight with those guys instead of with the gangs? With that, it became like family orientated, and he invited me into their gym, took care of me, sat with me, broke bread with me.

Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand, differs from traditional boxing in that fighters use kicks, elbows, and knee strikes in addition to punches. Known as the "art of eight limbs," the sport harnesses eight "points of contact. In the A Prayer Before Dawn movie , Billy Joe Cole is told that boxing and massive drug abuse led to a rupture that could result in him bleeding to death if he continues to fight.

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In real life, Billy's worsening stomach injury hernia actually stemmed from a prior scooter accident while he was in Laos he was high on drugs, got distracted, and crashed his scooter into two oncoming bikes. The injury did plague him during a boxing match not a Muay Thai match against the prison's best boxer, an inmate named Pon who hated foreigners. Like in the film, Billy emerged victorious by way of a knockout. Complications from stomach surgery to repair the hernia stopped him from competing on the prison's Muay Thai boxing team.

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A Prayer Before Dawn was shot on location in a real Thai prison. The cast includes former prisoners and ex-prisoner boxers. Moore never tried to slit his wrist like in the movie. However, he did make the decision to hang himself, but a young Thai inmate who he asked to help him talked him out of it, telling him that the rest of the prisoners are beaten when someone commits suicide. He didn't want anybody else to be punished for his selfishness.

Fighting is considered a charity event put on by Thailand's Department of Corrections. It allows prisoners to earn money and get reduced sentences. It also makes their stay much more bearable. In addition to being able to leave the prison to compete in matches, fighting helped Billy Moore get out of the worst part of the prison.

Competing in inter-prison Muay Thai boxing matches allowed him to escape the hellish prison existence of the grim, overcrowded cells that he had initially found himself in, where even access to a chair was considered a luxury.

Like in the movie, after he joined the prison's Muay Thai team, he was moved to the cushier "boxing" cell. He was able to leave his cell to train, and fighting indeed helped him win the respect of his fellow inmates, making him less of a target.

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If the sky is clear, it is blue colored, and if there is some cloud or haze, there can be bronze, orange and yellow colours. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Mer du Nord by Guillaume Vogels. Why don't you fight with those guys instead of with the gangs? Moore states, "A young Thai, no older than twenty-five, ran past me, his face showing pure terror. I go to bed after two in the morning, thoughts come and I can't sleep but toss about till dawn , because I think and can't help thinking, just as he can't help plowing and mowing; if he didn't, he would go to the drink shop or fall ill. At latitudes greater than about

Like drugs, Muay Thai had also allowed him to mentally escape his confinement. Watch video of Thailand prison Muay Thai boxing fights. Muay Thai boxing didn't get him a reduced sentence. The complications from his stomach injury and subsequent surgery had prevented him from boxing while in the second Thai prison, Klong Prem. In real life, he was able to leave the prison after he put in a request with the British Embassy to be repatriated. Yes, in his book he describes getting a tattoo of a Muay Thai boxer on his back, which took a week to complete. The tattoo artist, a fellow inmate, didn't use needles.

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He used guitar strings tied to a piece of bamboo. In the movie, it marks the moment when Billy truly becomes one with his fellow inmates. It is less important of an event in the book and is not so much a rite of passage. Though it's not in the movie, he begins his book by describing the chilling incident. Moore states, "A young Thai, no older than twenty-five, ran past me, his face showing pure terror.

He lost balance, slipped, and hit the concrete with a loud thud.