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Which makes her a relatable, realistic character. Having read the Christy series, I enjoyed the crossover to Sierra, but was also glad to see a completely unique storyline and character. One who is a little more spiritually mature, but still a teenager dealing with life. Gunn does an excellent job developing the character and the relationships over the course of the three books. Like Katie and Christy, Sierra is a little boy crazy, but I find the friendship angle to be stronger in these books which I believe is a valuable theme for teenagers.

Jun 14, RebekahAshleigh rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sierra Jensen is a fun-loving 16 year old girl. This is sort of a spin off series from the Christy Miller series. You wouldn't necessarily have to read the Christy books before you read the Sierra ones, but I would recommend it. Mostly just because the Christy books were written before the Sierra ones.

Sierra is in the last Christy book and some of the characters you wouldn't know quite as well if you hadn't read Christy first. This volume has the first three books in it and they are all fun. Jun 24, Bonnie rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. Really love being back where also have Christy, Todd, Doug, and Tracy back. Meeting Sierra also she is really good, and love how even though she is younger? They all embrace her and they dont treat her younger.

And to me when I read books by Robin Jones Gunn, I feel like am with friends and just truly love the book. Robin Jones Gunn is a favorite author of mine and would highly recommend, but first read the Christy Miller series before you start the Sierra series. I gave the bo I loved this book. Sep 20, Halee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Such a great start to the Sierra Jensen series! It's been a 6 months or so since I read The Christy Miller Series and I had forgotten how much I absolutelt adored Robin's writing, characters and just all the spiritual learning in her stories.

I can't wait to read the next books! Jul 24, Smiley rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Now I really enjoyed this Series soo far. I'm hoping I'll like the other ones of her.. But, I still like this one very well. Mar 15, Brooke — brooklynnnnereads rated it liked it Shelves: This wasn't a good thing because I wasn't liking Sierra as much.

However, as the story went on, I found I became more and more interested of how Sierra's story will unfold. Now, after reading this first book in the Sierra Jensen series, I'm happy for the differences between Christy and Sierra.

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Both of their lives are vastly different, both of their personalitie 1. Both of their lives are vastly different, both of their personalities are different, and therefore their stories would be different. I'm looking forward to see what is to come as this series progresses. In your dreams 3. I love reading the different personalities and I also love the relationships and the characters of Sierra's family.

I always felt the Christy Miller series didn't really have her family included as much. Sometimes Sierra continues to seem immature but then again, she's a teenager. With that being said, I also think there's some things that she's facing e. I can't wait to read more and to see where this series goes from here! It was an okay read, definitely feel like there is some unresolved issues between Tawni and Sierra that hopefully will get faced in the upcoming collection. An okay read but would not say it was my favourite of the three in this collection.

Nov 25, Kelli rated it really liked it Shelves: It was really cool to meet Sierra Jensen and learn about her life. I have been a huge fan of Christy Miller since I was in middle school and still enjoy coming back to her story, but I have never before read about some of her other Forever Friends.

It was interesting to see a different character, and one that I seemed to relate to a little bit more, and how the author developed her story as well as intertwining it with the already established Christy Miller series. I will definitely enjoy readin It was really cool to meet Sierra Jensen and learn about her life.

I will definitely enjoy reading more about Sierra and seeing where her journey takes her. Oct 24, Leona Carstairs rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Christians who like to be bored to death. I do not know why I ever picked this up, maybe because I had read everything else in the library, but it was so dumb. It's a stupid, boring book about Sierra's stupid pointless life. I tried the next ones, because apparently I like torturing myself and DNF ed at the last one I think. Such a stupid series. Feb 23, Patty Hearts Dave rated it it was amazing. All 12 books in the popular Sierra Jensen series come together in four volumes to reveal the ups and downs of Sierra's incredible God-led journey!

Recommended for ages 12 and up. But now Sierra is headed home, and she can't help but wonder, will her friendships last? But a series of starling surprises shows Sierra just how wrong she is--and before she knows it, she's on her way to the perfect job, her first real date, and an encounter with a mysterious stranger. What's worse, everyone has a boyfriend except Sierra. These books kept my interest. You can pick up any one of them and know what is going on without reading the ones before it. But you'll want to read the books first to last because you discover situations being resolved as you read.

I think that it is annoying how young girls are taught by society to have a boyfriend so young. Sierra is 16, which isn't extremely young so I found that refreshing. The characters are Christians in these books so their relationships are portrayed in a manner that isn't sexual - something else that was refreshing to read. All the teenage drama goes on in these books. There are sibling issues, trouble making friends, thinking guys are cute, wanting a job to have money, messy rooms, and more. I would recommend this series to the tween crowd.

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This series of books would be good for the girl that hasn't started dating yet. It would be a great started point for discussions with your child about relationships and dating. I received a free copy of this e-book from WaterBrook Multnomah for my honest review. Jan 03, Kristina Cardoza rated it liked it Recommended to Kristina by: In the beginning, she is coming home from a missions trip in England with her friends Katie, Tracy, and Christy. After sadly leaving her friends, Sierra meets a man named Paul on the plane.

They find out that they have a lot in common. Sierra also gives her opinion on how Paul's life would be better, but when she states her age, Paul doesn't care for her opinion. When Sierra gets to her new home in Portland, Oregon, she finds that making friends isn't as easy as she thought Will she ever be able to adjust to the new school and town? And will she see Paul again? In Your Dreams Sierra is back again! In the second book in her series, Sierra has made some new friends, Amy, Vicki, and Randy. They like her style and hang out with her, but she doesn't really have any connections with them, and she doesn't open up.

Sierra gets a letter from Paul, too. She impulsively writes an angry reply Will Sierra be able to open up to her friends? And will she get to apologize to Paul? She accidentally invites her older sister Tawni to come, and Tawni says yes! Sierra is the only one without love!

Can Sierra handle having her sister over? And will she ever find true love? My Opinion I am 10 years old so this review is based on a year-old's perspective. It was just about someone's life. Almost everyone has to deal with moving and adjusting to new schools and environments, including me. The book might have been more interesting if it took place in the past, if it was humorous, if it was a mystery, etc. It was somewhat interesting with Paul in the story, though. Overall, I would rate it 2. Jan 15, Krys Krys Reads rated it liked it Shelves: As soon as I started reading, I started to notice a couple of flaws, 1.

I also coul Source: All through the three volumes there were errors that could have been avoided. Some of the characters seemed believable, but than the dialogue all looked very made up. For the most part — predictable. My year-old self, that is. The personality traits and the constant need for adventure and relationships with everybody, the person Sierra was described made the books more interesting.

Would I recommend this book to a young person? Possibly, between the ages of 9 and 12 or 13, depending on their reading level. Dec 09, Krystal rated it really liked it. I was a little skeptical about reading this series because the reviews I read prior to reading it said it was aimed more towards a middle school audience. However, just a few pages in I found myself really enjoying the storyline.

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There are sibling issues, trouble making friends, thinking guys are cute, wanting a job to have money, messy rooms, and more. Fantastic clothes, all very original. In Your Dreams Sierra is back again! Sierra had always been the bold, free-spirited type. Will she ever find love? Her spunky spirit makes the books enjoyable and fun. She does, but only kind of.

I received the Sierra Jensen Collection Vol. This, however, was not because the book was extremely relevant to me as an adult. It was because I was a little skeptical about reading this series because the reviews I read prior to reading it said it was aimed more towards a middle school audience.

In the book Sierra Jensen is a 16 year old teenage girl who, after attending a life changing mission trip in Europe, is on fire with the Lord and is ready to grow up and find romance. Volume one is all about her discovering contentment and joy with where she is in life, instead of looking towards the future. This book has a little of everything: What I enjoyed most about this book, however, was that it is a good, clean Christian book full of great verses, prayers and good advice.

Throughout volume one, the reader gets the chance to see her relationship with her family and friends grow as a result of her becoming even closer to the Lord. All in all, I would say that this book is a must read for teenagers and their families. Aug 02, Melissa rated it really liked it.

I read both the Christy Miller series and the Sierra Jensen series when I was in junior high and early high school. I read them and re-read them and at 13, Robin Jones Gunn was probably my favorite author. I decided to re-read the first book in each series as an adult and it was such a treat. It was like returning to my adolescence for a moment. After spending time on a mission trip in Europe, the free-spirited Sierra returns home to finish high school. The only problem is that home is no longer I read both the Christy Miller series and the Sierra Jensen series when I was in junior high and early high school.

The only problem is that home is no longer where she left it. Her entire family moved to Portland, Oregon and now Sierra must adjust to a new town and school. To top it off, the great guy she met on the plane on the way home seems to be popping up in her new life, but always at the wrong moment. Her problems seem small in the big scheme of things.

Sierra Jensen Series: 3-in-1 Collection, Volume 1

Reading about someone else who is going through the same things is incredibly reassuring. Aug 17, Jaime added it Shelves: I have always loved Robin Jones Gunn's books. Between the Christy Miller series, Sierra Jensen books, and even the newer Katie Weldon stories, I have been inspired and found friends between those pages. Sierra Jensen is someone who knows herself and is willing to be herself in any situation. When she meets Paul at the airport, a complete stranger, she isn't a afraid to strike up a conversation about anything and even go to far with somethings.

And that makes her awesome. Sierra Jensen and her ups and downs of life are an inspiration to any teenage girl. She tries her best to seek God first, and when she messes up, makes her way to fix the problem.

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The lessons Sierra learns can be good lessons for all of us. Her spunky spirit makes the books enjoyable and fun. I have and continue to recommend these books to my friends and others. Many have loved them also. And if you read this and enjoy Sierra Jensen, I'd suggest both the Christy Miller series where it all started and the Katie Weldon books where it is just starting to take off. Jul 05, Alice rated it it was amazing.

This is a spin off series of the Christy Miller series. In the last Christy Miller book, Christy goes to England on a mission trip, and that's where she meets Sierra. Most of the book is about Sierra, and her own life outside of what we learn about her in the last Christy Miller book, but for those of you who readlly liked Christy, she and Sierra become friends, and she pops in and out of the series of books.

Mar 24, Lindsay Franklin rated it really liked it. This is good, clean YA fun. It gave me a similar reading experience to The Babysitters' Club of my own YA days, though the content is totally different. I enjoyed Sierra as a character, and I think Jones Gunn's portrayal of some of the inner struggles of a Christian teen was well-done. We're not talking about tackling really deep, dark stuff, here. Just the normal, day-to-day things everyone faces at one point or another--spiritually, romantically, with family dynamics, etc.

Jun 13, Ashley Sutherland rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is a fun book that provides inspiration through the conversation she has with others. This was the first book I read of the entire series. I was a little confused by the mention of characters in the beginning, but it didn't take long to catch on to who everyone was. I do recommend reading the Christy Miller books first, though.

Mar 25, Pages Young Adult Buy. Jun 01, Pages Young Adult. Mar 25, Pages Young Adult. Just when everything important seems to elude her, all it takes is one weekend In Your Dreams to prove otherwise. Christy Miller knows a good friend when she meets her, and so will you— Get ready for Sierra Jensen!

And what about her new home?

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Her family moved while she was gone, and that means facing a new high school. And the biggest question of all: Will she ever find love? Then a chance meeting in a London airport answers that question. Paul makes her heart leap. In Your Dreams Sierra has had it! But nothing is working out. Now she has to stay home to care for her grandmother.

For the whole weekend! It will be terrible. Unfortunately, not only does Tawni not disappear, she accompanies Sierra on her escape. But will her wishes begin to change as she realizes God wants to mold her according to His wishes? Her name was Sierra Jensen, and she was so compelling as a teenage character that readers began asking for a series about Sierra in order to hear more about her life choices. Our family had just moved to Portland at the time, and I found it easy to picture a sixteen-year-old like Sierra shopping at the local vintage clothing stores, hanging out with friends at a garage band concert, and serving at the homeless shelter on weekends.

Her frequent speaking engagements have taken her around the… More about Robin Jones Gunn. Also in Sierra Jensen Collection.


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