Lorelei and Darin

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Anyone else think that Lawrence Lorelei might be the Lawrence that tutored Taryon? Castle Lorelei isn't far from Deastok. Also, he's intelligent and logical. I don't remember Liam mentioning when this was all taking place, so it seems possible.

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Terry's Lawrence was older than him twenty plus years ago during campaign 1 Song of the Lorelei takes place during an identical sounding war with Xhoras. I was wondering how Travis would fluff his transformation he went with, what I judge to be, the less popular option, this is no surprise given his stated love of werewolves. That is to say, Lawrence tore off his flesh while the others just sprouted fur. It probably looked something like this.

This is just a guess, so no guarantees, but I think they saw it on Liam's initiative tracker card things. Probably only saw a partial name, my guess is for "Iron Wolf". How graphically violent and ummm "weird" was this episode I'm thinking of Liam's last one-shot where the cast played themselves and reality fell apart? I ask because I've been trying to get my wife into Critical Role or RPGs in general , and we're going to be at home all day today doing chores, so I thought I might put it on in the background; but not if it's going to turn her off future episodes.

I don't think she'd enjoy Liam's last one-shot though, nor does she enjoy gore I don't really either, but I'll put up with it for the right story. Yeah, Liam's awfully good at sounding like he's choking on his own blood. Made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. However, there are descriptions of the aftermath of gruesome murders, including child murder. They are not very detailed, but pretty evocative.

Lorelei Unhjem

It's no where near as trippy as the previous one. This one actually has a story that is much easier to follow and more traditional monsters. Definitely a good introduction Liam's oneshots. My hope is since it took place in Wildemount is that it might be canon.

[Spoilers C2E32] The Song of the Lorelei werewolves one shot by Liam O'Brien : criticalrole

I would love to see or hear about these characters again in a different context. It's a bit more unwieldy than "The Screw Job" or "Barroom Blitz" in the sense that there's a fixed point to find some of the characters. I assume it happened in realtime with the events of the regular game. So while the party is currently wherever they are, this other event is also happening. This one has a fixed point where a few can be presumed to be. Oh my god I want a game with like, TJ and Matt as players.

He absolutely had Matt's style as a player and I feel like watching them construct something off each other would be amazing. Who is going DM for them? I feel like only Adam Koebel or Jeremy Crawford would be brave enough. The last time he dmed on stream for a bunch of dms stream of annhilation he was in a nervous flop sweat the whole time. This is the One True Choice. Damn you're completely right. That doesn't leave very many who could dm for a group like that. If you are using Prime to subscribe to twitch, you will have to resubscribe every month for That means you are not subscribed to the Geek and Sundry twitch channel, which has VODs subscriber-only.

This is just the theory going around, but many believe she may have been a Dragonmarked Human which was a concept introduced in the new Eberron books. A lesser mark of the mark of passage allows the person with the dragonmark to use Dimension door once per day. Dimension door lets the user and one person of their size or smaller teleport to another location. This is just a theory mind you because there is one issue in that if it was dimension door it has a range of ft and her spell was only 40 ft and we are not certain she could in fact go further.

Still that is the theory going around about how the character did it. I'll rewatch it later and see if I can catch more on it. I did not notice that right off, thank you. Am I the only one who's surprised no-one called Sam out on the fact that the burns on Benny's arms seem to be an in-universe excuse for his werewolf form to be "sleeveless? I'm choosing to believe this is Benecio's true origin. He was merely adopted by the Loreleis so Liam wouldn't know about Sam's affair.

It is under Critical Role, but you have to go to Specials instead of Campaign 2, which is the default. Can't seem to find it anywhere right now. It might be me, but it looks content blocked on the GnS twitch. I guess we have to wait for the YouTube upload on monday: The one shot and the guest were awesome.

I really hope they can both come back and be apart of the campaign. The guest this campaign have been absolutely great. Yeah the guests have all been brilliant. Both guests this ep were amazing, especially T. The second i saw him i knew he would be cool AF haha.

You know I cannot deal with this anymore. These are some m. I wanna read, i wanna play them. Come on, share info. Moon Domain may not be entirely homebrew. Mike Mearls has been working on it for about two months, but hasn't posted it yet. He did mention he was working on it back when he posted the Beauty Domain and a couple others. At a guess, Liam probably asked him for what he had. I think that involved a general though, but then again, historically a noble was more likely to be named a general so Yeah the story about the siblings was on the present The love story between Grandma Lorelei and the Crick was on the past, when granny was young Yeah, and It was also smut fiction based on something that really happened The author could have gender bend the characters and change the names.

Edmonton - Lorelei

Lorelei and Darin - Kindle edition by T. S. Walker. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. MLS®: E; Prop. Type: Condo; City: Edmonton; Neigh. Lorelei; Area: Edmonton; Total Floor Area: ft2; Const. Wood Frame; Bds/Bths: 3/2.

As funny as that would be, it prrrrobably isn't? The book's plot involved a general and assassin I think. Just in general, more TJ please. He was so good! Very knowledgeable and there's something about the clack his dice made going through the tower that was very pleasing audio-wise. Sam's voice for this one-shot fucked me up on more than one occasion. I was hearing what I expected would be Travis' voice and his lips were not moving.

I think that Liam mentioned that he "blessed whatever role got your voice all husky" or something like that, so I was of the opinion he was doing some sort of voice that was hard on the vocal cords and resulted in "super deep Sam voice". It seemed to be one of those voices that Sam can do rather effortlessly too. He was very good at it. Which also messed me up as like you I thought Travis was talking at times, but it was Sam. According to Sam's twitter, Benecio is actually named after Benecio del Toro who directed the Wolfman, whose main character is named Lawrence.

Glad I'm not the only one: D I usually listen while I'm working and had to keep glancing up to figure which of them was speaking. Epic thanks to kendrawcandraw for gloriously illustrating our favorite shape-shifting siblings for VoiceOfOBrien's "The Song of the Lorelei" one-shot! This message was created by a bot. Typically the commissioned artist posts them to Twitter and the Critical Role twitter account will retweet them.

I absolutely loved TJ Storm as a guest. His play speaks for itself, but just watching the guy's facial expression during other peoples turns, he was so into everything. Oh yes, by far my favorite guest. I was having terrible deciding between him and Darrens awesomeness, but he won. The "let me say a prayer for you" during the fence bit has to be the one greatest "stone cold mother-effer" moments from a one shot. I think it might be a 3. Or maybe Liam homebrewed it? Sounds like a cool domain, though! You'd think she would have more white in her hair after having to look after this bunch growing up.

Didn't they say that the grand mother had gone too feral and they ended up killing her. Surely it was just a revenge mission for them taking out the grand mother and his wife? Thats how I saw it anyway. It would make sense to me if granpa was fighting his wife's siblings and parents but he was fighting against his own child and grandchildren, whose both innocent of that crime and his own blood.

My guess is that it has to do with the re-enlightened part Liam said at the end. He probably was brainwashed or whatever Xhorhas does to their people to create these elite stealthy warriors. Probably came back to cleanse any semblence of non-believers from his family's bloodline. That's my guess at least. She was probably Circle of the Moon as she Wildshaped as a bonus action.

She cast a Land Druid only spell, but it can be fairly easy to mix up subclass only spells like Clay and Faerie Fire. She also Wildshaped as a bonus action, which only Moon Druids can do. I imagine she fucked up her spell selection and chose a Land only spell. It's also possible that the cast didn't realise that it requires a full action for non-Moon druids, given that Keyleth is pretty much their only metric for the class, and Marisha wasn't around to give any guidance during the session.

That's also a possibility, but they're reading her sheet as she wildshapes, so it could be either. I just know the spell selection thing happens a lot. If you something like the spellcard website for your spells, the only way to know it's from a subclass is from a small line of text in the corner. Circle of the Moon Druid is standard 5e.

Moon Domain Cleric is not in any 5e books, which is what T. Okay, but the quote you're responding to was talking about how they moved circle of the moon for druids to 5e Heck, Keyleth was a Moon Druid, wasn't she? It's why she was such a tank with her shapeshifting. Rewatched the last few minutes and the killing blows were pretty satisfying. Also, I kind of wondered why they all had drow hued skin in their portraits so that little twist at the end wasn't as big as I had hoped.

I think they kind of jumped a few things that Liam had planned so that bit of exposition at the end, plus him ending it when he did, were probably due to them bum rushing the drow, and Liam wanting to get some plot in for a satisfying end.

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I would've loved for a bit more story and I think this could have easily gone on for another hour but yeah Perhaps my expectations for this game were set a bit too high but I found this to be more gritty and satisfying than Honey Heist. Then again I've played a Worgen Druid for years and have been in love with wolf and raven myths and that whole dreary sort of fog drenched type of atmosphere for ages Decent game though from Liam but I seriously wanted to chomp into more of that juicy plot and the history of the family.

I wanted to see more of the keep and dig into their backstories and see them interacting with each other and solving things together. There's a whole other dynamic with werewolves that you just don't get with vampires They didn't rush anything. Liam went overtime so it had to end. Games can't be more than 5hours because they have a crew to send home.

Also it's a one shot, 5 hours is nothing for a roleplaying game. A small battle is already more of an hour most of the time and doing character presentation and scenario introduction is also an hour so Plus factoring the diversity of classes, whether or not a party is optimized or not, min maxed or not.

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It becomes very difficult to accurately find a means of guaranteeing an encounter will last a certain amount of time. This is why when i make a monster i dont give it true hit points. It has "moments" hp. A player who has a typical attack round substracts 1 "moment" from the hp, a big success is 2 "moments. Exactly this, we had an encounter two sessions ago that wasn't anything too threatening for our group but it was not expected so our players were out of position, a wizard was front and centre for instance and they very nearly killed us as the dm didn't miss a single roll I don't think, I think the lowest he rolled was like a 19 with the bonus and we failed every con save bar one that only had a DC Then next session we pretty much smashed a red dragon with our fighter successfully frightening it, grappling it, shoving it and all kinds of stuff.

It only made a single save for the entire encounter. TJ was a god tier guest, right up there with the best ive seen on this show. Would love to see him do like a 3 ep arc on the main campaign.


I don't think is Liam's fault that his encounters eat so much time, i would love a comprehensive guide in balancing encounters in 5e, 'cause that shit is haaard. Like a nice tutorial in "making a 20 minutes fight for 4 PCs" or something like that, its not going to be super exact, but it could be better than the mysterious "CR" thing.

I only play once a month and ever since I've been doing that my combats are much faster. Note that this only works because my players are almost a medieval SWAT team and the M9 party would look like noobs near them combat wise. I agree, CR is so redundant.

So if i have 4 players at level 1 who are all bards or a 4 players at lvl 1 with a dedicated "tank", healer and dps your telling me thats the same success rate? That's not how CR works at all. A CR X encounter is expected to drain them Y resources on average.

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