Cosmos Quest

Cosmos Quest

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Feb 23, 8: Jan 26, Jan 13, 5: Cosmos Quest fanart thread last. Follower Event Follows Templates last. Bug with Luxurius maximus? More importantly, it was around this time that the idea for a commercial game was born. Going commercial I soon found myself in need of more time for developing the game.

I already had a fulltime job and had initially considered working half-day. Roger Wilco and the Time Ripper to create the character Apo Lanski in the first and second Cosmos Quest games, I could not commercialize them due to copyright infringement of Sierra's intellectual properties.

On the other hand, the constantly increasing number of downloads and the encouraging comments I received from fans who had played my games made me think that the third Cosmos Quest game could be commercially successful if I were to put into a lot more efforts to create unique characters and improve the graphics for the game.

Taking all the recommendations and criticisms into consideration, I diligently began preparing the background materials for the game. For me, this was actually the most pleasant part of the development work process. It inspired me to create the music, the puzzles, and all the tiny but significant details needed to be included to make a great adventure game. The music I used an old tracker for composing the music in Cosmos Quest, using free samples I found on the internet.

Developer's postmortem: Cosmos Quest

After each round players will be sorted by ELO and matched accordingly without repetition. My experience with the game: This game is currently blocked due to the new privacy regulation and www. Soon, I found out that there was a whole online community of adventure game fans with a website dedicated solely to the game. If the game still doesn't work, then send us a report:. Visit Our Developers Site.

As a guitarist myself, I was familiar with the process of music composition. I also knew, however, that composing sci-fi genre music and guitar music were very different. Still, the underlying music theory would be all the same, no matter of which instrument. So, I drew from whatever experience I had to score the game.

Tournaments & Co. - #19 COSMOS QUEST [german]

The Mines of Isagor provoked a lot of arguments among gamers who played the game. Some liked them; some considered them incoherent; some were even irritated.

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I do not have an explanation for the criticisms. I guess that my puzzles somehow replicate the nature of the puzzles found in classic quest games. I like those puzzles as I am used to those games. Unfortunately, it appears this is not enough for a commercial game, even if it is indie.

Cosmos Quest

Rather, I discover that the puzzles need to appease the taste of the gamers who are willing to buy the game. This is a key moment and revelation. When a developer decides to go commercial, the developer loses the freedom as well as I must confess the amusement derived from the whole process of game creation. Subsequently, I read a lot of posts from online forums and blogs about the puzzles in these classic quest games.

For example, a Space Quest fan complained in a review of Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter about a scene in the game where the main character lands in a rescue capsule on the alien planet Kerona. While being inside the capsule, the player playing as the main character must take a survival kit which, however, does not appear on screen. I personally do not mind this puzzle. I simply consider it to be a bigger challenge because it provokes me to think what I need to do in such a situation.

To me, it is logical to look for a first aid or survival kit before going outside a spaceship to a potentially hostile world. I am an old-school quest gamer, and I understand that my taste in adventure games may be different from those of many younger gamers. In Cosmos Quest, I have also pondered on the issue of saturation of the active objects in a scene.

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