Chemical-Biological Defense: U.S. Military Policies and Decisions in the Gulf War

Chemical-Biological Defense

Tito, Mihailovic, and the Allies by Walter R. So — what precisely is a conflict Diary and why may still i need to learn one?

Chemical-Biological Defense by Albert J. Mauroni - Praeger - ABC-CLIO

Put easily, a struggle Diary documents what the actual unit was once doing on a daily basis. It incorporates a wealth of data that catalogues its a number of actions, if it is sour and dear struggling with, or extra mundane projects resembling education. Make no mistake — there by no means used to be an in depth checklist saved of what each one soldier or officer did at any given time. That kind of minutia list retaining doesn't exist even this present day.

What have been saved have been the diaries of the unit the fellow belonged to. The conflict Diaries are one of the most well liked records to be sought on the nationwide information. Chronological index to every quantity.

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Battalion and corporate orders. Timing of assaults and assault targets.

U.S. Military Policies and Decisions in the Gulf War

Trench raids and evening assaults. Battalion and corporate activities. I think Mauroni's analysis of Gulf War Syndrome gives his book a much greater audience. Al Mauroni's unprecedented study of this little-known aspect of the Persian Gulf War is well written, illuminating and thorough.

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Superbly researched, this insightful work will become the standard text on contemporary chemical and biological defense challenges. Strongly recommend for military leaders and concerned citizens. Al Mauroni has focused our attention on what may become a frontier of modern warfare. He goes deeply into the material, penetrating the shallow sound bites that have dominated this discussion.

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I learned a tremendous amount both about chemical defenses and chemical warfare. An outstanding contribution to the discussion of a major policy issue. A frightening and factual book on everyman's weapon of mass destruction.

Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Training, Scary stuff!

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