The Kissing Gates

kissing gate
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A kissing gate is a type of gate that allows people, but not livestock, to pass through. The normal construction is a half-round, rectangular, trapezoidal or. The kissing gate is often the subject of chatter about the origins of its amorous- sounding name. This article was first published in

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The first time I saw a kissing gate, it was in the grounds of Wimpole Hall. It was quite a large kissing gate and there was no other gate available. My bipeds told me that it was large enough for me to enter and stand still, but I was not keen on the idea of that gate swinging next to me. I was six months old and I had never been nervous of anything before, but I decided I was not going to enter the kissing gate. They tried to tempt me with treats, but I was not persuaded. They demonstrated how easy it was by going through it multiple times themselves.

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We changed direction and we went to the tea shop and sat outside at a table. One of my bipeds stayed with me while the other one went in and came back with some tea, cakes and a sausage roll. They wrapped the sausage roll up in a napkin and put it in a pocket, as though they were planning to take it home — that was silly, I was there and keen to try it.

We left the tea shop and walked towards the kissing gate. This time the biped with the sausage roll went through. Then he got the sausage roll out and broke a piece off and held it out, through the side of the kissing gate. Well, I could risk putting my head inside to get a piece of sausage roll! But it was still just out of reach, so I moved forward. Before I knew it, I was inside the kissing gate eating a tasty piece of sausage roll and the gate had swung past me and I could join the biped who had the sausage roll.

They made a big fuss of me and told me how clever I was. We had a pleasant stroll and then returned through the kissing gate. I was quite keen to enter this time because I knew there was still sausage roll left! That is the advantage of being a big dog Clowie. Mine can pick me up — Oh the indignity!

The last time I recall was at the pet-groomers. Demand sausage roll, or something even better — it should work. A great story, have never heard of the kissing gates but will certainly check out the history and story of such a beautiful tradition. There are quite a lot of them dotted about the British countryside.

The Kissing Gate

Some of the older ones can be quite attractive. It would be quite useful to be able to wriggle through such a small gap! But I do think you should stand your ground and demand a sausage roll. Have a wonderful Wednesday. What a great story Clowie! Interesting…we always have to figure out how to get through those things and it is not easy with 2 dogs and a human!

A Pyrenean Mountain Dog's Perspective

They can be very difficult! Great post, Clowie… Kissing gates are special — but better than revolving doors ;o but I would never walk over a wobbling footbridge — we have one here and my dad had to carry me across this thingy ;o. Smart thinking to wait for a sausage before you tried it. What a great Idea! Now me can amuse my furrends with another tidbit thanks to yous Clowie!

Yous is one super smart Doggy to gets them to pay yous!

Yes, I think kissing gate is a nice name. I find it interesting to hear about other parts of the world that my blogging pals live in. One should always be on the lookout for the treat potential of any situation, woof! I like the sound of this kissing gate, Clowie!

Good job sweet Clowie showing them you knew how to get that sausage.

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We found this very interesting as we have never seen or heard of a kissing gate. Hugs and nose kisses. Never can be too careful! But very tasty treats do help!