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Retrieved from " https: I had a program book with some notes written it it and about three and a half hours to fill in…it was great practice for Miss America though, and great inspiration to stop eating cake upon seeing the models. Each time one would grace the stage I would move further away from the runway.

Why Calico Cats are Almost Always Female

Breast cancer awareness and fundraising of any kind…you can count me in. So I go into Dairy Queen for a salad and I am waiting at the counter. At that moment I realized that I was on my way out. I will have to buy two packs of candles from now on. That day was almost one of my first sad days as Miss Kentucky. However, my frown was turned upside down when my family came up for round one of birthday celebrations.

My friend, and fellow cupcake, Ashley Upton Gabbard had balloons, multiple hats, and a cake that triumphed over my elderly saddness…no matter how many candles were springing from that fondant I could have only been moved to happy tears. My Christmas card photo shoot part one in Barbourville was short lived because of the rain, but Joetta and I will make up for it this week…get ready for that Christmas card!

Then today I found myself 3 hours away in Greenup Kentucky, where I did four elementary schools and a middle school. Greenup moved on up my list of favorites as I ended up in a concert like experience singing a requested Miley Cyrus song with the elementary who just happened to be decked out for rock star day screamed along.

He was so sweet though. I got worried for a second until I remembered it was red ribbon week…All the schools were wonderful today and I have officially gone Green up. I promise you that my Halloween costume will more than make up for any strife or impatience I have caused you.

By malloryervin October 19, in Miss Kentucky. I rushed home from doing 7 schools in Rowan County on Wednesday to get lowlights after another round of honesty from my little friends brought me back to reality. I get this question a lot, but never this answer. But that lowlight night was a mere glimmer in the distance at that point in the day…the marathon day…the best day…I will get to that soon. So, Monday, Nashville to work out with my little rat trainer Josh. Got to see my sister Jade and cousin Thea. I wish all food that I tried to eat was fake. It was dark…until she walked out into the abyss and lights it right up.

She took us up to her studio where we talked about Miss America, furs, and dresses.

Her animals are her babies and she would like Rainbow clients to know that she will treat their animals just like her own. Then for the best part…Joshie! I was glad to see her as well as all of my best friends at the shop. One little girl named Jocelyn, who I had met before her flu shot and had made it out alive, is among the hand raisers. Squeaky - Clinic Cat While she is likely the shyest member of the team, Squeaky at heart is truly a cat in search of the perfect lap. Kenya Barris Larry Wilmore. From the time I could walk I would catch snakes in our yard and drag my new friends into our house.

I began to gear up for the rowan county school district day the one that I alluded to in the beginning. It was intense, but so am I, so it was fantastic. But, the superintendent has the prettiest most wonderful wife, Lucy, who has this drill down to a science. She picked me up, initially she was my driver, she quickly became my best friend. We went from one school to the next to the next to the next. I felt like the president. We would pull up to the back entrance.

I would jump out and my little feet would hit the ground running. I hand over my ruby red slippers to the first teacher I see, then my cd to the next, all the while someone is briefing me as we power walk into the gym where the kids are on pins and needles…waiting. So clearly there are several funny occurrences when you come in contact with more than 3, whipper snappers. We begin the tune and they are amazingly in sync…was this event staged? As I am leaving they ask for pictures, they then whip out their cell phones and begin sneakily looking for someone to take the picture.

All at the same time the teachers realize what is going on, as do I, and the student now has to explain himself. THey kept the questions coming. They then hand me a homemade pumpkin roll…oh no…someone is going to have to roll me onstage in a wheel barrel if I keep experiencing the splendors of these hometown baked goods. Right back to the routine after lunch and before we knew it Ms. Lucy and I were coming down the homestretch and quickly approaching the final stop of the day at a juvenile detention center for teenage girls the Morehead Youth Development Center.

We made it through the security and there I was standing in front of them…Their apprehension and my reservation disappeared into thin air within 2 minutes. These girls may have done some bad things in the past, but I can tell you that after spending two hours with them inside these gates, that I know they will do good things in their future. They are so good inside, they just need someone to remind them of that.

I was honored to be that person. They had me singing every song under the sun or rain on that day. They sang along, they clapped, they laughed, I cried. Maybe this explained their immediate requests for me to sing Mariah Carey, Beyonce' again , and several artists that I had not heard of.

A while back when I was at the capitol rallying for our autism insurance reform bill I met several people from autism organizations across the state this is how I find myself at these great events. This time I volunteered my passion for the cause and was forced to drag along my disdain for physical fitness since it was a fundraising RUN…dang…I prefer bake sales and dinners, but for autism I will do anything. So, I was expecting a run.

At a few points in this ultra intense experience I felt that I was on a Japenese game show and my cousin Emily, a real runner, who was running behind me was in constant laughter was the mean American laughing at this crazy show. I too was laughing so hard at my situation that I nearly tripped over about 70 tree roots and walnuts and at one point a crazy squirrel all while being slapped in the face by tree limbs, etc …and all in the freezing rain.

But like I said…anything for my favorite cause…and for these great people.

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Long story short, one spring break at Sewanee we all rented this big home down south and went for the week. At the end of this week we found ourselves at a concert where Better Than Ezra was in the line up. We started off in the middle of the stands, however, I found my way to the front of the stage and quickly fell in love with the lead singer…he gave me his guitar pick…I was hoping he would not remember this situation and that I would refrain from reminding him, but I found myself right back at his mercy look at my face in the picture at the top.

He is the nicest man in the world. Noone is Better Than Ezra. The next morning I roll aka drive 3 hours into the mountains for the annual Red, White, and Blue parade in Martin, Ky. So, this town is in the middle of a flood renovation and is being completely uprooted every single building and moved to a higher point right next to it. The people there are so welcoming. I wanted to uproot some of their children and move them to Lexington with me. Then to round off the weekend I spoke briefly at our local directors meeting on Sunday. All my friends the local preliminary directors were there.

These people, their commitment to the Miss America system, and their selfless generosity to their winners each year is why I am able to write this blog. Now I have to get off this computer and drive to Ashland, Ky tonight…See ya latah alligatahs…. Limited choices left, but we decided that it was just meant to be.

Amidst my schools this week I found myself in West Liberty Kentucky. My last school there was Ezel Elementary. They all get settled. My talk is longer on this day. They really get me going. When I open up the floor I must prepare myself for anything. I thank my new friend who will probably be in trouble as soon as I leave and continue on. The final question is quickly approaching and I had my eye on this little boy with curly sitting indian style in the front row.

He raises his hand for every question, but I knew he had a good one so I saved him for last. As the children and teachers laugh I too am about to burst into laughter, but then I look down at him. He wants to know why snakes eat people and he is waiting for me to answer this question for him.

His phobia left him right before my eyes.

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And this story is true by the way, so true. From the time I could walk I would catch snakes in our yard and drag my new friends into our house. The rest of the week involved a lot, including secret meetings about my Miss America wardrobe at my favorite dress shop Miss Priss…another trip to Miss Priss where I ran into my string bean sister queen Maria Montgomery I can call her my sister queen because she is Miss Kentucky USA.

She is fifteen feet tall and glows in the dark. I have no makeup on and just ran in through a rainstorm. This happens to be the day where every customer who comes in wants a picture. I was glad to see her as well as all of my best friends at the shop. Then for my favorite part of the week, my photo shoot with Jerame Stephens, a hidden treasure here in my new city.

Then Keeneland with Sarahbelle Sarah Billiter. My first time at Keeneland will certainly not be my last. I ended up on the track unsure of my duties but sure that the blonde walking toward me was Charlize Theron. Middle school boys, I know just how you feel when you forget your questions. And now I brace myself…here comes a new jam-packed week…one filled with more chubby little hands and a few more of the best days of my life…BYE!

By malloryervin October 4, in Miss Kentucky.

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I have turned into quite the wildcat uk wildcat over the past couple months. I love the games. Now that I am sugar deprived kind of I find the concessions much more appealing. Between my blind right eye and eyelashes there is just no hope. I got to hang out with some of my fellow Union Co. And now, for an apology…not for breaking sweet eating promises to you because those are automatically implied now but for neglecting my blog duties for two weeks.

There is no excuse. So, these last two weeks…Watterson Elementary, I must touch on this because I met the tiniest little boy with the longest little legs of all time refer to photo who was yet another reminder that height does not necessarily coincide with age, and that I am the luckiest person in the world as I held his little hands. I thought that he was old enough to come up and answer a question so I called him up…he jumps over the head of the child in front of him…dead give away that I was wrong.

As I am now down on my hands and knees at eye level with him I begin to rephrase the question. I wish I could have packed him in my crown box and taken him home, but his legs would not have fit. I talked miles per hour to this dynamic duo of a husband and wife who were also blessed with the gift of gab who later told me that they were considering naming their stray cat after me.

It was an emotional day, I almost cried. However, it turned out to be one of my favorite speaking engagements of my reign. I cried, they cried, it was one of those rare moments where everything just connects. Afterwards I asked the staff at the country club if there was any chance there was a hidden camera in the room so that I cold get a tape of it…odd request coming from a Miss America contestant maybe….

I sit on the couch, where numerous Miss Americas and their fellow competitors sat before me, but also, where another version of myself sat just two years ago. As I began preparing for Miss Kentucky I knew that I had all the will, love, and compassion for this job, but it was just so hard to express. Jim and Joy taught me how to finally show it, so they would finally see it. As soon as we rounded the corner and my former stomping grounds came into view I had to stomp out that small longing to be back…I have the best job in the world…what was that feeling?!

We also visited Kim Grayson at her home, where she introduced me to her new make up line and reintroduced me to the fact that I do in fact wear too much make up sometimes…but I love it! She sent me on my way with the right amount of makeup on for the daytime as well as a bag full of her products!

Then for the best part…Joshie! My old trainer and best bud even on those days when I was hungry and threw weighted excercise balls at his pretty little face and made his teeth bleed. I got to see my old gym friends at my old stomping grounds the most literal version of stomping grounds ever since it really was a place where I stomped around angry about working out often.

Other than my body fat measurements it was beyond fun. Back to Lexington for a casino themed event at Keenland.

I married a 7 year old in a fake wedding. Then on to Shelbyville for an Autism Chili Cookoff…genius…the kids and the cook off. There was a little girl there who completely relieved me of my duties as she instructed me to not only give her my crown and banner, but also my chair at the autograph signing table. She then scribbled sharpies on my autograph pads and handed them out to passers by. She was so special. Later, when I was brushing her hair a little 3 year old boy named Mac came back to my table.

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Small towns making a mark on our autism journey warms my soul more than the 15 different types of chili I sampled. He is sassy, as am I in a good way , so we really hit it off. He won the throwdown because he let me eat his ribs and homemade biscuits onstage. I introduced him then sat onstage with Richie Farmer and his family and my fellow Miss Ky sister and sampler Kaitlynne Dorothy. I went on to the Alabama game, where I got to see some of my old friends on the team, then on to Miss Lexington.

I never want to stop, but I know that I need to give someone else this gift.

"Mallory" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Cute cat costumes, Jojo bows and Wrestling divas. Nerds candy Cheer Bow rainbow Colors. Softball Bows. on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Backgrounds, Wallpapers and Kitty cats. I really love all of the different colors in this picture. I love how.

In the gas station, in the grocery store, in the teachers lounge, at a ballgame. They endlessly pour out their love and support all over me. By malloryervin September 21, in Miss Kentucky. I gladly gave many. These are some of the greatest men and some of my greatest fans and I am proud to call myself a fan of theirs as well. As I travel the state as Miss Kentucky I am free to take on any cause, pursue any dream, and set an example to children that they too can do the same…all because of these men.

Thank you for my freedom. I also sang the National Anthem one of two times I belted out the tune that day. I then jetted off that slippery stage and rushed to the airport in the pouring down rain to catch a flight to Western Kentucky that Mr. Joe Craft so kindly invited me to crash on ahh crash, wrong plane lingo, hop on? We we being Coach Calipari, Mr.