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The above words are from my dear friend, Julia, who is the inspiration for this book. No matter what your situation, your story begins with how you respond to the adversity. A contemporary magic-realism romance with engaging multi-cultural characters and lyrical descriptions. This is the year Emily Ross takes control of her destiny and learns to deliberately shape the future. Emily has always known she is different.

Lonely and longing to fit in, she hides her true self. She finds lifelong friends, falls in love with an incredibly sexy man, learns the power of desire and intention, faces her worst fears and is swept toward awakening. And the experiences of the men who crouched in foxholes at that cliff may fill novels in the literature of the future. This is the story of a young man torn between seemingly opposing desires.

His childhood ambition was to become a missionary, spreading the gospel of Jesus to faraway lands. But before he can fulfill that calling, he first must serve as a soldier in arms. When he faces the enemy in battle, will he be able to overcome his pacifist inclinations and kill for his country? This is the story of a foxhole and a moment in time.

Three young men will cross paths there, altering the course of their lives in strangely different ways. Hewett has constructed a thoughtful and exquisite novella of literary historical fiction; a tale of faith and fate in the midst of a great war; of a battle for a previously unknown island, now immortalized. A simple, step-by-step program which allows ordinary people to share the Gospel effectively and without embarrassment to their friends, neighbors, and family.

Ideal for small churches located in small towns where friends, neighbors, and family are lost. Unlike some programs, this program allows people to hold onto their relationships — no door-to-door, no standing on street corners. Biblically based and tested in a small town environment. The story of Madagascar is similar to many other early Christian missionary accounts.

By the time of Christian expansion into Africa, the enlightenment had emptied western theology of much of its belief in spirits, angels, demons, and miracles. Therefore, western missionaries found responding to animism a difficult prospect. Across denominational lines, a similar story was unfolding. European colonizers consistently identified African religions with savage superstition. Such was the case for the Christian missionaries who arrived in Madagascar. While the church saw some initial success on the island, things quickly seemed to come to a stop.

However, seemingly out of nowhere an indigenous movement broke out among the early Christians called the Fifohazana, translated into English as revival. The Fifohazana would not only successfully create an orthodox Christian Church, but also would become a force affecting Christianity throughout the world. This essay introduces the history of the Fifohazana movement and begins to demonstrate how spiritual healing paired with western theology and medicine formed spiritual centers of healing called tobys in Madagascar and other parts of the world.

I was surprised by my own voice; it was trembling. There was a clear silence, absorbing what I had to say that evening… I tried to tell the truth about my rebirth, to give my testimony about the gift of all gifts. A book of Christian teaching, clearly explained. Each chapter is about a different portion of the Christian life, and as such is handy Bible Study material. Over many years it has been used as group study material.

Chapters can be read and discussed as individual parts of the whole book. Fear manifests itself in many forms. At its mildest, it appears as just a mild form of uneasy or discomfort, a feeling that something is not quite right. At its worse, fear can kill. Fear is a lifelong battle, but God is our lifelong Protector. He promised to never abandon or forsake us. When we are secure in his love and salvation, nothing can snatch us from him, not even death.

By holding tightly to God, no matter what, we will make it through, in spite of our fear. May God bless you and deliver you from the stronghold of fear. In him you are free indeed and the chains that have had you bound are broken. My aim is to demystify the subject of Mediumship and psychic ability. There are many good books written telling you how you can be come a Mental Medium and information on the Web directing you to organisations that will help in developing your abilities. Some go into detail about how and why you should protect yourself, but some fall short.

So I have written this small booklet covering the subject of protection. Devotionals for Pregnant Women is a treasure chest of the manifold promises of God for His pregnant daughters. In the book,she lets the reader into the privacy of her devotional times and her dialogues with God as she journeyed through five pregnancies. The book is a testimony to the efficacy of the word of God and a chronicle of victories over the many challenges she went through in childbirth. It is her prayer that pregnant women will find renewed strength in Him who is the giver of life,as they read these devotionals.

This book is not only going to teach you all you need to know about demons…it takes you a lot deeper down the rabbit hole…. The ancient summoning rituals presented in this book should only be used if you know exactly what you are doing. It is absolutely possible to bind a demon and get him to obey you. Many people have made pacts with demons to obtain large fortunes or special abilities.

It goes without saying that I would never recommend that. We have searched the depths of the sea. We have landed on the moon. We have discovered electricity. We have harnessed the power of the atom. Man has searched everywhere except himself. The greatest realization of life is to be found within man; not in anything outside himself.

Who really am I? Yesterday you were in a baby court; tomorrow you will be in a coffin. Is it not worth finding out what this thing called life is all about? That description of a human being does not qualify to be the image and likeness of God. God gave us a spirit of love, power and sound mind. We are amazingly powerful beings. Did God not say that He created you to be like Himself? Have we forgotten who we are? Until we find our true nature, we will continue sleepwalking in life.

And when we find ourselves, we will find our creator, the Almighty God. Nothing is more certain than the fact that human beings as a race have failed in this thing we call life. Where is the water? There is more oxygen the world can use for eternity. In a similar vein, the lack and limitations we experience in the world is not a result of a poor world, but a result of human ignorance. We have taken a wrong approach to life.

Behind every effect in life is an unseen cause. To change the effect, we must change the cause. There is no physical solution to any human problem. All physical efforts to improve the world will prove futile. We must get to the root of life — the spiritual causes behind everything. We have not begun to live; we just exist at the moment. Everywhere you look, you will find people complaining about life. There is not enough money in the system, is the order of the day.

We cannot use all the riches we can see in this world, and the riches we cannot see is infinite. Yet, man alone is created in the image and likeness of God. The trees are innocent, the animals are innocent, the sea is innocent, the rivers and lakes are innocent, the mountains are innocent, the wind is innocent — man is the reason behind all his problems. Things will be a lot easier when we realize that the world is already perfect. When we think we can make this world a better place, we are actually fooling ourselves. The world cannot get any better; we already live in the best place in the universe.

The world was already perfect before man came into existence. The only thing we can improve is ourselves, and when we do this, the perfection in the world will be revealed to us. Until we find our true nature, we will continue sleepwalking in this thing we call life. Complacent, asleep, ineffective, hypocritical. In Lost the Plot, you get an in depth look at our failures and what we can do to fix them. Dive into what the Bible says about the early church and take a look at our own churches from the outside in.

Lost the Plot will leave you with a sense that there is more to church than 2 hours on the weekend in an elegant, multi-million dollar building sipping a latte. We have forgotten our first love in America and have replaced Him with love for ourselves. We have lost the plot. Just give me the world like it was meant to be.

Put everything back the way we found it. He has travelled the world looking for a simpler life, living in big cities, small towns, and has just recently returned from teaching English as a foreign language in Africa. But when he moves to rural Iowa, he finds is a portal that leads to a parallel Earth. An enigmatic old man named Timothy, who has been following Erik even before he returned from Africa, claims that no one except Rachel and Erik have ever crossed over…. But they have one thing in common: They are the first humans since the dawn of history able to pull themselves out of time and experience other realms of existence.

Is this a power all of humanity will develop in time? Readers accompany Erik and Rachel on a vision quest across parallel universes as they realize there are forces at work attempting to prevent human evolution. The deeper into our imagination this unique work takes us, the closer its provocative questions hit home. It challenges our unsustainable way of life, and asks, what will it take to wake us up? Each of us are unique individuals so different techniques will appeal to different people. If one exercise does not suit you, then feel free to move on to others that are more to your taste.

The 20 techniques are derived from both East and West, from different faith practices, and are all techniques that the author, Nita has used and experienced personally. These techniques have also touched the lives of many others who attend her workshops and retreats around the world. Meditation has been gaining momentum over the past few years.

Especially in there were numerous reports released that showed studies proving the effectiveness of meditation. No one specific meditation technique was named as the focus for all the studies for that year, the studies focused on different techniques. Each technique has a specific reward that it can offer those that meditate. If you are searching for happiness, health, healing, peace, tranquility, wisdom or what ever it may be, then meditation just may hold your key. Some meditation techniques are thousands of years old and with their age comes their wisdom.

This book is written in lamens terms and laid out in an easy to read format. The author is a Zen Buddhist priest with years of teaching under his robe. The information contained in this book comes highly recommended to anyone that is searching for more to life than what is offered by the world and mainstream perception as to how one should live.

You are challenged to read it and learn it and retain this knowledge using it to change your life and those lives around you for the better. When one decides to embark on the path of enlightenment meditation is the key. Even if you are not on the path of enlightenment and are seeking inner peace, faith, compassion, healing, wisdom or any great virtue like these, meditation is still your key to success. Meditation goes way back, farther than you may think. In fact the great Buddha lived around years ago as of and meditation has been traced even further than his days.

You may think that meditation requires a huge change in your life or that you must sacrifice something that means a lot to you in order to have a life of meditation.

Who is Mara you ask? He is the equivalent to the devil that is talked about in the Christian Bible. In Buddhism Mara is seen not as a physical hell, like what is portrayed in the Christian Bible, but more like living in hell on earth. Meditation in general is a way of connecting with your inner being. It is a way of detaching yourself from the everyday iniquities that exist in general life and finding a peace within yourself where you can reside as long as you like. The more you visit this peace the more it will become real in your waking life, that is in ordinary everyday life.

This is book 1 of 4, the series can be found on Amazon. The biggest mystery has always been the Bible and all the religions associated with it. Many scholars before me have believed that there is a Bible Code within the Bible. It turns out that there is a spiritual story within the Bible.

Most people have understood the spiritual aspect of some of these stories, these stories tie themselves together. I have condensed the entire story for your consideration. The story flows smoothly explaining how the time lines of two Pyramids may give us a date for Jesus Christs return. Gods purpose for religion. Some prophesies from Nostradamus and St Malarchi that are due to occur soon. The existence of the Angelic Realm that reside outside our physical time zone. The book will also be interpreting many translations from the Gospel of Thomas.

At the conclusion of this story there should be no doubt as to the authenticity of these sayings. Like all other mortals, high profile celebrities face adversity at some time or other during their illustrious careers. How then should we understand their celebrity, notoriety or fallibility? Surely an untimely departure from the Earthworld should not leave a tarnished or undeserved memorial? The accepted view is that genius is often not recognised or understood in its own lifetime. For the first time, Joe White has taken the Gospels and put them in a chronological, easy to read format.

It finally makes sense to the new Christian and will be a refreshing new format for the Bible Scholar. It makes you feel like you are sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening to him in his own words. It is sure to please both the new Christian and the experienced Bible Scholar. Future books are coming on King David and Moses.

You are sure to enjoy this very readable book. My personal journey from meat eating to vegetarian life style. If you ever wonder why do people become vegetarians this is a good read for you. If you keep an open mind, it will help you understand the reasons people become vegetarians. This book offers a superlatively empathetic understanding of every single person on earth, no matter what they might do.

A way of seeing and facing death that I shamelessly declare elevates this work beyond anything ever spoken or written. It is a piece of writing of such importance that it will bear more significance on the human race than any single event, theory, doctrine or idea that has so far come to pass.

It is by far and away the most optimistic, positive set of ideas ever to come from the mind of a human. The problem though is this: The book, which is basically an enormous but very simple theory, sits firmly and quite comfortably on three of the most fundamental laws of science. And it will change your life forever. Using an incredibly simple scientific logic and nothing more I have managed to rationalize the existence of an immortal afterlife.

I state many times within the work that you should never believe something that cannot be proven — it is there to be considered, and nothing more. It is the first book ever to be written that offers atheists, like myself, something more than eternal nothingness. It suggests, quite reasonably, that immortality awaits us after we die. And it suggests that self-awareness, the rarest, most complex and most valuable thing in the Universe, has found a way to preserve itself. In reality, each teaches an opposing view about the way to heaven. This book is written to explain the difference between these two messages while attempting to explain how most Muslims think about this matter.

Tom Bear has been an evangelical Christian since During the past several years, he has spoken with thousands of Muslims face to face, one on one, at great length about their understanding of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. This book is based upon this experience and his understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Numerology is almost as old as life itself and some believe that the universe is built on the laws of mathematics and consider Numbers as the basis of life itself. Today, numerology is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory practices.

So this book will teach you to capitalise on this fascinating subject in an enjoyable and fun way and build your populatiry as a mystical, psychic and knowledgeable person. If you are already performing magic or practicing Palm Reading or Tarot Reading then the addition of this FUN study of Numberology will only add to your reputation and you are guaranteed to be the Life and Soul of any party or gathering of people. Enjoy Fun With Numbers. Medical science is incapable of extending life beyond a few extra years. Jesus, however, claimed to know the secret of living forever.

He revealed that secret clearly in his preaching about immortality and the Kingdom of God. Thousands of denominations claim to be following the Bible as their guide to true religion. But they seem unable to agree about what it teaches. The Church is fragmented. Anthony Buzzard contends on the basis of Scripture that the Church is leaving out the major element of the saving Gospel. The Protestant Reformers did not really protest or reform as fully as they claimed. They left a legacy of church tradition unexamined and unreformed. Evangelicals and almost everyone else have forgotten what Jesus meant by the Gospel.

They are defining it unbiblically. Anthony Buzzard, with a long career in Bible research, writing and teaching, proposes that the secret of immortality is sitting right there in the Bible. But it is either obscured or neglected by churches. Churches have inherited a belief system which makes the New Testament a confusing book. Many experts in church history know this to be true. Jesus came to reveal the way to life in the future Kingdom of God. Our destiny as human beings is to achieve indestructible life through future resurrection into the coming age of the Kingdom on earth.

That is the heart of the Christian Gospel. Anthony writes for the non-specialist. Both the opening nine chapters and the more detailed material in the rest of The Amazing Aims and Claims of Jesus make their appeal to layman and scholar alike. Christians today seem uncertain as to the difference between the Old and New Covenant ways of approaching God prescribed for different periods of history. Paul labored hard, in the face of constant opposition from Jews, to bring both Jew and Gentile into unity on the basis of the one New Covenant. The same resistance to full freedom in the New Covenant is found whenever sections of the Church insist for salvation on elements of the Old Covenant not binding under the New.

Our aim is to unify believers under the banner of belief in the One God of Israel, in Jesus as the supernaturally begotten Son of God and in the hope of the coming Kingdom of God at the return of Jesus. What under the New Covenant is meant by the obedience which leads to salvation? What indeed is the saving Gospel? Our plea is for unity based on the Gospel teaching of Christ as presented by New Testament Scripture. Our hope is that current barriers to unity, based on an unfortunate mixing of the two covenants, will be removed so that the world may know that the Church is indeed one, rather than a confusing assemblage of thousands of denominations in conflict.

A pioneering work in the realm of religion and science that seeks to build upon from where the latter stopped short at in its passionate search for the aliens. Is the Earth unique? Does life or the intelligent one exist merely on this humble planet or it enjoys many more similar abodes across this amazing universe too? The ground-breaking insights thus obtained shall certainly go a very long way in resolving in a marvelous fashion many of the riddles faced by the science itself in its own quest for the aliens. Chiefly among them is the scintillating mystery behind the evidence of past surface liquid water and a minuscule atmosphere particularly on Mars.

All the more, incontrovertible evidence is found in support of biological evolution pervading not only terrestrially but all through the universe too. A remarkable convergence of religion and science is in the offing, thus. Besides, the readers in general shall, as it touches the lives of each one of them, certainly be captivated by a radically new and exceptionally balanced but hitherto uncharted philosophy of human life described thoroughly and extremely lucidly in the book.

Joni is no stranger to miracles. Her prayers and even her dreams have a habit of coming true. Her husband is regularly amazed by her strong faith and her premonitions: I saw Kathy and Frank in the middle of it. Frank, his wife Kathy, and their four children, along with their horses, goats and chickens, have just moved onto their new five acre ranch high in the Cuyamaca Mountains, 60 miles northeast of San Diego. Two days later the monstrous thirty-mile-long firestorm reverses course and heads back to the Cuyamaca Mountains. Joni assures Kathy, her ever-skeptical best friend, that she is praying for her property and that: Not even this terrible firestorm!

The impossibilities within this amazing true story will astound you. Receiving and sharing this wisdom over half her lifetime, Stephenson provides a unique facet to this ancient Oracle. Simplicity often proves our most direct, discerning guide. After almost 40 years of inquiry, Stephenson does not know. Random chance in composing each hexagram logically lends doubt to validity. In learning the 64 conditions and experiencing their returns, however, ones doubt turns to awe in the face of mystery.

Each interpretation provides one facet of this ancient diamond. Each provides and expands this valuable, beneficial resource according to the needs of those who seek its guidance. Stephenson encourages further examination of these texts to expand and deepen the wisdom each contains, for each is presented through a unique filter, and with a unique voice.

My experience is that the Christian life gets easier every year. We can indeed run and not get weary, walk and not faint. We can mount up on wings like eagles. His yoke is not hard and His burden is light. His commandments are not grievous. Christian living should be a joy. The abundant life of being more than a conquerer sounds utopian. Their spirituality becomes hard work. In these devotionals, follow me on my journey as I learn to live in the Spirit and not cater to the desires of the flesh.

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The joy, peace, patience, kindness and other fruit of the Spirit that faded when I became weary have returned as I learned, step by step, to live the amazing Christian life that He paid such a high price to give me. All attunements are ready to receive by any reader of this book world-wide.

This book contains introductions to the modalities but does not contain detailed training manuals for the modalities.

Hundreds of Kindle free books. Updated everyday.

In addition, there are numerous larger centers of conscious energy throughout the body. The Amsterdam Assassin Series revolves around freelance assassin and corporate troubleshooter Katla Sieltjes. He shows how they can have faith, knowing Jesus Christ, and have a very fulfilling purpose in this life on earth. This is a new oven for Shrinky Dinks - due out October Anthony writes for the non-specialist.

Manuals are available at the City of Shamballa social network. It is also a collection of Zen wisdom and poetry, containing the 67 stanzas of the Hsin Hsin Ming with multiple alternative translations , plus many other succinct spiritual verses from ancient and contemporary sources. The Enlightenment Teachings of Jesus. Thus begin the verses of the Hsin Hsin Ming. Or, at least, thus begins this version of the translation of it. Like the Dao de jing known in previous years as the Tao te Ching , this classic spiritual scripture has undergone many translations over the centuries.

Consequently, the interpretation of its original wording has varied in each rendition. But the central, emphatic message remains consistently clear throughout its text: The word Tao or Dao basically means Way, in the sense of a direction, or passage, or opening. An alternate usage for Way or Tao is Mind or Buddha Mind , again a reference to the universal or absolute Presence which knows no limitation.

In the trust of this Mind, there is no separation from it, no dissimilarity: There is a consensus among many New Testament scholars that much of what the historical Jesus and his apostles taught has been submerged by an influx of post-biblical tradition.

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Subtle foreign influences, mostly from pagan Greek philosophy, which neither Jesus nor his first-century followers would recognize or endorse, have obscured the original Gospel as Jesus preached it. Most churchgoers accept without question, unbiblical traditions which they have never seriously investigated.

There is nothing trendy or gimmicky in his approach. Rather, he has learned to read the Bible from its own Hebrew perspective, and shedding a large quantity of traditional baggage has made the Bible all the more brilliant and telling. Because he is an honest student of truth, Greg has been rewarded…with unusual insight.

He has a knack of getting to the heart of the issues. He has brought in a wealth of modern scholarly support for his argument, and the quotations gleaned from his wide reading are impressive. He adds a pleasing dose of Aussie humour to his writing while he invites us to re-examine all the major issues of biblical theology.

The personal warmth of the author and his pastoral touch are evident in all he writes. They will be enabled to read the Bible with new eyes! The confused state of divided Christendom in our time demands just such an honest and radical investigation. Did you know that before the twentieth century, the Protestant Church boldly spoke out against the practice of birth control?

They were opposed to any act of man that interfered with the natural order of procreation. Today, Birth control is not just tolerated, it is embraced by the Protestant Church. Why has the Protestant Church changed its position? Is it possible that Christians living before the twentieth century were all mistaken? Why did they take a stand against birth control? Is it possible that the church of the nineteenth century was better equipped to discern right from wrong? Her goal with this thoughtful trip down memory lane is to share snapshots of the times God has made a difference in her journey through this life.

Other instances she pulls back the curtain and gives a glimpse at the not so proud moments of her life when she moved away from the straight and narrow. However, God did not abandon her to her bad choices. Award winning Christian novelist and Sunday School teacher Scott McElhaney was getting worried when his students could recite all the typical lessons of Sunday School. While this was great, he wondered if they were getting bored and needed to be challenged a bit more. Over , copies of his Kindle books have been downloaded worldwide! The Chocolate Kiss is ready for the Grand Opening.

Marla is both excited and scared, will people love her chocolate or spit it out? The Butter Festival brings new people to town along with prizes and surprises. There is a growing concern among evangelical scholars that evangelicalism, its doctrine of God and of the Gospel, may not be as securely rooted in Scripture as is often uncritically imagined. The accounts of the historical Jesus and his saving teaching, given us in three corroborating reports in Matthew, Mark and Luke, are often played down in favor of a set of verses from the letters of Paul.

The crux of the problem lies in this fact: Worse still, when the unitary monotheistic creed of Jesus and Paul is advanced as the necessary bedrock of good Christian thinking, its exponents are likely to be charged with upsetting the longstanding findings of the church councils. They are even made unwelcome in church settings. Defining God and His Son biblically remains part of the unfinished work of the Reformation.

The evidence placed before the reader shows that a major paradigm shift is needed if Christians are to worship their God in spirit and in truth, uncluttered by the philosophical and confusing ideas of God which form part of received church tradition. Christianity, Judaism and Islam. There is an impressive consensus among New Testament scholars that the Kingdom of God was the principal theme of all that Jesus taught. Yet today we hear little or nothing in public evangelism about the Gospel of the Kingdom. Jesus has been divorced from his own Gospel.

If the various denominations are to find unity in a common belief in the Bible, it will have to be by a return to the Messianic Jesus and His Kingdom Gospel. No theme could be more heartening in our distracted world than the hope of a better world coming on earth when Jesus returns to take over the reins of world government. Subtle forces from the world of pagan philosophy have worked to make basic apostolic teachings unclear to the churchgoing public.

With this New Basic Palmistry eBook you can be the most popular person at the party, fair or indeed any event where people gather together. This Basic Palmistry or Palm Reading Manual will guide you Step-by-Step through the various stages of giving a Palm Reading, from the basic Shape of the Hands to the different size and shape of the fingers. The Mounds and Lines of the Palm are all fully explained, allowing you to give a very professional character reading. With this knowledge you can build a nice income and a super reputation as a competent Palmist or psychic.

Was the observed craft man made or was it extraterrestrial? How and why did it violate the airspace of the airport? IF this was a human built craft, was it us, them, or some rouge groups of nefarious humans with ties to no government? IF this was an alien built craft, was this an opening protocol? What alien intentions would be involved in sitting over one of the busiest airports in the world? Much can be learned about how the mainstream media reacted to the first BIG UFO story of the new millennium — and how they would act differently afterwards.

From fashion to AARP memberships, from youthful attitudes to dealing with an ever-changing world in general, the best surprises for Randi comes — of all days — on her own fiftieth birthday. This award winning nonfiction book, A Search for Meaning from the Surface of a Small Planet, is both sober and lighthearted, sometimes awed and sometimes irreverent toward both science and religion -but always intensely personal, rational, stretching and pressing toward a wedding of scientific understanding and mystical thought.

Although Don Pendleton did not come draped with academic honors or letters, his extensive background in science and communications-as a telegrapher, an aerospace engineer-a metaphysical scholar, and author, gave him the ability to take a reader very far beyond themselves, whether it be in fiction or in nonfiction. For those who wish to be challenged by innovative thinking and daring ideas-reaching with their minds to coax out an understanding of the world as well as the meaning of their own lives-will find this book takes them on a spiritual search as well as an intellectual one.

Available in Tradepaper and Kindle. There is an impressive agreement among New Testament scholars that the Kingdom of God was the principal theme of all that Jesus taught. What Jesus meant by the Kingdom, however, remains a puzzle both to commentators and Bible readers. His claim was to be the Messiah, a highly charged political title meaning that he believed his destiny was to rule the world from Jerusalem, bringing peace and order to the whole of mankind in a renewed earth.

Anthony Buzzard contends that contemporary preaching reflects a longstanding and confusing tradition of ignoring the saving Gospel of the Kingdom as preached first by Jesus and then by the Apostles. But this is to overlook the obvious fact that there are thirty chapters of Gospel preaching in Matthew, Mark and Luke in which the death and resurrection of Jesus are not even mentioned. Jesus shared with the prophets of Israel the vision of a coming new era of peace for all mankind. As Messiah appointed by the One God of Israel he confidently expected to return to the earth, overthrow his enemies and govern the world.

The biblical Jesus is far removed from the ethereal figure presented in much Christian literature and art. He was a genuine human being, and a career preacher, as was Paul, of the Kingdom of God Gospel, the message of salvation by which men and women are invited to prepare now for entrance into the Kingdom of God which will be inaugurated on earth at the Second Coming of Jesus. We can each plant the AGAPE seeds of the love of Christ in our personal gardens today, a planting that will reap a bountiful harvest of AGAPE love tomorrow, reproduced in the next generation of gardens.

All vegetarians will identify with this book. The preparations for this world empire and its cashless economic system have already been proceeding for decades. Defeating the Spirit of Addiction is a spiritual action plan based on Biblical principles and teachings. He wants to restore them entirely and bring them into his kingdom.

His will for them is life, health and freedom from addiction. No matter where you are in the progress of your life as a Christian, learn more about intercessory prayer, spiritual warfare, and biblical principles as you dig deeper into the vital message of Defeating the Spirit of Addiction. Allow this book to convert our thinking, fuel your faith and reestablish hope in your life and spiritual walk as we learn how to bring our friends and family back from the grips of drug addiction.

Willi Wagner, a young Anabaptist, fled his native Germany in on a pilgrimage that would take him deep into the forgotten sierras of Central Mexico in his search for the legendary Skunk People. In place of truth, Satan creates error. If we are not alert, we will be found sleeping. Ellen White tells us: We have now before us the alpha of this danger. The omega will be of a most startling nature. A particular poem can be used as a starter for individual or group discussions. This is a must-have for every spiritual counselor, pastor, pastoral counselor, or other therapist of faith!

The Lutheran Church of Madagascar is a growing church. It adds approximately twelve new mission congregations each month to its membership, which already exceeds four million. The success of this church body is apparent through a dynamic urban mission strategy that provides daily prayer and evangelistic opportunities, including exorcisms, in various locations throughout its cities. Thousands of people living in the urban areas flock to these daily services, which are usually conducted in the early morning hours, in settings strategically placed to attract those walking the crowded streets.

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This essay provides an analysis of the mission strategy employed, as well as providing a glimpse into phenomenological perspective of the initiative through the eyes of its members. Such experiences are natural; there is no supernatural. In describing how we can use and encourage these senses—telepathy, thought transference, dreams, and precognition—and most of all how we affect each other mentally, emotionally and physically, even after death, McNair points the way to a possible new frontier in our understanding of life after death and human evolution.

The Law of Attraction works and Laurie J. Brenner can prove it. Inside the Little Book of Becoming Brenner delineates the techniques and system she uncovered that helped her achieve her life long dreams. Humorous, honest, and concise, Brenner expertly unfolds these methods that anybody can use and provides step-by-step exercises to help get you on your own path of becoming and living your dreams. The book brought to notice of readers is dedicated to idiosyncratic mystic knowledge, the ancient Toltec tradition that became approachable owing to a writer of genius and anthropologist Carlos Arana Castaneda.

From reading of his books we came to our knowledge, that: In order to learn the practice of scanning of energy individually, it is necessary to walk the certain lines and cumulate special attention. Carlos Castaneda called this attention the second attention. That is the most critical moment in learning of Carlos Castaneda — to reach the lasting seeing of energetic essence of the world. If you do not press to the practice of scanning of energy, you will never become a real shaman and remain at the level of a theoretician. As we know, Carlos Castaneda in his literary works did not provide precise bit by bit instructions of how to reach the seeing of energetic essence of the world.

He just provided equivoques and fragmentary instructions, scattered all over his books randomly. It would be hard for a getting started practician to understand as for the teaching of Carlos Castaneda which essential spiritual exercises the practice of scanning of energy should be started with. I decided to solve this problem, and from now on the secrets of the scanning of energy practice are out in the open for any reader! While there is no lack of people ready and willing to offer relationship advice, the real journey begins when a man lives a life of integrity.

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Stinky Hobo: Return of the Jikkom is the follow-up to the amazingly stupid antics found in Stinky Hobo Stories. This book follows the inept Stinky Hobo and his. Shawn Boyles is the author of Stinky Hobo Stories ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ), Stinky Hobo ( Stinky Hobo: Return of the Jikkom.

We must understand that integrity is more than a notion. It is a lifestyle that demonstrates you are not just a man, but that you are a man of God. And with that manhood, you are held accountable and responsible. This simply means you know what you are supposed to do, and therefore you do it because you know that it is required. We just have to be obedient when He gives instructions and patient when waiting for His answers. You may need to to seek professional counselling for specific steps on how to improve your marriage, but it will still come down to this: Come ride a tire swing, watch a leaf grow, peer into a mirror, or contemplate the true meaning of life, love, home and solitude.

Made me want more. I enjoyed The Tire Swing. McClure was born in Spokane, U. Raised by two wonderful parents, he enjoyed drawing and painting during his childhood years. When other children in his kindergarten class were drawing stick figures, he was drawing people as they really appeared! Navy and serving aboard the U. He writes in order to communicate essential truth in a gentle, thought provoking way. With a deep love for people, Zach is always glad to correspond with his readers.

An affirmation is a declarative statement of truth. This volume includes 52 sets of very powerful positive affirmations. The purpose is to recognize these words as your own Higher Truth as the Creator sees you. A fantasy book about teenagers getting into trouble for not listening to their inner voice. They answered an ad for a party on the internet and are taken hostage. The lions furiously threw them into a cage.

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They rolled and both hit the side of the metal cage. They knew what ever he poison them with, it will hurt tomorrow. Their bodies hit the bars with full force. They heard Star yelling. Joey was raging but could not move his body. Did he use date drug, or some elephant paralyzing chemical He swore he will kill him when he was freed. Mike was shedding tears, calling himself a fool and praying silently to a higher power for help.

It is a well-documented and consistent, although alternative, history. It is hoped that the truth about Jesus will help to diffuse misguided religious fanaticism and for that reason be an even greater story! These books were found when I was born and that was a mere sixty-five years ago. Books like Da Vinci Code and Holy Blood, Holy Grail are just the tip of the iceberg because there have never been facts that can explain it and prove all of the story. Paulina is a real person who lived and is just as real as her mother Phoebe and father Paul, her grandfather Jesus, her grandmother Mary Magdalene, her great-grandfather Joseph, and her great-grandmothers Mother Mary and Salome-Martha.

People will say that this book threatens to turn Jesus into a mere person, but Christianity can survive this as it did in the Protestant Revolution. Clearly, we are now moving to a new paradigm that requires respect for all religions and non-religions. The solution to the vitalizing of Christianity is to go back to the roots of the early Christian Church.

In those days, all were brothers and sisters who dealt with values of conscience between ones Self and God. It did not require Jesus or Paul or the Disciples or the clerics to be the only conduit to God. These early leaders taught by example and it is their personal mistakes and successes that are so much more valuable to us in this electronic age of personal empowerment.

Have you wondered why there must be a Second Coming? Even in 70 AD when Jesus was still alive, having survived the Crucifixion, he was still wishing to tear down the myth about his Resurrection. He begged his granddaughter Paulina to expose this lie. In her own loving words she describes the truths by using the contents of explicit first century references from historians, apocrypha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and carefully translated passages from original Greek New Testament.

Her book, having been hidden in a cave by Paulina before her martyrdom by the Church leaders, was found by Bernadette of Lourdes and it has only now come to light. The entire population lives in the synthetic reality created by the thought and suffer. In the inherent contingency there is less suffering or avoid the anguish altogether.

Simple waves, insects, birds, wind or any natural existence can reveal the Reality in a fraction of a second if you look at without any beliefs. Assumed reality experts claimed to be legitimate is an artificial reflection of the actuality. Convictions are needed to function normally in the society, yet the presumption provided by the superficial or the cognizance eventually causes infliction and agony.

Once you accept the humanoid reality the pain comes from the illusory or psychological source. Recognizing the inception of Real manifestation within reveals the truth about everything and constructs inner power to bless, blossom and experience the supernatural. Genuineness discloses itself when the dogmatic beliefs are set aside whether while introspective inquiry or in malady or out of nowhere. A simple idea arising in the mind has the power to block the verity from a person. With the Apocalypse slated for this year on December 21, you cannot be without this book. No other book has deciphered Revelation before.

Though some have tried, they did not have access to the key to the mystery. Although this key reveals that Revelation is just a history of the Church and that all its so-called monsters like Beast and the Great Whore and its angels and dragons are just certain individuals with pseudonyms or titles, the fact that many people will be expecting the end of the world will certainly cause something bad or good to happen.

This is the story of how Gwendolyn with the help of six spiritually-connected sisters from around the world, representing the seven women who followed Jesus, and six spiritual brothers, representing the six direct apostles of Jesus, had the courage to face this Apocalypse. In this spiritual crusade, attempting to bring a peaceful outcome to the impending world crisis, they would bring spiritual growth within themselves and discover the Mystery of Revelation and the Mystery within the Mystery.

The final result of their actions is to set the foundation of a new paradigm that becomes our Revelation: This Being is the composite of male and female energy. This book is has three layers 1. Storyline — Illustrating the seven states of the Universal Law of Seven as it relates to the possible three bodies within us — Body, Spirit, and Soul and the Revelation of the Mystery.

What do you think about the Statue Of Liberty? What does Yahweh think about this powerful nation and Lady Liberty? Learn what the Statue of Liberty really stands for and learn about the future of America and what will happen to the American citizens! Find out what Yahweh has to say about this through his prophets in bible prophecy. This book is a collection of episodes telling of the steps taken to sort out modern life and find a spiritually connected self within it. This is an old story experienced by many and retold here. In the Papoofnik stories, narrative and illustration drive the reader forward toward discovery.

The model offered is from the 9th Century Kakuan and is called the Ten Bulls. One can find evidence, particularly in the caves of eastern China, that this exploration and sorting out of life had been reduced to a series of easy to remember steps and put to memory. The problem is that each step wipes clean the one who experiences it and so that person must start each new step without memory. The model presented in this book understands that each one who undertakes this search knows nothing but, gets to the end with one idea worth knowing…the Pool of Joy.

At this point, beginning or end are words lost to meaning. If one has to argue about meaning it is clear they have not started. Hope you work hard, it is hard but worthy of your effort and rewarding with a treasure unlike anything else. Stories capture our attention and our hearts. No wonder the Master Teacher did much of His teaching through short stories. The fun is in the unpacking!

Parables Plus takes a look-in-detail at the parables according to Matthew plus related passages , examining one or two parables per week for a twelve-week study. Each of the twelve weeks contains five, daily, personal lessons and one, weekly, group-study application with review questions and summary.

Daily lessons are moderate in length, requiring a time investment of twenty to thirty minutes each day. A hundred years into the future, in a flooded downwardly spiraling environment, time is running out for everyone. The New World Order has established military bases in the lowest thirty seven floors of huge man-made floating islands all over a world. Checked by a greater force, their agenda to eradicate most of the planetary population comes to a halt as two soul mates fight for human survival and the betterment of mankind.

The story follows his mental trauma as he struggles to let her go. He becomes pulled between following her or leaving her. It is only when he meets with his dead girlfriend that he knows what to do. But, he also meets the angel that killed her. The Afterlove is packed with great wisdom and is an inspirational journey of words for anybody who has lost something in life.

In simple, unassuming, and beautiful language, All That Is employs the ancient wisdom and essential spirit of the Tao Te Ching, and creates a modern guide for those interested in spiritually enriching their lives. Toward this end, it incorporates ideas found in a wide range of sources: Joe Keim, founder of Mission to the Amish People, deciphers the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus and explains the biblical teaching of Jesus regarding the second birth and why it is necessary to salvation. The Amish religion is led by a strict belief that we must do our best in life on earth in order to have a shot at spending eternity in Heaven.

The Amish way is to confess all sin in order to be sure that no sins stand between themselves and God. Because of these works based beliefs, many ex Amish struggle with a feeling of failure, believing that they may well be doomed because of their leaving the Amish culture. He shows how they can have faith, knowing Jesus Christ, and have a very fulfilling purpose in this life on earth.

Since the establishment of MAP in February of , Joe and Esther Keim both formerly Amish have been doing all they can to further assist the plain Amish folk of our country. Having been Amish gives Joe first-hand experience with the religion, and because of that he and his wife have been a blessing to many Amish people whom have been seeking the Lord in replacement of Amish religion.

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The Amish way has captivated the hearts of Americans with their laid-back and simple lifestyle. This means that as an Amish child, you must remain Amish and follow all traditional rules and regulations, or you will suffer the consequences of shunning by your family and friends; unable even to enjoy eating an occasional meal with them. Because of this overwhelming and strict shunning, many ex Amish struggle with a feeling of failure, believing that they may well be doomed because of their leaving the Amish culture, their friends, and family. This particular practice of shunning is unbiblical and unfair.

Joe Keim, founder of Mission to the Amish People, exposes this practice of the Amish and explains how it all came about. We live in a Powerful Universe of opposing forces in perfect balance. It is possible to tap into this Power by connecting to the Soul through an Open Heart. The author asserts that as Consciousness evolved in ancient man, a split arose in his psyche. The feeling that something is missing is these opposing energies within the self out of balance, and the lost connection to the wiser, larger self at one with the universe and in harmony with the Law that governs it.

It is through the heart that we align ourselves with this Law and open ourselves to the Healing Powers of the Soul. References to the heart as a symbol of the spiritual, emotional and moral state of a human being can be traced back to the beginning of recorded history. In art, folklore, legend, and in ancient esoteric and religious texts, the heart has been described as the seat of the soul, and has been ascribed mystical power, having divine or spiritual attributes.

To this day it is still the primary symbol for love, emotion, passion and desire; the feeling part of the self. There is good reason for this and some truth to the myths and legend associated with the metaphorical heart.