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B.A. Paris’ Behind Closed Doors Review

So our plot is idiot 1, Grace, marries idiot 2, Jack, despite only knowing him for like six months. Jack is not subtle. Jack is overbearing and kind of creepy. Jack then entraps his newly-wed wife so he can abuse her. The catch is that Jack is a lawyer who helps battered women because hahahah irony! Her attempts to leave are equally stupid because she is an idiot. Also, why is John Wick the only character in fiction to double-tap? Did no one watch Zombieland? It should be noted that Millie is the smartest character in the whole book and actually has to convince her sister—who has been kept prisoner for over a year and tortured mentally and physically—that killing Jack is in her best interesting.

I need more than evil for the sake of evil. The book is written in first person, jumping between first-person present and first-person past in alternating chapters.

They feel like a real internal monologue as events are happening. There are no grand descriptions of anything, no fun metaphors or similes. I appreciate a logical handling to first-person present, but even then, the book is just another example of why the style should not be used in long-form fiction. View all 22 comments. Not sure for how long! Jack Angel is a lawyer and his wife Grace used to be a lot of things but she's not any more. Oh, she's the perfect hostess when people are allowed to come over, but things are never what they seem.

When I found out what was going on, all I could see was kill him! How much I loathed Jack Angel is too much to describe! Grace has a sweet sister named Millie who has Down's Syndrome. She is in a special school where she lives but she's supposed to go and live with Jack and Grace after she turns eighteen. Grace does not want this to happen and will try to figure out how she can stop it. Grace doesn't want Millie brought into the sadistic world she lives in with Jack.

At first I was upset with Grace for not getting out of there but things are not as easy as they seem. Grace is living a nightmare beyond comprehension. And let me just say that little Millie, she's brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Millie has it figured out and now all Grace has to do is find a way to execute the plan. But in Grace's world there is nothing easy to execute.

See a Problem?

Prisoners in a jail have it easier than Grace! But the end game.

Behind Closed Doors has ratings and reviews. Emily May said: 3 1/2 stars. Okay, listen up. This book is not the next Gone Girl. Don't let. Behind Closed Doors: A Novel [B. A. Paris] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES AND USA TODAY.

That's all I can say without giving any spoilers! Martin's Press for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. View all 28 comments. Jack had been very clever in that respect; he had left her some water, but not quite enough to last her two weeks until we got home. The shock of finding her dead was terrible.


She and Michael begin an unconventional relationship. When she disobeys him, he starves her. This is one of the best Psychological Thriller's I've read and it's self-published which made it even better knowing that the author Kathryn Croft had edited, proofed and published it herself- well done! You will definitely be creeped out though. Why did Michael have these 'rape' tendencies? View all 60 comments. My mom would even phone to ask me what had happened next.

The look of malevolent anticipation on Jack's face as he opened the door to the utility room had prepared me for something --that he had left her tied up for the two weeks we were away, or that she wouldn't be there --but not that he had left her to die. But when I knelt down beside her and found her body cold and rigid, I thought about the terrible death she must have endured.

It was then that I didn't only vow to kill Jack, but to make him suffer as he made Molly suffer" My thoughts about the above situation. Molly -the dog -- was killed There are many high ratings for this book --torture of Molly didn't lower their rating at all. In another book I read two years ago One of my personal favorites about two aging Gay men --after WWII --"Hide" by Matthew Griffin", there is a very tragic accident where a dog is killed --but it was 'not' intentional.

Readers 'did' lower their rating because of the tragedy of the dog's very sad death in "Hide". In "Hide" the prose is beautiful. Both men clearly love animals. Many low reviews influenced other readers from reading the book themselves. In "Behind Closed Doors" -- you can see for yourself by the quote above -how furious an animal lover might be.

It was a pure intentional horrific act of suffering and torture to that poor dog. Then, why didn't I see more readers lowering their ratings for "Behind Close Doors" --if they had for "Hide"? It makes no sense to me. I felt "Behind Closed Doors" started out strong. This book is only pages. I enjoyed the first of those. In the beginning the writing pulled me in with flavorful descriptions of the characters-- not only Jack and Grace, the two main characters who get married after a short courting period Diane and Adam -- Esther and Rufus.

The six of them all had dinner together at Jack and Grace's new dream house. The supporting couples make the story interesting with their questions. The two other ladies want to get to know Grace more since she is the new wife - part of their clan now. We learn about Millie, Grace's 17 year old sister who has Down Syndrome.

Esther wants to know more about Millie Esther wants to know about Grace's interest - and become friends. The dinner party is a happy -[suppressed happy] - evening The evening ends with Esther inviting Grace to lunch one afternoon. All we know is Grace is later going to have to find a way to cancel. She just won't be 'allowed' it seems to enjoy a lunch date with a girlfriend. We don't know yet. Here are where things go wrong: This creepy story just began to feel 'sleepy-boring- and a little too fake to take serious.

Graces' character was pretty good - but Jacks's was completely dull. Overall none of the characters are not developed 'enough' — — they are too one -dimensional. The ending was predictable-- and it wrapped up too quickly. So - there ya have it - a very unpopular review.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Behind Closed Doors'

Many people loved this book -- it was somewhat a page turner - but that doesn't mean it had inspiring attributes. Higher than 2 stars View all 65 comments. I received a copy of Behind Closed Doors by B. Paris from NetGalley for an honest review. My thanks to NetGalley, St. Martin's Press, and to B. Paris for the opportunity. Move over Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman. This one is lit up and burning bright. Jack and Grace Angel appear to be in love and so taken with one another. A dinner party showcases Grace's extraordinary culinary fete and highlights Jack's lavish attention upon his wife and their guests.

Their posh home reflects the best in art and in decor. This lovely scene is swirling with the honeymoon affect. But if you and I lean in a bit closer We step back to try and clear the air of the noxious fumes, but we and our senses are held hostage by the toxicity of what lies beneath this panoramic view. All is certainly not what it seems here. And what lies beneath the surface will have you gasping for, perhaps, a last breath.

Paris invites you into this little abode. Her characters are well-defined and the storyline has a heartbeat of its own. Are there some loose threads along the seams of this story? I did question some of the scenarios that were presented. But what energizes this story is the uncanny desperation that you feel for not being able to look away.

You are as driven as the main characters. This is a debut novel for B. There are all indications of a remarkable talent in the making. Paris knows how to draw the cincture tighter and tighter. And that makes all the difference in keeping the story afloat and awaiting the next wave of attention. Looking forward to B. View all 82 comments. I have voted in 2 categories for this book in the Goodreads awards and with good reason!


You know that couple that looks SO perfect for each other? The ones that click together in every way when you see them and you feel a jealous twang that you don't have the same thing? Sometimes what you see on the outside can be very deceptive, never ever judge a book by it's cover, always read the fine print in the middle.

Behind Closed Doors is a chilling and atmospheric psychological thriller that I pr I have voted in 2 categories for this book in the Goodreads awards and with good reason! Behind Closed Doors is a chilling and atmospheric psychological thriller that I predict will be one of the BIG reads of I have read a few books recently about marriages that are not all they same and when this theme is done well as this book does it's absolutely breathtaking and scary. Disturbed is what you will feel with much of this book, don't be surprised if your mouth pops open watch out for fruit flies at that point.

Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace. I had mixed feelings about Grace as a character but was very clear on my feelings for Jack - I did not like him, I hated him. Well I felt much for her ranging from pity and empathy to annoyance and rage. I wanted to yell at Grace many, many times and jump in the book and give her a good shaking. The plot interested me from the start, I read the book in one glued-eye sitting until the early hours and was glad that I did, this my reader friends is one of those real escapism books.

Taut, terrific and terrifyingly real at times. I have no doubt these marriages do exist. Loved, loved and loved Behind Closed Doors and am intrigued to read more from B. I double dare you. Many thanks to Harlequin UK for my copy of this book in exchange for a professional book review.

All opinions are my own. To follow me on Twitter: View all 20 comments. Nov 19, Debbie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Holy moly what a ride!! Dry eye made the words blurry, but who cares? Is that really necessary? My only necessity was finding out how this story turned out, to get me out of the claustrophobic terror created by a holy-shit psychopath. It was some tense! This guy Jack is one sick psycho. Will he win in the end? I went back and forth many times, believe me. I'm super impressed that this new writer could come up with such far-out displays of evil and ingenious push-backs.

The writing is excellent—it flows seamlessly and there are no fillers. And the story is told by the woman, Grace. The pace never lets up. Okay, actually it did get a tiny bit slow in the middle, but it could have just been my discomfort super nail-biting unchiness that made me want it to go faster so I could see what happened.

The beginning and ending were just scrumptious. But had Grace been able to expose Jack then, what a boring fizzle-out it would have been! Also, Millie seemed a little too clever for someone with a low IQ—could she have successfully hidden pills, and would she have been able to cook up such a scheme? And in the end, I really wanted to actually see Grace get her revenge: I wanted to see Jack suffer, to watch her make him suffer, to see his reaction. But then again, it was so clever and effective the way the author had Grace happily heading off to the airport by herself, and it kept me incredibly tense and curious about what had happened and whether she truly would be free.

A good psychopath can take your mind off of anything. This was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks to NetGalley for the advance copy. View all 48 comments. There seems to be a great deal of new releases on the best sellers lists for psychological-thriller style novels about relationships between married couples and they all seem to be readable but quite mediocre and this was among one of three that I downloaded that has fantastic reviews but failed to deliver a satisfying and credible ending. Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace, successful, newly married, devoted t 2.

Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace, successful, newly married, devoted to each other but is their relationship and life as rosy as it appears on the outside? I fell for the premise of the story as the characters are well drawn and the plot well executed to begin with but about half ways through the story I was finding myself having to suspend belief at some of the actions of the characters and plot line weakened and became repetitive.

I read this on Kindle and thought I was missing pages as the book seemed to end so abruptly. An entertaining beginning but a disappointing conclusion and a novel that lacked any real depth. View all 25 comments. May 07, Kevin Ansbro rated it it was ok Shelves: Lead character, Grace, must be THE most gullible woman ever to walk the planet, and characterless Jack is about as evil as Mr Bean and dull as ditchwater!

I ask you, who could possibly be duped by such a dullard? D I also wonder if the author has ever flown abroad in her life? D B A Paris even seems to think that you can get upgraded to First Class just by giving the check-in staff a hard luck story oh, per-lease, get real! To make things worse could they be any worse? So, what do I know?

View all 76 comments. Kevin Ansbro Jamie wrote: Yeah, it was pretty bad. But, saying Jamie wrote: But, saying that, plenty of people loved it - so what do I know?

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For about the first pages, I was all in. Sitting on the edge of my seat, excited to see how things were going to unfold with Grace and Jack. By all appearances they had the perfect marriage, but we all know looks can be deceiving. It was definitely an interesting, but eerie scenario. While I thought there were a few opportunities that presented themselves, I could understand her trepidation and the need to protect her younger sister.

Millie turned out to be one of my favorite things about the story. Was it just me or did she have way more guts than Grace? It was somewhere around the halfway mark that my feelings started to change. The story became stagnant and took on a bit of a repetitive feel. I kept waiting for something big to happen. Something to breathe some life back into this story.

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It was a lot of talk, but not much action. I felt like we were only given a small glimpse of his dark side. I will say, the author delivered with the ending. While slightly unbelievable, I would expect more of an investigation obviously, it made me like the story that much more. It was kind of clever the way Grace pulled it off.

The fact that someone else knew what really happened, and how she figured it out, was an added bonus. Martin's Press and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. View all 31 comments. Enjoyable, even though the psychological pathology and methodology really don't make any sense. But it's written in a way that keeps the pages turning, even if the plotting and details are a bit loose and the characterization not hugely complex. I'm a little surprised to see this described as "terrifying" and other such adjectives, though. Maybe I've been too hardened by other thrillers and life to find it that exciting.

But I liked the book overall, especially the note on which it ended. View all 12 comments.

There's no way I can review this book without sounding like an asshole but I'll try. You're following the story of a woman who's in an abusing relationship. Classic bait and switch. As soon as she gets married to him, she realizes he's a monster. However, even if the audiobook narrator did a great job, I just had troubling caring much about her or feeling like she didn't have opportunities to get out of there View all 3 comments. Jack is a successful lawyer, Grace an ex-buyer for the upmarket Harrods store, in London. It transpires that Jack and Grace have been married just one year and that Grace gave up her job a job she admits she loved so that she could be home more often to support her husband.

Then we learn that Grace has a sister, Millie, who suffers from Downs syndrome.

Millie will soon come to live with her sister and her husband. These revelations hit slightly off-key notes in what otherwise appears to be a perfect set-up. It didn't feel as though any real surprises were uncovered; it was pretty much what anyone would have expected from the introduction provided.

I got this book on a daily deal from Audible. When I saw it was going further in the wrong direction I pulled the plug. Only one star from me — my standard offering for any book I fail to finish. View all 60 comments. Nov 05, Mandy rated it really liked it. I was emotionally gripped from page one. I think I could have read it in one sitting but unfortunately, life got in the way of that.

It was quite hard to put this book down. I thoroughly enjoyed the back and forth of the way the story went. The author set this story up perfectly and I felt as if I could see it playing out in my mind. It was emotionally gripping and I felt like I could have been psychologically examined after I read it I was so messed up from it. She was a hoot and added so much color into the novel that could have otherwise been dull. There were some parts of the story that were beige and I felt as if I had read it before and wanted to push fast forward through it but other than that I enjoyed the book immensely.

This author did a fantastic job writing this novel, I was gripped from beginning to the end and had to know what happened. Wonderfully thrilling and emotionally gripping from page one. Kudos to this author and I am quite excited to see what else she has in store for readers. I will be getting her next novel: View all 37 comments. Well, scratch the veneer a little, and there's something really evil lurking beneath. Grace is something of a trophy wife for Jack. Let's just say that you wouldn't want to be married to him - no way.

This is a chilling, claustrophobic, psychological thriller, that has had a huge emotional impact on me - and credit to B. Paris for managing to achieve that. If you get the chance to read this book, then do so, but just be thankful, that when you've finished, and you put it down, you can put Jack to one side forever. Deep breaths now Maureen. Normal service will be resumed ASAP! Nicola Gipson That book really was creepy! B A Paris did a great job. This guy is SICK! Makes me wonder what B. Paris will dream up next. View all 34 comments.

A handsome, wealthy man who adores her. But equally important to Grace, one that will accept her much younger sister Millie who has Down's syndrome. She feels like her ship has finally come in. Could she actually have everything she ever wanted? Well, according to their friends they live the perfect life - but behind those closed doors…. Oh, darn those closed doors! The sheer terror of being held at the mercy of a sadistic madma 3.

The sheer terror of being held at the mercy of a sadistic madman. A madman that just happens to be your husband. Of course, no one believes you…no one will listen. Will you claw your way out of this nightmare before it's too late? Each of these chapters ending in a mini cliffhanger that leaves you determined to read more! For the first half of the book anyway. Reading this book left me with a queasy feeling in my stomach. Certain parts were hard to read. Super creepy and disturbing.

As it progressed it was almost too over the top for me. Then, sadly it just fell flat. I was hopeful that it would pick up again as the end approached, but no. Actually, I couldn't believe it ended where it did! I just felt there was so much more that could have been developed. Overall I found it just a little disappointing. View all 39 comments. Yes, because as the saying goes, what one always sees isn't what necessarily goes on behind closed doors.

In the case of newlyweds - months new- jack and grace, the epitome of perfection in every way, there seems to be a As Grace is never without Jack. The irony is he's a high powered lawyer who defends abused women. Yet there are locks and metal shutters on their windows. Grace never leaves without him. Or could he himself be the monster he defends? I found thi Slam! I found this just a little too well orchestrated and perfected to enjoy it.

It was frustrating that something like this could even happen so the credibility factor was on the very low end. I'm waffling on the rating - it was engaging and fast paced, but seriously, how neatly packaged could this be? The characters,-not so believable. The story - far fetched. I wanted to toss it against the wall at some points, as really? It took her 18 months to act and then all within the span of days things come together?

I'm being generous with a 3 but if you are looking for a credible thriller, this isn't it. View all 42 comments. I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel by B. Paris and would recommend it to fans of psychological thrillers. The novel is told alternating from past to present and builds up the tension page by page. Jack and Grace have the perfect life and the perfect marriage. Jack is a successful attorney who specialises in cases that involve physically abused women and Grace a professional who gave up her excellent job when she married Jack. Jack who at first is a true gentleman turns into a controlling and I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel by B.

Jack who at first is a true gentleman turns into a controlling and manipulative husband on their wedding night. The perfect relationship and a true love story turns into a nightmare for Grace. The pace of the story is expertly set and shows great promise for a debut author. There are lots twists and turns that keep you guessing throughout. This book is nigh on impossible to put down once you start so be warned. I would like to thank Net Galley and Harlequin for supplying a copy of 'Behind Closed Doors' in exchange for a honest review.

View all 8 comments. Jack and Grace Angel seem like the perfect couple. They give the best receptions, but this marital bliss is only skin deep. They are less beauty and the beast and more like Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd. I think so, at least. Grace is unhappy in her life, which is hell. Her sister has Down's Syndrome, and comes to live with the couple.

Things start to happen. I thought the writing was slick and I wanted to read - and did read - it as fast as I could. Jack was a character executed Jack and Grace Angel seem like the perfect couple. Jack was a character executed I wish it were literally so in fine detail. But we see more of Grace than of Jack. Grace is a sophisticated and well bred woman, with plenty to look forward to. Yet she reacts like many abused women. I found this frustrating but also quite realistic. When the denouement came, I loved the ending and also loved the little transition that the author brought to Grace's character.

Altogether, a very satisfying book. View all 26 comments. OMG I have read some fantastic books so far this year. This year I have a feeling is going to be awesome. I finished last year on a high and this year has started on a high for just awesomeness in book material. Surely you have experienced it. The typically "forever happy, never row, never have a cross word, smiley at each other, gooey eyed seemingly perfect couple".

Do you get envious? Or do you think "hmm yeah yeah" I am sure there are OMG I have read some fantastic books so far this year. Or do you think "hmm yeah yeah" I am sure there are couples out there that get on very well, but the appearance of Jack and Grace and how they both conduct themselves in the public eye is nothing far from awesomeness. But behind closed doors Yep, that is when you see Jack for what he is. This is not an upsetting brutal man in the full sense of the word as in beatings, so don't be mislead that this may turn your stomach, because it won't.