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Popular Publications debuted their four newest titles in September With its third issue, The Spider was turned over to a new writer, Norvell W. Page , a newspaperman turned pulp writer. Richard Wentworth, playboy millionaire by day and caped crusader by night. Master of disguise, superbly-conditioned body, keen, alert brain and altogether hair-trigger personality when the United States and the world was threatened by master villains, Yellow Perils, horrible hordes, devastating plagues and killing, chilling terrorism.

Wentworth who became the cragged, grotesque Spider who left his vermillion trademark on the dead foreheads of The Enemy. Started as a knock-off of the first single-character pulp, The Spider would eventually join D oc Savage , G-8 and His Battle Aces, Jim Hatfield in Texas R a ngers , The Phantom Detective and The Shadow , the magazine that inspired them all, as one of the longest-lived of the hero pulps, thanks largely to the white-hot prose of Norvell Page.

Bowling Green State Popular Pres Berkley Publishing Corporation Walter Baumhofer painted the cover to The Spider: Colorful Crime Fighters of Pulp Fiction. As he will point out, these characters directly influenced such later comic-book heroes as Batman—whose very first exploit was, in fact, plagiarized from a Shadow novel.

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There will be over one-hundred tables of material. Located on the third floor of the Hyatt Regency Columbus , the ballroom can accomodate up to people at any given moment. Additionally, dealers staying at the Hyatt will also receive ten dollars back from their registration fee. Pictured above is an Omaha, Nebraska newsstand from late Batman was hardly the first colorful crime fighter to affect the pose of wealthy idler.

The pulp magazines beat him to that characterization by a quarter century. But great wealth and social prominence were not the only traits shared by these men, as Ed will point out. The presentation will also include latter-day examples of hero-pulp concepts that became embedded in American popular culture.

June 16, —The PulpFest Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that thirteen individuals were nominated by their peers for the Munsey Award. In the interest of manageability, the final nominee list was pared down to the eight individuals who received the most nominations.

Tourist Trappers (Paranormal Pulp Book 6) - Kindle edition by Leroy Smith, Elizabeth Smith. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Thu, 16 Aug GMT tourist trappers paranormal pulp pdf -. Tourist. Trappers. (Paranormal Pulp Book 6) -. Kindle edition by Leroy. Smith, Elizabeth.

This year, no one was nominated for the elite Rusty Hevelin Service Award. The following nominees will be forwarded to a committee made up of all the living Lamont , Munsey, and Rusty Award winners who will select the person to receive the Munsey: Congratulations to all thirteen nominees. The recipient of the Munsey Award , a limited edition print pictured above designed by artist and pulp enthusiast David Saunders, will be announced on July 27th as part of the Saturday evening programming, open to all PulpFest registrants.

Little wonder that countless pulp writers, from Walter B. Gibson and Norvell W. Page to Robert E. Howard and George Worts, turned to the devil doctor to find inspiration for their lurid pulp tales. Criminal Masterminds, Chronology of Shadows: Retribution in Blood and Sisters of the Shadows: And master detective Nick Carter, who successfully made the transition from dime novel to pulp magazine, appeared on screens both in the U.

Hundreds of movies released during the Thirties, Forties and Fifties—feature films and short subjects alike—were made from yarns originally printed in rough-paper periodicals. PulpFest will show the serial in its entirety over three nights. Columbia Pictures released its first cliffhanger serial in Jungle Menace and its immediate successors, The Mysterious Pilot also and The Secret of Treasure Island , were independently produced by the Weiss brothers, Poverty Row denizens with roots in the motion-picture industry going back to the early silent-movie days.

Their serials were competent but cheaply made and uninspiring. Briskin began negotiating for screen rights to popular characters from other media. In short order he secured The Spider from Popular Publications. PulpFest has obtained the best version currently in circulation and will offer all 15 high-octane chapters to convention attendees in five-episode increments spread out over three nights. The first two were covered when the publisher released Doc Savage and Nick Carter early in Their aviation title, Bill Barnes, Air Adventurer , was held back until the beginning of the next year.

Its first issue was dated November In this magazine you will feel the real pulse of the great West as it actually exists. The scenes and action will be familiar to all those who know of the West, and will be instructive to those who do not. The characters will live and breathe through these pages as no others have, and they will give you more entertainment than you have ever deemed possible from fiction before.

As the series progressed, the stories took on the quaint qualities of a s Hollywood Western film, where the sheriff and his posse would start out in an automobile and switch to horseback when the terrain got too rocky for rubber. In one story, Pistol Pete hopped a plane to Chicago to get his man. By trying to have the West both ways, the magazine had a short lifespan.

It folded in after just 32 issues. The series finally petered out in after some fifty adventures—not counting a short-lived radio program. Baumhofer painted the cover art for both series until Robert G. Among the hero pulps, only The Shadow Magazine appeared more often. Pistol Pete was the last of the pulp heroes of —seven in all. Many thanks to Will Murray, PulpFest special guest, for his many contributions to this article.

Pete Rice and Sonny Tabor. The great Walter M. Baumhofer contributed the cover art for the first issue of Pete Rice Magazine , pictured above. June 24, —There was an eighth single-character pulp that debuted in Black Bat Detective Mysteries began with its October number and ran for a total of six issues, ending in the spring of Created by Murray Leinster , the Black Bat, whose real name was never revealed, was an omniscient amateur detective who worked closely with the police. The character was more along the lines of a defective detective rather than a pulp hero. Although technically Black Bat Detective Mysteries was a single-character magazine, it more resembled a detective pulp.

Published by a small outfit out of New York City, Berryman Press, and given its limited run, the magazine had little impact on the pulp market. The cover to the first issue of Black Bat Detective Mysteries , reproduced above by moviepostershop. June 25, —Today, PulpFest is exactly one month away. And our programming will begin at 8 PM that evening. So what are you waiting for? Just fill in the required information and you will soon be on your way. We look forward to seeing you at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio in one month. There was no sign of him on either of the first two numbers of the long-running hero pulp magazine.

The Shadow Magazine ran for a total of issues the most of any hero pulp , beginning with its April number and running through the Summer issue. After the passing of Phil and Bette Farmer in , it was decided to take FarmerCon on the road to broaden its horizons. On Friday, July 26th, at 7: In Feast , Grandrith and Caliban learn that a powerful secret society known as The Nine has manipulated their lives. The two heroes go to war against their tormentors: James Clarke Wildman, Jr. Much of Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life , first published by Doubleday in , is devoted to this idea. Here Doc and his future aids come together to match wits and derring-do against the sinister baron, who Doc believes is intent on wielding a weapon of mass destruction that could very well mean the end of freedom and victory for the Kaiser.

Moderator Art Sippo, author of Sun Koh: Of Dust And Souls. Meteor House will be premiering a new, expanded edition of Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life at PulpFest Altus Press will be publishing the softcover edition. So the remaining space is shrinking fast. As of this writing we can still accommodate more exhibitors, but booking time is getting short. You can reach him via email by writing to jack pulpfest. Please remember to ask for your free table if you will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Columbus and will be renting two or more tables.

Employing the talents of author Walter B. Gibson, the magazine proved an instant hit. A year later, The Shadow Magazine became a semi-monthly, appearing twice each month until early On Friday, July 26th at 8: When an injury at age fourteen left him unable to perform manual labor, Baumhofer began to intently study art. While still a student, he began his art career drawing pen and ink story illustrations for Adventure Magazine.

He will exhibit never-before-seen visual documents from the personal world of this pulp art master. Baumhofer was a sensationally colorful character and David Saunders looks forward to sharing many amusing anecdotes and incidents that will help to promote a greater awareness of this legendary artist. Baumhofer contributed the front cover art to the August 15, Adventure , depicted above. July 4, —On this day when we celebrate freedom, PulpFest would like to remind everyone about our generous offers for members staying at the Hyatt Regency Columbus in late July.

And to reward loyal attendees for supporting the convention by staying three nights at the host hotel, PulpFest is happy to offer a ten-dollar rebate redeemable through our registration desk. You can learn more about these fantastic offers by visiting our registration page. Rooms at the Hyatt are selling fast. In late June, the hotel added twenty additional rooms with double beds to our already substantial block. However, it is advised to place your reservation sooner rather than later as availability cannot be guaranteed; rooms with king-sized beds have already sold out.

Click on the Hyatt link in the first paragraph or call or PulpFest would like to thank all of our members who will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Columbus. By doing so, you are supporting our convention by helping us to control the sizable costs required to mount this annual event. At this point we would also urge all dealers to take advantage of our generous load-in and set-up period.

Thank you for your cooperation. We will also be starting our programming at 8 PM. The PulpFest committee is very excited about our second show in this upscale and conveniently located venue. Fu-Manchu , collecting all ten tales into novel form.

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  2. Tourist Trappers (Paranormal Pulp Book 6)!
  3. Angel Thorns.
  4. The Pentacle of Light Series - Bloodties.
  5. The Carpenters Choice.

Burks, Philip Nowlan, H. Lovecraft, and Robert E. Master of Kung Fu , a classic series concerning the son of Dr. The Page of Fu Manchu represents an ongoing effort by scholars and readers around the world to create a definitive Sax Rohmer bibliography, reference and archive. It is edited and maintained by Dr. July 9, —How did pulp magazine publishers keep readers coming back month after month?

Of course the best way was to publish excellent stories. Another method that publishers employed to lure dimes on a regular basis from buyers with thin wallets was to create a club and offer premiums. Also available were rings, pins, and other items such as the Spider Pencil, a celluloid mechanical pencil with rubber eraser of The Spider seal, produced in very limited quantity during Chris will be presenting Hero Pulp Premiums and Promotions , an event that you cannot afford to miss.

July 12, —One of the many highlights of PulpFest is its Saturday night auction. Any registered member of the convention may submit items to sell at auction as long as they meet the guidelines listed on our Auctions page. Over many years, Albert Tonik was one of the leading scholars of pulp history.

The winner of a Lamont Award in , Al researched aspects of pulp history previously covered sketchily and loved to share his knowledge with our community. In addition to the Tonik material, PulpFest will be accepting about lots from registered members of PulpFest However, due to the substantial amount of Tonik lots, there may be limits on the number of lots that can be offered by each consignee. The sooner you submit your consignment to Mike Chomko who will be collecting all the auction consignments , the more likely that it will be included in our auction. For a look at what books will make up the Tonik lots, we are providing an auction spreadsheet.

The Tonik lots will be lot numbers , , , and The gaps of 25 lots between the Tonik segments represent the lots of consignment material that we will be accepting from PulpFest members during the actual convention. Remember to bring your convention badge: If you have any questions concerning the auction or you represent an estate that would like to submit a substantial collection for sale at PulpFest , please contact Barry Traylor via email or at Crooked Oak Drive, Lancaster, PA Van is the award-winning and Amazon. You can find links to all of his stuff at www.

July 16, —A number of publishers will be using PulpFest to roll out new publications for your reading pleasure. Debuting from Stark House Press , this reference work features profiles of the men and women who wrote the books that became the backbone of the pulp and paperback era from the s through the s. Our friends from FarmerCon will also premier a pair of books, both published by Meteor House.

First up will be a new, deluxe hardcover edition of Doc Savage: The Meteor House edition will include a brand new foreword by Farmer expert Win Scott Eckert; tributes by other Farmer and Doc experts, including current Doc Savage writer Will Murray; and other bonus materials not seen in previous editions, all wrapped up with jacket art by Joe DeVito. Mike Chomko, Books , the representative of Altus Press at most pulp conventions, will have softcovers of the revised edition on hand.

He will also be available to sign any other books people might want to bring up to him. Additional details will be announced at the convention. Of course, everyone knows that BnT is THE journal for aficionados of adventure, mystery, and melodrama in American popular culture of the early 20th century.

Ed has a Lamont Award to prove it! Doc Savage author and noted pulp scholar Will Murray will be selling softcover copies of Wordslingers: An Epitaph for the Western at his table. Best known for creating the Sonny Tabor and Kid Wolf characters for Wild West Weekly , Paul Powers also wrote in other genres, including horror, historical, noir, romance, and animal stories. A collection of fourteen tales, including four that were previously unpublished, Hidden Ghosts is being released in softcover by Altus Press. A portion of the proceeds earned on this title will go toward literacy education.

Additionally, on Saturday, July 27th, Fortier and Davis will have a couple of author signings at their tables. Riddle of the Glowing Men , Sgt. Janus, Spirit-Breaker , and other works. And when you are in Columbus from July 25 , be sure to visit them all in the Regency Ballroom on the third floor of the Hyatt Regency. July 18, —PulpFest will start on Thursday, July 25th. Beginning at 8 PM, a full slate of programming will get underway.

Both Will and Roger will be available for questions following the reading. July 20, —As happens every year, PulpFest is helped in a variety of ways by a large number of organizations whose support we would like to acknowledge. As usual, we will be giving away several books and related items to our attendees and would like to thank the following organizations for their very generous contributions to our convention:. John Huckans and Book Source Magazine for sending copies of the final print issue of their magazine for free distribution at PulpFest.

Tom Brown and Radio Archives , the leading producer of old-time radio collections and pulp audiobooks, for sending nearly sample CDs of their superb readings of old pulp yarns as well as six complete audiobooks to be used as door prizes. Greg Shepard and Stark House Press , publisher of some of the finest mystery and supernatural fiction of the past hundred years, for their very generous donation of several cartons of their top-notch books.

Millhouse and Stormgate Publishing for sending ten autographed copies of Captain Hawklin and the Skyhook Pirates , a novel written in the style of a s cliffhanger. Included with the story are artifacts—photos, sidebars, excerpts from fictional books and pulps, telegrams, and vintage postcards—that add to the illusion that what you are actually reading is quite real. July 22, —PulpFest will begin on Thursday evening, July 25th, with a salute to the th anniversary of the first American appearance of Dr.

The remaining chapters will run on Friday and Saturday nights. Due to a recent schedule change, the university asked PulpFest to move the talk up by a half hour. PulpFest attendees will also learn about the life and work of Walter M. Saturday, PulpFest returns to Dr. The night will continue with a lively and interesting auction of pulps, books, comics, artwork, and much, much more. For additional details on all of our afternoon and evening programming events, please visit our Programming page for further details.

Each entry is linked to a post that provides further information on that event. The hotel is south of I, just minutes from Columbus International Airport. Click here for directions. For those who will be staying at the Hyatt Regency during the convention, parking is free at the Chestnut Street Garage, one block south of the hotel.

The garage is connected to the hotel via an enclosed and covered walkway. Additional parking is available at the Convention Center underground garage. Click here for a more detailed look at parking near the Hyatt Regency. Click here for an interactive parking map of Columbus. During set-up, dealers are asked to arrange their displays and, upon completion, cover them up and then depart the room. Dealers should please refrain from all such activity. We welcome your cooperation in this aspect of the show. All members, dealers included, can pick up their registration packets at this time.

For those of you who have not yet registered for PulpFest, Thursday evening will be an ideal time to do so. Please visit our Registration page for further details. Please note that tonight is the last night for advance registrations. Dealers will be allowed to enter the room approximately fifteen minutes prior to opening each day in order to prepare their displays. In addition to auction lots drawn from the collection of pulp scholar Albert Tonik, we will be accepting a total of additional lots from registered members of PulpFest However, due to the substantial amount of material remaining from the Tonik collection, there may be limits on the number of lots that can be offered by each consignee.

The sooner you submit your consignment to Mike Chomko, the more likely that it will be included in our auction. A link to a spreadsheet listing the Tonik lots is also available on our Auctions page. For those attendees who would like to ship their purchases to their homes, PulpFest has arranged for a local UPS provider to be available at the hotel on Sunday, July 28th, from 10 AM to noon. Have a safe trip to Columbus. All told, we have discussed 54 magazines, most published to highlight the adventures of a single character within their pulpwood pages.

This is not to say that the curious reader cannot find continuing characters elsewhere in the rough paper magazines: Although most of the single-character magazines that followed that initial burst of had relatively short lives, they helped to keep afloat an industry that was dying. Stories of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle , published by Fiction House in the spring of , would be the last single-character magazine to be introduced to the reading public. But for many of us who love the pulps, it was the hero magazines that introduced us to pulp collecting, helping to keep alive the memory of the great pulp era.

Take it away Walker.

Happy Holidays from PulpFest

July 23, —Readers and Collectors! We are down to the final minutes now. The complete details are at www. Or will you be among the elite of old magazine collectors, those that DO attend? Hell, I knew a collector who attended knowing he had a terminal illness and would be dead in a few months. I once attended with a busted back, wrapped up like a mummy, not able to sit down for the entire convention. Every 40 minutes I had to stop the car and get out to stretch and walk around. But the thought of my collection kept me going.

The visions of more SF magazines, more detective and adventure pulps, more westerns. The artwork, the original cover paintings, the interior illustrations. The stacks of digest magazines, the vintage paperbacks. The friends and old pals that I enjoyed talking to and seeing once again. Some of the best friendships in my life are now stretching beyond the 40 year mark. How could I not attend the pulp convention? When I returned home, I took 4 weeks off from work to recuperate from my back problems. I never let this stop me. Sometimes I borrowed the money from the bank or the credit union.

I even borrowed money from my wife. You know you have to be desperate to ask for help from a non-collector! I mean we are talking about a serious addiction here! To be a serious book or old magazine collector, is a calling of the highest order. You are not just some wage slave like the other millions of non-collectors. No, you are a Collector with a capital C. And then repeat it day after day like most poor bastards. You Collect valuable and rare artifacts.

In this era of electronic gadgets, you actually collect non-electronic books and pulps. I mean how cool is that? No computer geek can stand up to that. E-books look pitiful next to a beautiful real, hard copy book. A stack of pulps is a thing of beauty. The smell, the look, the feel. And they are worth money! Drugs, alcohol, gambling, all can destroy your health and finances. Sexual habits can ruin you just like any addiction or at the very least, you will find yourself married to a non-collector!

So there is still time to say to hell with your job and personal responsibilities. Your family can do without you for a few days. Your book addiction needs to be fed. Your Collection must be extended and made larger. You need more books! Long ago, Walker Martin was almost the proud owner of the original artwork by Walter M. Baumhofer used for the January issue of Dime Detective Magazine , pictured above. The gentleman having his lips sewn shut was probably insisting that he could not attend PulpFest due to a canker sore on his tongue. Or could it illustrate the classic battle of the collector and the non-collector?

Just loan me another thousand for the last issue that I need to complete that Burroughs serial! July 24, — PulpFest will begin tomorrow, July 25th. Dealer set-up will take place from 4 PM to 11 PM. Information will be available upon your arrival at the hotel. To all of you who will be attending PulpFest , we look forward to seeing you. Please have a safe journey to Columbus. This production is considered one of the best movie serials of all time. You can find additional details about these and all of our presentations by visiting the Programming page of our website.

Tonight, you can register early for what is typically a feeding frenzy as book and pulp collectors scour the room searching for this or that long elusive volume. The general public is very much welcome to attend. July 26, —PulpFest got underway on Thursday evening with a full slate of programming starting at 8 PM.

And the feeding frenzy will begin! Sunday will be a bit shorter, from 9 AM to 2 PM. The evening presentations will begin at 7: Another panel will examine Doc Savage and the pulp heroes of , while pulp art historian David Saunders will look at the life and work of artist Walter M. You can learn more about all of our great presentations by visiting the Programming page of our website.

Children under 15 accompanied by a parent are free. The general public is welcome to attend. The cover art above is by Walter M. Baumhofer for the March issue of Doc Savage Magazine. Our evening programming begins at 7: Come to Columbus and join up! July 27, —Garyn G. Roberts has been named the winner of the Munsey Award.

Nominated by the general pulp community, Garyn was selected through a vote by all the living Lamont, Munsey , and Rusty Award winners. The award is a fine art print by Dan Zimmer of a painting by David Saunders and is presented annually to a person who has worked for the betterment of the pulp community. Randolph Cox, Stephen T. Miller, Laurie Powers, J. John DeWalt also received votes. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA or to mike pulpfest. The deadline for nominations is May 31, Thanks for your help.

July 28, —PulpFest is drawing to a close, but there is still time to get in on the action. There are no programming events scheduled for Sunday. To keep informed about PulpFest , bookmark http: News about the convention can also be found on the PulpFest Facebook site at http: And for those who prefer their news short and sweet, follow our Twitter feed at https: Subscribe to our list and be the first on your block to get news about PulpFest.

We hope everyone will be able to make it to PulpFest ! Many thanks to our art designer Chris Kalb for his usual excellent work in formulating our flyer for the convention. The background painting is, of course, Walter M. We could not have done it without you:. Taylor, Titan Books, and Weird Tales. Congratulations to Garyn and to all of the nominees for our awards. Millhouse and Stormgate Publishing. Finally, thanks to all of the conventions, book and paper fairs, bookstores, comic and collectible shops, web sites, magazines, newspapers, and other media outlets that helped to promote our show as well as the dealers, attending members and supporting members of PulpFest It was due to your encouragement and support that our convention was successful.

We hope to see you all back next summer along with a good many newcomers for PulpFest Details will be forthcoming in the months ahead. So please subscribe to our PulpFest email list through the small gray box found along the right side of our home page. Perhaps some of the low spirits can be attributed to being tired, but we are also disappointed, frustrated, and questioning whether or not we are on the right track with the convention.

I am speaking mainly for myself, but I believe at least a couple of the other committee members agree with my thoughts. The turnout was somewhat less than we had anticipated. Mike spent hour after hour updating and writing new material for the social media where we have a presence. I am not exaggerating—hour after hour. Ed spent a lot of time with interviews, press releases, presentations and other such activities.

Barry contacted other events and coordinated getting us mentioned on other sites. The auction was somewhat of a disappointment. None of the material that was submitted was, shall we say, extraordinary. Barry, Mike, and others spent a lot of the weekend preparing for the auction and we did not have anything that caused anyone to sit up and take notice. Do we discontinue the auction? I, since it is my area, was disappointed in the hotel.

Their response to problems I encountered was dismal. Some of the front desk people appeared to have had no communication concerning the convention and the guests who were attending parking, wi-fi, location, etc. There was no signage within the hotel announcing the convention and its location. Doors that were supposed to be locked were unlocked, which meant I had to stand guard outside the programming room until someone showed up to lock it 45 minutes. The freight elevator got jammed up on Sunday horror of horrors , and I had to contact a kitchen worker to help resolve the issue—no one else could be found with a search warrant.

I know, minor stuff to most people, but they were things that should not have happened. And then, still with the hotel, they tell me our dates for next year are not available. The weekend they offered me is August We have been trying to stay with the last weekend in July, but it was given to a couple of large local groups money talks. As of right now, the committee is unsure of our next step. The August weekend is a little further away from Windy City, but we have heard in the past that attendees do not necessarily like August conventions. So, here is another potential impact to attendance.

Very few comments after the convention had to do with the tremendous amount of informative and interesting programing we presented. We had many comments about the lack of WiFi in the ballroom. We negotiated for free WiFi in the rooms, but we decided not to spend the money for the ballroom.

This would have entailed raising the price for everyone to accommodate a few. Not on our watch. He or she is not returning. I should mention, by the way, that the attendee did not stay at the Hyatt. He or she stayed at a hotel in the neighborhood which, if you think about it, might have contributed to the long walks. I got blistered by a woman who arrived at She said they had driven all the way from Cincinnati. As chairman I sympathized, but inside my head, not so much. Our postings on the Internet stated that although we were open on Sunday, many dealers would be packing up for their trip home.

So here you have a brief outline of the current status of your PulpFest committee and some of the questions for which we are trying to find answers. Do we quit advertising? In the beginning, we promised to do more advertising and we have fulfilled that promise. But has it gained us enough in the way of new attendees to justify the considerable cost? Do we lower our expectations? Is the most we can ever expect for our summer pulp convention?

Do we look for new blood to take over part of the convention? Do we merge with another convention to have just one major convention a year? Some of the committee members are no longer spring chickens I hate to use the barnyard analogy and eventually, we will step aside anyway. We will get to a point where information will need to be filtered to you. Until then, send me your constructive comments and we will add them to the mix. You can contact me at jack pulpfest. PulpFest was great, and IS great. It is the only time I get to meet folks of like interests, as well as a convention where I feel I could take my family and feel safe about them.

I loved PulpFest and want it to continue! After reading about your trials and tribulations at this last con I felt a little down that you might cut it out or merge with another. There really is a great bunch of pulp fans and very knowledgeable in the field of pulps. Fight the good fight and keep it going! We had a blast. The PulpFest organizing committee would like to thank Ric and the fans who recorded our PulpFest programming events for their past and continuing support.

Their help in promoting PulpFest and its exceptional programming is very much appreciated. Roberts, pictured to the left with his well-deserved honor. Just click on the link above and you will be directed to the page. Way to go, Garyn!

Celebrating the Pulp Heroes of 1933

Thank you for naming me the Munsey Award recipient. There are so many others worthy of this award—for research, writing and publication, presentations, service and promotion of pulp magazine history, preservation, scholarship and fandom. To be associated with our extended group of visionaries and friends, for more than three decades personally, means so much and is an ongoing honor in itself—because of the people and close friends committed to this very important part of American and world literature and culture. I have collected and read Big Little Books, comic books, and newspaper strips since I was six or seven in the mid-sixties.

More importantly, Gary has been a lifelong friend ever since. Today, together we continue writing projects; back then, we published the first volume of Frederick C. We published a volume of dime novel reprints featuring female detectives, and I edited a little volume entitled A Cent A Story! Somewhere around , I met someone else. After 27 or 28 years, Bob found me again at PulpFest. For three or four years now, Bob and I have been back in touch, meeting at PulpFest , and planning a book project together on the pulps soon.

I had a beautiful lecture prepared on Robert E. Howard, and as I made this presentation, Bob very politely and respectively added specific details to my lecture. Decades later, no one has scared me so badly in the classroom. Bob is scary bright. He is an even nicer person. From Bowling Green in the first half of the s, Gary and I increasingly strayed in quest of books and pulps. Soon we were in Ann Arbor and Dayton. White paper copies of the rarest, most wonderful pulps lived in this vault. Bob was missing Bantam 50, The Devil on the Moon. Gary and I bought Bob the issue—only it was the original pulp.

Schuyler Miller and others. We used a hot-burning Apple IIE and lots of note cards. There was one strange photo of a young Ray Bradbury, who later became my good friend, but. The summer of also saw the debut of two wonderful movies: Goonies and Return to Oz. Gary and I visited Curious Books almost daily that summer—especially when we had a little money to spend. Still have it and a couple other copies of the book. That one is locked away in a special place in my collection.

Ray Walsh has been my dear friend ever since. Walsh has yet to be found in any embarrassing photos! Virginia and I were married July 31, in Madison. I think the seller was from Minnesota. But, that is ahead of the story. More very important friends appeared. During the fall of , I journeyed northeast of Mankato about an hour and fifteen minutes to the Twin Cities. A few months later, I discovered that Jack and Helen Deveny lived in Edina, a nice, semi-rural suburb of the cities.

I visited them often after Friday morning classes at the university. I had corresponded with Jack and had bought pulps from his catalogs for several years. But I cannot tell you how important Jack and Helen were in my life. I was so happy that Tony let me provide happy personal memories of Jack and Helen. During the spring of , I had an offer of an interview for a professorial position at Michigan State University. I got a job offer and Mankato countered. I loved Mankato and I have often wondered what would have happened had I not headed east for the big city lights of a Big Ten school.

I mention this transition of career and life to set up another pulp remembrance. Humphrey airport to Detroit for my interview. At the time, my old buddy Gary Hoppenstand was teaching in Toledo; he came north to Detroit to meet me. Gary brought out his briefcase and we simultaneously opened our cases on the hood of his car. Gary handed me pulps and books, and I handed Gary pulps and books. It was all unscripted. The shady transaction was complete. I started at Michigan State University fall of ; Gary started at MSU exactly a year later in —the place where, back during the summer of , we cataloged fanzines for the Russel B.

A few years later I started work on what would be an award-winning volume of Fantasy and Science Fiction—not because of me, but because of the content of the volume and the vision of my Senior Editor, Ms. Again, pulp fiction was the mainstay of the F and SF project. Late in life, the great pulp artist Edd Cartier Shadow and Unknown artist actually provided an original pulp painting for color reproduction in the book. The book, a college and university textbook and, yet, popular anthology, is still in print: Bob Weinberg and Forry Ackerman helped with that one.

And my friend, Carrie? She is the granddaughter of the prolific pulp Western writer, C. She has become a member of the Roberts family. It was a trip of a lifetime for my youngest, Morgan, then eleven years old. Before and after, Morgan had and has read the vast majority of what Alcott wrote—memoirs, romances, social melodramas, Civil War hospital accounts, bodice-rippers, supernatural stories, as well as all the Little Women type books. It was about ten years ago in the early days of the twenty-first century when I first met Dr. Virginia and our children were with me. Another shady pulp deal was in the offing.

The whole experience was unbelievable. The volumes were and are extraordinary, and George was a really neat man who quickly became a very dear friend. George brought me on to his publishing company and has included me in several publishing projects ever since. We completed along with Gary Frederick C. George had me edit Clayton Rawson volumes, including some very rare Don Diavlo and related pulp stories; volumes of G.

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Good writing is as common as clam shells, while good stories are as rare as statesmanship. We welcome your cooperation in this aspect of the show. Simak, who had left the field, and new writers L. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA or to mike pulpfest. This personable dealer and collector offers pulps, original art, and other paper collectibles.

I hope George, our friends and I will be releasing some new projects soon. There are some great ones in the wings. A couple of years ago my friend, Steve Haffner, had me write a lengthy introduction to the first of two large volumes of Henry Kuttner weird-menace stories. I got to share the cover bylines on that great book with Kuttner, and the recently passed Richard Matheson.

Two or three more essays on my late friend, Ray Bradbury, are due in a book from Salem later this year. Hendryx novels and stories. I have some neat stories to share about Hendryx, probably my favorite adventure writer. Hendryx and I, at different times, both spent lots of years in the greater Traverse City, Michigan area.

Thanks, Matt, for the opportunities. Ed Hulse has published my work before, too. Ed, I promise you something new soon. This study is an instant cornerstone of any pulp scholarship. There is another friend of more than three decades I need to mention here—one of the genuine gentlemen of the pulp community. What lifelong friends you all are. You have made my life much more than it would have been without you.

There are so many others—I am sorry I have not listed you all here. May be that there will be more stories of all of you soon—all good, I promise. Yet it seems to me that, the Pulp community, as it has expanded, is comprised of people who work together; petty jealousies and squabbles do not exist. The sincere mutual support for collectors, researchers, writers, publishers, newcomers and others is extraordinary. I have been honored beyond words to be associated with the Pulp community for thirty plus years. The image on that Munsey , by my very good friend, David Saunders, is better up close than I could have ever imagined—I was always afraid to ever consider that I might one day have this image as an award.

Chuck Welch, webmaster of the Hidalgo Trading Company site, snapped the above photo of Garyn offering his Munsey acceptance speech on July 27, There are two things I used to do before attending Pulpcon in Dayton, Ohio. I also remember the big bank vault that he stored pulps in. Not only did Richard Clear sell me pulps but I bought some pulp art from him including four big illustrations by Norman Saunders.

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Once a year, he would bring pulps up from his basement for Pulpcon. I also miss Jack Deveny and his wife, Helen. Every Christmas he would send Christmas greetings with a pulp cover on the card. I once loaned him a box of pulps that had Christmas covers and he used the images for many holidays. For 25 years we carried on an extensive correspondence about pulps. I still have his letters, a couple hundred of them. And then I realized the answer was because I had bought so many from Ray in earlier years. We started off as young collectors in our twenties or thirties I was 30 at the first Pulpcon in and now we have turned into grizzled veterans.

Well, at least I have, though lately I seem to be fading and crumbling like an old pulp magazine. So thanks for the great letter and congratulations again. Garyn, I wish I was as erudite as you. Not only are you a really nice guy and a person I am proud to know, but a darn good writer to boot. If you would like to read more reviews about PulpFest you can find them at the following sites: Pulp Crazy — Jason Aiken wraps up his coverage on the convention with a brief summary of his experiences and links to recordings of nearly a dozen panels and presentations. Laurie Powers is a writer, traveler, blogger, photographer, pulp fiction enthusiast, horse lover, collector, Dodger fan, and woman about town.

She has been to every PulpFest since Pictures accompanying are unaccredited. PulpFest has come and gone. So I raced over to my storage unit and pulled out three copies of each to shove into my suitcase. I figured that it was a crapshoot over whether they would sell, as many people at PulpFest already have copies.

So stunning that Altus Press and I are considering getting slipcases made so we can sell them as a trilogy. All of the copies I brought with me on the plane sold out on the first day. Why would I need any more, you ask. Each issue of the magazine would contain one or two serials, five or six short stories, poems, and columns. Serials were long stories that were separated into installments, one installment appearing in the issue every week.

Serials could run from two installments to as many as six. Which means that you may need to get every single issue for six weeks straight in order to read a complete serialized story. That is not easy to do. In addition, romance pulps have never been of major interest to collectors, as the vast majority of collectors have been men. So it has been a struggle to find the magazine. Here is where going to a convention can give you an immediate return on your investment cost of the flight, hotel, etc. I found quite a few issues of Love Story this year at PulpFest , ending up with about thirty.

There were many more available, but most were issues that I already had. I was even lucky enough to pick up at least one set of issues that made up an entire serial. I brought one inventory list with me that listed all my issues of Love Story ; by Friday night I had to completely redo my list because I had so many updates to add. The hotel, the Hyatt Regency Columbus , was wonderful.

I had a grilled salmon salad—always dicey when ordering food from a pub—but it was delicious. There are plenty of options for breakfast and the hotel has a food court with the usual suspects like Subway so you can grab a quick lunch. What panels I went to were fascinating—Chris Kalb did a hugely entertaining presentation on pulp premiums.

But finding those issues of Love Story —priceless. Accompanying photographs are unaccredited. During the dates of July 25 to July 28, an event happened in Columbus, Ohio that may have been not important to non-pulp and non-book collectors, but if you collect and read these great artifacts then you know that something very special occurred. I attended almost forty pulp conventions when the old Pulpcon was the big summer event during And as much as I loved that pulp convention, it never reached the heights of the present show which we call PulpFest.

The most attendees that Pulpcon ever had was around and many of the events had around or so. But all five of the recent PulpFests have had higher attendance than Pulpcon ever had. Yes, it is hard to believe but this was the fifth convention of the new pulp convention. And as a special reward to the attendees, it was one of the very best shows. If you read or collect pulps, pulp reprints, books, vintage paperbacks, or slicks then this was the place to be. If you like old movies or collect original art from books and magazines, then you were in luck because there were plenty of dvds and art for sale.

I also collect dvds of old movies and original artwork, so non-collectors simply do not understand me at all. They tend to call me everything from hoarder to that crazy guy who likes to read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page.

Out of the Box will take you on a tour of the gangster lands of London, New York and Kingston, Jamaica, before showing you inside the Box that is the British prison system today, where all previous pecking orders, criminal or political, have been superseded by the rule of the Deen, highly organised and disciplined Muslim convicts, who answer to neither gangster nor governor, but only to Allah.

Out of the Box will also take you outside of these Boxes and provide you with some eye-opening analysis and insights into the activities of those who rule over us — politicians present and past, such as David Cameron, Michael Howard and London mayor Sadiq Khan. This is a fascinating and valid account of the cost to society when young, damaged lives are not repaired.

It deserves to be very widely read. Now out of the box and free, Leroy Smith is setting out on a new and straighter path. I wish him every success. He has more than paid his dues. Kindle Edition , pages. Published August 28th by Outoftheboxbook Publisher Limited.

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