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Kennebunkport host Christmas Prelude the first two weeks of December with a dizzying display of holiday decor, caroling, tree lighting, parades of hats and dogs and fantastic holiday shopping and Maine craft fairs. The Southern Maine Christmas Parade is the 2nd Sunday of December, beautifully decorated floats fill Route 1 in Wells from the Wells Shopping Plaza, parading to the Wells Middle School complete with a Grand Marshal and many fun entertainers — now approaching three decades of tradition.

Portland Maine celebrates winter with wonderful food and wine at its collection of fine restaurants. Portland is home to some of the best chefs in the country — and it's easier to get a table in winter than prime summer. First Friday Art Walks continue in Portland all year round, with winter art openings offering warm toddies and a chance to sneak a peek at the latest artwork from talented local Maine artists.

Casco Bay Ferries operate daily, all through the winter, as many Portlanders reside on the Casco Bay Island and commute, so you can dress warmly and enjoy a winter boat ride. We all know LL Bean is open — always! The winter decorations at the Beaner, and throughout Freeport are fantastic. LL Bean also offers wonderful outdoor schools so you can try cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, GEO caching and so much more with a Maine guide or on your own.

Whether you strap on snowshoes or Nordic skis to glide across the snow or just go in warm waterproof boots, you will find beautiful serene settings as you wander. Harris Farm in Dayton and Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook near Portland offer cross-country skiing on groomed tracked trails, with rentals equipment available.

As for the coastline and beaches of Southern Maine, the beaches of York, Ogunquit, Wells, Kennebunk and Old Orchard Beach are all easily accessed with ample parking so you can stroll the quiet calm beach in winter.

With less visitors during the months of December through March, a winter vacation in Maine means no crowds, no lines or waiting for a table at the best lobster restaurants. The title may have been inspired by George Peele 's play The Old Wives' Tale of , in which a storyteller tells "a merry winter's tale" of a missing daughter. The Steward announces that the members of the court have gone to Paulina's dwelling to see the statue; Rogero offers this exposition: Further, Leontes is surprised that the statue is "so much wrinkled", unlike the Hermione he remembers.

Paulina answers his concern by claiming that the age-progression attests to the "carver's excellence", which makes her look "as [if] she lived now. However, the action of 3. Hermione swoons upon the news of Mamilius' death, and is rushed from the room. Paulina returns after a short monologue from Leontes, bearing the news of Hermione's death.

After some discussion, Leontes demands to be led toward the bodies of his wife and son: Shakespeare's fellow playwright Ben Jonson ridiculed the presence in the play of a seacoast and a desert in Bohemia, since the Kingdom of Bohemia which roughly corresponds to the modern-day Czech Republic had neither a coast being landlocked nor a desert.

In , Edmund O. At the time of the medieval Kingdom of Sicily, however, Bithynia was long extinct and its territories were controlled by the Byzantine Empire. On the other hand, the play alludes to Hellenistic antiquity e. The pastoral genre is not known for precise verisimilitude, and, like the assortment of mixed references to ancient religion and contemporary religious figures and customs, this possible inaccuracy may have been included to underscore the play's fantastical and chimeric quality.

As Andrew Gurr puts it, Bohemia may have been given a seacoast "to flout geographical realism, and to underline the unreality of place in the play". Another theory explaining the existence of the seacoast in Bohemia offered by C. Herford is suggested in Shakespeare's chosen title of the play. A winter's tale is something associated with parents telling children stories of legends around a fireside: In the novel Prince Otto by Robert Louis Stevenson reference is made to the land of Seaboard Bohemia in the context of an obvious parody of Shakespeare's apparent liberties with geography in the play.

Likewise, Shakespeare's apparent mistake of placing the Oracle of Delphi on a small island has been used as evidence of Shakespeare's limited education. However, Shakespeare again copied this locale directly from "Pandosto".

Moreover, the erudite Robert Greene was not in error, as the Isle of Delphos does not refer to Delphi, but to the Cycladic island of Delos , the mythical birthplace of Apollo, which from the 15th to the late 17th century in England was known as "Delphos". The play contains one of the most famous Shakespearean stage directions: Exit, pursued by a bear , presaging the offstage death of Antigonus. It is not known whether Shakespeare used a real bear from the London bear-pits , [23] or an actor in bear costume.

The Royal Shakespeare Company, in one production of this play, used a large sheet of silk which moved and created shapes, to symbolise both the bear and the gale in which Antigonus is travelling. One comic moment in the play deals with a servant not realising that poetry featuring references to dildos is vulgar, presumably from not knowing what the word means. This play and Ben Jonson 's play The Alchemist are typically cited as the first usage of the word in publication. The earliest recorded performance of the play was recorded by Simon Forman , the Elizabethan "figure caster" or astrologer, who noted in his journal on 11 May that he saw The Winter's Tale at the Globe playhouse.

The play was then performed in front of King James at Court on 5 November Later Court performances occurred on 7 April , 18 January , and 16 January The Winter's Tale was not revived during the Restoration , unlike many other Shakespearean plays.

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One of the best remembered modern productions was staged by Peter Brook in London in and starred John Gielgud as Leontes. Other notable stagings featured John Philip Kemble in , Samuel Phelps in , and Charles Kean in an production that was famous for its elaborate sets and costumes. The longest-running Broadway production [28] starred Henry Daniell and Jessie Royce Landis and ran for 39 performances in In , the Kenneth Branagh Production company staged the play at the Garrick Theatre, with simultaneous broadcast to cinemas.

In a partnership with the BBC and Riverside Studios the production was livestreamed all around the world. There have been two film versions, one silent version in [39] and a version starring Laurence Harvey as Leontes. An "orthodox" BBC production was televised in In , author E. This production will be re-broadcast on 6 May From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about Shakespeare's play. For other uses, see Winter's Tale disambiguation. Hermione — The virtuous and beautiful Queen of Sicily.

Camillo — An honest Sicilian nobleman. Paulina — A noblewoman of Sicily.

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Antigonus — Paulina's husband, and also a loyal friend of Hermione. Dion — A lord of Sicily. Cleomenes — A Sicilian lord. Mamillius — The young prince of Sicily, Leontes and Hermione's son.

Winter On The Coast

Emilia — One of Hermione's ladies-in-waiting. Gaoler — Charged with imprisoning Hermione. Mariner — His ship takes Antigonus to Bohemia. Florizel — Polixenes's only son and heir.

Perdita — The daughter of Leontes and Hermione, unaware of her royal lineage. Shepherd — An old and honorable sheep-tender. Autolycus — A roguish peddler, vagabond, and pickpocket. Mopsa — A shepherdess, in love with Young Shepherd. Dorcas — A shepherdess, in love with Young Shepherd. Lords, servants, gentlemen, ladies in Sicilia Shepherds, shepherdesses, servants in Bohemia. List of William Shakespeare screen adaptations. Pafford there was some hesitation as to where WT belonged at the time of printing the Folio. The Winter's Tale Arden Shakespeare 3rd ed.

Samuel Johnson and George Steevens. Cited in "winter, 5a". Oxford English Dictionary 2nd ed. Shakespeare follows Greene in giving Bohemia a seacoast, an error that has provoked the discussion of critics from Ben Jonson on.

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