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This devil's trap is actually a light fixture that displays a trap. While under the trap at SucroCorp , Crowley makes a deal with Dick Roman and is let go once the deal is settled. When Kevin Tran hides out in a church in Fairfield, Iowa, he paints a devil's trap in the middle of the church for protection, having learned how to make one from the demon tablet. Later, when Crowley and his demons arrive, they cause the floor to split through the devil's trap, breaking it.

After capturing a demon, Linda Tran traps it under a devil's trap drawn in chalk in the trunk of her car. The demon is kept imprisoned there until Dean kills him after he leads them to Kevin Tran. In order to defeat Abaddon , Henry Winchester carves a devil's trap into a bullet and shoots it into her head. Having a devil's trap in her head binds Abaddon in her meatsuit and in place, allowing Dean to decapitate her and forever imprison her in one place by cutting her up and burying her in cement. After capturing a demon possessing Wendy Rice , Castiel places her in a devil's trap beneath her kitchen table and ties her to a chair.

Castiel tortures her for information which ultimately leads to Meg and then kills her with an angel blade before she can reveal the truth that the demons are searching for the angel tablet to the Winchesters. Needing a way to sneak into Hell , Sam and Dean summon a crossroads demon to interrogate him about how to do so, but first paint a giant devil's trap in the crossroads so he is trapped when he arrives. Later, Sam and Dean torture the demon under another devil's trap in a warehouse.

In his increasing paranoia about Crowley being in his head, Kevin Tran paints a devil's trap in the middle of Garth 's houseboat. When Crowley arrives, he manages to avoid the trap and capture Kevin.

The Trapped Demon

Kevin Tran tricks two demons pretending to be Sam and Dean into traveling to a location where they get trapped in a devil's trap. Realizing that this means that Kevin is on to them, they call Crowley and warn him. Crowley later bursts into the illusion of Garth 's houseboat. There is a devil's trap painted in front of the door, but the door crashing down onto it apparently breaks it as Crowley is able to step over it without any trouble. While searching the Bunker 's archives for a film, Sam and Dean find a hidden room with a giant devil's trap that takes up half of it and realize that it is a dungeon.

After learning how to cure a demon , Sam and Dean put Abaddon back together, except for her hands and rely on the devil's trap bullet that is still in her head to bind her powers. Unfortunately, while they are distracted by a call from Crowley , Abaddon is able to will one of her hands to move out of its box and pull the bullet out of the roof of her mouth where it is lodged, freeing her and allowing her to escape. Pretending to examine the contract of a deal Crowley is making with them, Dean slaps a handcuff around Crowley's wrist connected to one on his own.

Crowley is initially amused until Dean reveals that the handcuff on Crowley has a small devil's trap painted on it, binding his powers and trapping him. The Winchesters take him to an abandoned church where they paint a devil's trap and chain Crowley in it. When Abaddon arrives, she breaks the devil's trap on the floor, but Crowley still has on the handcuffs and is helpless against her.

After Sam defeats Abaddon, he fixes the devil's trap.

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As long as there has been talk of evil spirits, ghosts, and demons, there to become trapped, the demon traps of Tibet crafted from ram's skulls. Trapped Demon is a very short Puzzle Platformer where you play as a demon! You can control people and make them free you!.

Dean has Crowley trapped in the Impala 's trunk under a devil's trap. Sam later leads him into the Bunker bound by the handcuffs with the devil's trap on him and locks him in the Bunker's dungeon where he is bound by the handcuffs and the dungeon's devil's trap. When going after three demons possessing soldiers and Abaddon , Dean arms himself, Sam, Irv Franklin and Tracy Bell with guns loaded with devil's trap bullets.

During the confrontation that follows, Sam shoots at one of the demons, but fails to take him down. Tracy shoots Abaddon with several of the bullets, but she had protected herself with a bullet-proof vest and is unaffected. The hunters also paint a devil's trap in the store where Tracy and Irv were initially held captive, but the demons avoid it when confronting Sam and later Ezekiel there.

Crowley is still trapped by the devil's trap in the Bunker 's dungeon. When the Wicked Witch of the West finds Crowley, she is unable to cross over the devil's trap or any of the dungeon's other wards. Crowley is seen still bound by the devil's trap in the Bunker 's dungeon. Crowley is once again seen imprisoned in the devil's trap in the Bunker dungeon, but Dean lets him out to free Sam from Gadreel 's control.

However, Dean keeps him in the handcuffs with the devil's trap on them that he used to initially capture Crowley and Cecily is unable to remove them without the key. Dean eventually releases him from the cuffs to allow him to work on Gadreel and as part of their deal , doesn't put them back on afterwards and lets him go. While searching John's Lock-up with Dean for information on the First Blade , Crowley notes the devil's trap inside and can't go any further into the room because of it.

Visiting the hunter Tara , Crowley discovers that he has walked into a devil's trap hidden by a rug when he can't teleport out after Tara reveals she knows he's a demon. Crowley is trapped for the rest of the conversation until Tara releases him by shooting the trap with a shotgun so he can get the final ingredient for a locator spell to find the First Blade. When a demon arrives to find out where Dean and Crowley went, Tara notices that the trap is still broken, allowing the demon to attack her.

After capturing Del , Sam and Dean hold him with the binding link handcuffs which has a devil's trap visible on it. The devil's trap in the Impala 's trunk is visible as Dean throws their stuff into the trunk at the end of the episode. Looking for Crowley , Sam and Dean summon Snooki into a devil's trap at a crossroads and exorcise her when she knows nothing. After Crowley calls them, Sam and Dean handcuff him with the Binding Link handcuffs that have the devil's trap on them and later imprison him in the trap in the Bunker 's dungeon twice.

When demons raid the Impala to find the First Blade , the devil's trap and other wards in the trunk keep that compartment safe. The devil's trap in the trunk of the Impala is erased by Metatron when he goes to free Gadreel. Not wanting Crowley to interfere in her confrontation with the Winchesters, Abaddon shoots him with a bullet engraved with a devil's trap to immobilize him and bind his powers, something she credits Henry Winchester for.

After Dean kills Abaddon with the First Blade , Crowley digs the bullet out of his shoulder with a knife and is annoyed when Sam and Dean don't help him. Dean summons Crowley into the dungeon of the Men of Letters Bunker where the devil's trap on the floor is visible. It is later visible as Sam tries to summon Crowley there himself. Sam uses the binding link handcuffs with the devil's trap on them to hold Dar as he tortures her for information on Dean's location. Sam handcuffs Dean with the binding link handcuffs containing a devil's trap when he captures him.

Still bound by the binding link handcuffs, Dean is locked in the Men of Letters Bunker 's dungeon by Sam where he is kept trapped by the devil's trap there.

However, as Sam works on curing him , he becomes less susceptible to the devil's trap and although it caused some pain, he was able to cross the devil's trap and go after Sam. Castiel recaptures him and he is locked up once more but more securely until he is fully cured. The devil's trap in the trunk of the Impala is briefly seen as Dean as closing the trunk. For the play, a large devil's trap had been drawn on the stage.

After finding out that Sheylene Johnson was working for a demonic brothel to help with a plot by Raul to get more souls through having people make deals for the hookers, Sam and Dean set a trap for the demon she works for and he walks into a devil's trap without even realizing it until Sam and Dean reveal themselves. After the demon makes disparaging remarks about her, Sheylene kills him with an angel blade she grabs from Dean. Cole Trenton tortures a demon he captured for information on Dean inside of a devil's trap.

Castiel is shown interogating a low level demon who is tied to a chair in a devil's trap, for information on the location of Cain. After the demon gives it to him, Castiel kills the demon with his angel blade. As part of their plan to kill Cain , Sam, Dean, Crowley and Castiel lure him into a devil's trap with an illusion spell. However, Cain is merely amused, saying it won't hold him long and clears the hay off the trap. When Dean confronts Cain, he proves to be so powerful that despite still being in the trap, he possesses his superhuman strength and telekinesis.

Dean eventually gains the upper hand and kills Cain, leaving his body lying in the trap. The devil's trap in the Impala 's trunk is visible as Dean puts his and Sam's bags inside at the end. The devil's trap in the Impala 's trunk is briefly visible as Dean shuts the trunk.

Eldon Styne is strung up in the Men of Letters dungeon in the middle of the giant devil's trap. When making good on his deal with Rowena to kill Crowley , Sam lures him to an abandoned building pretending to be Dean. He proceeds to shoot him with a devil's trap bullet, and hands him a hex bag that begins the Defigere Et Depurgeare spell to slowly kill Crowley.

However, the spell is not powerful enough to kill Crowley and he is able to dig the bullet out and burn the spell. He spares Sam however. After capturing Rowena , Sam and Dean chain her up within the devil's trap in the Bunker dungeon.


The demon Marco goes to assassinate one of Amara 's victims, Goldie, but when he enters her cell, he finds himself stuck in a devil's trap Sam and Dean put on the ceiling in chalk. Marco is later held in the Winchesters' binding link handcuffs with a devil's trap on them and Sam uses them to bind other demons he captures so he can save the people they are possessing. After finding out that the crossroads demon Jael is among them, Sam decides to create a devil's trap out of fireplace ash that they will all stand in.

Kill or Be Killed

Sam 's idea is that Jael will stay out of it and they will know which one of them is possessed. Though they are able to complete the devil's trap, Jael, possessing Jody Mills , is able to avoid getting trapped in it. While possessing Jody before it is exorcised , Jael dances around the edges of the devil's trap while taunting the gathered hunters. Dean uses devil's trap bullets on the Prince of Hell , Ramiel , which have no effect on him. Luther Shrike leads a demon onto a devil's trap hidden under a rug, as the demon tries to convince him to help Asmodeus capture Barthamus.

There are two major variations of devil's traps in Supernatural: The Heptagram An example of the Heptagram devil's trap can be seen painted on the ceiling at Bobby 's house. Devil's trap on floor of John's lock-up. Casey and Father Gil lie dead on the devil's trap after Sam shoots them with the Colt. Dean traps Ruby after stealing her knife.

Retrieved from " http: Personal tools Log in. The Fifth Pentacle of Mars: Sam studies the devil's trap in Bobby's copy of the Key of Solomon. At Bobby's house, Meg is trapped under the devil's trap. Sam draws a devil's trap on the trunk of the Impala. The giant devil's trap.

Devil's trap (symbol)

The gate to Hell is locked with a devil's trap opened by the Colt. Devil's trap in the trunk of Bobby 's car. Bobby traps Sloth under a devil's trap. Devil's trap in the roof of Bobby's panic room. Devil's trap on the floor of Bobby's panic room. The devil's trap was there - but there were no demons.

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A devil's trap on a ceiling. A devil's trap painted on a crossroads. A devil's trap in Garth's houseboat. The devil's trap in Kevin Tran 's demon trap. This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. How do the demon traps keep a demon from escaping them? If a demon is such a bad creature why can't they destroy them inside the trap? The Devil's Traps used in the show are based on pentacles from the Greater Key of Solomon , a real occultist manuscript from the 14th or 15th century.

However, the writers take a few liberties with them: For example, the most commonly-seen Devil's Trap, such as the one on the floor of Bobby's panic room:. According to the Key of Solomon , this pentacle invokes spirits of Earth:.

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Other pentacles do things like invoke earthquakes, act as love charms, render immunity in battle, and summon spirits of various orders. None of them, from what I can tell, exclusively bind a spirit, although some such as the Third Pentacle of Jupiter, pictured below will compel a spirit to obey the summoner. The Third Pentacle of Jupiter. This defendeth and protecteth those who invoke and cause the Spirits to come. When they appear show unto them this Pentacle, and immediately they will obey. At least one, the Fifth Pentacle of Mars, is said to be "terrible to demons":.

The Fifth Pentacle of Mars. Write thou this Pentacle upon virgin parchment or paper, because it is terrible unto the Demons, and at its sight and aspect they will obey thee, for they cannot resist its presence.

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Materials The trap can be drawn on any surface: As long as you can draw the trap, it doesn't matter. It also doesn't seem to matter what you draw the trap with.

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We frequently see the Brothers using spray paint, but the substance doesn't seem to matter; we see them made with chalk, criss-crossed metal chains, railway lines, blueberry vodka , a light fixture , and invisible ink. Position Per Thaddeus's answer to a related question, it appears that the trap must be either above or below the demon, not off to the side.

Okay, but what do they actually do?

However, the trap doesn't necessarily have to be visible; the Brothers have frequently tricked demons by hiding the traps under carpets, and they remain effective. I can't recall off the top of my head if the blueberry vodka and black light examples, above, were effective before they were revealed. Shape The level of detail in the Trap doesn't seem to matter very much. The one on Bobby's ceiling is quite detailed, but the Brothers often draw their traps with spray paint much less granularity of detail and they don't seem to be any less effective. The only thing that seems to be required is the pentagram or a heptagram in the case of Bobby's trap in a circle; the massive Devil's Trap revealed in "All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2" , the one made with railway lines, appears to be nothing more than this.

It's possible that there's a connection between the design of the Trap and it's effectiveness, but this has never been made explicit. Effect While a demon is inside the circle, they lose their power of telekinesis. However, they are still able to use magic; in one episode, Meg uses a spell to break a trap she's caught in. The demon also cannot leave the circle, or be forced out of it.