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13 South Korean Revenge Movies Everyone Should See

He has lost everything gambling and now he is in serious debt. As result of this, his wife goes to Korea in order to earn money and send it back, but he does not hear from her again.

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'Korean Revenge Movies' created by HKFanatic, one of thousands of movie lists from "Best of" to "Top 10s" written by people who love film on domaine-solitude.com Han or Haan [ha̠n] is a theorized culture-bound syndrome in Hanja that denotes a collective Han is the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese character 恨 (hèn), which in modern Chinese means "hatred", failure due to animosity that could only be relieved through revenge, which may seem like an impossible task.

In her way to recover from loss, she will find God but none of her prayers will find answers, which leads her to a bittersweet feeling of vengeance to something greater than her. The story opens up with Lee Shin-ae who, after the death of her husband, decides to move with her only child to the small town of Miryang.

Along the way she will find a mechanic named Kim Jong-chan that will help her fix her broken car, and soon they will build up some sort of relationship. A very, very dramatic film and unconventional choice but serves for the same quest and the necessity of getting even at someone to forget a major loss.

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Kim Sun-woo works for Kang, the crime boss of a Korean gangster organization, and for whom he feels great respect and unquestionable loyalty. He is a cold and distant man and has no real contact to the world outside his job.

However, his humanity will be put to the test when his boss asks him to watch over his young mistress and to prove if she is having an affair, in which case he is ordered to kill her. Afterwards, Sun-woo is captured by a group who he initially thinks are commanded by one of his enemies, Mr.

Han (cultural)

Baek, but he soon discovers that his own boss, Kang, is the one who sent them. From that point on, he is submitted to a spiral of brutality, violence and torture that will not only take his hand away but his very perception of the world he has been living all of those years.

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The story follows two women, Hae Won and Bok Nam, who after years of separation reunite again when Hae Won decides to go to the island of Moo Doo for vacations. Eventually, Bok Nam shares with her friend her intention to leave with her daughter in order to escape from the abuse she has received along the years from everyone around her.

But her friend refuses to get involved and somehow blames her for her circumstances. As Bok Nam intends to make her plan work, a dramatic change of events pushes her to take sickle and finally take vengeance on her hands.

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The 10 Most Surprisingly Good Movies of Sang-Hyun then goes to the home of that man and finds some evidence. Another one that I have followed for months. Our website may look like a mismatched Mr. At first, his fingers tremble and the gun shakes but after one shot, he keeps pulling the trigger as though possessed.

There is a consequentialist standpoint on this film that elevates the premise of the ends justify the means. After a conspiracy involving the richest and most powerful Koreans destroys Kang Do Yun's family, he vows to get revenge by any means possible. As the son of the last great swordsman, Park Yoon Kang is caught between two worlds, but the sudden murder of his father and sister catapult him into the new era as he takes up the gun to avenge their deaths.

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A man gets a second chance at life when he becomes the eldest son of a chaebol family, but soon faces the dark conspiracy that surrounds his new lifestyle. Deceit, betrayal, and vengeance Please enter the e-mail address you used when you registered and we'll email you your login information. Unfortunately we were unable to retrieve your email address during sign up. Please update it below. You'll need to enable JavaScript to continue using the site.

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