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This is a must for anyone who Wants to know the truth about prophecy from a rightly divided point of view. Here is a video tool you have been waiting for. Then share it with family and friends who are lost or confused about the gospel. The truth about the total forgiveness God offers us in Christ and the amazing liberation that it brings to our lives. The key to emotional stability is found in learning how to forgive, and learning how forgiveness is found in the gospel of Christ. Read by Michael Berry.

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A Token of His Grace. The following volumes are video copies of the Forgotten Truth television programs featuring Pastor Richard Jordan. Which Church do you belong to? How to join the right church, Why attend a grace Church. Finally a complete and unique study about the Sabbath. Should we worship on Saturday? What is it about? Hear some Biblical answers in this series. Read The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. Think of all the beauty that remains around you, see it and smile. Be thankful for all the small things in your life, because when you put them all together you will see just how significant they are.

Instant results are rarely the best results. With patience, you can greatly expand your potential. If your desires were always fulfilled immediately, you would have nothing to look forward to. You would miss out on the joys of anticipation and progress. Every stone you move, no matter how small, is progress. You deserve more than mere instant gratification. Value that arrives in an instant is often gone in an instant.

Value that takes time and commitment to create often outlives its creator — YOU. You are not in this world to live up to the expectations of others, nor should you feel that others are here to live up to yours. Pave your own unique path. What success means to each of us is totally different. Success is ultimately about spending your life happily in your own way. You are already valuable. You just need to believe in yourself and what you wish to achieve. You can be quietly humble and still be amazingly effective.

Quiet success is just as sweet as loud, flamboyant success, and usually far more real. Success is how you define it, not what everyone else says it must be for you. Read The Gifts of Imperfection. So many of us are fighting the same exact battle alongside you. We are all in this together. So no matter how embarrassed or pathetic you feel about your own situation, know that there are others out there experiencing the same emotions.

I often feel and think and struggle much like you do. I care about many of the things you care about, just in my own way. And although some people do not understand us, we understand each other. YOU are not alone! This strength enables us to successfully fulfill our deepest, most meaningful purposes. It is precisely because life is difficult that we are able to make it great. It is because life is difficult that we are able to rise above the difficulties.

We are able to make a difference and we are able to truly matter. When times are tough, you must be tougher. What have you learned that has helped you get through hard times? What truths do you keep in mind to motivate yourself? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. Hello Marc, I am glad that you are sharing great stuff, and helping others to get rid of tensions.

I liked your post a lot because I am of the opinion that as we are alive, we have chance to rock. Life is the most beautiful gift by our creator. I truly believe that challenges make you stronger…. Recognising your own strengths and weakness and dealing with things as they happen has been my greatest lesson so far….. Not facing your challenges either because of the fear of failure or just ignoring them and hoping that they will go away only turns the little hills into mountains that then seem insurmountable…… Face your fears, recognise when you are emotionally paralysed and find the inner strength to take those little steps.

Being forever present will keep you focused … Never give up on the dream and believe in yourself …. To Tina Taylor- I I feel for you.

Your post touch me. My love goes to you and am greatful this article help you, It has helped me. Thank you for sharing such wonderful wisdom.

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Just when I think I have already gone through the hardest parts of my life, it keeps giving. But I have realized that some of the greatest blessings I have come from my tragedies. If my sisters and I had not been separated in foster care, we would not be in the wonderful places we are now. I will make the best of my own life.. I will keep reading and doing my best. Tears are streaming down my face. This article shook me straight and woke me up. I have never read something so beautiful and so true.

There are angels walking this earth. You are one of them. Thank you for the wonderful post! It is so helpful to read and re-read to remind myself that we are not alone and it is in the challenges that we learn and grow the most. Thank you for reminding me!!!! That was a great post; it really helped me and now I have a better understanding about life and how precious it is. I concur with your points here. The single hardest element for me is Mindset. I battle it constantly, as most of us do. Fear is the mindset gripping me. Facing my worst fears forced me to recognize what holds me back.

Be grateful 2, Connect with people 3. Take care of myself first 4. Expand my mind 5. Take action on something no matter how small 6. Give back, do something for someone or something 7. Do my best 8. Not accept others stories for my life 9. Make healthy choices Thanks for the great post.

The Mindset is Half the Battle — if you can keep it positive anything is possible. To those who have been harassed: You are not a victim. No matter what you have been through, you are still here now. You may have been challenged, hurt, betrayed, beaten, and discouraged, but nothing has defeated you. You have been delayed but not denied. The person who hurt you is weaker than you.

You are a survivor.

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So never let go of hope. Remember what you deserve and keep pushing forward. Someday all the pieces will come together. Such a great post. I can deeply relate to what you wrote. Thanks for the inspiration. Marc and Angel, thanks for another compelling post. Remind myself that this too will pass 2. Also ask what advice would I give to someone else in the same situation. Seek clarity, direction, and comfort from prayer, meditation, positive affirmations, and reading motivational material like your blog and book.

Your words helped me remind myself of that, thank you Flora. I read this while crying, and it meant a lot to me. I know there are people who are going through worse stuff than me, but that thought alone does not diminish the pain I have right now. Reading thoughts like this, does help though. That, and connecting to people. To the others and myself: But then, the next step is ahead: I wish us all the best with that.

I hope they stick and help me move forward… thank you! When I feel alone, terrified, and depressed, I still know that I am on the right path. I enjoyed this reading I want to save it to Read again and again whenever I need an uplift and understand that there is more and reason for feeling like that.. Your article only affirmed my strong belief but which I doubt sometimes, you have put it straight once again, I have a rock now confirmed to stand on. I just happened to stumble across this article on FB and let me tell you I really needed to read this. Thank you very much.

I look forward to reading more of your stuff. My business that have built for years are doing badly. Your 10 point facts about life are amazing. I feel strong now and capable. I really thank you for this article, I was looking for words of wisdom, and this really helps me get back on my feet and realize that I can get through this.

I am truly grateful. Wow what an amazing post! I have been through so much over the past two years. Family members have attempted to undermine me. And the pain of betrayal unbearable. I have felt so alone and after reading the post and the other comments I feel a sense of strength and clarity. What helps me get through these tough times is nurturing myself. Whether it be a walk, a bubble bath or going to a coffee shop.

Also to challenge myself.

10 Forgotten Truths to Help You Get Through Hard Times

And the feeling of pride in accomplishing something difficult or new. It is a distraction and makes me feel better and engaged in the present. I have pinned the site to revisit it on and on again. This is an amazing post. I am in a tough place but I have to stay positive and fight through. I lost lbs in the past year. I want to keep growing. Life is not easy but I will never give up on what I believe in. This post really helped me today. I never imagined my life would bring me to where I am now.

Thank you for giving me some hope.

This is a great post. This a a very inspiring article.

10 Forgotten Truths to Help You Get Through Hard Times

And I read this beautiful piece after a really long time of being away from your site. I have actually been in the process of writing my own book.

The King James Version #1103

It is articulate to the thoughts and ideas that have created this post. Empowering humanity is a passion of mine that I will never forget how much it changed my life. I could go on and on about this topic, and how it pertains to my own philosophical standpoint. However, I am more interested in the opportunity to create a chance to collaborate with you on this.

Concluding this comment, my experience of the past to create recognizance……. Drilling into me the empathy of the ones I hurt, along the hurt of my own experiences. It was destroying me. I had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, ptsd, severe anxiety, and depression. My life was a big problem to worry about existing, in my eyes.