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Admittedly, very little of the city itself could be seen, but what could be was quite impressive. Summer Slotnick-Lastrico marked it as to-read Jan 02, Maybe she could convince him that she'd just caught up with him and…. He grunted in pain as his shoulder rammed into the wooden floor. Jonathan hated that the man had control over him, but at the moment, there was nothing he could really do. The auctioneer grinned, pleased at the curiosity, and with a flourish, yanked the sheet off the machine below.

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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jan 02, Rich Meyer rated it did not like it Shelves: This might have been a nice little kids book, but unfortunately it was all in CAPS, had no pictures, and was around three pages long. Hyu ledy friend vas peekink ot ov her room vhen I run by.

Been a vhile sinze I vas her age, but hy shtill recognized de look. Hyu gon haff a visitor here in a leedle bit, hey? Iz nize to be young und in lurve, izn't eet? The innkeeper laughed as Levin's face reddened, turning around and striding out of the room, no doubt to chase after her… son, Levin supposed, even if adopted. Levin could hear Lynn talking at the next door over, before laughing and moving on. Levin sighed, but smiled contentedly as Lynn's footsteps faded off into the distance. As embarrassing as it was having Lynn messing with the two of them, he had to admit he kind of liked it; it reminded him of Boma Village, the only place in the hunting world that felt like home.

As he sat down on the bed again, he grinned as the sound of hesitant knocking rattled off the door. He pushed himself back up to his feet and strode quickly over to the door, opening it wide and grinning at Ellie, whose face was still a little flushed from Lynn's teasing. At least he wouldn't be lonely here. So long as Ellie was with him, everything would be alright. It was late afternoon when the two Lost hunters left the Dual-Horn Oasis again. Lynn had smirked wickedly at the two of them as they'd left, but apparently Ellie had been feeling feisty, because she'd shot an equally wicked look back when she thought Levin wasn't looking.

Levin had felt a shiver go down his spine when he saw a possessive, victorious, and downright… carnivorous look cross Ellie's face for a moment, making Lynn laugh when she saw it. Levin shot a curious look over to Logan, who sat on the bar near Lynn, toying around with what looked like a Gobul-shaped stuffed animal. He looked almost like a completely different child now, less focused on hunting or monsters, and content with playing with his toys like a normal child.

Levin wondered if he should ask Lynn about the boy's questions from earlier, but decided it would be better to do later. Once they'd made it out of the bar, though, they didn't even need to talk with each other to know where the both of them were going to go. The both of them had satchels and backpacks filled to the brim with monster materials, ready to hit up the side of town that they'd been looking forward to since their arrival: They didn't even need directions to get to the right area of town; giant pillars of smoke and soot spiraled up into the sky a couple of districts over, in the West District or the Smith District , where countless furnaces sat burning almost around the clock every day of the week.

Dozens, then hundreds of hunters began filling the streets the closer they got to the area, until all they could see were the distinct shapes of those that hunted monsters for a living, from large and chiseled muscles, to limber and quick-footed, to everything in between. But everyone had the same sharp, focused eyes of those that walked the edge of life and death.

Levin felt himself grinning as they finally entered the Smith District proper. It was almost exactly like the one he'd seen in Orage Dell, but far, far bigger.

Preschool Learning Numbers #2 learn the different mathematical operations.

Shouters stood at the corner of every store, calling out to passerby, proclaiming adamantly and with increasing vigor about how the store they were working for were far better than any of the others, their smiths far greater in skill than any of the others that had shops in the area. The brightest, most impressive weapons were on display outside of the shops, trying to pull even more attention to the shops.

The number of Wyvernians dramatically increased as they got further and further into the district as well. Levin had heard that most of them were smiths or other such things for the most part, though he'd heard rumor of a few of them that joined the Hunter's Guild and shot up through the ranks. It always made Levin curious to see one in a monster fight. He was tempted to make a trip to the arena sometime soon to see whether or not there were any that were actively hunting…. But for now, his eyes began flashing back and forth between the various shops, in search of something to catch his interest.

The Lagiacrus he and Ellie had killed had provided quite a few materials, even despite the damage the creature had taken between the two battles that they'd had with it, scales and plates abounded, and they'd made an effort to recover the horns in as best of condition that they could, but they and several other parts of the creature were in less than good shape. Still, they'd gotten quite a bit, and both of them wanted to make something nice with the leviathan's materials. Ellie was seeking out someone who'd be able to make her a set of good armor, or at least a few pieces of it, until she could gather the materials for the whole set.

Levin didn't say it, but he supposed that the real reason she wanted new armor was to avoid the catcalls she'd no doubt be receiving if she continued to wear her altered Qurupeco armor. Levin would miss the revealing armor, but ever since they'd started dating, he'd been a little more defensive about letting others see her body. He hoped she'd keep the armor though; he was sure they could find some use for it.

Levin was hoping to find a weapon smith of some kind. His Ludroth armor was getting worn, but the battle with the Lagiacrus and the monsters on their trip from the shipwreck site had left his great sword bent and cracked. Silph had gaped in shock at the sight of the blade, pretty much telling Levin that he'd be better off just gathering materials for a new weapon.

See a Problem?

That had hit Levin harder than he'd thought it would; that weapon had been his first ever, and now it was nothing but scrap metal as far as smiths were concerned. In truth, Levin had been contemplating buying something besides a great sword recently. As fond as he'd gotten towards the weapon type, he had been forced to agree with what Ellie had said to him during their rough journey the previous month. He needed to make himself more mobile, more able to keep moving, or at the very least a sword that could take a better beating than the one he'd had made of Gobul materials.

Defending seemed to be a challenge for him with the weight of the sword slowing him down so much. Ellie wouldn't be pleased, but he might have to try learning to use a weapon that gave up the ability to block. Or maybe he could try out a long sword like the one he'd seen Harker using.

It soon became obvious that the district was sectioned off into two clear areas, one side dedicated to armor crafters, and the other to weapons and other such things. Though the two hunters were hesitant to do so, they both were forced to agree that they'd be forced to split up if they even wanted a chance of getting back to their rooms by then.

So, the both of them agreed to meet up at the entrance to the Smith District in a couple hours, so that they could have time to wander around the town in search of nice places to eat. Levin enjoyed walking around through the weapon smiths. So many random and odd-looking things to look at, with dozens of strange-looking weapons. Levin had to laugh at a few of the things he saw; but he was left completely flabbergasted once, upon seeing a weapon that looked like… a shark? And he saw a long sword later that somehow seemed to grow larger once it was unsheathed.

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That had kept Levin's attention for a good fifteen minutes, him staring and gaping as the demonstrator continuously sheathed and unsheathed it for the crowd around him that oohed and aahed. Eventually, Levin wandered into a small cluster of smiths that were close together. The area wasn't as crowded as the other sections of the weapon area, so he ended up glancing around a little more cautiously.

He realized that the weapon smiths were a little different here, selling things that none of the other shops were selling. Foreign, less common weapons seemed to be popular here, walls and displays were coated with things like giant horns, small but nimble pairs of swords, normal arrow-flinging bows, and… was that a lance with a gun inside of it? Levin shook his head in awe. There seemed to be no end to the oddities and absurdities the hunting world had to offer. But as he walked through the area, he began to feel as though he was being watched. Well, there weren't that many other customers in the area, so he was definitely getting attention from the shouters at the corners, but there seemed to be a more intense stare making the hair rise on the back of his neck.

He glanced around uneasily, searching for the source, before his eyes finally landed on a small shop in the corner of the lot, where a wizened looking Wyvernian was grinning at him And to call a Wyvernian wizened was saying something. They all looked ancient. Yep, definitely right at him. Levin frowned uncertainly as man motioned him over, but wandered over to him. The smith was the same size as the other Wyvernians, as far as Levin could tell. He had a small wooden pipe in one corner of his mouth, and was sitting on a small stool in front of the shop.

The Wyvernian chuckled as Levin got close. Levin blinked in surprise at the statement. That's a pretty bold statement. How can you be so sure?

Ellie and the Kitchenettes "Lemonade Stand"

And it's not untrue, is it? You would really like me to assemble one of my weapons for you, don't you? Levin glanced up, realizing that he'd been so taken in by the Wyvernian that he hadn't taken the time to determine exactly what it was the man produce. But his breath caught in his throat as he glanced up at the display, and he felt a smirk slide across his face. This old man made and sold switch axes. Five or six of the weapons were hung out across the front of the shop, from simplistic-looking ones, to more complex, powerful looking weapons that Levin didn't dare to even guess at what monster had been used to provide the materials for.

A small hand-painted sign labeled the shop as Umbre's Switch Axes. I won't lie, the weapon isn't quite as popular as some of the others, the bowguns or the hammers or the swords and shields, and I'll never make quite the money that they do, but there's a nice collection of young hunters that like them, and I'm perfectly content making the weapons for them.

He glanced down, and realized that there was another, smaller display case sitting next to Umbre, holding a collection of various vials. Levin leaned forward, studying the little things as Umbre watched on. The little tubes seemed to be filled with bright, constantly swirling fluids of some kind. They came in various colors, too, from yellow to red to some eerie black-and-red swirling concoction that seemed to glow. Levin nodded slightly but wobbled his hand in a 'kinda' sort of motion, and the smith shrugged. The phial sends the energy through to the blade of the weapon, expelling it out upon impact when you swing the weapon, causing extra damage to whatever it hits.

You're also able to expel large amounts of energy from your weapon all at once; makes a big bang that'll leave a wound on any monster. Once the energy in the phial wears out, though, you'll have to switch over to the axe mode, but the fluid inside the phial is able to recharge itself somehow as well, so you'll be able to use the sword again after a minute or two.

Quite an ingenious design, I must say. Levin frowned, tapping one of the tubes with his finger cautiously. That sounds a little, um, dangerous. Some special glass made by mixing the regular glass with Dragonite and Firestone ore. Quite something, I'm told, and safe. He really didn't like the look of that black fluid. Umbre paused in thought, tapping his chin. An explosion of some sort, I imagine. You'd be dead far, far too quickly to ever feel any sort of pain. But the question is, is knowing the weapon's flaws enough to make you not want to get one of my weapons?

Levin blinked and frowned in thought. After that one single show he'd seen in Orage Dell, he'd constantly wondered what it would be like to give the switch axe a go. The knowledge that there was a phial inside boosting its power only made him want to try it all the more. But the knowledge that if the phial were to break, he'd die? Not quite so pleasant, he admitted. One of the first ones I made, so it doesn't look too pretty. It's got some wear on it; the same one I've let other passerby try out when the switch axe caught their eye.

It's got a pretty old power phial in it, gives you a taste of the kick the blade gives you. Care for a run of it, lad? Levin's agreement was almost out of his mouth before he realized it, and momentarily he was out behind the smithy, Umbre sitting nearby with his pipe in his mouth. Levin had what was referred to a Bone Axe in his hands, swinging it against a large tree stump covered in some dark monster hide. The blade was surprisingly easy to swing, though that was probably due to the months and months he'd spent swinging around a great sword, which had easily been twice the weight of this particular weapon.

The shift in weight balance when the blade swapped from one mode to the other was a pinch tricky for him to get used to, admittedly, but once he'd gotten a feel for it, he had to admit he was having a lot of fun swinging it around. It just seemed to fly around like a blur to him after so long tossing the great sword around. Ten minutes later, Levin was gasping for breath, still holding the switch axe tightly. He grinned at the Wyvernian. Umbre smirked and tapped out his pipe again. You should know the way things work, lad; you bring me materials and some money, and I work my magic making you something nice.

What kind of materials were you hoping to make a weapon out of? Hoy, and here I thought the Guild was going easier on hunters these days. I don't know if they would've given us something like that under normal conditions. The smithing of a blade with electricity in it is a fickle sort of work at best. You'll need to make a less powerful weapon first, then I'll be able to use what you've got to improve it into what the Guild calls the Bolt Axe. But to get the materials for the materials for that, you're gonna need to get some things from the desert. This was becoming more complicated than he'd wanted it to be.

That means I'm going to need to get a new weapon anyway. My great sword got all busted to hell during the Lagiacrus fight. Take your sword with you and tell the owner I sent you, and he'll fix your sword up right as rain. Unless your blades in more than a dozen pieces, he'll fix it up for you good and cheap.

He's always been a generous kind of guy when it comes to weapon repairs. Soon Levin was out the door of the shop, walking happily through the streets with a small slip of paper in his pocket with a laundry list of hunting materials that he'd need for the switch axe. He'd left the Lagi materials that would be used for the blade with the smith, and he had a lot of the things he needed already, but apparently there were some bugs in the desert that produced a viscous fluid that was required to hold the machine together without tearing apart the gears, so Umbre said.

Levin had to admit he was excited; not just for having a new weapon, but also for going to a new area. The forests around Boma Village and the few islands in the surrounding area were all very much the same in topographic terms. That's right, before you sits an artifact from the very civilization that built the pride of Loc Lac, the Guild Tower, if not an even earlier one! Levin glanced over in curiosity at the voice. He caught sight of a tall, blonde-haired woman atop a stage of sorts, wearing a bright green and form fitting outfit.

She stood directly in front of a large collection of random objects, varying from monster materials to tables and desks to random things Levin couldn't even guess at the purpose of. A good sized crowd milled around in front of her, another motley collection of people that the great sword user would never have suspected to see together, from the dirtiest of hunters to the most pristine dressed noble or merchant.

A "come-one-come-all" auction house, Levin realized, catching sight of bidder cards in people's hands. The great sword user's eyes flickered back to the auctioneer as she… strutted over to the object she'd been talking about, a large something-or-other that was slyly covered by a cloth, no doubt to raise the intrigue of whatever it hid. Anyone interested in seeing more? The hunters in the audience clearly didn't care about the thing, eyes glazing over in boredom and turning in anticipation to eye the hunting materials that would be sold later; it seemed the prize item was a pair of curved Diablos horns that looked as though they'd been sawn off the monster just recently.

But several of the more "sophisticated" folk in the audience muttered to each other, intrigued. Levin had to admit he was intrigued as well, though he didn't dream of having near the money the woman would demand. The auctioneer grinned, pleased at the curiosity, and with a flourish, yanked the sheet off the machine below. Levin blinked as the sun glinted off shining, polished metal, catching him by surprise. He tilted his head in curiosity at the sight of the strange machine that stood in front of the crowd.

The merchants whispered between themselves, pointing in interest at the… calliope? Levin frowned at the object. It seemed familiar, oddly enough, all pipes and tubes in a tightly wound circle, two massive iron wheels holding everything up. Holes and feeds edged along the lower side, next to a gleaming hand crank that had helped name the machine….

Suddenly Levin gasped in shock. He recognized what the machine was now! But how did they find something like that? Levin turned in surprise at the voice, and found himself face to face with a grinning old man. He wore short hair and sported a trimmed beard, both of them colored a silvery grey, and he had a finely crafted cane in his hand to hold himself up. He was about half a head shorter than Levin was, stout and stocky, with a round face creased with laughter lines. The old man chuckled at the sight of Levin's face, and Levin had a distinct feeling of a doddering grandfather from the older guy, and grinned back awkwardly.

The man was… Lost, Levin thought, though he didn't recall ever seeing a Lost that was so old. The old man glanced Levin up and down for a moment, then smiled again. Not to mention you were able to tell what that, heh, 'artifact' up there was at a glance as what it really is, not this 'calliope' nonsense. We're two of a rare breed in this world, my boy.

The name's Moloch, lad," the man laughed, holding a hand forward for Levin to shake; Levin did so happily. He liked this old man. Then he glanced back up to the stage, where a small whiteboard showed the current auction on the gun; Levin whistled at the sight of over , zenny being the current value, with the number only going higher as the bidding boards were raised, only making the number rise.

An auction house seems an odd place to see Lost. Looking for something interesting? Levin blinked in surprise as the old man pulled a bidder's number from his belt and raised it over his head. In an impressively loud voice, the man bellowed, "Seven hundred and fifty thousand.

Levin felt his jaw drop in shock as a ripple of murmured surprise rolled through the other bidders. Numerous stunned faces of merchants and nobles turned, confusion at getting out-wagered by a Lost of all things covering their faces for a moment before they forced themselves back to blank faces and turned back to face the front. Moloch laughed in amusement, though at Levin's expression or the reaction from the other bidders, the great sword user couldn't tell.

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The auctioneer didn't seem to care either way, though, and was prancing around the stage, trying to pull more bids from the others in front of her, though none seemed to be biting. After a few moments, when it was clear that no one was going to pipe in, the woman declared Moloch the victor, and the Gatling gun was wheeled away, to be replaced by a large mounted Rathalos head, which caught the eyes of several hunters. As Moloch began to work his way back to where his prize waited for him. He paused midstride, though, turning to smirk back at Levin and motioning for him to follow.

Levin frowned uncertainly for a moment before shrugging and rushing to catch up with the old man. I'm pretty sure all the Lost popped into this world without a penny to their names. Back in our world, I used to be a major player in several industries; television, newspaper, radio, that sort of thing. I made a living trying to determine what kind of things people wanted to see, what they'd want to spend money on, what they'd… heh, wager on.

I won't lie, my boy; I've made a fair fortune in casinos, bookies, dog racing, and other such stuff. Seems the Hunter's Guild liked some of the ideas I put forward about new types of battles in the arena. Not to mention it pays off if you can make intelligent bets on the winners of said fights. What fun this whole hunting thing is, even for those of us that aren't exactly fit enough for such things anymore! The old man smirked at the great sword user. It's always been a knack of mine. Horses, dogs, boxing, poker of any type, and even, it seems, betting on winners or losers in hunting arena battles.

I popped into his world over a year ago, and the first thing I did was make my way to the Loc Lac arena. I knew I was right at home immediately; I could just… feel whether or not a hunter or hunting party would win or lost their next fight. I was able to wager on the most impossible odds and come out on top. I'm a man born with natural good luck, I suppose. Every once in a while I'll give in to temptation and come down here in search of some old piece of history. And lucky me, it looks like I've picked up a winner today! An old Civil War piece of weaponry, in almost perfect condition from what I could see.

Shame there weren't a few lines of bullets… actually, it's probably for the best. Such a dangerous machine Perhaps I should just destroy it, just to be safe… But I'm getting off topic, I think. Truth be told, most of the money I'm making is going into trying to support the rest of the Lost here in Loc Lac. There's a few new apartment buildings coming up that I'm funding in the Lost district, as well as a few places outside of town.

Oh, and there's an archaeological dig site I'm refurbishing, but that's just another personal endeavor. Moloch's eyebrows snapped up in surprise. I wasn't aware they allowed the Lost to become hunters. There's more to you than meets the eye it seems. Tell me, my boy, have you ever fought in the arena? I like hunting, but… I don't know. Arena fights never were quite like the real hunts.

I honestly always felt a little bad for the monsters stuck in there. It just seems more… fair to fight them in their element. Maybe it's just me. A ringing sound filled the air, and Levin glanced over to one of the many town clocks and he winced. I'm sorry Moloch, but I've got to run. Off to meet your lady friend no doubt? Maybe we'll meet again, lad. If you ever feel the urge to fight in the arena, though, look me up. I'm sure you'd do quite well! I can feel it! Ellie was waiting for him near a large fountain shaped like a Lagiacrus at the crossroads between the weapon and armor district, a satisfied look on her face.

Her satchel also seemed a little lighter, meaning she'd found someone or another willing to put together the scales and plates into something usable. She grinned as Levin approached. Gonna need a few more horns and claws to finish it, though. Did you find someone to put together a new great sword for you? One of Ellie's eyebrows rose questioningly.

I thought you said you weren't that good at using any of the other weapons. I mean, you said you'd messed around with the hammer, but There was some weapon you wanted to play with when we were in Orage Dell… the axe thingy…". Right after the two of us get to a new city? Jeez, and I thought Harker was nuts…". It's not that bad," Levin argued.

And I toyed around with one of the spares he had, too. It was so much fun to wield! And a lot lighter and faster than the great sword! You were the one that told me I needed to find a way to avoid monster impacts, so I got a nimbler weapon. Why am I arguing? It's your Lagi stuff, who am I to argue with your decision? Just… ah, just promise we won't go headfirst into fighting something we've never fought before once you get the thing, please?

I need materials first, then the guy's going to need time to make the thing. It'll be another few weeks at least before I even get the weapon. The whole sword recharge thing is kind of weird, but I think it'll be fun to get used to. I mean, the only real issue is…" His mouth clamped shut, He didn't want Ellie frustrated with him about this weapon, and he doubted she'd take too well to the idea that, should worse come to worst, the weapon would just up and explode on the wielder.

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Ellie noticed his hesitance though, and her eyes narrowed. Levin mind raced for an excuse, before he finally grinned. It's a relatively new weapon so smiths are rare. It's not going to be cheap. Ellie wasn't buying it, he could tell already. She opened her mouth to say something else, but then shut it and sighed. Then she grinned at him.

Who am I to get angry at you for wanted to try out a new weapon? I guess it just means I'll have to get used to working around the new fighting style you'll have to get. What is it, steam powered? Ellie gave him a look, and he laughed as he began to explain what he'd learned from Umbre. Jonathan paused for a moment outside Zhanin's office. Here he was once again, to report on news that the city council member had requested of him. And not for the first time, he wondered whether or not it would be better for him to simply keep the information he had to himself.

The city council member was probably not in a pleasant mood today, considering the council had recently agreed to allow the Lost to build further along the walls of the city, even on the desert side of the wall. Jonathan had little doubt that he would have rather seen the council approve the removal of the population overflow to… elsewhere, Jonathan didn't know.

But though he wanted nothing more than to turn around and walk away, he knew the man would find out about this information sooner or later, and had little doubt that the man would be enraged at the negligence to pass on the information he wanted to know. Then would come the threats, the reminders of the influence the man had over him, the recital of why exactly Jonathan owed the man his vitality, his position, his so on and so forth. Jonathan hated that the man had control over him, but at the moment, there was nothing he could really do. So with a push, the leader of the Investigatory Squad pushed through the doors.

The man in question was sitting behind his desk as usual, gazing out across the horizon and glaring at the towers that were rising up in the South District, and the smaller buildings climbing the walls of the village. The man turned as Jonathan entered, and frowned at the sight of him.

Jonathan was tempted to grin at the man's words, but held it in. Zhanin had referred to the Investigatory Squad as the IS, a rather new sort of trend that had been working its way through the Guild and its subsidiaries, abbreviating the names of certain organizations and groups. Jonathan doubted, however, that Zhanin knew that the tendency to use the initials had come from the Lost. It seemed that the Lost preferred to shorten the names of their organizations, which the Guild had picked up on when the Lost had started referring to the groups that worked with them in shorter names.

Jonathan would have loved to have told the council member where the trend had come from, but decided against it. I have far too much to do to waste time with idle pleasantries. Jonathan pushed down a retort and kept an even face. As you know, several months ago, the Lost were allowed to take part in the Hunter's Exam, and according to the Guild, almost ten have taken the Exam in various cities to become full-fledged hunters.

Two were given their third stars sometime last month, and since then two more have been awarded their third stars. Even the most talented hunters generally take six months to earn their second and third stars! It shouldn't be possible! It would appear that at least four of these hunters have the same around of dedication as the average non-Lost hunter.

And if rumor is to be believed, they all do have thorough reason to desire becoming a monster hunter. Did they go easy on them? Did they get that damn star with a Gobul? The second one killed a Rathian that had been pestering trade routes east of the Flooded Forest. And the last one… defeated a Diablos that was attacking a sandship outpost.