You Wanna Go to Willard?

She never objected or even questioned why. Convinced everyone would like her if she did.

You Wanna Go To Willard?

But the older she got, and the harder she tried, the worse it became. Haunted by her thoughts of being retarded, she struggled to find an answer. Through trial and error decisions she wandered down dark paths of repeated disappointments. With years of trying too hard, she wanted the truth about whom she was or who she was supposed to be.

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Was happiness a myth? Her persistence pushed her over the hurdles in her life. Something inside told her she would find it.

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The happiness she wanted and desperately needed. Her persistence pushed her over the hurdles in her life. Something inside told her she would find it. The happiness she wanted and desperately needed. Read more Read less. BookSurge Publishing November 17, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

Read reviews that mention wanna go to willard linda holbrook main character laura woman women overcome struggle journey seemed shows. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. The author delivers a very interesting and The author delivers a very interesting and wonderfully flowing work that carries the reader along in a way that makes this book very hard to put down until you finish.

At the end, you are left very much longing and looking forward to what Holbrook will write next! Can't wait to read more of her books as Holbrook shares them with us! One person found this helpful.

The author draws the reader into the world of a child who grows up in continuous shaming and negativity - neglected by the very people she relied on for her survival on the farm as well as later when she grew up. I admire her pioneering spirit and bravery and hope the author takes us even further into Laura's journey of self discovery.

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  • You Wanna Go To Willard? by Linda M. Holbrook;

She writes well, a good read. I had trouble putting this book down.

You Wanna Go to Willard? - Linda M. Holbrook - Google Книги

Many of the frustrations of youth and adulthood are worked through by the author. The examples in the book are very true to life. It shows how everyone's life is full of surprises. Sometimes a problem is resolved years later, unexpectedly. Everyone in the human race has joys and trials, whoever or wherever you are. This book kept my interest to the end and was a pleasure to read. This book takes you on a journey to self-confidence, from childhood through motherhood with all the highs, lows and plateaus life throws our way.

It's a good, fast read. Overcoming life's obstacles is sometimes extremely difficult. Running into difficulties that have never been imagined, never mind not knowing where to go for the solutions because they are not taught in school or at home makes life a journey that one can either fail at or, no matter what, strive for greater heights.

The message that the author gets across very well in this story is that one should work to discover a way to get through life's unexpected challenges and don't give up no matter how bleak or uncertain the future - aim high and go for it. The book is aimed toward a reading public of women in order to communicate that there is life after hardships and a woman can create her own future and succeed in the ways that she desires to live her life.

It really is a good book for women to read because a woman will be able to relate to the circumstances that the main character finds herself in. What impressed me most is that the character in the story makes it through some pretty big tangles.

The author shows that a person can get through the difficult times with persistence, a little help from friends and by going for ones goals. There are solutions in life to achieve what one sets out to do - the message does get across very well in this story. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Holbrook is a very refreshing author.

She is frank, to the point and the book is a page turner. You want to go along with the main character on her adventure through life and you will find yourself making some extra time to read this book. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful.

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Laura lived with the notion of a reward for good behavior. I was angry with people that hurt her. Published on January 4, Green continued this policy for the remainder of his career. At some point, after Green's death, this album was offered for sale mainly through the Last Days Ministries web site. When she graduates from high school, her father tells her she cannot have a job on the family farm, where she has worked for as long as she can remember.

Linda Holbrook uses mostly narration in her story , or so it seemed to me, reminding me at times of journaling instead. This is a story of a young woman who's family is not affectionate, or outspoken, you were to do what was expected of you and that was that. Laura has two older brothers and one younger sister. Her brother Dick is very controlling, even to the point of controlling their parents.

Early on in the book, she almost has a nervous breakdown due to the tension and frustration that she feels. Laura is taken to the hospital and in an effort to get her attention, a doctor shouts at her if she wants to go to Willard a mental state hospital , this immediately snaps her out of struggling. When Laura leaves home her life really begins and she sees that she is capable of just about anything that she sets her mind to, including college. The author wrote this book to show women that if we don't give up and listen to ourselves, we can achieve our dreams.

This is a great heartfelt story.

I loved Laura, she was so down to earth, and she seemed like a real person to me. I almost immediately became attached to her. I felt the pain, joy, sorrow, doubt, everything she was going through. There were a few times I was brought to tears. I was angry with people that hurt her.

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Growing up, Laura felt different, even abnormal. She was the third child of four and the oldest girl. Her mother conditioned her to respect elders. It was required to. Growing up, Laura felt different, even abnormal. She was the third child of four and the oldest girl. Her mother conditioned her to respect elders.