The Book of Jasher, or the Upright or Correct Record

The Book of the Upright

Details are provided in answer to questions such as: When the floods came in Noah's day, why weren't the people who were shut out of the ark able to gain entrance into the ark? How was Noah able to gather the animals and how did he determine which animals to take on the ark?

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If Abraham's father worshipped idols, how was Abraham taught of God's ways to become such a righteous prophet? What was the final straw causing Abraham's father to seek his death? And many other questions are answered.

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I would highly recommend this book. I bought this under the assumption that it would be the translation made by Flaccus Albinus Alcuin. I'm talking about the version they called Pseudo-Jasher. The "radical" "anti-religious" version that got the printer, John Ilive, sent to jail. The version with the commendation from the reformation Bible translator, John Wycliffe whose corpse was desecrated on the order of the High Church , the version praised and republished by the Rosicrucian order, the version that says Jethro was the "Lord of the Mountain" and that Miriam was just as popular as Moses.

The version that they left out of the bible because it would change our whole perspective of what our "religion" is based on and who the God of the old testament really was. That genuine version they call Pseudo-Jasher, is the reason this actual fraud published by J. Parry and Company, exists.


While the accounts disagree on who was murdered, they agree on the detail that his wives rebelled against him because of it. It is similar to the Books of Joshua through Chronicles in the Bible which describe many historical events such as battles and wars, but which also point out the hand of God in the affairs of men. There was also reportedly a Hebrew edition printed in Naples, but all of today's versions come from the printing. Get to Know Us. It is important to distinguish between "apocryphal" books in general and "the Apocrypha" with a capital "A. Gives you historic biblical details that are missing from the Bible. Explicit evidence that the Book of Jasher was not considered scripture anciently is given in its Hebrew preface.

Notice that the J. That's the real fraud. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Yeah, not genuine, but written by some Kabbalist Jew of the 11th century, then it just goes down the bunnyhole of deceit and enveigled origins from there. Then the lies and incorporation into other things began But, not clever enough to fool all and sundry.

That one, I fear, is forever lost to us, as so many others have been. Thank the Alexandrian Library fire, I guess. One person found this helpful. Use caution when reading. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I purchased this book just for another book to compare with the scriptures and I find it interesting.

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However, when reading this keep in mind the authorship is questionable and that the Original Book Of Jasher that is referred to in the Bible is a lost book along with the other lost books of the bible: Many original writings were lost as well. I read other comments saying this should have been included in the Bible: No, it should not as the original book was lost, which puts into question the reliability of this translation. It is a book of Jewish legends from the creation to the conquest of Canaan under Joshua, but scholars hold that it did not exist before A.

Gives you historic biblical details that are Gives you historic biblical details that are missing from the Bible. One such story is the one about Esau who sells his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of soup.

The Book of Jasher: Satan, Elemental Spirits, and the Sacrifice of Isaac

Doesn't make much sense when you read it from the bible as to why Esau would sell it for a bowl of soup, but when you read this book, you find out that Esau had killed a very prominent man who was hunting in his field and Esau was a wanted man. He was hiding out and could not hunt and eat. He was starving when he came to Jacob and he believed the soup to be his last meal on earth before he starved to death; he didn't care too much for his birthright at the time.

Other fascinating details that are so very interesting. I recommend this book highly.

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I found that reading this book gave me a better understanding of the bible. Sometimes we as Christians are afraid to read things that aren't scriptural but I found that reading this book gave me a better understanding of the bible, some things were already in the bible but for some reason I overlooked.

How Did the Book of Jasher Know?

The book made me go back to Bible to verify some of the stories in the book of Jasher, and sure enough it made sense and it clicked. So I'm thankful to have read the parts of the book. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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Editorial Reviews. Language Notes. Text: English (translation) Original Language: Hebrew. From the Publisher. Kessinger Publishing reprints over 1, similar. Sepir Ha Yasher, the Hebrew title of this book, means the 'Book of the Upright', or 'the Upright or Correct Record'. This title was misread as 'Jasher', and at some.

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1. History

The translator of the edition was not published, but indicated as an eminent Jewish scholar in Britain in the comments of one of the four certificating Hebraist scholars to the publisher in the preface to the 2nd editions:. To Mssrs Noah and Gould. Gentlemen - I am acquainted with the 'Book of Jasher,' having read a considerable part of it while in the hands of the translator in England.

The Hebrew is very purely written, and the translator is an eminent scholar. Subsequently, the translator identified himself as Moses Samuel of Liverpool — , who obtained a copy of the Hebrew edition and became convinced that the core of this work truly was the self-same Book of the Upright referenced in Hebrew scriptures. He translated it into English, and in sold it to Mordecai Manuel Noah.

(The Book of Jasher)

Samuel gave the reason his name did not appear on the translation thus: Even so, Noah in his promotional materials did enthusiastically claim that the historian Josephus had said of the Book of Jasher: Noah's preface contained endorsements by Hebrew scholars of the day, all of whom praised the quality of the translation, but these said nothing to indicate they believed it to be the work referred to in Joshua and 2 Samuel. In fact one of them, Samuel H. Joseph Smith , founder of the Latter Day Saint movement , acquired a copy in or and wrote in the September 1, edition of the Times and Seasons , in reference to the patriarch Abraham: It was published by J.

A number of Mormon scholars [ who?


A number of Mormons [ who? The Bible has only scant information about pre-flood times, but both the Book of Jasher and parts of the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible contain additional information, some of which is strikingly similar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other works of the same name see Sefer haYashar disambiguation.

The Book of Jasher

Talmud Readers by Adolf Behrman. Nathan, Kingston Synagogue, Jamaica, April 14, Leon Modena, Jewish Mysticism, Early See Joseph Dan, ed. The Bialik Institute