Love and subtitles (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays)

African American Film Script Collection

Short played the role of the "Head Porter. Roy Glenn played the role of "Gomo. Roy Glenn played the role of "Daniel. Screenplay by Gerald Drayson Adams. Vince Townsend played the role of "Benedict. Louis Armstrong appeared as himself. With revisions through Sidney Poitier played the role of "Kimani Wa Karanja. Wade Dumas played the role of the "Groom. Jules Brock played the role of a "Native Boy. Nat 'King' Cole played the role of "Danny Rice. Screenplay by Charles Brackett and Walter Reisch.

Louise Beavers played the role of "Willamay, Fallon's Maid. Original Story and Screenplay by Frank Tashlin. Georgia Carr performed the "Calypso Number. Maidie Norman played the role of "Bertha Maid. Revised October 5, Dorothy Dandridge played the role of "Margot Seaton. Ruth Attaway played the role of "Parthenia. Revised JUNE 20, Louise Beavers played the role of "Osia, the Cook.

Screenplay by Joseph Stefano. Rafer Johnson played the role of Davis Macy's Butler. Juanita Moore played the role of "Annie Johnson. Screenplay by Julius J. Epstein and Jameson Brewer. Completed June 29, Ray Charles appeared as himself. Screenplay by Delmer Daves. Terry Carter played the role of "Cartwright. Screenplay by Millard Kaufman. A Screenplay by Luther Davis.

Scatman Crothers played the role of the "Junkyard Proprietor's Assistant. Juanita Moore played the role of "Della. Screenplay by Sydney Boehm. Ossie Davis played the role of "Capshaw. Screenplay by Bruce Geller. Sidney Poitier played the role of "Aly Mansuh. July 1, with pages dated up through Includes a few MS. Count Basie appeared as himself. Jacques played the role of "Hank.

Story and Screenplay by Robert Culp. Unproduced, undated script, wherein Alexander Scott would have been played by Bill Cosby. Includes bound in 3 color photocopies of production drawings. Lloyd Haynes played the role of "Dr. From the following writer: Blue Revisions through February 15, Sidney Poitier played the role of "Gordon Ralfe. Richard Pryor played the role of "Whittaker. Screenplay by Daniel Taradash. With some notes on the inside back cover.

Screenplay by Marguerite Roberts. Yaphet Kotto played the role of "Little George. Screenplay by William Rose. Yellow Revisions February 22, Sidney Poitier played the role of "Dr. Screenplay by Thomas C. Cicely Tyson played the role of "Portia. Sidney Poitier played the role of "Det. With Blue Revisions through Juanita Moore played the role of the "Nurse. Mantan Moreland appeared in a cameo role. Ossie Davis played the role of "Jed Hooker.

Includes undated Yellow Revisions. Lloyd Haynes plays Dr. Screenplay by Lawrence Roman. Roger Brown appeared as himself. James Brown appeared as himself. With revisions on different color paper through Script is pp. Includes 19 photographs of cast members. Comes unbound in loose-leaf binder. Ossie Davis played the role of "Joseph Lee. Scatman Crothers played the role of "Moses. Jacques played the role of "David Rowe. By Jerry Belson and Garry Marshall. Jim Brown played the role of "Tommy Marcott. By John Shaner and Al Ramrus. Calvin Lockhart played the role of "Quincy Davis.

With revisions on different color paper. Diana Ross guest starred. A Screenplay by Charles Eastman. Ken Norton appears as a boxer. Screenplay by Ossie Davis and Arnold Perl. Godfrey Cambridge played "Gravedigger Jones," in a largely black cast. Billy Dee Williams played the role of "Merle Barnaby. Bill Cosby played the role of "Caleb Reveres. Sidney Poitier played the role of "John Kane. Richard Roundtree played the role of "John Shaft. Screenplay by Wendell Mayes.

Woody Strode played the role of "Job. From the following writers: Hugh Wheeler Jay Allen. By Tina and Les Pines. James Earl Jones played the role of "Roop," in a largely black cast. Diahann Carroll was nominated for and Academy Award as best actress. Roger Robinson played the role of "Garry. Written by Robert Dillon. Tony Brubaker played the role of "Burt. Animated film with African-American characters. Screenplay by Thomas Rickman and Stuart Rosenberg. Mosley played the role of "Huddie Leadbetter. Pam Grier played the role of "Foxy Brown.

Sidney Poitier played the role of "Steve Jackson," in a largely black cast. Paul Winfield played the role of "Mad Billy. Scatman Crothers played the role of a "Fisherman. Brock Peters played the role of "Stephen Kumalo. Jim Brown played the role of "Jimmy Lait," in a largely black cast. Roscoe Orman played the title role in a mostly black cast. Jacques played the role of "Martin Luther King. James Earl Jones played the role of "Nick Debrett. Written by Bill Lancaster. Erin Blunt played the role of "Ahmad Abdul Rahim. By Hal Barwood and Matthew Robbins. Adapted from the novel by William Brashler.

With newspaper advertisement at front. Screenplay by Hugh Whitemore. Cicely Tyson played the role of "Tylette the Cat. Pam Grier played the role of "Friday Foster. Sidney Poitier played the role of "Clyde Williams. Scatman Crothers played the role of "Super Black. An Original Screenplay by Paul Mazursky. Antonio Fargas played the role of "Bernstein Chandler. Revised First Draft Screenplay. Robert DoQui played the role of "Ben. Brock Peters played the role of "Paul. Screenplay by Rod Amateau Harold Nebenzal. Sidney Poitier played the role of "Shack Twala. Written by Barry Beckerman.

Julius Harris played the role of "President Idi Amin. Simpson played the role of "Cmdr. Second Draft Screenplay by Joel Schumacher. Antonio Fargas played the role of "Lindy," in a largely black cast. Third Draft Screenplay by Joel Schumacher. This is a working draft, comprising elements of various different drafts, with some text pasted over previous versions, MS changes, and other revisions. Pam Grier played the role of "Regine.

Muhammad Ali played himself. Story by Marty Feldman and Sam Bobrick. James Earl Jones played the role of "Shiekh. Produced by George Schlatter. Cast includes Redd Foxx and Pearl Bailey. Earl Maynard played the role of the "Black Giant. Written by Larry Forrester. Bernie Casey played the role of "Joe Louis. Richard Pryor played the role of racecar driver "Wendell Scott.

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Scatman Crothers played the role of "Mudcat. Written by George Lefferts. Written by Christopher Knopf for Stan Hough. With revisions up through July 1, Billy Dee Williams played the role of "Scott Joplin. Hal Williams played the role of "Boneyard. Written by Gwen Bagni and Paul Dubov. Includes about 80 pp. Screenplay by Ronald Rubin. Jackie Robinson is a character in the script. Screenplay by Lewis John Carlino. Stan Shaw played the role of "Toomer Smalls. With Blue Revisions from October 18, Screenplay by Robert Kaufman. Story by Robert Kaufman and Mark Gindes.

Sherman Hemsley played the role of "Reverend Mike. Screenplay by Joseph Wambaugh From the Book. Richter Story by W. Richter and Bob Rafelson. Richard Pryor played the role of "Joe Braxton. Morgan Freeman played the role of "Lieutenant Black. Morgan Freeman played the role of "Hap Richards. Tentative Title Screenplay by W. Yaphet Kotto, and Morgan Freeman are lead players. Screenplay by Darryl Ponicsan. Bobo is the first black character of many, on the first page.

Richard Pryor played the role of "G. Robin Moore Screenplay by: Richard Roundtree played the role of "Sgt. By Calvin Clements, Jr. Debbi Morgan played the role of "Opal. Flip Wilson played the role of "Harvey Ross. Dorsey Wright played the role of "Cleon. Nell Carter played the role of a waitress.

Written by Stanley Shapiro. Denzel Washington played the role of "Roger Porter. Levar Burton played the title role. Signed by Burt Reynolds. Juanita Moore played the role of "Celia. Screenplay by Robert Collins Robert Blees. Eva Kirrita played the role of "Tantsi. Written by Guy Thomas. Richard Pryor played the role of the "Pharaoh.

Forest Whitaker played the role of "Charles Jefferson. Danny Glover played the role of "Morgan. Written by Douglas Day Stewart. Cast includes Louis Gossett, Jr. An original screenplay by: Screenplay by Robert Boris and James Kirkwood. Richard Pryor played the role of "Cpl. Screenplay by Tom Rowe. Akushula Selayah played the role of "Africa. Screenplay by Gary Goddard. Charlayne Woodard played the role of "Jasmine.

Ernie Hudson played the role of "Jerome Willie Muhammed. With black character "Flip. Young played the role of "Jackie. By Roderick Taylor and Peter Hyams. Story by Roderick Taylor. Yaphet Kotto played the role of "Det. Eddie Murphy played the role of Lieutenant T.

Scatman Crothers played the role of "Earl. Written by Michael Kane. Hal Needham, Albert S. Ruddy and Harvey Miller. May 5, on Pink and Blue paper. Written by Nicholas St. Billy Dee Williams played the role of "Al Wheeler. By Steve Zacharias and Jeff Buhai. Scott played the role of "Lamar Latrelle. Richard Lawson played the role of "Officer Ed Price. Includes additional promotional material on brown paper. McKinney story by W. Morgan Freeman played the role of "Lewis. Richard Roundtree played the role of "Dehl Swift.

Whoopi Goldberg played the role of "Terry Dolittle. Iman played the role of "Nina Beka. With revisions through 1 July Yaphet Kotto played the role of "Major Connolly. Mykelti Williamson played the role of "Levander 'Bird' Williams. Written by Ezra Sacks and Michael Leeson. Ossie Davis played the role of "Captain Harry Moradian. Steven Hager Revised Screenplay by: Rae Dawn Chong played the role of "Tracy Carlson. Written by James Lee Barrett. Carl Weathers played the role of "Cullen Monroe. Screenplay by Edward Khmara. A Screenplay by Terry Jones. Shooting Script 1st June Eartha Kitt played the role of "Freya.

William Allen Young played the role of "Greg Arnold. Scatman Crothers played the role of "Sherman. Screenplay by David Taylor. Badja Djola played the role of "Nate. Pam Grier played the role of "Cathryn Bolan. Screenplay by Eugene F. James Earl Jones played the role of "Umslopogaas. Richard Nash and Dennis Turner. Robert Doqui played the role of the "Principal. Written by Harold Gast. Victor Love played the role of "Anthony Williams.

Bubba Smith played the role of "Sgt. Screenplay by Herschel Weingrod and Timothy Harris. Richard Pryor played the role of "Montgomery Brewster. Mario Van Peebles played the role of "Roy Spanish. Rae Dawn Chong played the role of "Cindy. A Comedy by Mitch Markowitz. Forest Whitaker played the role of "Edward Garlick. Screenplay by Lorenzo Semple Jr. Vanity played the role of "Danja Deering. Written by Tony Kayden. Glynn Turman played the role of "Lieutenant Delgado.

Gregory Hines played the role of "Ray Hughes. Roscoe Lee Browne played the role of "Farquar. Scott played the role of "Rudy Tyler. Screenplay by John Sayles. Alfre Woodard played the role of "Maude DeVictor. Robert Guillaume played the role of "Philmore Walker. Written by Gene Quintano. By Gary Conway and James Booth. Revised August 15, Steve James played the role of "Sgt. Nia Long played the role of "Darla Perkins. Written by Hugh Wilson. With a few notes on the title page in an unknown hand.

Whoopi Goldberg played the role of "Bernice 'Bernie' Rhodenbarr. Morgan Freeman played the role of "Craig. By Mark Feldberg and Mitchell Klebanoff. Damon Wimbley played the role of "Kool. Damon Wayans played the role of "Zeebo. Whoopi Goldberg played the role of "Rita Rizzoli. Leon Isaac Kennedy played the role of "Hawkins. Milworth, Richard Price, Steven E. Sidney Poitier played the role of "Roy Parmenter. Screenplay by Stephen Greenfield and Stephen Bonds. Sean Hall played the role of "Clarence.

Fifth Revised Fifth Draft. A screenplay by Paul Schrader. Screenplay revised by Peter Weir. Butterfly McQueen played the role of "Ma Kennywick. Screenplay by Richard Wesley. Oprah Winfrey played the role of "Mrs. Billy Dee Williams played the role of "Det. Written by Jeff Franklin. Kelly Jo Minter played the role of "Denise Green. Iman played the role of "Hedy.

Don Cornelius played the role of "Mo Fuzz. Written for Television by John Gay. Avery Brooks played the role of "Uncle Tom. Albert Hall played the role of "Al Sanders. Denzel Washington played the role of "Steve Biko" in a largely black cast. Keenen Ivory Wayans played the role of "Jack Spade," in a largely black cast.

Simpson played the role of "Nordberg. Written by Stephen J. Michael Winslow played the role of "Sgt. Russell Clark played the role of "Belle. Screenplay by Jeffrey Boam. Glenn Plummer played the role of "Mickey. Bill Cosby played the role of "Elliot Hopper. Written by Anna Hamilton Phelan.

John Omira Miluwi played the role of "Sembagare. Original screenplay by Patrick Cirillo. Whoopi Goldberg played the role of "Eddie Cervi. A Screenplay by Donald Stewart. Denzel Washington played the role of "Xavier Quinn. Mykelti Williamson played the role of "Wilson. Leon Isaac Kennedy played the role of "Too Sweet. Damon Wayans played the role of "Percy. Dionne Warwick played the role of "Beth. With added scenes on Pink paper through By Harriet Frank, Jr.

Loretta Devine played the role of "Bertha. Keith David played the role of "Eugene Teagarden. Revised August 17, Juanita Moore played the role of "Delilah. Ernie Hudson played the role of "Bagdad. A Screenplay by Patrick Duncan. Richard Brooks played the role of "OD. Brock Peters played the role of "Chief Speed.

Don Franklin played the role of "Todd Marvin. Screenplay by Mark Medoff. Whoopi Goldberg played the role of "Clara Mayfield. A Screenplay by Euzhan Palcy. Zakes Mokae played the role of "Stanley Makhaya. Albert Hall played the role of "Henry. Whoopi Goldberg played the role of "Sarah Collins. Whoopi Goldberg played the role of "Odessa Cotter. Screenplay by Chris Gerolmo. Badja Djola played the role of "Agent Monk.

Richard Pryor played the role of "Arlo Pear. Story by John Bishop and Dennis Haggerty. Pam Grier played the role of "Ruth Butler.

Avatar (2009)

Written by Hilary Henkin Based on material by R. Keith David played the role of "Ernie Bass. Rae Dawn Chong appeared. Original Screenplay by Larry Cohen. James Earl Jones played the role of "Lt. Denzel Washington played the role of "Pvt. Screenplay by Andrew J. Kareem Abdul-Jabar appeared as himself. Revised Second Draft - August 28, Denzel Washington played the role of "Bleek Gilliam," in a largely black cast. Written by Stanley Weiser. Blair Underwood played the role of "James Chaney. By Joel Don Humphreys. Laurence Fishburne played the role of "Nick Holbrook. Screenplay by Reginald Rose.

Written by Nat Mauldin. Forest Whitaker played the role of "Dennis Curren. A screenplay by Alfred Uhry. Morgan Freeman played the role of "Hoke Colburn. Halle Berry played the role of "Miss Stone. Story by Alan J. Green Revisions April 27, Zakes Mokae played the role of "Dr. Banumbra," Kimberly Scott played the role of "Nurse Louise. Eddie Murphy played the role of "Quick. Eriq La Salle played the role of "Frank. Written by John Patrick Shanley.

Ossie Davis played the role of "Marshall. Forest Whitaker played the role of "Dr. Written by Rob Mowbray. Third Draft October Wesley Snipes played the role of "Nino Brown. Includes a Shooting Rundown. Danny Glover played the role of "Walter Lee Younger," in a largely black cast. Morgan Freeman played the role of "Azeem. By Paul Ciotti and Bud Cort. Pamella D'Pella played the role of "Gloria.

Original Screenplay by John Singleton. August 10, with Revisions on different color paper up through September 14, Original Screenplay by John Sayles. Angela Bassett played the role of "Reesha. Robert Townsend played the role of "Duck," in a largely black cast. Whoopi Goldberg played the role of "Oda Mae Brown. Ernie Hudson played the role of "Solomon. Russell played the role of "Clemmons. Wesley Snipes played the role of "Flipper Purify. Written by Sam Egan. Revised Draft January 6, February 23, with revisions up through June 9, Dennis Haysbert played the role of "Paul Cater.

Denzel Washington played the role of "Malcolm X," in a largely black cast. Screenplay by Barry Primus and Jonathan Lawton. Story by Barry Primus. Sheryl Lee Ralph played the role of "Beverly. Sanders played the role of "Marvin Burgess. Whoopi Goldberg played the role of "Rose Schwartz. Ving Rhames played the role of "Mr. An Original Screenplay by Bill Phillips. Ice T played the role of "King James," in a largely black cast. Lenny Henry played the role of "Miles Pope. A documentary written by: Giancarlo Esposito played the role of "Bugs Raplin. Screenplay by Kenneth Pressman.

Forest Whitaker played the role of "Dekker. Brandon Quintin Adams played the role of "Lester Averman. An Original Screenplay By E. Jackson played the role of "Andrew Sterling. Revision by John Semper and Cynthia Friedlob. Kid 'n' Play played the lead roles. Laurence Fishburne played the role of "Russell Stevens, Jr. Cicely Tyson played the role of "Sipsey. Screenplay by Michel W. Pamela D'Pella played the role of "Marilyn. Damon Wayans played the role of "Jimmy Dix.

Written by Shane Black. Written by Jeffrey Boam. Final Revisions by Jeffrey Boam. Danny Glover played the role of "Roger Murtaugh. Screenplay by Eric Roth. Revision by Michael Cristofer. Delroy Lindo played the role of "Howard. Revisions on different color paper up through January 25, Screenplay by David Loughery. Wesley Snipes played the role of "John Cutter. Jackson played the role of "Lt. An original screenplay by Paul Mazursky.

Little Richard played the role of the "President. Written by Robert Mark Kamen. Morgan Freeman played the role of "Geel Piet,' in a largely black cast. Danny Glover played the role of "Raymond Campanella. Forest Whitaker played the role of "Jackson," in a largely black cast. Reggie Jackson played the role of the "Baseball Coach. Written by Tom S. This is usually called, simply, the LINK. He is under the link because he is spending the voyage linked to his avatar body which is nearby in its own container.

Like two twins in the womb they are communing at a deep level of pre-conscious intimacy, with the results that the avatar's brain has been imprinted with the patterns of Josh's cerebral cortex. The biological equivalent of initializing the hard-drive in a computer. The avatar is bigger than a human.

It would stand about eight feet tall, if it uncurled. Its skin is blue An iridescent cyan blue, almost robin's egg, is contrasted with a deep ultramarine which borders on purple. The darker color is almost solid on the back, and down the backs of the legs. The body is, strangely, almost human in most ways. The waist is narrow and elongated, the shoulders very wide, giving a V shaped upper back. The neck is long maybe twice as long as an average human, or a little longer than some Vogue models and, we will see, can turn almost degrees, like an owl. The body overall is more slender, proportionately, then the average human, reminiscent of a Masai or Watusi.

The musculature is sharply defined, given no sense of emaciation despite the thin proportions. The avatars in their womb-like environment are at their normal metabolic rate and grow rapidly. Their muscles are constantly electrostimulated, so that they develop normally. The hands are graceful, with three very long fingers, and one opposed thumb. The fingers curve smoothly, bending without joints.

This sounds off-putting, but it is really quite beautiful. The faces are exquisite When open they dominate the face, like those of a cat, or a lemur. The mouth is also large, but essentially human, with a faint cat-like bifurcation of the upper lip, and a coloration like permanent deep purple lipstick. The teeth are white, with pronounced canines, upper and lower. These guys are clearly carnivores, or at least omnivores. Did I mention the tail? They have a tail. Long and slightly prehensile, but more like the tail of a panther than a monkey. A complex pattern of iridescent dots and lines, perfectly symmetrical, runs over the body, almost following the lines of the nervous or circulatory system.

These are bioluminescent chromatophores, and they glow in the dark like fireflies. The alien can communicate with these, and in fact they usually are shifting and changing color to indicate mood and emotion, without conscious control. The body has no hair whatsoever, though there is what looks like a black pony tail, or queue, originating in the back of the head and hanging down almost to the waist. This is not hair, but actually an external part of the nervous system, and more on this later. The entire drive module glows cherry red with radiant heat, and the exhaust nozzles are almost white.

The ship creaks and groans as it begins to cool.

Prometheus drifts against the stars, nearing the surprisingly Earth-like Pandora. They look like handmade shit Josh sits up groggily and looks around. His hair has been cropped back to a brush-cut, and he is cleanshaven. An announcement is telling them what to do and where to go, and that they will soon be entering orbit around Pandora. Josh pulls himself out of his capsule, maneuvering nearly as well as the other passengers in zero-g, even with his inert legs. Moving hand over hand, Josh floats over to the tank containing his alter ego, the avatar body. He is amazed to see the growth in the three years which have elapsed on the ship.

The avatar stretches, catlike, extending to its full height, dwarfing Josh. And as it turns in the amniotic fluid, Josh sees the face of his avatar Despite the alien proportions, the features are definitely reminiscent of his. A tech tells him he has time to get some breakfast and still make it back to "see himself born". Technicians in plastic suits and breathing equipment enter a bright sterile chamber through an airlock. Josh, similarly attired, follows them in. They seal the door. One of them tells him that the air is a match for Pandora's Even a little hydrogen cyanide.

In the center of the chamber is the tank housing Josh's avatar. Josh is nervous and unsure what to do, but they tell him it's always best for the controller to be present at the birth. Using a flexible collar, like a synthetic sphincter, to retain the amniotic fluid in zero gravity, they ease the body out of the tank into the birthing room. It looks exactly like a giant baby being born from a glass and rubber womb.

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The avatar kicks feebly, and everybody is grappling with the slimy newborn body. The technicians ask Josh to help hold it. Like an overwhelmed father, he looks like he is about to faint. The pure raw shock of life, struggling into existence, effects him far more than he would have thought. Josh struggles to help give birth to himself. They suction its mouth and it coughs, taking its first breath. Josh looks on in wonder as the avatar starts to wail, clenching its fists, its face contorting at the terror and pain of the outer world.

It grabs Josh's arm and he winces in pain at the strength of the thing. It opens its eyes and looks right at him. He stares into its eyes, which are his own eyes. It stares blankly at him, taking in shuddering breaths of the poisonous air. Josh pulls his arm free. Josh glances down along the avatar's body, his expression growing even more amazed. We get our first good look at the new world. Almost another Earth, at first glance, with white cloud whorls over a blue and brown surface.

But the continents are all wrong, and the proportion of land to sea is much greater. The blue is a little different too, with a cyan tinge to it, suggesting the different air. But you can just tell, even from orbit It's got the look. The most amazing thing about Pandora is that it doesn't actually orbit its sun directly, but is actually in orbit around an enormous planet, a gas giant almost twice the size of Jupiter, which in turn orbits the yellow sun of Alpha Centauri B.

This is because, like Jupiter with its Great Red Spot, Polyphemis has a vest cyclonic storm like a great dark pupil in its vast disk. The eye of an angry god looking down on Pandora. Pandora, despite being almost as big as Earth, is technically a moon of the giant planet. Polyphemis has thirteen other moons, some closer in, some farther out. Depending on what's where in its orbit, Pandora can have two or even three moons in its sky at once.

Pandora and the other moons cast large black shadow dots on the parent planet, like beauty marks. Tiny relative to Prometheus, one of the trans- atmospheric shuttles separates and drops down toward the planet. As the shuttle plunges through high-altitude cloud formations, Josh presses his face against the tiny viewport, eager for a look at the new world. Below he can see mist-shrouded mountains, growing as they descend.

The pilot tells them they are over the so-called "Horn" of Australis, the great southern continent, which juts up into the Equatorial Sea. Josh can see volcanic buttes and mesas towering above a lower cloud blanket, like the Tepuis of Peru. Streamers and whorls of shredded cloud swirl around the mesa tops. Mountainous chucks of rock, some over ten miles across, hovering thousands of feet above the ground. Here's how it works: Polyphemis the massive planet around which Pandora revolves has a mother of magnetosphere As Pandora rotates and revolves through this field, its molten iron core generates its own field, with "cells" or vortices which are small regions of intensely powerful magnetic force at the surface.

Added to this unique phenomenon is another Pandora is blessed with a naturally occurring substance a million times more precious than gold. Its joke name of "unobtanium" has stuck, over the years. Unobtanium is a rare-earth mineral, formed volcanically, which is a room- temperature superconductor. The room temperature superconductor has been the "snark" of modern materials science Unobtanium does not exist in our solar system.

It is unique to Pandora. And it is the reason to go there Another interesting property of superconducting materials is that they will levitate in a powerful magnetic field. This magnetic levitation, or maglev, effect has been used to lift trains and run them without wheels since the late 's. On Pandora the effect causes huge outcroppings of unobtanium to rip loose from the surface and float in the magnetic vortices. These floating islands circulate slowly in the magnetic currents, like icebergs at sea, scraping against each other and the towering mesa-like mountains of the region.

The Pandorans call them the Thundering Rocks, and the entire area is sacred to them. Which could be a problem, since the humans have come to mine these mountains and get rich. Which is why they are called the Hallelujah Mountains. Josh stares in awe as they pass over a few of the floating mountains, less than ten miles away on his side of the ship. They float like clouds made of rock, amongst the fixed mountains and swirling cloud structures. Where they are in clear sunlight, they cast hard shadows on the land below.

They are overgrown with foliage at the top, and a straggly beard of vines hangs down beneath them like the roots of an air-fern. The sides are shear cliffs. Waterfalls, originating on the mesa-like tops, stream down the sides and dissolve into spray at the bottoms like upside-down geysers. The local peaks and mesas actually project above the level of the craggy underside of the few floating mountains Josh can see, so it's obvious that collisions are inevitable. Twinkling like tiny flecks of ash on the wind are what look like birds Josh doesn't get too close a look at these.

Its flanks and top are wreathed in streamers of clouds He sees it for only a few seconds before a thunderhead blocks the view, and the shuttle plunges into gray murk. Now the shuttle is passing lower and lower over the highland rainforest. Just as the plants on Earth are green with chlorophyl, the plants of Pandora, based on a different biochemistry, are mostly purple.

The tones range from purple-blue, through violet to magenta. Josh catches glimpses of the rainforest through the clouds as they skim over the endless purple carpet. Other than the color the trees look like trees. They have trunks and branches and leaves There are waterfalls feeding highland rivers, and Josh sees more flocks of the bird-like things. They pass a few small patches of open grassland. The magenta grass ripples in the wind like wheat.

Josh sees some moving shapes Josh, coming from his gray concrete urban sprawl, is amazed by the sheer scale of this lush, virgin world. Finally he starts to see the hand of man. They fly over what looks like a small refinery. The deuterium is used to fuel the fusion engines of the starships for their homeward flight, as well as to run the base generators and the shuttles. The shuttle makes its turn on final approach. It looks like a giant cookie cutter took a chunk out of the rainforest Nearby, connected by a broad gravel road, is a gaping wound in the earth, a strip mine where metal ores for construction are extracted.

At the center of the cleared circle of Hell's Gate is a cluster of squat concrete and steel structures. Surrounding the central complex are two high fences of thick chainlink, one within the other, with concertina wire at the top. The whole thing is electrified. The reason for the no-man's land between the fences and the dark wall of forest is clear The shuttle lands and Josh dons his full-face exomask and rebreather pack.

There is a hiss and a popping sensation in his ears as the pressure equalizes to the outside, and then the doors open. Josh struggles with his wheelchair on the steep loading ramp of the shuttle. When he gets to the ground, he moves with the others toward the nearest building. His mask fogs with his exertion, and he feels a tickle of fear knowing how deadly the atmosphere is. If he took his exomask off he would be unconscious after the first few breaths, with irreversible lung damage in less than a minute.

Josh sees the new avatars being unloaded. They are brought down the ramp on gurneys, unconscious, getting their first lungfuls of real Pandoran air. Around him is the roar of equipment as huge tractor-like machines thunder past. There is loading equipment, and massive earth movers, mining equipment, and bulldozers almost two stories high. He sees construction workers in heavy environment suits. A tractor, its wheels as big as a house, rumbles past, dwarfing the new arrivals.

Beyond it, two VTOL vehicles take off. They look constantly outward, toward the perimeter. They are a hardened bunch of men and women, who live by the philosophy that sharp eyes, fast hands and a warm gun are the keys to survival on Pandora, the most badass bush in history.

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Among the arriving passengers are twenty new troopers. They double time down the ramp, carrying their huge packs and kit bags. Josh sees more of the troopers, and realizes they are forming a loosely deployed guard around the new arrivals. There is a sudden ROAR as the sentry gun in the nearest tower opens fire. A stream of bright tracers arc out to the no-man's land of bare earth beyond the fences, and there is an ungodly shriek.

Josh cranes to see, but his view is blocked by the shuttle. There is a sense that the place is under siege. The dark line of the forest is suddenly more ominous. Above the functional concrete bunker of the nearest building, the crescent shape of Polyphemis looms like a malevolent eye, seeming to cover half the sky. Another sentry gun thunders briefly as Josh goes into the complex.

Josh's expression says it all. My God, what have I gotten myself into? He says the local ecosystem is a minefield of toxic plants, lethal stinging insects, and large venomous carnivores. Everyone must be armed at all times when outside the structure, and firearms training and drilling are scheduled for all base personnel. All forays outside the perimeter must be accompanied by one or more SECFOR troopers, and must be authorized by his office, and scheduled with the head of security.

He tells them the stiff penalties for any violation of the base security rules, as well as for the use of illegal drugs, fighting, misuse of firearms and so on. There is a frontier town mentality, as well as an overwhelming sense of us against them. Us being the humans, and them being anything that draws breath on Pandora. It's not all grim here, he says. As of today you will never get another cold or flu. We don't get them here. Pandora has somehow reacted to the introduction of our viruses by creating a countervirus for each which wipes them out.

In fact, the Consortium has the patents on these counterviruses, and when the FDA approves them, everybody on Earth will be buying them. That's the sort of thing we're looking for here. So please stay alert to the commercial possibilities of your research. Selfridge is a smart, forceful, charismatic man who is utterly focused on the success of the operation on Pandora.

His calm, almost breezy style belies an absolute ruthlessness in the pursuit of his goals. Like his historical prototypes, the governors of Spanish and English colonies in the Americas, his mission is to overcome all obstacles to gain a foothold in the new world, and more importantly, show a return on the staggering investment. On the dying home planet the environmental parties have grown strong as the Earth has grown weak, so these officers are sent to make sure that the new worlds are not ravaged by the economic imperative of the megacorporations.

Rob looks the very image of a studious, concerned "green" activists, with his beard and birkenstocks. In fact, the EP guys are all bent, deeply on the take and making a killing by turning in token reports of infractions while turning a blind eye to the greater violations. Josh notices a woman using a stereocam to record the meeting. She pans the crowd of new faces like a documentary film-maker. It is her job to send home the inspiring footage used for corporate advertising and recruiting, though technically she is keeping a full and impartial record of the operation at Hell's Gate.

Selfridge heavily edits her downlinks to Earth, claiming the "expense" of data transmission, but really it is ironfisted censorship. Quaritch is a humorless man, thicknecked and barrel-chested, with one side of his face twisted by the scars from an encounter with some Pandoran predator. He hates Pandora, but loves the fight. Quaritch epitomizes the antipathy between humans and the world they have come to conquer.

Quaritch adjourns the briefing, to the chagrin of DR. He scrambles to the front of the room as the meeting breaks up, calling for the new controllers to report to him in SCIMOD. Quaritch sneers as he pushes past Giese, and we see that there is no love lost between these two. Quaritch stops next to Josh and says he read Josh was marines. Josh confirms it, and Quaritch wants to know if he was wounded in combat. Fell out a window, drunk, at a base party, Josh tells him. Quaritch is a little put off by Josh's attitude, but tells him that when he is done wasting his time with Giese and his meat puppets, he can use him in SECFOR.

The ops center and the armory are understaffed. There are six primary modules, laid out along a central trunk called the UTILIDOR, through which all foot traffic, and all utility lines and conduits run. This has two levels, the subterranean one being narrower and primarily an access-way for maintenance.

Josh finds his room and throws his bag on the bunk. None of it means anything to Josh. Here we see the veteran controllers in a long row of what look like high-tech dental chairs. They have the link gear over their heads, and are tied into the distant bodies of their respective avatars. They seem to be sleeping, or in a trance state.

It actually resembles REM sleep, with the eyeballs tracking rapidly under the lids, and the fingers twitching occasionally. Technicians monitor the body functions of the controllers, and track the positions of the avatars on screens. Giese shows them how the same implanted chip which allows the remote link to the avatars also gives them a minute by minute position on them out in the bush, or around the base of the mine, wherever they might be. Giese tells the new arrivals that they will each be assigned to a veteran controller, who will supervise their first link-up with their avatars.

One of the working controllers breaks her link contact, and lifts the hood, climbing wearily out of her chair. It is the end of a long work day, and her body is stiff with disuse. Giese calls Josh forward and introduces DR. Grace Shipley is a gruff xenobotanist in her mid forties, somewhat dumpy, and gravel-voiced from too much smoking. She scowls at Josh, telling him to meet her in her lab at tomorrow. She ignores Josh's proffered hand, wheeling around to yell at the monitor techs that she needs a goddamn cigarette. The next morning Josh is waiting in the biology lab at five to eight.

One wall of the lab is observation windows, beyond which are large terrariums holding some Pandoran flora and fauna. Josh peers into a chamber filled with fern-like violet plants, unable to see if there is anything else in there. He moves to the next chamber, which is an aquarium filled with murky water. The window is huge, but he can see nothing in the gloom. He turns as Grace Shipley comes into the lab. With shocking suddenness a dark shape, much bigger than him, materializes out of the murk and slams against the glass.

Josh whips around to see the head of a hideous armored fish, its huge jaws snapping shut, clacking razor-sharp teeth against the glass. She loves to do that. Grace goes to the glass and looks the big fish in the eye. GRACE Just a baby, but at the rate she's growing, we're going to have to put her back in the lake by next week. Reluctant, since they are so understaffed that she was really counting on the trained skills of his brother.

Josh isn't really qualified for anything on the base except kitchen staff. She needs a real assistant, a scientist. Hell, even an undergrad. She's pissed off at the situation and sees it as just another way the company is screwing the biologists and the Avatar Program. They don't really want to know what's going on here, they just want to strip mine the goddamn place.

They'll have it all plowed under before they even know what's out in that bush The Earth is doomed because its biodiversity has been killed. It may take centuries to die, but it's only a matter of time. Out there are wonders they can't even imagine, and all they do is cut funds, and send her useless assistants. Josh interrupts her rant and tells her that he didn't come lightyears out into space, didn't get shot up with drugs, inoculated against god-knows-what, and frozen for three years, just to come here and be her punching bag.

If she's got a problem with him, tell the base supervisor, otherwise take a pill, lady. Grace looks at him for a long moment. Finally she cracks a wicked grin. A live one, huh? Having lodged her complaint and put Josh on notice, she takes him to the linkroom for his first session. In this scene we see Josh go under the link for the first time, and take over control of his avatar body. It looks like a kids' playground, with parallel bars, hanging rings, balls to throw, monkey bars, and various other structures that will be used in his physical patterning. He is watched by techs behind a glass wall.

He blinks, the strange hues of the alien vision flooding his brain. He moves awkwardly, sitting up. He takes a deep breath and smells the air. His nostrils flare with the flood of new alien smells. He looks at his hand, staring at it, working the fingers. He looks down and stares at his body, then touches it with one hand. A tech tells him over the PA to check his motor control.

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Try to touch his fingertips together. He does, missing like a drunk at a sobriety checkpoint. He tries again, face screwed up in concentration. His fingertips touch clumsily, shaking slightly. Can he see, the voice asks. He tries again, and it sounds like a baby trying to imitate speech. The tech tells him to try crawling. He rolls to his stomach.

Pushing up with his arms, he gets his knees under him. He is unsteady as a newborn antelope, his arms and body shaking as muscles clench and nerves fire spasmodically. He crawls clumsily, like a baby, to a plastic chair nearby. After a lot of effort, he is almost standing Finally, he is standing on shaking legs. He lets go of the chair. Swaying, he stands free. He grins, baring slightly pointy teeth. Then falls right on his ass. Hearing laughter, he looks up. A statuesque female avatar walks up, standing over him. The first female he has seen.

She is magnificent, with powerful panther thighs, a flat muscular stomach and small but firm athlete's breasts. She is wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and in human years would be about Her face looks somewhat familiar Josh manages to croak out his first sentence. How quickly they forget. The voice is very recognizable. Now that we know, we see her face in the alien features. She grins at him, and cocks one hip. She faces him, holding his hands, and steps backward.

Josh, the toddler, takes his first steps. She slowly lets go of his fingers, letting him balance himself. He takes another step. Josh stares down in amazement at his feet. His face holds a childlike wonder. Josh's eyes fill with tears. Grace sees one running down the blue skin of his cheek. Josh is explaining how his training is going. He's walking fine, and has started running and climbing exercises. His coordination is already equal to a human five year old.

She asks him a question she has asked all of them Josh tries to tell her, but he can't. Just that it is a wonder. And in his case, a great gift.

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He says the air smells like cinnamon. JOSH, under the link. In CU we see his eyes tracking, like he is dreaming. We barely recognize skinny Norm, since his avatar body, like all of them, is powerfully muscled. By his expression it obviously tastes great. Josh doing a running cartwheel, jumping up and catching the monkey bars, and pulling himself rapidly across hand- over-hand.

Some of the other avatars are already asleep nearby. We can see their bioluminescent spot patterns glowing in the dark. His catlike eyes are wide with the wonder of this new world. He hears the chatters and shrieks from the forest, that black wall out beyond the compound. The sentry guns fire and there is a piercing scream, shortlived.

Soon he will be out there. His eyes close, as sleep takes him. The human Josh opens his eyes in the linkroom a moment later. He climbs stiffly from his chair, pushing himself across to his wheelchair. He sits rubbing his temples with fatigue.

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Libby Taylor played the role of the "Maid. Quaritch sneers as he pushes past Giese, and we see that there is no love lost between these two. There is a frontier town mentality, as well as an overwhelming sense of us against them. Etta McDaniel played the role of a "Mammy. He sees it for only a few seconds before a thunderhead blocks the view, and the shuttle plunges into gray murk.

Even in the lesser gravity of Pandora, his human body feels like a deadweight after his exhilarating hours in the other body. Grace, looking tired and rumpled, climbs out of her seat nearby. She looks down at her doughy body. Come on, let me buy you a drink. Selfridge tells him he will cut the escorts on the scientific teams back to one man per sortie.

Quaritch nods, but says that the number of major predator attacks on the perimeter has steadily increased, and there have been five major breaches of the outer fence this year. He's lost six people already this year, twice the number for the same time last year, and is already over his ammo budget.

It's getting worse, not better. Selfridge says he will order more men and weapons on the next starship, and cut back on the scientific package. They just have to make it to then. He orders Quaritch to clearcut a wider safety zone around the new construction. CUT TO the clearcutting operation, out at the edge of the safety zone. Massive tractors and bulldozers are ripping into the treeline, toppling the huge trees.

Now we see why the equipment is so big The dozers have plasma cutters which rip into the trees, slashing through their gargantuan bases in a spray of fierce light and burning wood-shrapnel. The larger trees are blasted with high explosives, raining kindling down for hundreds of yards. The tractor drivers are safe in armored cages, and Scorpion gunships prowl over the tree-line, looking for large predators which might be approaching. It is the POV of somebody or something watching. We can barely see them. Just an impression of graceful, lithe forms.

This is a robotic walking machine, bipedal, about 4 meters tall. Though massive, it is gyroscopically balanced and quite agile, able to duplicate most human motion. It is heavily armored, and armed with a huge rotary cannon, a GAU 90, built into one forearm. Quaritch uses a psionic link to control the machine.

Under his bubble canopy, the Colonel scans the gloom of the forest. He glances up as two Scorpions fly overhead. One opens fire one something, its tracers streaming down into the trees. Quaritch scans among the trees, seeing vague infrared shapes moving on his screens. Ahead, in the gloom, he sees black shapes squirting from shadow to shadow like blobs of living ink. They seem to dart across the ground, then move through the trees from limb to limb Quaritch opens fire with the GAU It hogs a horizontal swath through the forest, splintering everything in its path into wood chips.

We hear a horrible yelping whine, which goes on and on, getting more distant Satisfied, Quaritch crashes forward through the bush, scanning. A one-meter stingbat smacks into his canopy, its tail- stinger screeching on the glass. He crushes it, with one hydraulic hand, almost unconsciously, like someone swatting a mosquito. It is a small one, less than a three meter wingspan. Shaped like a manta ray, it swoops through the trees on translucent wing membranes. We get a glimpse of glassy fangs unfolding from its mouth like cat-claws, then the cannon blows it into chunks. Quaritch's canopy is showered with blue Pandoran blood.

They ricochet off the armor, leaving drops of glistening venom. The Pandoran fauna and flora clearly share the philosophy of us versus them. This is one nasty place. Behind Quaritch two troopers in powersuits follow him into the bush ahead of the wall-like blades of the bulldozers. Quaritch blasts something else. We see that he enjoys his work. Takes a personal interest that things are done right. Now they want to burn large sections of the forest, to clear it of predators.

How can he be expected not to report that?! Selfridge tells him that he should just do what he always does You can see definite territories staked out by the various groups. And the scientists have their own area. Within that, the controllers have a little corner reserved for them, but whether they are the elite, or the pariahs, is not clear. A little of both, actually. The controllers are a scruffy, smelly lot. They generally spend as many hours a day as they are allowed to up to 16 under the link, and as their stint goes on, they get less and less interested in personal hygiene.

They are like junkies, with unkempt hair and beards, bad skin and poor appetites. Moving slow and vacant-eyed, he's obviously doped up on something prescribed by the base psychtech. Grace tells them that Hegner used to be head of Xenobiology until his avatar got killed The slinth is a large predator, fast as a cheetah, that spears its prey with its head, which is like a venomous lance. The prey wobbles off and collapses, alive and conscious but unable to move because of the neurotoxin.

The slinth eats it alive. Hegner felt himself die, and he hasn't been right since. Added to the trauma is the loss Like many of the controllers, he came to see it as his real life, with his human life taking on the feeling of a boring dream. Grace tells Josh that they are going out to her worksite tomorrow, and he'll be meeting a local, named N'DEH, who is her guide. Apparently there was an incident, a year ago, between the nearby aboriginal people and some SECFOR troopers who were trying to clear them out of the construction site for the new deuterium plant.

Josh says he thought they were called the NA'VI. Giese says that's right, the whole Pandoran race is called the Na'vi. They are all Na'vi, all around the planet, because they all seem to have the same root language. It translates, approximately, as "The Seeing People". Curiously, it is the same word they have for forest. So to them, the forest is the world. Which is nearly right, since there are no deserts or veldts, and all the landmasses are uniformly covered with forest, right up to the permanent polar ice.

Anyway, Giese and his avatar group were having some success with the local clan, teaching them some English, and how to use some of our power tools. Their own technology is neolithic The clan patriarch has protested against the "Sky People" They have never liked us cutting down the trees anywhere, and it was all I could do to get Selfridge to stop his safety zone at the size it is They mourn the spirit of a tree when it dies. Anyway, when the tractors showed up at the sacred site, which was just a clearing in the woods, the Na'vi attacked.

They attacked the tractors, not the men. Set the tires on fire. Shot a few poison darts at the engines. Quaritch ordered his men to fire into the forest, knowing the Na'vi were there. Show them who's boss. Five Na'vi were killed. Since then we haven't seen hide nor hair of them around here. They will meet with us in the forest, sometimes, but never here.

And things are very strained. N'deh has been invaluable, and there are a couple of others. It's almost like they drew straws to see who would get the shit-detail of dealing with us hairy sky people. And N'deh drew short. Troopers keep a loose guard cordon between the gravel road through the rainforest and the compound fence. A couple of Powersuits stride among them, dwarfing the troopers and the civilian construction workers in their masks and hardhats. The twin suns of Alpha Centauri A and B are fat red disks just above the treeline. Stingbats, bansheerays and other flyers are silhouetted against the orange sky.

The Samsons are armed only with a door gun, and are the prime- movers of air operations here. They are used by the scientists to reach their remote worksites, and by the construction and mining teams to move personnel and supplies. Hell's Gate operates ten of these workhorses, and they are under civilian command. Silhouetted against the twin suns, sitting on top of a cargo container nearby, is a real honest-to- God alien He looks like the avatars, of course, but the difference is in the details.

He is wearing a beaded loincloth of animal skin, and has a leather tube slung across his back. He is squatting, still as a statue, holding what looks like a long spear, which stands upright against the sky. Josh sees that it is actually a bundle of long fishing arrows, with the unstrung bow held alongside them. The Na'vi turns his head all the way around, like an owl's, and the eyes bore into Josh. The Na'vi rises, then steps off the container, dropping to the ground like some kind of liquid, and almost silently. He regards Josh with curiosity, coming quite close to him. He walks around him, looking him up and down.

Grace walks up and introduces them formally, using N'deh's complete name: N'deh makes a curious gesture with his hand, touching one finger to his forehead and flicking it gracefully toward Josh. N'deh is older than Josh. In human terms we would guess him to be in his late thirties.

Next to him, we realize that Josh's avatar body is very young Grace quietly speaks to N'deh in the Na'vi language, surprising Josh. It is the first time he has heard it spoken. It is musical and lilting, and by the sound of it very complex. Grace seems quite fluent. By subtitles we understand that she is asking him to help her load the sampling equipment into the Samson.

N'deh closes his eyes for a half second, which we will come to see means the same as our nod of agreement. They walk toward the Aerospatiale together. Josh hears shots and turns. There is a commotion out on the killing ground. Near the tractors, an enormous animal has burst from the treeline and is charging for the fence. In the dust raised by the giant machines, and with the number of men around, it is difficult for the troopers to get a shot. To make matters worse, the sentry guns have been deactivated in that sector while they bring in the heavy equipment. It has a massive, low-slung head with blunt transverse projections of solid bone which give it the look of a hammerhead shark.

It is a herbivore, but like the rhino, elephant and hippopotamus, it can be aggressive and deadly. Troopers fire there rifles at the monstrous silhouette charging through the dust clouds, but the rounds have no effect on the armored head and shoulders. A trooper in a powersuit strides between the tractors, trying to get a shot with the GAU Suddenly the beast appears out of the dust at a full thundering charge, and the powersuit is knocked down before the cannon can swing to bear.

The bull hammerhead smashes the canopy with one foot as it charges right over the powersuit, pulping the trooper inside. Josh sees the hammerhead close the final distance to the compound fence. It is coming straight toward him. Everyone is firing at once, trying to bring down the twenty ton creature. The ground is shaking in time with its galloping gait. It hits the outer fence, smashing right through it. A powersuit runs forward, striking a firing position, and opens up with its cannon. The GAU 90 rips into the hammerhead, blowing divots out of its shoulder and head.

The creature bellows in pain and rage and keeps on coming. Josh pulls his pistol and adds his firing to the general thunder of guns. The hammerhead hits the inner fence. In a blaze of high- voltage arcing, it bulldozes through the chain-link. It stumbles, tripping on the wreckage of the fence, then rises and thunders forward again, filling Josh's vision. The cannon roars again and the titanothere topples forward, plowing into the ground.

It flips and skids, coming to rest in a cloud of dust ten meters from Josh. There is a beat, then Over the creature's body flows a cat-like shape, big as a tiger. It hits the ground in a ripple of muscle and bounds straight toward Josh. Its venom-injecting spear-like head is cocked back on its powerful neck, ready to strike.

He faces his death. Suddenly beside him is N'deh, drawing and aiming his bow in one swift move.

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The two meter long arrow flies straight into the slinth's throat. It coils over itself in agony like a snake. N'deh knocks another arrow and lets fly. The slinth shudders and lies twitching. N'deh walks forward, stepping on the needle-like head while he removes his arrows. The high tech troopers stand around with their blasters, looking at the stone-age arrow that killed the beast. N'deh looks at the dead slinth, then at the body of the titanothere which cleared a path for it all the way into the inner compound. His expression is enigmatic. N'deh takes the blood of the slinth on his finger and draws a line under one eye, then under the other.

Honoring the slinth, and its purpose for existence. He starts dragging the carcass to the Samson. Several hideous insects, almost a foot across, are leaping from the body of the titanothere and trying to fasten their hook-like legs into some of the troopers. A frantic burst of firing breaks out, as the soldiers jump around, trying to kill the fast-moving parasites.

Tomorrow he is going out there for the first time, and he is scared. There are light moving out there, single flitting ones, and larger patterns indicating big creatures. Some of the trees glow very faintly, or have phosphorescent patterns in their foliage. Josh sees eyes, low to the ground, moving just behind the treeline.

And then an unearthly wailing cry. Christ, what am I doing here? Below them the purple rainforest unrolls. They land at Grace's direction, in a grassy meadow. They get out as the pilot shuts down the turbines. He is carrying an almighty big automatic rifle. Josh is wearing shorts and a T- shirt. Grace insists that he go barefoot, so his baby- blue feeties will toughen up with thick callouses like hers. Josh stares at the wall of trees surrounding them. Up close, the trees are enormous, as big as sequoias at the base, and even taller because the gravity on Pandora is less than Earth.

Lesser trees, the size of mature oaks, are like underbrush in between the colossi. Lyle is like a birddog on point, hyperalert, scanning the gloom beyond the meadow. A flock of stingbats crosses far above them. He tracks them with the rifle, but they ignore the strangers. LYLE I'm supposed to escort you. The ship is part of my party. And we need it to get back, so if you don't want to walk thirty klicks through the bush LYLE I'll stay with the ship. Grace hates the troopers clomping through the woods with her. They disrupt the animals, and smash the plants, and make too much noise.