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Known for his barbed wit, he was one of the most successful playwrights of late Victorian London, and one of the greatest celebrities of his day. Wilde made his reputation in the theatre world with a series of highly popular plays. Lady Windermere's Fan like many of Wilde's comedies is a biting satire on the morals of Victorian society, particularly marriage. A Woman of No Importance is a testimony of Wilde's wit and his brand of dark comedy.

An Ideal Husband revolves around blackmail and political corruption, and touches on the themes of public and private honour. The Importance of Being Earnest is one of his best loved plays, a comedy of manners. The Picture of Dorian Gray is his only published novel. Published first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about La Sainte Courtisane , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Oscar, my dude, I love you so much, but this was utter trash. However, I'm relieved you're agreeing with me here, since you just left that shit in a taxi cab in , and thus abandoned it.

I can't say I'm sad that this was never completed. The plot doesn't really exist. We are introduced to Myrrhina, who's the titular "Courtisane". She's got the looks. And her sole goal in life is to tempt men, and wreck them. Well, Oscar, my dude, I love you so much, but this was utter trash.

Well, from this viewpoint, it does sound quite intriguing, but just you wait! She travels to the mountains to tempt Honorius, a Christian hermit who is known for his abstinence and goodness. So basically homegirl is up for a challenge.

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La Sainte Courtisane is an unfinished play by Oscar Wilde written in The original draft was left in a taxi cab by the author, and was never completed. LA SAINTE COURTISANE. or. THE WOMAN COVERED WITH JEWELS. by: Oscar Wilde. [The scene represents a corner of the valley in the Thebaid. On the .

Then they have a wack conversation, in which she I assume, it isn't specified pulls out her titties and is all like "come with me And then brace yourselves out of motherfucking nowhere, Honorius decides to give in and return to sin, while Myrrhina discovers religion for herself and chooses to remain in the desert. Both of these fucks have switched their roles in a matter of seconds.

Oscar, my dude, what are you doing? Again, I know, this is incomplete, there are presumably 3 acts missing between these scenes, but c'mon I would much rather have a bomb ass lady who knows that she's the shit, and owns it, than a hollow shell who kneels before God. And yes I am aware that this play expanded Oscar's favourite theory that when you convert some one to an idea, you lose your faith in it the same motive runs through hist brilliant short story The Portrait of Mr.

And again, I think he was convinced of that as well, since he abandoned his work. Even though the fact that this was at the time of his trial might have had something to do with this as well, my poor baby boy, he sure deserved better!

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During his imprisonment, he said of this play that "a cab was a very proper place for it. I can't even begin to fathom Oscar's mind and his way of thinking. I mean Salome was utter trash as well, and I can totally see how La Sainte Courtisane might have been a follow-up to that, but to then leave these things behind and pop out the classic, most wonderful play in existence The Importance of Being Earnest is just fucking crazy.

She is one of the gods. I do not know why she has left her temple. The gods should not leave their temples. If she speaks to us let us not answer, and she will pass by. Dwells he not here, the beautiful young hermit, he who will not look on the face of woman? He who looks at the sun becomes blind. You are too bright to look at. It is not wise to look at things that are very bright. Many of the priests in the temples are blind, and have slaves to lead them. Where does he dwell, the beautiful young hermit who will not look on the face of woman?

Has he a house of reeds or a house of burnt clay or does he lie on the hillside? Or does he make his bed in the rushes? Of old a centaur lived there. When the hermit came the centaur gave a shrill cry, wept and lamented, and galloped away. It was a white unicorn who lived in the cave. When it saw the hermit coming the unicorn knelt down and worshipped him.

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Many people saw it worshipping him. What gods then do ye worship? Or do ye worship any gods? There are those who have no gods to worship. The philosophers who wear long beards and brown cloaks have no gods to worship. They wrangle with each other in the porticoes. The [ ] laugh at them. We worship seven gods. We may not tell their names.

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It is a very dangerous thing to tell the names of the gods. No one should ever tell the name of his god. Even the priests who praise the gods all day long, and eat of their food with them, do not call them by their right names. We hide them in the folds of our tunics. We do not show them to any one. If we showed them to any one they might leave us. They were given to us by an embalmer of the dead who had found them in a tomb. We served him for seven years.

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We have seen many of them. One sees them chiefly at night time. They pass one by very swiftly. Once we saw some of the gods at daybreak. They were walking across a plain. Once as I was passing through the market place I heard a sophist from Cilicia say that there is only one God. He said it before many people.


I am sure she is the daughter of the Emperor. She immediately becomes a Christian, and is murdered by robbers. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? David and the prophets announced Him. Even though the fact that this was at the time of his trial might have had something to do with this as well, my poor baby boy, he sure deserved better! My chamber is ceiled with cedar and odorous with myrrh.

That cannot be true. We have ourselves seen many, though we are but common men and of no account. When I saw them I hid myself in a bush. They did me no harm. Tell me more about the beautiful young hermit. Talk to me about the beautiful young hermit who will not look on the face of woman. What is the story of his days? What mode of life has he? What does he do, the beautiful young hermit? Does he sow or reap? Does he plant a garden or catch fish in a net? Does he weave linen on a loom? Does he set his hand to the wooden plough and walk behind the oxen?

He being a very holy man does nothing. We are common men and of no account. We toll all day long in the sun. Sometimes the ground is very hard. The Delphi Classics edition of Wilde includes original annotations and illustrations relating to the life and works of the author, as well as individual tables of contents, allowing you to navigate eBooks quickly and easily. Pieter Bruegel the Elder. This is Not a Novel and Other Novels. The Oxford Companion to English Literature. Chamber Music by James Joyce Illustrated. Early Poetry by James Joyce Illustrated. Uncollected Stories by M.

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