Communion With God: An uncommon dialogue

To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here. Neale Donald Walsch lives with his wife, Nancy, in southern Oregon. Together they have formed ReCreation, a non-profit foundation for personal growth and spiritual understanding with the goal of giving people back to themselves. Walsch lectures and hosts workshops throughout the country to support and spread the messages contained in Conversations with God.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Learn more about Amazon Prime. Six years ago, Neale Donald Walsch began a conversation - forging his own unique relationship with God - and the result was Conversations with God book 1, which has sold over 2 million copies worldwide. In that inspirational series, Neale Donald Walsch showed that it is up to us to begin our own conversation. The next stage, as he explained in Friendship with God, is to take this relationship one step further. Now, with the final book in this incredible series, we learn how to take the ultimate step towards communion with god.

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The Heart of the Community: Unlock the door to your true self and discover the power of living your life with unwavering inner peace. The Heart of Infinity: A channeled message from Christ answering over sixty questions in each book of the series that are highly relevant to us today after two millennium. Hodder Paperback November 1, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. The Illumination of the Heart: Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I have read every book written by Neale and this book was as good as the others. I wish everybody could have an open mind and read his material. I know some are put off by thinking he's saying he had a sit down with God as the "Conversations" in many of his books seem to imply, but this certainly isn't what he's implying once you read one of his books.

We're all having a Conversation with God, if in fact you do believe in God. I suppose you wouldn't be interested in this material if you didn't. I can't even describe how much I've grown in a positive way since reading the very first book in the series, and I've re-read all of the books at least twice. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. A lifelong quest to find me, my individual self in relation to all the world and God has been much fortified. Things I instinctually already 'remembered' and adding missing puzzle pieces. I am perfectly me and it feels so good to get answers, confirmation, and truly profound suggestions that bring the big picture into clear and undeniable view.

Whether you think Walsch is simply using his conversations with God as fictional way to present his ideas, or allow for the possibility that he was actually listening with, shall I say, different "ears", I find there are some wonderful ideas presented here. I enjoyed the 1st and 2nd books in his trilogy, Conversations with God.

The 3rd got too meta-economic for my own personal tastes. Indeed, I believe that God is inspiring all of us, all of the time. And while all of us have had this experience, some of us have chosen to call it something else: Perhaps even Divine Intervention. That seems to be going too far. First, I am clear, as I have just said above, that all of us are being inspired by God all of the time.

And I believe, in fact, that they make them routinely. I do believe that Mother Teresa was divinely inspired, but being divinely inspired and being infallible are two different things. In fact, I believe the opposite is true. Actually, again, the opposite maybe true. If people are uncomfortable with me at all, it is probably because I am not holy enough. Nor, would it appear, am I even getting close. Yet for me that is a great advance.

Now I know where I am going. I am going Home, back to the full awareness and experience of my communion with God. And nothing can stop me from getting there. And I believe this promise, at last. God has also shown me the way. Actually, not the way, but a way. There are a thousand paths to God, and every one will get you there.

Indeed, all paths lead to God.

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This is because there is no other place to go. This book talks about that. It talks about how to go Home. It discusses the experience of Oneness with the Divine, or what I call communion with God. It describes a path to that experience, a pathway through our illusions, to the Ultimate Reality. This book speaks with one voice.

I believe it to be the voice of God, the inspiration of God, the presence of God, moving through me, and through you. I am not willing to do that. I do not need you to join me in this belief, nor to believe any of the words on these pages. Indeed, I would be happiest if you did not. Do not believe anything you find here. Know if any of this is your truth. If it is, it will ring true—for you will have been reunited with your innermost wisdom. In either event, you will have benefited enormously, for you will have experienced, in that moment of reunification, your own communion with God.

And that was what you intended when you came here. And to this planet. God has spoken to you many times in many ways over many years, but seldom as directly as this. This time I speak to you as You, and that has occurred on only a handful of occasions in the whole of your history.

Few humans have had the courage to hear Me in this way—as themselves. And fewer still have shared with others what they have heard. Those few who have listened, and shared, have changed the world. This list could go on. These few have been My messengers—for all have brought forward The Truth within their hearts, as best as they understood it, as purely as they knew how.

And while they have each done so through imperfect filters, they have nonetheless brought to your awareness extraordinary wisdom, from which the whole human race has benefited. What is amazing is how similar their insights have been. Now it is time to expand this list to include others, living today, as My latest messengers. We will speak with one voice.

Unless we do not. You will make that choice, even as you have always done. For in each Moment of Now have you made your decision, and announced it in action. At the beginning, your thoughts are Mine, and Mine are yours. For at the beginning, it can be no other way. This Oneness in many forms is what you call Life. Life is God, interpreted. That is, translated into many forms. The first level of translation is from the unified non-physical to the individuated non-physical. The second level of translation is from the individuated non-physical to the individuated physical.

The third level of translation is from the individuated physical into the unified physical. The fourth level of translation is from the unified physical into the unified non-physical. Then the cycle of Life is complete. And while the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, I can only experience this by knowing the sum. And that is who you are.

Communion With God

You are the Sum of God. I have told you this many times before, and many of you have heard this as the son of God. That, too, is correct. You are the sons, and daughters, of God. Yet it does not matter what labels or names you use, it adds up to the same thing: You are The Sum of God. So, too, is everything around you. Everything that you see, and do not see. And all that I am, I am now. There is nothing that I have ever been that I have ceased to be. And there is nothing that I will ever be that I am not now.

I cannot become anything that I now am not, nor can I fail to be anything that I once was. This is as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. There is no mistake in the timing. Now, in the first year of the new millennium, I speak to you with one voice, that we may experience communion. Should you choose this experience of communion with God, you will finally know peace, and joy unbounded, and love fully expressed, and full freedom. Should you choose this truth, you will change your world.

Should you choose this reality, you will create it, and at last fully experience Who You Really Are. It will be the hardest thing you have ever done, and the easiest thing you will ever do. It will be the easiest thing you will ever do because there will be nothing that you have to do. All you have to do is be, and all you have to be is Me.

It will not require an action, only an admission. I have been seeking this admission forever. When you grant Me admission, you let Me into your life. You admit that you and I are One.

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Communion with God: An Uncommon Dialogue (Hardcover) [NEALE DONALD WALSCH] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Communion With God: An uncommon dialogue [Neale Donald Walsch] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Six years ago, Neale Donald .

This is your ticket to heaven, It says: When I gain entrance into your heart, you gain entrance into heaven. And your heaven can be on Earth. Unification with Me, and unification with all others, and with every living thing. This is what I have come to tell you, once more, through the messengers of today. We Are All One. This is the only message that matters. Everything else sends it.

The fact that you have so far failed to receive it you have heard it often, but you have failed to receive it is what has caused every misery, every sorrow, every conflict, every heartache in your experience. It has caused every murder, every war, every rape and robbery, every assault and attack, mental, verbal, and physical.

The idea that we are not One is an illusion. Most people believe in God: God does believe in them. And God loves them more than most of them know. The idea that God turned stone-silent and stopped talking to the human race a long time ago is false. The idea that God is angry with the human race and kicked it out of Paradise is false. The idea that God has set Himself up as judge and jury and will be deciding whether members of the human race go to heaven or hell is false.

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God loves every human being who ever lived, lives now, or ever will live. God is separate from nothing, and nothing is separate from God. This is the good news. Everything else is an illusion. The human race has been living with illusions for a long time. Most humans have simply forgotten that they know this. And they have forgotten that their forgetting is itself part of what they have forgotten—and therefore part of the illusion.

Now it is time for humans to remember. You are one of those who will lead the vanguard in this process. There is nothing surprising in this, given what has been going on in your life. You have come to this book to remember The Illusions Of Humans, so that you may never again be caught up in them but achieve communion with God once more in the living of your life through the awareness of Ultimate Reality.

It is perfect that you have done so. And it is, obviously, not happenstance. You have come here so that you may know experientially that God resides within you, that you may have, whenever you wish, a meeting with the Creator. The Creator may be experienced and found within you and all around you. But you must look past The Illusions Of Humans. You must ignore them. Here are The Ten illusions. Get to know them well so that you will recognize them when you encounter them.

The first five of these are the Physical Illusions, having to do with life in your physical body. You will see how each has been created, and you will see how each has affected your life.

Communion with God : An Uncommon Dialogue by Neale Donald Walsch (2000, Hardcover)

And before this communication is complete, you will also see how you can undo any effects of these illusions that you wish to undo. You will be asked to do that here. Please temporarily give up any previous notions you may have about God and Life. You may return to your previous ideas at any time, it is not a question of abandoning them forever but of merely setting them aside for the moment to allow for the possibility that there may be something you do not know, the knowing of which could change everything. Examine, for instance, your reaction to the idea that God is communicating with you right now.

To make it easier on you, I will speak of Myself in the third person through much of this communication. I recognize that it may be a little unnerving for you to hear Me using the first person singular. And so, while I will do it once in a while just to remind you who is bringing you this information , I will most of the time speak of Myself as, simply, God.

While your receiving a direct communication from the Deity may seem improbable to you at first, understand that you have come to this communication to remember, at last, Who You Really Are, and the illusions that you have created. Soon, you will deeply understand that you have actually caused this book to come to you. For now, simply hear Me when I tell you that in most of the moments of your life, you are living an illusion. And you create hundreds of smaller ones every day. They are not really real, of course. Yet you have created an Alice in Wonderland world in which they seem very real, indeed.

And like the Mad Hatter, you will deny that what is False is false, and that what is Real is real. You have, in fact, been doing this for a very long time. A cultural story is a story that has been handed down from generation to generation, across centuries and millennia. It is the story that you tell yourself about yourself. The cultural story of Humans is that. God has an agenda. The outcome of life is in doubt.

You are separate from God. There is not enough.

Conversations With God Part 2 of Book 1

There is something you have to do. If you do not do it, you will be punished. The punishment is everlasting damnation. Love is, therefore, conditional. You do not know that these are illusions. This cultural story has been so ingrained in you that you now live it fully and completely. Indeed, for millennia after millennia. For so long, in fact, that myths have grown up around these illusions and stories.

Some of the most prominent myths have been reduced to concepts, such as. Based on these illusions, stories, and myths—none of which has anything to do with Ultimate Reality—here is how many humans have come to think about Life: This creates the context for our entire reality, which we experience as one of separation from the Source Of All Life.

Everything that exists, exists separate from us. And we are separate from everything else that exists. We do not want it this way, but this is the way it is. We wish it were otherwise, and, indeed, we strive for it to be otherwise. The only problem is, there does not seem to be enough of the other to satisfy us. No matter what the other thing is that we want, we cannot seem to get enough of it.

We cannot get enough of whatever it is we think we need in order to be happy and fulfilled. The moment we think that we have enough, we decide that we want more. Therefore we, like all of Life, are not enough. It is about our very survival. In this contest, only the fittest survive. And to the victor go all the spoils. If we lose, we live a hell on Earth. And after we die, f we are losers in the competition for God, we experience hell again—this time forever. Adam and Eve had everlasting life in the Garden of Eden. But then, Eve ate the fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and she and Adam were driven from the Garden by an angry God.

Henceforth, life in the body would be limited, and no longer everlasting, and so would the stuff of Life. God loves us even as He condemns us to everlasting damnation. The choice it ours. We need to live a good life. We must strive to do so. In order to do so, we have to know the truth about what God wants and does not want from us. We cannot please God, and we cannot avoid offending Him, f we do not know right from wrong. So we have to know the truth about that. All we have to do is listen to the prophets, teachers, sages, and the source and founder of our religion.

Picking the wrong one could result in us being a loser. We get to declare ourselves the winners before the competition begins. In fact , it is not clear whether we are even supposed to know it. It is possible that we are not supposed to even try to know it, much less to truly know and understand God.

To try is presumptuous, and to declare that you have actually done so is blasphemous. Therefore, we cannot know the truth that we are required to know in order to meet the conditions that we are required to meet in order to receive the love that we are required to receive in order to avoid the condemnation that we are seeking to avoid in order to have the everlasting life that we had before any of this started.

All we need do is take what we think we do know—our cultural story—on faith, and proceed accordingly. This we have tried to do, each according to his or her own beliefs, and thus we have produced the lfe that we are now living, and the reality on Earth that we are creating. This is how most of the human race has it constructed. You each have your minor variations, but this is, in essence, how you live your lives, justify your choices, and rationalize the outcomes. Some of you do not accept all of this, yet all of you accept some of it.

And you accept these statements as the operating reality not because they reflect your innermost wisdom but because someone else has told you that they are true. At some level, you have had to make yourself believe them. This is called make-believe. Yet now it is time to move away from make-believe and toward what is real. This will not be easy, because Ultimate Reality will differ a great deal from what many people in your world are now agreeing is real. And what would be the purpose of that if your life is going well? There would be no purpose. This message is for those who are not satisfied with their world as it is.

We shall now examine The Ten Illusions one by one. You will see how each illusion has caused you to create life on your planet as you are now living it. You will notice that each illusion builds on the previous. Many sound very much alike. That is because they are alike. All of the illusions are simply variations on The First Illusion. They are grander distortions of the original distortion. You will also notice that each new illusion was created to fix a flaw in the illusion just before.

Finally, tired of fixing flaws, you simply decided that you did not understand any of it. Thus the final Illusion: This allowed you to shrug your shoulders and quit trying to solve the mystery. But the evolving mind would not allow such a retreat for very long. In just a few short millennia—a very brief time, in- deed, in the history of the Universe—you have come to the place where ignorance is no longer bliss. You are about to climb out of primitive culture. You are about to make a quantum leap in your understandings. You are about to see through.

The First Illusion is: This is not only The First illusion, but the grandest. On this illusion are all other illusions based. Need is non-existent in the Universe. The Universe does not require a particular result. The Universe is the result. Need is likewise non-existent in the mind of God. God does not require any particular result. God is that which produces all results. If God needed something to produce a result, where would God get it? There is nothing that exists outside of God. There is nothing that is that is not God.

Nothing that is, is not Life. If Life needed something to produce a result, where would Life get it? There is nothing that exists outside of Life. The Universe needs nothing to occur except that which is occurring. This is the nature of things. This is how it is, not the way you have imagined it. Then what would you need? And suppose that it was impossible for you not to live. Now here is the truth about you: It is impossible for you not to survive.

You cannot fail to live, It is not a question of whether you will live but how That is, what form will you take? What will your experience be? I tell you this: You need nothing to survive. Your survival is guaranteed. I gave you everlasting life, and I never took it away from you. Hearing this, you may say yes, but survival is one thing, and happiness is another. You may imagine that you need something in order to survive happily—that you can be happy only under certain conditions. This is not true, but you have believed it to be true.

Yet this is no more true for God than it is for you. The only difference is, God knows this. When you know this, you will be as God. You will have mastered life, and your whole reality will change. Now here is a great secret: Happiness is not created as a result of certain conditions. Certain conditions are created as a result of happiness.

That is such an important statement that it bears repeating. This statement holds true for every other state of being as well. Love is not created as a result of certain conditions. Abundance is not created as a result of certain conditions. Certain conditions are created as a result of abundance. Substitute any state of being you can imagine or devise, It will still hold true that Beingness precedes experience, and produces it. Yet if God is First Cause, what can occur that God did not cause in the first place?

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And if God is all-powerful, what can occur that God does not choose to occur? Is it possible for something to occur that God cannot stop? And if God is choosing not to stop it, is the occurrence itself not something which God is choosing? Of course it is. Yet why would God choose things to occur that would make God unhappy? Nothing makes God unhappy. You cannot believe this because it would require you to believe in a God without need or judgment, and you cannot imagine such a God.

The reason that you cannot imagine such a God is that you cannot imagine such a human. When you come to understand that you can live that way, then you will know all there is to know about God. You will know that your second assessment was right. God is not greater than you. How can God be? Yet you are greater than you think you are.

There are Masters walking your planet right now who know this. These Masters come from many traditions, religions, and cultures, yet they all have one thing in common. Nothing makes Masters unhappy. In the early days of your primitive culture, most humans were not in this place of mastery. Their only desire was to avoid unhappiness, or pain. They moved toward what brought them pleasure and moved away from what deprived them of pleasure or caused pain.

Communion With God an Uncommon Dialogue by Donald Walsch Neale The | eBay

It was what could be called the first mistake. Need does not exist. It is a fiction. In reality, you need nothing to be happy. Happiness is a state of mind. This is not something that early humans were capable of grasping. And because they felt that they needed certain things in order to be happy, they assumed that the same must be true of all Life. Included in that assumption was that part of Life which they came to understand as a Greater Power— a power that succeeding generations have conceptualized as a living being referred to by a wide variety of names, among them Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, and God.

It was not difficult for early humans to conceive of a power greater than themselves. Indeed, it was necessary. An explanation was needed for things that happened that were totally out of their control. This was like saying that The Fullness was not full, that it needed something to make it full.

It was a contradiction in terms—but they could not see this. Many still do not see it today. From this creation of a dependent God, people produced a cultural story in which God has an agenda. In other words, there are things God wants and needs to occur, and ways in which they must occur, in order for God to be happy. Humans have reduced this cultural story to a myth that has crystallized as: Thy Will be done. This exercise quickly made it clear that there was no universal agreement among your species on this point. But then you forced a new question: Clearly, there was a flaw in that First Illusion.

This should have revealed the idea of Need as false. But humans knew at some very deep level that they could not give up the Illusion, or something very vital would come to an end. But they made a mistake. Instead of seeing the Illusion as an illusion, and using it for the purpose for which it was intended, they thought they had to fix its flaw. The Second Illusion is: God can desire something but not get it. God can wish for something but not receive it. God can need something but not have it. You have not only imagined a God with needs, you have imagined a God who can fail to have His needs met.

How have you done this? Once again, through the use of projection. Your have projected yourself upon your God. Since you noticed that you could fail to obtain all the things that you imagine you need to be happy, you have declared that the same is true of God. From this illusion you have created a cultural story which teaches that the outcome of life is in doubt.

It could work out, or it could not. It might be okay, and it might not. Adding doubt to the mix—doubt that God could meet His needs assuming I had any — produced your first encounter with fear. There was nothing to fear. What could go wrong? But then came the idea that God could want something and actually not get it. God could want all of His children to return to Him in heaven, but His children themselves, by their own actions, could prevent this.

Yet this idea, too, strained credibility, and again the human mind saw the contradiction. How could the outcome of life be in doubt if the One producing the outcome and the One experiencing it were the same? Clearly, there was a flaw in The Second Illusion. Again, they were right. But again, they made a mistake.

Instead of seeing the Illusion as an illusion, and using it for the purpose for which it was intended, they thought they had to fix the flaw. The Third Illusion is: The Creator and the creations were not all one. This is the Illusion of Disunity—the idea that separation. Under these circumstances, the Will of the Creator could be thwarted. God could want something but not get it. Disunity produces the possibility of Failure, and Failure is only possible if Need exists. The first three illusions are the most crucial. Each of your cultures created its own special story, but all of them made the same basic points, each in their own way.

One of the most famous is the story of Adam and Eve. There they enjoyed eternal life and communion with the Divine. In exchange for this gift of Life idyllic, God is said to have required only one thing. According to this legend, Eve ate of the fruit anyway. But it was not entirely her fault. She was tempted by a serpent, who in reality was a being you have called Satan, or the Devil. And just who is this Devil? He is, one story has it, an angel gone bad, a creation of God who dared to want to be as great as his Creator.

This, the story says, is the ultimate offense, the supreme blasphemy. All creations should honor the Creator and never seek to be as great, or greater. Human creators actually want their offspring to strive to be as great, if not greater, than they. Satan, the fallen angel, was cast away, separated from the flock, shunned, damned, and suddenly there were two powers in Ultimate Reality, God and Satan; and two places from which they operated, heaven and hell. All of this proved that I was not an all-powerful God after all.

Except that if you exercised your free will in a way I did not approve of, I would hand you over to Satan, who would torture you for eternity. So successful were these stories in injecting fear into the hearts of children that they were repeated over and over to each new generation. Thus the first three illusions were deeply imbedded in the human psyche. While the idea that Need and Failure exists is crucial to the rest of the Illusions, the idea that Disunity Exists has the most impact on human affairs.

The impact of The Third Illusion is felt by the human race to this day. If your thought about The Third Illusion is that it is true, you shall have one experience of life. These two experiences will be dramatically different. As a result, people feel separate from God and separate from each other.

They either misunderstand Me, or fear Me, or they beg for My help—or they deny Me altogether. In so doing, humans have missed a glorious opportunity to use the most powerful force in the Universe. They have subjected themselves to lives over which they imagine they have no control, under conditions they think they cannot change, producing experiences and outcomes they believe they cannot escape. The Master, therefore, never complains, and so, limits the suffering outside of himself—and inside as well.

Pain is an experience. Suffering is a judgment which is made about that experience. Yet the degree to which pain is accepted as perfect is the degree to which suffering in life may be eliminated. It hurts to have the tooth pulled, but it is very welcome pain. Greed, violence, jealousy, and other behaviors that you do not believe benefit anyone are still displayed by members of your species, although now by the minority. This is a sign of your evolution. Yet efforts in your society are directed not nearly so much at seeking to change these behaviors as seeking to punish them.

It is thought that punishing them will correct them. Some people are still not understanding that until they correct the conditions in society which create and invite unwanted behaviors, they will correct nothing. They seek to end killing with killing, to end violence with violence, to quell anger with anger. In doing all of this, they fail to see their hypocrisy, and thus embody it. Many humans continue to see themselves as separate from each other, from all other living things, and from God. They see that they are destroying themselves, yet they claim not to understand how they are doing it.

Surely, they say, it is not through their individual actions. It is having no negative effect on The Whole to use fossil fuels rather than solar-powered energy. Individual human behaviors, they tell themselves, are not having such a negative effect on The Whole that they could actually cause The Whole to collapse. That would only be possible if there was nothing that was separate—if, in effect, The Whole was doing all of this to itself. And that is silly. The Third Illusion is true. Still, the separate actions of all the separate beings who are not one with each other, and not one with all of Life, seem, in fact, to have a very real effect on Life itself.

Now, at last, more and more humans are beginning to acknowledge this as they develop from primitive cultural thinking into a more evolved society. This is because of the work that you, and others like you, are doing. For you have raised your voice. You have sounded the alarm. You have joined the effort to awaken each other, each in your own way, some quietly and individually, some in groups. In days gone by, there were not nearly as many of you ready and able to awaken the others. Why should the fact that they are separate from each other create a problem?

These are the questions humans began to ask. Clearly, there was a flaw in The Third Illusion. This should have revealed the idea of Disunity to be false, but humans knew at some very deep level that they could not give up the Illusion, or something very vital would come to an end. This is The Fourth Illusion: It arises out of The Third Illusion, for without the idea of Disunity, the idea of Insufficiency is insupportable. It is sufficient unto Itself. This is a statement of the nature of God. This is not, however, the experience of humans, because humans imagine themselves to be separate from God, and separate from each other as well.

Yet no human is separate from God, since God is Everything that is. Therefore humans are not, and cannot be, separate from each other. This is a statement of the nature of humans. The illusion serves your purpose magnificently when you use the illusion as a tool to create experience. The device becomes the experience. By this process you have come to actually believe that you are separate; that Disunity is possible in the unified field you call the Universe. It has had enormous impact on your day-to-day experience. When there was only One Thing, and you knew that you were that One Thing, there was never a question of there not being enough.

There was always enough of you. But when you decided that there was more than One Thing, then and only then could it appear that there was not enough of the other thing. Yet you are Life, and that which Life is—which is God, Itself.

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Still, as long as you imagine that you are separate from God, you will imagine that you are something other than what God is—which is Life itself. You may think that you are that which lives, but you will not imagine yourself to be Life Itself. This separation of Itself from Itself is what you have called the casting out from the Garden of Eden. Suddenly, where once there was eternal life, now there is death. This is impossible in Ultimate Reality, but not in your imagination. You can even imagine that you are in competition—with the birds, with the bees, with every other living thing and all other human beings.

You can create a nightmare in which all that supports your life seems to limit it. Thus, you will actually attempt to subdue that which supports you. You were told to have dominion, but you have decided that this means domination. So you have actually begun a war with nature, and with the natural order of things. You have used science and technology to twist and turn and manipulate nature so that it bends to your will. You already are what you seek to be—eternal, unlimited, and one with all—yet you do not remember this.

And you do not even see what you are doing. Life becomes the single common denominator. Everyone wants Life, and the things that support Life. And, because you think there is more than one of you, you are afraid that there may not be enough Life to go around. Out of this fear you produce your next imagined reality: At a higher level this is always clear. It is at this higher level that you seek to end the experience of separation, to remind yourself that this is an illusion you have created.

Though I have told you many times, it is a good time now to discuss once more why you have created it. Only when you are outside the reality can you experience it. And, in the absence of that which you are not, that which you are, is not. In the absence of cold, hot is not. In the absence of tall, short is not. It may exist as a concept, but it is not a concept that you can directly experience.

Similarly, in the absence of Disunity, unity is not. It is not something that can be known. In this context, you cannot know yourself as Who You Really Are. Yet it is our wish to know ourselves as Who We Really Are. Thus, we must first create the experience of Who We. Since we cannot create this experience in Ultimate Reality, we must do so through illusion. In this way, we can rejoice in what is really so, and know it. In this way, we can experience Who We Really Are. The All Of It.

The One And Only. This is a simple explanation of the purpose of relativity, which I have given you many times in our ongoing dialogue. It is repeated here so that you may understand it thoroughly, so that you may awaken from your dream.

See a Problem?

The Loney Andrew Michael Hurley. Thus, you will actually attempt to subdue that which supports you. From the origins of alchemy, both reputed and documented, Cherry Gilchrist's lively and sympathetic narrative takes the reader from the alchemical interests of the ancient Egyptians to the flowering of alchemy in the seventeenth century. This is unconditional love, of which I have spoken many times. There were parts of this book that really spoke to me, like approaching things with the mindset of "there is something here I do not know, the knowing of which will change everything. Teach your children that they are deeply connected to all. So what always was had to be called the reward.

Before separation, you never questioned your survival. This became your primary goal, your new basic instinct. You even began to think that the reason you coupled with others was to guarantee your survival as a species. You lost sight of the fact that you coupled in response to the only real instinct, which is love. This idea is false, for your survival is guaranteed forever, and even forevermore. And, indeed, that is how you see it.

You are competing with your very self for more of your self. Your belief in Insufficiency has even led you to conclude that there is not enough God. Because all of these things are limited, you must compete for them. And you are destroying your planet and yourselves because of this belief. You are even destroying yourselves in your competitions for God, which you call religions. Your theologies, in particular, have been most arrogant, assuming and proclaiming to have all the answers—leaving no questions and entertaining no doubts. Yet something about these beliefs is not working.

It has led to brutal repression, to suppression, and to massive depression. All of this has come out of the idea that Insufficiency Exists—for sufficiency would solve all of this. But there is not enough. About this you are clear. Still, if there is not enough, how does one get enough? How can survival be assured without killing and squabbling? Clearly, there was a flaw in The Fourth Illusion.

Instead of seeing the illusion as an illusion, and using it for the purpose for which it was intended, they thought they had to fix the flaw. This is The Fifth Illusion: The existence of Insufficiency led rapidly and inevitably to the idea of the next Illusion. If there were enough stuff, there would be nothing you would have to do to get whatever it was that you wanted or needed.

You would just reach out and it would be there. But that is not how humans decided that it is. They said, there is not enough. So now they faced the question: How does one get enough? How does one qualify? You imagined this to be the Requirement. If anything, it has grown stronger. You believe that when you do the things you need to do, you can be the things you want to be. If you want to be happy, if you want to be secure, if you want to be loved, then there are things you are going to have to do.

You cannot be these things unless you have enough. And you cannot have enough unless you do what it takes to get enough—to qualify for enough. Even God says there is something that you have to do in order to get into heaven. This is how you have it put together. This is the Requirement. Mind you, now, all of this is based on The Third Illusion— that you are separate. When there was only One of you, there was always enough, and so, there was nothing you had to do in order to be anything.

And that idea of separation was based on The Second Illusion—that Failure exists. Because God failed to get what He wanted, He separated all humans from Him. God could not fail to get what God wanted if God wanted nothing, and God would want nothing if God needed nothing.

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In truth, there is only one illusion, and all the others are permutations of that. Everything else is an expansion of the only Illusion, with a different nuance. Thus, the Illusion of Requirement is nothing more than a different take on the illusion of Need. Similarly, the Illusion of Insufficiency is a different take on The illusion of Need, as is the Illusion of Failure, and so on, through all The illusions of Humans.

It is like watching a balloon being blown up. It has resulted in entire lists and sets of rules and regulations, guidelines and procedures, laws of God and laws of man, by which you imagine you must live your life. Here are a few of the things you have decided that you must do in order to have a good life on earth: Be a good boy or girl. Get good grades and go on to college.