The Book of Jasher

Book of Jasher, Chapter 1

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. If you like the stories of the Old Testament, you will thoroughly enjoy this book. Although this is not cannonized scripture, it still gives food for thought. It is written in similar style as the King James Bible. Details are provided in answer to questions such as: When the floods came in Noah's day, why weren't the people who were shut out of the ark able to gain entrance into the ark?

How was Noah able to gather the animals and how did he determine which animals to take on the ark? If Abraham's father worshipped idols, how was Abraham taught of God's ways to become such a righteous prophet? What was the final straw causing Abraham's father to seek his death? And many other questions are answered. I would highly recommend this book.

I bought this under the assumption that it would be the translation made by Flaccus Albinus Alcuin.

The Book of Jasher and the Latter-day Saints

I'm talking about the version they called Pseudo-Jasher. The "radical" "anti-religious" version that got the printer, John Ilive, sent to jail. The version with the commendation from the reformation Bible translator, John Wycliffe whose corpse was desecrated on the order of the High Church , the version praised and republished by the Rosicrucian order, the version that says Jethro was the "Lord of the Mountain" and that Miriam was just as popular as Moses. The version that they left out of the bible because it would change our whole perspective of what our "religion" is based on and who the God of the old testament really was.

That genuine version they call Pseudo-Jasher, is the reason this actual fraud published by J. Parry and Company, exists. Notice that the J.

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That's the real fraud. One person found this helpful. Yeah, not genuine, but written by some Kabbalist Jew of the 11th century, then it just goes down the bunnyhole of deceit and enveigled origins from there. Then the lies and incorporation into other things began But, not clever enough to fool all and sundry.

That one, I fear, is forever lost to us, as so many others have been. Thank the Alexandrian Library fire, I guess. Use caution when reading. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I purchased this book just for another book to compare with the scriptures and I find it interesting. However, when reading this keep in mind the authorship is questionable and that the Original Book Of Jasher that is referred to in the Bible is a lost book along with the other lost books of the bible: Many original writings were lost as well. I read other comments saying this should have been included in the Bible: No, it should not as the original book was lost, which puts into question the reliability of this translation.

It is a book of Jewish legends from the creation to the conquest of Canaan under Joshua, but scholars hold that it did not exist before A.

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Jasher is an excellent history. Real easy to follow. These scriptural citations suggest an additional record providing a more complete and comprehensive report of these events. To anyone familiar with ancient history, it will be obvious that Jasher places these events in a radically different time period than do conventional historians. There probably is no way that we can know that the Biblical writer s quoted from this book, rather than the other way around? It is not considered inspired, but other than a couple of oddities, which could be due to translation, I do not see any issues with the version.

So when Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses it was wrong because Moses did not have relations with the woman of Cush. The following concerns Abraham and Sarah.

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Abraham knew God's law and knew it was wrong to marry his sister as we use the term. However, the Book of Jasher explains this a little further.

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So as you can see Sarah was Abraham's sister, but we would say that Sarah was Abraham's niece. This also shows that in scripture the terms brother and sister could include nephews and nieces. You can also see from Jasher that Abraham was taught the Law of God from the time he was a child and as the Bible promises he did not depart from it all his life.

Book of Jasher (biblical references)

There are some who believe that Abraham grew up as an idol worshipper. Terah, Abraham's father was an idol worshipper, not Abraham. One last comment on this. If you know how the Hebrew works for singular and plural read the following verse with and with out the plural for daughter. Iscah is "one who looks forth" the daughter of Haran, the niece of Abraham, the sister of Lot and Milcah.

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A few years ago I was told how that the Book of Jasher was not mentioned in the Septuagint. This was used to discredit Jasher. However this is not necessarily true. There is no mention in the Septuagint Joshua However it is mentioned in 2 Samuel 1: Here is the verse from the Charles Thomson Septuagint. As you can see what we are dealing with is a simple translation difference.

Ancient Book of Jasher/Audio Version

It is the same as when the King James uses Osee in Romans 9: Osee is the result of transliterating from Greek to English of the Hebrew word Hosea. Jasher is the result of transliterating from the Hebrew to English the same word that was transliterated from Greek to English to get Straight or Right. Hope that makes sense, but all we are dealing with is the difference you get when transliterating or translating words between two and three languages.

Real easy to follow. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Jun 9, Version 1. Update Jun 26, Links not working Apr 30, Great reading Aug 1, Information Seller Oleg Shukalovich.