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Maddie wished she could either disappear or find a way to make Mac McCarthy and his big, hulking presence go away. She opened her eyes. Mac leaned in so his face was inches from hers. Now, we can do this the hard way or the easy way. She attempted to cross her arms in impatience and grimaced at the pain that radiated from her elbow.

For a brief, sickening second, she wondered if she had broken it. Then it finally gave way and bent the way it was supposed to. I can stay right here all day. Mac scooped her up and gave her a moment to get her injured arm and leg settled. While she once again hid her face against his faded yellow T-shirt, he carried her through the lobby and out the back door. He smelled of sporty deodorant and laundry detergent, and his steady heartbeat echoed in her ear.

Too bad he was a McCarthy. Otherwise, she might be tempted to forget about her no-men-ever-again policy. Maddie directed him through a series of pathways behind the buildings that made up downtown Gansett. Maddie wondered what it would be like to trail her lips along his whisker-sprinkled jaw. Her cheeks heated with embarrassment.

The sudden weight on her injured knee sent pain shooting through her, and she cried out from the shock of it. He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, surprising her again with the tender gesture.

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Maddie ventured a glance up at him and swallowed hard, taken aback by his intense gaze. I never got it off the bike. Twenty, maybe thirty dollars, but she needed every one of them. Somehow he managed to carry her, open the door and get her inside without causing her any additional pain. She watched him take a quick survey of the small space and felt her defenses rise. Maddie wanted to shriek in frustration.

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When I think of wicked, flowers aren't in the picture, unless they're dead or black. It was sweet, straightforward and easy to follow. I really enjoyed this book. Ending had me in tears as it was sa wol birthday and both in yeob and moo myung found each other after all these trouble they have been endured together. This is the first book in the series about a family that lives on an small island off Rhode Island.

And then it hit her in a wave of sickening despair. But of course he sat on the coffee table, and Maddie prayed the flimsy table would hold his two-hundred-pounds-of-pure-muscle frame. They need the job done.

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She realized he was serious. How can you be so sure you can do it? I think I can handle cleaning a few hotel rooms. Maddie studied his supremely handsome face. He flashed a victorious smile. Now what about the kids? Could I be your arms and legs there, too? Just the idea of a mighty McCarthy stooping to the level of manual laborer at the hotel his family owned brought a smile to her face.

She offered her uninjured hand. He shocked her again when he took her hand and brushed a soft kiss over the back of it. Now, let me go find your purse and see about getting you some lunch. Your Privacy is protected.

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Other Books in the Gansett Island Series. Chapter 1 Madeline Chester retrieved her nine-month-old son Thomas from his crib and checked her watch. He let out a squeal of delight that drew a smile from Maddie. Migthy Thor Apr 09 5: The story would have been interesting if only they made the pace faster instead of dragging every scenes as if it just wanted to stretch the drama.

And continuous repetition of dialogues and scenario is too much. It's a pity the scriptwriter and director failed to make this drama more lively and interesting. GG Mar 14 9: There are less hiding of secret and motive between characters.

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I love the ending. I think it has to be that way since in the relationship between yeob and moo myung is more matutal and they protect each other for survival so understand that there are less sences of two of them madly in love. But of cuz I wish to see them together marry and have a life that they both deserve. Ending had me in tears as it was sa wol birthday and both in yeob and moo myung found each other after all these trouble they have been endured together.

I like that in yeob didn't settle so fast with moo myung and took a mourning time for eun ki.

In yeob and moo myung is the best, they have all the understanding, unconditional love and they help each other out in their worst time. Licorice Jan 20 6: Yes, In-yeob only loved Eun-ki, that's why it hurt her so much that she had to give up on him, and tried to ignore him.

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For Moo-myung, l could see and sense that he cares a lot for In-yeob and l don't know why he fell in love with her. Her sense of justice? Her stubborn and toughness? He didn't even notice that he already fell in love with ln-yeob! He had fall in love before, why wouldn't he notice?? This was a good drama but in the end it felt a little blah.

I liked the actors and they did a good job but there seemed to be little suspense or climax in the end. I would give this 8. Dzhak Aug 27 Candice Jul 14 9: I thought why In Yeob thanked Moo Myeong for she's being the noble back. Who did ask King Taejo to write a letter about the secret task for InYeob's father?!?! It was bcoz she pity him and felt like she owe him Khendy Jul 02 Ive watched many korean drama but didnt find it interesting til i watched maids. The sypnopsis is really good and the acting for the actor are good as well, it's not all about romance, and what i like in this drama is when moo myong act so cool but secretly have a feeling for in yub and help her in many times, i think it's more romantic than all those cheesy romantic words also i'm speechless with kim eun ki's love.

Till the end of his life, he still sacrifice for in yub! What an exellent drama. I totally recommend this. LiLa Jun 09 3: The story-line is really good written. It has all reasonable moments. The drama doesn't suit those who seek for romance. I really like how they portrait the two protagonists: I myself prefer girl who smart rather than cute to be the lead. I almost stop watching ep 2 because it seems a bit lack and quite boring at the beginning but after ep 3, the story is growing up well.

For the ending, I don't find it bad. It's a good ending. Some viewers find it bad for the co-lead to die, but for greater picture, his death is the best punishment for all bad characters and good turnover point for the two leads. Anw, this drama is highly recommended. I would give 8. I don't think the ending is a bad one since every characters state is clearly explained and the meeting of the the leads at the end shows hope for a new future of theirs.. Foul May 14 Emma Lin Apr 13 3: I could care less about the rest. Oma Roma Apr 13 3: The only character I could root for is Kim Eun-Go.

He suffered the most and lost everything. She would have looked better staying true to Eun Ki. Well now I couldn't bring myself to finish the last episode.

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Mae Apr 12 5: Still it was a great series, just didn't like how the characters evolved. I guess that till the ending she still loves eun ki more than moo myeong. Kala Apr 03 My heart broke when he died! Such a good actor! I am looking forward for his next drama! What happened with In Hub and Moo Hyung?

Do we need to just use our imagination to create a good ending? There is no romance no sweet moments till the end between the two leads. But still, a wonderful drama, almost a masterpiece! Maybe you should make Part two for us to be satisfied. I will be waiting! Glad that i finally watched it.

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Malak Mar 28 2: Tahmina Mar 14 3: Ally Mar 14 6: Xue Jing Mar 09 9: Melody Mar 08 6: The sitcom ended its six-season run in Gladis had proposed to Behrs on the actress and husband Geoffrey Arend 's rooftop. Behrs, 32, wore an off-the-shoulder lace mini dress, paired with a sash reading "Bride to Be" and white cowboy boots. The shower included blue-fronted B and diamond ring-shaped cookies and blue rabbit Peeps, as well as pink Champagne. Man, I really felt the love today. Thank you emilybehrs maureenbehrs and all the amazing women in my life for the most gorgeous shower and most special day!

I love you all so much! A post shared by Beth Behrs bethbehrs on Mar 31, at 9: So grateful for my family and my love and my friends in this crazy world!