Murder Spins a Tale: A Flock and Fiber Mystery

Murder Spins a Tale

Her temper flares when she realizes she won't inherit the property she insists belongs to her. Did she know about the change in the will? Is she responsible for his death? When long time office manager, Angie, becomes the executor of his will, she seeks out Martha and Ellen for assistance. As they go through his papers they find some information that makes them wonder just who is responsible for the tragic murder. When a newcomer is suspected of the murder, Martha can't help but believe they have the wrong man in custody. Martha is determined to find the truth and risks everything she lives to do just that.

This book made me laugh and giggle, it made me want to learn how to spin, and it made me want to read more in this wonderful series. This is a definite 5 star book! Mar 23, Carol rated it it was ok Shelves: I like fiber and craft-related cozies, so I was looking forward to reading this.

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On the plus side, I liked the spinning and knitting content and the characters. The story line was pretty good, although the clues pointing to the killer were too heavy-handed and obvious. The biggest problem for me was the writing style. Dialogue passages were especially bad, with conversations sounding stiff and unnatural.

Veryl Ann Grace | Flock n Fiber Mysteries

More contractions in the dialogue would have I like fiber and craft-related cozies, so I was looking forward to reading this. More contractions in the dialogue would have helped, and a few more commas as well. There were times when I had to re-read sentences to get the correct phrasing due to missing punctuation. I eventually found that if I skimmed the book, the clumsy writing didn't trip me up me as much, but I'd much prefer to take my time and enjoy a well-written book. Jul 01, Marcie Dark rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. Because I had a small ranch, that had the same type of animals sheep, Great Pyrenees, etc as well as being a spinner, knitter, and crocheter, I really related to this story A LOT except for the murder, that is.

I cannot wait until her next book comes out.

Dec 28, Smpaetz rated it it was amazing. This book was so fun to read.

The Mystery Novels of Veryl Ann Grace

If you like fiber art. If I could give this book 2. I liked the plot, but the author needs to work on writing conversation. Every time someone came to her house to ea If I could give this book 2. Every time someone came to her house to eat, the visitor "built the fire" while Martha, the main character, fixed the meal. It really was annoying! The structure of the writing reminded me of the short stories my sophomores had to write when I taught, well, sophomores! That's not really a good thing. Martha is a widow who has a fiber shop on her small farm.

She also has 3 sheep, 2 alpacas, a cat, and 2 Great Pyrenees. She lives in the small town of Black Hills, Washington, which also was bothersome initially but only because I grew up in the Black Hills of SD and didn't know there were any towns called Black Hills. Tom is the local physician whom everyone in town adores.

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There have a spate of burglaries recently, but most of them have been north of Olympia. Tom is discovered dead in his unlocked office early one morning, everyone is in shock.

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There are many suspects, but only a new hire at the feed store, Dr. Tom's ex-wife, and maybe the burglar seem to be plausible choices. Martha can't believe that most of these would have actually killed anyone.

May 13, Jeannie and Louis Rigod rated it really liked it. Grace spun a delightful tale of suspense, and murder within the locale of Black Hills, Washington and the sleuth's home-farm store which is famed as a Fiber store.

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Martha Williamson, a widow and the owner of "The Spider's Web," has etched out a fulfilling life-work situation for herself and her beloved pets and animal flock. I found myself intrigued with Martha's flock being the source of her fleece etc.

Five Finger Death Punch - Under And Over It

This was an occupation which I had been unaware of for dogs but was so interested to learn. Grace also teaches us a lot about spinning fabric. I would have enjoyed a glossary of terms to ease a non-crafter, as myself, to an easier understanding of what the clients were discussing. As to the murder mystery, it was very well presented and I was saddened by the choice of the victim. I guess I wanted a bit of romance for this lovely Martha. Perhaps, in her next book. I really did enjoy this book and will be on the lookout for any future books by Ms.

Aug 17, J. Fun and unusual fiber mystery If you like dogs, knitting, spinning, animals, or mysteries, you'll love the Flock and Fiber mysteries. Lots of heart, friendship, family fiber producing animals sheep, llama, alpaca, dogs Yes, dog fiber to keep the reader engaged and add spice to the mystery.

I wish I could live in this community and visit The Spider's Web yarn shop! May 14, Angie rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this one. Yes the clues are there, and easy to guess who did it and why, however she allows them to appear in a logical manner. The fact it's surrounded with spinning and fiber and she actually knows what she's writing about is a major plus. What I enjoy most is the book is filled with community. One of things I like about having a Fiber habit.

Apr 23, Annette rated it it was ok. I figured out "who done it" almost right off, the writing style was rough and I almost didn't enjoy it because of that one important factor. I did find the subject matter interesting since I don't know much about spinning. Jan 11, ChrisGA rated it it was amazing Shelves: I read it based on reviews It was slow, the author writes about each minute detail in a way that goes beyond descriptive into boring!

The characters are completely flat. They don't use contractions in their speech, so it felt to me I read it based on reviews They don't use contractions in their speech, so it felt to me like a teenager handing in an English project that relied to much on spell check. It was awkward reading the dialogue because people don't talk like that! The dogs could have been a great touch, but since they ended up being the only characters in the book with any personality, maybe a book about them would have been better! I would have loved it if it weren't so tedious and boring.

In the hundreds of books I read I rarely just end up flipping through to the end. But after getting over half through, that's what I did Jul 13, Kristi rated it liked it Shelves: As genre cozies go, this was a decent introduction to a possible new series. As an avid knitter and spinner I enjoyed the designer and pattern name dropping, though someone not into fiber arts may feel a bit alienated by it. I did find the formulaic chapters a bit tiresome. Though overall the copyediting was better than most self-published Kindle titles I've read lately.

I would give this author another chance should a follow-up book be released in the future. I'd even be anxious to do so if she As genre cozies go, this was a decent introduction to a possible new series. I'd even be anxious to do so if she were picked up by a publisher so there was a bit more fine tuning. I really loved reading this book, and can't wait to start the author's next book! The characters were very real, the story flowed nicely and the end it was just perfect.

My only criticism is that the author needs to work on her sentence structure. Other than that one criticism, the book was absolutely perfect!!! A great cozy read!!! Jul 15, Moondance rated it liked it Shelves: A quaint cozy set in Washington. Martha is the owner of a fiber arts studio and store.

She raises alpacas and has two Great Pyrenees as her faithful companions. My loom is currently in use with another project and I have a couple in line before I get to this one. Posted by Veryl Ann Grace at The cover has been finalized. Thanks to Charlene for her beautiful artwork and to the design team at Create Space who once again gave me a beautiful cover.

Posted by Veryl Ann Grace at 2: Things are happening that make it seem like Murder Comes Unraveled will actually become a book. I have the final manuscript ready to go to the woman who does the layout and design for me as soon as she returns from vacation, and I have now set up a file at Create Space for this book. This is the first step of their process. But most of all, we have cover art. Once again, our cover art was drawn by the talented Charlene Lofgreen. I love Charlene's painting, and I know the designers at Create Space will turn it into a beautiful book cover.

I hope that you are. Friday, May 25, Spindle Spinning. Many spinners start spinning with a spindle. Others start with a wheel and than add a spindle when they decide they want something more portable. Either way, I know that some people have problems believing that you can actually spin enough on a spindle to turn your yarn into something useful. The answer is yes you can.

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Denied justice weaves a web of revenge and death in this new cozy mystery. A beautiful winter morning gives no hint of the danger that will engulf Martha. Murder Comes Unraveled: A Flock and Fiber Mystery. +. Murder Spins a Tale: A Flock and Fiber Mystery. Total price: $ Add both to Cart Add both to List.

A number of years ago, I decided that I wanted to create a memory shawl for me. The yarn was to be spun from a single of a wool blend and a single of dog hair. The dog hair came from every dog I've owned since I was an adult plus four dogs that belonged to my friend, Judy Gustafson. The dog breeds included Great Pyrenees, Samoyed, Caucasian Ovcharka, Maremma, and a small amount of hair from my current short haired mixed breeds.

See a Problem?

I decided to spin the yarn using a spindle because I consistently spin a finer yarn with a spindle than I do with my wheel, and I wanted a lace weight yarn. It took me a number of years to finish this project because I often got sidetracked with other things to do, but this last winter, it was finally done. When deciding on a spindle to use for my project, I decided on two. Both of these are Pele's Hair spindles which were turned by my husband, Glenn. The larger heavier spindle was used for the wool blend. The smaller one was used for the dog hair.

When I'm spinning for a large product using a spindle, I have to have a way to store the singles and to splice the production from the spindle to get the length of yarn that I need. I do this by using a toilet paper tube. I wind the yarn from the spindle onto the toilet paper tube. Then when I need to add another spindle full of yarn, I splice the ends from the spindle and the toilet paper tube, and continue winding the yarn onto the toilet paper tube. Here is a picture of a full toilet paper tube and of the yarn that I used to make my shawl.

The lace pattern that I decided on for my shawl was Candlelight. The shawl is four pattern repeats wide and about six feet long. Here is the shawl blocked out on the floor in the loft of my studio house. Here is a close up of the pattern with a darker background so it is more easily seen. And here are two pictures of me wearing the shawl.

Spindle spinning is an old craft. Many peoples have been using only spindles for their yarn production for thousands of years. Even today a spindle is the primary tool for some people to make beautiful yarn. If you've ever thought that you might like to learn to spin, I highly recommend the spindle. Spindles are available all over the internet and You Tube has many introductory lessons on using it. Give is a whirl. Posted by Veryl Ann Grace at 3: Sunday, April 29, Murder Comes Unraveled. I cannot believe that it has been over a year since I've actually posted on this blog.

I could come up with a million excuses, but they'd be just that excuses.