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We've had terrific feedback from attendees and would like to congratulate you guys on the professional approach and well organized presentation. My husband and I attended and got so much value from the course and have the poster stuck up on our fridge for reference now. Justin and I attended the course at Woollahra yesterday and I think by the time we got home to Alexandria I had said about 5 times how great the course is and how glad I was that we had done it. Before attending, my big fear was choking , and finding out what to do in the event that our bub ever does this will save me pureeing his food until he is 21!!

We sincerely hope we never need any or all of the info oh I live in a fantasy world don't I? Thanks so much for such an informative session. I will be sure to spread the word when we make our way into a Mother's Group in the coming months. Congratulations on such a fantastic and needed business idea and thanks once again for a really great session yesterday.


Around a week or so after completing the course my grandfather suffered a cardiac arrest in which heart stopped beating and this condition is almost always fatal. We still have the poster on our laundry wall with all of the key points, including numbers to call, which is an excellent reference guide. He thought he had just eaten a cockroach, but he then noticed that his breathing had suddenly quickened. Why I attended - having a newborn made both myself and my husband nervous about "what if I thoroughly enjoyed my class and I have recommended it to all my friends'. All cheered, as I cried. So incredibly glad that we attended your session!

We just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent first aid course at Crows Nest on Saturday. We found the course was very practical and helpful and thought that Craig was a fantastic presenter.

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Knowing of his extensive experience and hearing his stories was great but we also found him to be very clear and good at reinforcing the main points. Our poster is up to remind us of the things covered in the course. Hopefully we won't need to use what we've learnt but it's good to feel prepared. It was also very helpful for us to be able to bring our baby along - we probably wouldn't have signed up if we couldn't have. Very informative, and great format. Can not thank you enough for undertaking this great business idea.

Just wanted to let you know we thoroughly enjoyed the course we attended in Crows Nest on Saturday. I have done the St Johns course a couple of times and this course was far superior. Katie was a scream, she made us laugh but she sure knew what she was talking about. My confidence in handling a situation now is much, much higher, Thank you. It s great to watch the TV show " Heroes" now as recognise the steps I have learnt being re enacted.

My husband and I attended your KFA session last saturday and came away feeling confident and even excited that we had attended!! What to do in an emergency was always something that terrified me not only for our baby but even just if someone collapsed in the street! Before having our baby, the fear of something bad happening sortof paralysed me and thus prevented me from making sure I knew first aid because I thought it was so complicated that when I needed it I'd get all confused anyway and make things even worse for whoever needed my help.

However after giving birth to our baby son, I realised I had to make sure I was prepared for an emergency - no shrinking back! After your fantastic program I feel more confident that I can calmly hopefully! Katie applied it also to adults in a clear and simple way, which I really appreciated. I am a person that usually has a hundred silly questions, so I was really grateful that Katie patiently took and cheerfully answered everyone's questions which usually covered something I wondered also until everything she was instructing us was clear in everyone's minds.

I was amazed at how logical and simple so many first aid steps for various situations are! Things have changed since learning all those complicated and confusing procedures in P. After realising how simple and obviously life-changing first aid really is I cannot help but wonder why it isn't compulsory for everyone to learn first aid! The fee is peanuts when compared to the value of what is learnt. Thank you also for the fantastic poster to help reinforce what we learnt.

We already have it hanging in the bathroom where we can read over it every day so it will become a second-nature reaction. We have been telling all our friends about what to do in different situations which also helps us to remember the steps clearly. I apologise for such a lengthy email, thankyou once again.

So incredibly glad that we attended your session! Please pass on our thanks once again to Katie: I attended your course in Ballina a couple of weeks ago and just wanted to say thank you so much for your frank and very informative presentation. Even though I had a little bit of first aid training I learned heaps and feel confident that I could now handle almost anything that might happen in the best possible way until the ambulance arrives.

I have sorted out our first aid stuff and medications which used to be in a bottom drawer in the kitchen but now lives in a high cupboard on the wall since Lily can now open drawers! We have chucked out all the old stuff and restocked with the important stuff. The cupboard under my sink used to house bleach, cleaning products and dishwasher tablets but that all lives in a high cupboard now and all we have under the sink are dishcloths and pots and pans. My husband does regular first aid training at his work but we had some good conversations about what you had presented and he realised that a lot of the important stuff for kids is not covered in his training so he has now learned vicariously through me and through your poster the difference between adults and kids when it comes to first aid.

I wanted to let you know what a great job you did, you made us all think and yet did not condescend or make us feel bad about making such common mistakes.


Three real-life first aid stories where ordinary items saved the day. By Diana Shaw Sam's story So they made the short journey home, where Darcey was given frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel to place over her bump. If you have a first aid story to share, please email us with your name, telephone number and some brief details about what happened. to her daughter – but little did she know that her decision to do so would help save another baby's life.

I sincerely hope that your business thrives, you certainly deserve it. Ben was a great presenter. Everyone that attended managed to get the 10th person on the morning of the course! I've done many first aid courses in the past but what I learnt in your course will stick in my mind. I was so pleased I passed on your information to my daughters kinda and have been telling other friends and family.

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I meant to write after out course to say what an excellent course we all thought it was and how well presented it was by Heidi. The content was absolutely spot on. My husband thought it was the best first aid course he had ever been on and he has been on a few over the years.

My husband and I attended your recent Woollahra course after being very scared by a choking incident with our nine month old daughter the week before. What a great course! Alan was a wonderful presenter. He had so much great hands on experience. His stories kept things lively as well as illustrated the skills we need in a way that I'll remember. Just wanted to say thank you for the course yesterday at Vodafone. I've been on plenty of first aid courses over the years, but never one as informative and entertaining.

Katie, you have a real gift with people, and it was a pleasure to be a part of your course. I did your first aid course in Balmain several months ago. Last month my 11 month old daughter suffered a febrile convulsion whilst in my arms and stopped breathing. She had a fever that rose quickly and because of your course, I recognised the signs of what was happening , placed her in the recovery position on the floor till the fit stopped and called the ambulance.

Although a terrifying experience as I was home on my own, I kept calm and felt in control knowing I had the knowledge to help me daughter through. I thought you should know what a difference it made to me in a emergency situation. My husband had not done the course and booked it and did it straight after, as he would not have known what to do.

Just a quick note to say that I attended one of your sessions a few years ago and often glance at your information sheet that is posted in my pantry. About an hour ago my 2 year old daughter swallowed a 5 cent piece and wasn't able to breathe. The look on her face was terrifying. Thankfully, as I said above, you helped me be prepared and know what to do.

After the 5 back blows she spluttered, wretched and must've gotten the coin out of her airway as she started breathing again. It was honestly the most terrifying thing I've been through with my kids.

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We chose kids first as it was local and convenient and we could take our small person with us. We learnt what we could handle at home and what we needed to take to ER. The handy chart lives on our fridge as a reminder. Thankfully we've only had to use the skills gained once so far my daughter decided chewing wasn't for her and choked I was able to stay calm administer the correct procedure and it was all over in seconds.

Chewing still isn't high on her priority list but no other incidents have occurred! The course gives you only what you need which as a new parent is great as there is little room in your head for anything else! I attended the Kids First Aid workshop when my daughter was 7 months old. The workshop was in a relaxed atmosphere, without the pressure of tests and certification. The presenter was unbelievably experienced and made the information very accessible through a combination of both theoretical and practical application. His many anecdotes of the first aid techniques being used in real life, really help me absorb more information.

A few months after I attended the Kids First Aid workshop, my daughter had a febrile convulsion. Instead, thanks to what I learned in the workshop, I knew that the convulsion was fever related, I knew to call the ambulance and how to care for her until they arrived.

I firmly believe every parent must be trained in kids first aid and I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to ensure that they really understand and remember what to do if an emergency should arise. When I decided to do the course, my mum recommended it and I thought- 'do I have a sat morn to devote to this? In hindsight I can't believe I thought that- but it's true. Then I read a customer story on Website where a mother used her first aid skills in a life-threatening situation and I didn't have to make a decision.

Now having done the course maybe 6 weeks ago, I have the poster on my fridge and used it for the first time last weekend. But not for my son thank god but myself. I was making a cake- with a thousand things on my mind, dinner on one stover, blender in one hand, peeping lunch pack for Harper when he wakes up etc. Instead I used my finger as a fast shortcut solution to clean the blender mid blending and blended the top of my finger.

It took me a few minutes to come back to earth and realise what had happened at first I thought I'd lost the finger because of the amount of blood and flesh I could see, which made me freak out. I immediately grabbed the phone but with blood dripping all over the phone j couldn't slide the iPhone to make a call- remembering Harper was sleeping j thought I need to do something and calm down- worst case scenario would be I faint before contacting someone and my baby is alseep and alone.

I ran to the fridge, which reminded me, - simple- stop the bleeding!

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Grabbed a tee towel and wrapped it tight, held my hand up and the bleeding slowed- allowing me to use the other hand to make two phone calls- an ambulance and my husband. Many stitches later I still have an index finger, just cut through a nerve, artery and some of the tendon. Could have been so much worse- but I learnt confidence in your course that I can handle it, and how important it is to make that call ASAP- After the initial first aid. My husband and I both hold first aid certificates, however we felt that a specialised workshop on first aid relating to children would be a smart thing to do before the birth of our baby boy!

I would never want to be in a position where I wished I knew how to do something to help either my child or someone elses, when a simple half day course would have given me the knowledge and confidence to act. It was interactive in the sense that questions were encouraged and people felt comfortable to stop and ask quesitons along the way.

The course run at a good pace, it was fast flowing however was specific and detailed where it made sense for it to be. A perfect mix of an overview of first aid plus a closer look at common incidents relating to children. Only a couple of weeks ago I gave my 6month old a piece of bannana. He is only just starting on solids, and was doing really well with most things.

A small piece of the banana got stuck in his throat and he started to choke. I took a breath hoping he would be able to spit up the banana, but he didn't. As his arms waved around and he looked at me with the most horrific expresision I think I have ever seen I took the steps which I had been taught in this course.

There's a good chance that he would have been able to dislodge the banana, but knowing exactly what to do gave me the confidence to act, without panic and help him. I cannot tell you how pleased I was that I knew what to do! Around a week or so after completing the course my grandfather suffered a cardiac arrest in which heart stopped beating and this condition is almost always fatal. I was able to perform CPR for around 26 minutes until the ambulance arrived.

All the doctors are in disbelief that I haven't had any medical training because I did the CPR so effectively. My grandfather suffered no ill effects and is back to normal, again, which the doctors can't quite believe". Although I didn't do everything as I should have I think I did at least have the confidence to stay calm.

Kids First Aid gave me vital training in a lively, interactive and extremely helpful way. The take home poster has a reassuring place in our kitchen and the learning that day completely exceeded my expectations. As a first time mum, with next to no experience with children, I felt it was important to gain some first aid knowledge specific to babies and kids.

The course was exactly what we were after - real life examples, specific and relevant, perfectly timed and run in a professional but relaxed manner. My mum, husband and I all found the course to be invaluable and I continue to recommend it to all the new parents I come across.

My husband and I booked ourselves in to the Kids First Aid workshop in order to feel better equipped to care for our month-old in life-threatening situations. The workshop was clear, concise and practical - no practice bandages or blowing into dummies.

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The presenter was friendly and engaging. We are more confident parents because of the workshop and have recommended it to many friends! So I thought it would be a good idea to get some training in first aid. I'm hoping to never have to use it. But in case I ever do, my trainer Kate was so fantastic that I left the class feeling totally capable of using first aid if the need ever arises. I also wanted to refresh my first aid skills, specifically related to infants and kids.

I took the course as a was 6 months pregnant with my first baby and although I'd done a first aid course a felt I wanted one specific to babies and children in case a was faced with an emergency situation. I liked the fact that the course was so specific and so practical. It gave me confidence that I will know what to do if I'm faced with my child having an accident or injury. My husband and I decided to attend the Kids First Aid workshop while I was pregnant after friends of ours had a close call with their son and a pond.

We thought it would be good to be prepared for the arrival of our son. We loved the relaxed atmosphere about the course and the coordinator. It didn't feel like a formal lesson, it was very informative and we felt we gained a lot without being bogged down with too much information. Also a good refresher for anyone who is already familiar for First Aid.

I attended the course as I have a 9 month old daughter who struggles with reflux issues. As she has now been introduced to solids which she tends to reject, the possibility of needing to perform CPR on her is unfortunately high. The structure of the course is very good and the lady conducting the course was engaging and made it a easy to follow and understand. I now feel a lot more comfortable that in the event I need to perform CPR on my little girl, that I will be able to follow the correct procedure. I wanted to attend the workshop as I have a newborn.

I don't know how to give CPR and wasn't sure on alot of things I learnt. I do know that the instructor who was a Paramedic made the course fun and the way he did run the workshop I would remember, as you keep engaged. I do definitely recommend this workshop. My husband and I signed up for the Kids First Aid course when I was pregnant with my son, as first time parents to-be we were quite apprehensive about dealing with an emergency situation. The Kids First Aid course gave us the skills and confidence to deal with the main emergency situations.

As a parametric and a mum Katie was able to explain the course content with excellent examples. As a new mum, I have been looking around for a first aid course to attend, which was not only close to home but a concise version of the rest offered out there.

Your course did exactly just that. Steph we a great presenter; as a mum and paramedic, she was able to relate to what was going through our minds.

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I now have the knowledge to help my child and anyone else who needs my assistance. Am hoping that I'll never come across any of these terrifying situations but having the knowledge have somewhat made me that little bit more confident. My husband and i decided to do the kids first aid workshop as a safety precaution in case something ever did happen with our baby who was 3 months at the time. I was especially eager to do the course as I wanted to be prepared for choking when i introduced solids which was only just around the corner.

This course was fun and interactive and not so boring as other programs can be.

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I would recommend this to everyone that has children.. My partner and I decided to attend as we are expecting our first child and felt a little overwhelmed by the responsibility of keeping the baby alive after it arrives. The 3 hour session that was specifically focussed on babies and children was perfect for us as it wasn't a huge time commitment and also addressed all of our concerns - as well as identifying some concerns that we didn't realise were concerns. We now feel prepared and look upon the arrival of our baby with some reassurance that we have a little more knowledge to keep our baby healthy and safe.

I attended Kids First Aid workshop, because I'm a first time father and wanted to know how to react in case of an emergency. Ollie was going to be fine. You never know when you might need to help someone who becomes ill or injured. The good news is that first aid is easy to learn and simple to do. Halloween first aid tips. First aid for burns: John from Belfast Jan 18, I was a bit concerned regarding the lady who used juice to cool the boys burn. If it was made with a sugar based cordial could the sugar actually cause more pain as it comes into contact with the scald?

It seems it did not in this case but if you used say, coke from a can which has lots of sugar you story may need a caution? Diana Shaw Jan 19, There was a group of 20 boys aged between 12 to 15 years trying to be adventurous. They intend to hire a yacht, but due to tides, the yacht rides were prohibited on that day. Still, the boys were enjoying the most in the sea. Suddenly the boys challenged themselves about racing in the sea.

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