Our Martyr President, Abraham Lincoln

Our martyr President, Abraham Lincoln : Lincoln memorial addresses

The loyalty of this pulpit has not been begotten amid the victorious battles of our noble men by land and by sea, nor in the presence of the crumbling ruins of rebellion. But the position of your pastor to-day is what it was at the firing of the first gun Page 8. When aroused from my midnight slumbers, by the alarming intelligence, that our President had been assassinated--even now we can scarcely realize that he, from whose facile pen we were but a few days since receiving despatches of victories; whose pleasant, placid face is so familiar to many of us; who has just been telling us, and the nation, and the world, of prospective peace, and speaking healing words, words of gentleness and forbearance and forgiveness and love, healing the deep wounds of the nation's heart; the tender and earnest Intercessor, pleading with us, who have given our very life-blood to save Truth, and Freedom, and Government, entreating us to forgive our enemies, and forget the strong blows aimed at our very vitals--that he should be stricken down, the friend of the offending rebel, we can hardly realize.

Yet it is so. His tall, manly form lies in the cold embrace of death today; and as we stand weeping over his mortal remains, the heart of the nation is nerved with new purpose to suppress, at every cost, this costly rebellion, and remove from the land that which has given it inspiration and life.

But for that, rebellion would never have had being. This inspires the pride and tyranny which would make every will subject to its own, which must rule or ruin. The verdict of the American people to-day, as it looks upon the spilled blood of the great Champion of human rights, the friend of the oppressed, the emancipator of four millions of bondmen, is, that the land must be free --an open Bible, a free pulpit, a free press, free speech, a free people.

These millions, enamored of their chains, may, as the delivered Israelites in their straits, murmur against Moses and against God, and say, would God we had remained in bondage. We may not be able to answer all the hard questions which may arise as to our duty towards the freedman, though God, who has accomplished their deliverance, will teach us; but the one purpose is formed, that the whole land must be free. The voices of God and of the people are one in this verdict. His work is done. I thank God that his sun was not eclipsed during the dark days of our history, when clouds appeared to gather around our starry banner; but when it floated upon the soil of every rebel state--all covered with glory--when the clouds are rolling away and peace is rapidly rising to the zenith.

He longed to see this day. He saw, and was glad. Our blessed Lord, once called to the death chamber in the Ruler's house, said of the maid, "not dead , but sleepeth. Not dead ; no, he is not dead. He needs no marble shaft to perpetuate his memory, to tell future generations that he lived. He lives not only in the hearts of the four millions of freedmen, from whom he has broken the shackles of bondage, but in the heart of this entire nation his name is embalmed in honor and love.

In all future history this name will stand beside that of Washington. If he was the father of his country, under God, Abraham Lincoln was its saviour.

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He sleeps, as we have reason to know, not an unbeliever, but as one who feared God and wrought righteousness. He lives where the martyred men of all ages live--we believe, where the Great Martyr, our Lord Jesus, lives--in that heavenly City, whose air is not pregnant with treason and malice and death; but, where the heart, cleansed and inspired by the blood and spirit of Jesus, is in perfect and eternal sympathy with the great Redeemer, whose name is love.

May these precious memories and hopes sustain and comfort his stricken widow and fatherless Page In a government other than Republican, the assassination of its Head might paralyze its energies or incite revolution.

But the affairs of the Republic roll on to-day steadily--guided, under God, by a true and loyal heart, and by an arm strong and resolute. Sustained by the patriotism and wisdom of the nation, as well as by the prayers of God's people, though our joy has been turned into sorrow, the future, inspired by holy resolve, is no less hopeful and bright than when the whole land was flushed with victory. The patriot and christian heart of the nation should, and will, now encourage and make strong the arm of the President of the United States, whilst we embalm in memory the surpassing worth of the fallen Chieftain.

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In partaking of this bread and wine, we are carried back to the Betrayal night. And here, in the most solemn manner, we renew our consecration to our Divine King. This is a consecration act. We say by it that we are not our own--that we belong to Jesus, who redeemed us by the price of His own blood--that henceforth we are to live not unto ourselves, but unto Him that died for us. As we approach this table to-day, is it not proper, with the remembrance of the spilled blood of this great human Representative of truth and freedom, and humanity and love, before us, that we come as patriot Christians, renewing first our allegiance to Jesus, then to our country--first to the Cross, then to our Flag.

The times in which we live call for earnest consecration to Jesus in the cause of our country. Our land has a mission. Our whole history shows God's hand with us. We are to teach the world the Bible taught truth, that man is capable of self-government. We are to be the light of the world. In the light of our life the thrones of despots will tremble, and the power of the oppressor be broken. Drawing our patriotism, and philanthropy, and religion from this great fountain of Divine Truth, we are to proclaim to the nations of the earth, through a free pulpit, a free press, free schools, and free people, the truth which only the despot in Church or State fears; and the oppressor ought to fear and tremble, for he is weighed in the balance and is found wanting.

But that our mission may be fulfilled, we must be a consecrated people --a people consecrated to the great principles of free government--to the teachings of Jesus, who came not only "to preach the Gospel to the poor, and heal the broken hearted, but to proclaim deliverance to the captives, and the opening of the prisons to them that are bound. Hail in the time appointed, His reign on earth begun.

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He comes to break oppression, To set the captive free, To take away transgression, And rule in equity. He comes with succor speedy, To those who suffer wrong; To help the poor and needy, And bid the weak be strong; To give them songs for sighing, Their darkness turn to light, Whose souls, condemned and dying, Were precious in his sight. The Church--the whole body of believers , of every name--is the living representative of Jesus in a rebel world, to teach the truth He taught, to live the life He lived, and, if need be, to die the death He died, that the kingdom of ignorance, and oppression, and sin may be destroyed.

The bloody struggle of the past four years, of which this tragic deed is one of the closing acts, is full of significance. Nations, as well as individuals, may have their second birth-- must be born again --before they are prepared for a pure, vigorous, and useful manhood. Our nation has been born again, amid the terrible carnage of the battle-field, and baptized by the tears and blood of the entire land. Our noblest sons have been laid upon the great sacrificial altar. Heaven--the God of truth and justice and mercy, the God of battles--has accepted the offering, and now, as we rise to the purity and dignity and responsibility of our renewed nationality, we must offer this last sacrifice, and thank God that our President's dying eyes rested, not upon the ruins of a once mighty Republic, but upon the land redeemed, regenerated, ennobled, prepared for the great mission upon which the King of Kings sends her forth.

We have come forth, not enfeebled by the death agony through which we have passed, but stronger than when we entered upon our life trial. God has smiled upon the nation in her noble struggle. Agriculture, manufactures, commerce, religion, all share the divine blessing. A flood of prosperity has rolled over us, in which we are in danger of forgetting God.

And yet the religious life of the land has never been so vigorous--our sanctuaries thronged, our treasuries full, souls converted, and the whole Church aroused from her lethargy and pouring forth her treasure and talent not only in strengthening the bulwarks of Zion, but, above all, in ministering to the wants, bodily and spiritual, of our brave defenders, and even remembering those whose parricidal hand aimed a death blow at the very vitals of our Government.

As the war-cloud rolls away from the rebel States, we shall witness the desolations of civil strife. Not only are governments disorganized, but the Church, too, needs reconstruction. The Southern pulpit, forgetting the Apostolic injunction, has fired the Southern heart and strengthened the arm of the rebel government, by preaching treason and resistance to rightful authority. The terrible desolations of civil war have swept over these States. All is disorder there, in the family, the church, and the government. In the midst of our sorrow to-day, our hearts should overflow with thanksgiving that the hand of the destroyer has not paralyzed the arm of our industry nor polluted our altars.

A glance at our Southern land shows what our cities and towns would be had the boast of the destroyer been realized, and the slave roll been called upon Bunker Hill. But God has given us the victory, blessed be His holy name! Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end! We must now address ourselves, as patriot Christians, to the duties of the hour. It is ours to strengthen the arm of the Executive, to encircle him with our sympathies, our confidence, and our prayers.

It is ours to remember the brave men who have stood as a wall of fire between us and our enemies; to care for the Page In the memorial of our Saviour's death, and with these emblems of our national sorrow, we must anew consecrate ourselves to-day to these works of Christian philanthropy.

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Though we be not able to see alike upon all the great questions that have agitated the land, yet with treason and rebellion concentrated in the fell blow of the assassin, as patriots and Christians we must forget our differences, and rise superior to our prejudices. We must meet the issues of the day as men , planting ourselves upon the Bible, as we stand beside the Cross, and unfurl our starry banner, now draped in mourning, with the undying resolve, that, in God's name, the right shall triumph, though our own blood pay the price.

God has taught us, during this struggle, what we can do, when deeply in earnest. The Christian and the patriot, sparing not their own sons, have, with them, freely given of their treasure and labor to bind up the wounds and pour in oil and wine. The millions of treasure that have cheered our suffering soldiers may Page The adage is no more trite than true, that the "blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.

And with our land regenerated by fire, the arm of the oppressor broken, our noble and beloved Leader slain, shall not our tongue be fired with holy zeal, not for party, nor section, but for truth? Shall loyalty be timid and shrinking in the presence of treason? Shall freedom hide her head for fear of the oppressor?

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Shall the press be fearful and compromising? After the abduction fizzled, Booth began drinking heavily like his alcoholic father and increasingly saw himself as a savior for the South, as the Brutus who would kill the tyrannical Caesar. The final decision came when Booth heard Lincoln deliver an address on the White House lawn on April That was the last straw for Booth.

Abraham Lincoln's long goodbye

He turned to Paine and ordered him to shoot the president, but the younger man refused. If the deed were to be done, Booth realized that he must do it.

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Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Though our beloved Chief Magistrate lies in the chilling embrace of death to-day, and our honored Prime Minister of State lingers in pain beneath the assassin's blow, our Government still lives. Shall freedom hide her head for fear of the oppressor? I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? Shall the pulpit give an uncertain sound in this day of battle? The barn in which he was hiding was set afire, and Sergeant Boston Corbett finally shot him to death. The final decision came when Booth heard Lincoln deliver an address on the White House lawn on April

Although Lee had already surrendered to Grant, Confederate president Jefferson Davis was still on the run and wanting to continue the war and Confederate general Joseph Johnston had not surrendered. Only three of the conspirators, though, would go along with the plan—Herold, Paine, and Atzerodt—and the latter only reluctantly after a harangue from Booth.

Mary Lincoln developed a severe headache and tried to dissuade her husband, but he wanted an evening of relaxation. Since it was Good Friday, and because many other political wives disliked Mrs.

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Lincoln, they had difficulty finding another couple to join them. A smiling Lincoln bowed gratefully to the audience. Since Booth was a prominent actor, he had no difficulty in gaining admittance. He bolted the door behind him and at Booth then leapt to the stage, catching his spur on a flag and breaking his leg. Lincoln lingered without gaining consciousness and died at 7: Herold met up with Booth and took him to Dr. The barn in which he was hiding was set afire, and Sergeant Boston Corbett finally shot him to death.

Except for John Surratt who escaped to Canada, the other alleged conspirators were arrested, tried by a military court, and found guilty.