Hotter than the Hates of Elle

Hotter Than Hell


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    He held elena to him, cheek pressed to her hair. The other creators had collapsed into heaps of rags and shriveling, decaying flesh in the midst of the ruined city.

    Claire Claire McKinley was smart, gorgeous, sarcastic, compassionate. Till next time cuties ;! A small part of Claire is relieved, even though she's humiliated by Chris's weasely behavior. She and Dylan dislike each other enough that she will only stay for a couple of days before going back home to confront her life. Not for the faint of heart!

    If there was such a thing as a soul, the soul had gambled on a sort of baptism, and had it won. He did not betray how tired he was-nor how exasperated.

    He would have died, for a lir who does not link when the need is upon him gives himself over to death.