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Brought to you by UK-based publisher, Talkology Media, the TMP professional awards are bi-yearly awards presented to the best of the best in their industry. The TMP Business Award process begins with the all-important voting & marketing stage. Once you are nominated your customers can vote for you & we will.

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As a digital printing company we offer various advertising and sponsorship packages to those who wish to promote their business to thousands of UK Consumers. In fact does it achieve the exact opposite of what it claims? Our registered address is: We require your email address in order to send you alerts by email. Clean Child Mental Health Week. Clean Religion Choice Happiness 3. Clean Determinants Of success 1.

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The nominations for the New Business of the Year award is now open with the first award being made in March We are looking for the Best New Business in each industry sector, so if you know of an innovative, industrious, growing new business, no matter what sector please nominate them for a chance to win. If you are lucky enough to be voted either the "Best in Business" or the "New Business of the Year" winners, you will be featured in our digital on line Best in Business award magazine.

TMP Awards 2018 Nominate your business today!

Our first awards magazine will be produced and launched in March , where you will see all of the winners in your County. Talkology Media will be hosting their inaugural annual awards dinner at The H. All SME Best in Business and New Business of the Year award winners will be presented with thier awards and recognised in national press and magazine coverage. Customers and clients will be invited to register a supporting vote and a link will be sent to each nominated business to pass on to their customers.

If you are a new company with an innovative edge and something to shout about, this could be your award. The Talkology New Business of the Year award recognises those that have exceeded their initial targets and already show a significance within the industry they are operating in. Open to any UK organisation that began trading less than 3 years ago and who can demonstrate.

Your customers will be invited to register a vote in your favour, a separate link will be issued after acceptance of nomination.