Renewing the Mind: The Foundation of Your Success

7 Ways to Renew Your Life Today

When your fear of conforming is greater than your fear of change, you are well on your way to realizing your dreams. Many people will talk about having integrity and values, yet behind their words is a cloud of smoke.

There is no substance. I'm extremely cautious when people begin to speak higher of themselves than others speak of them. Too often this is a sign that what they're really doing is faking their character. Be a person who does what they say and lives a life that can be respected. Be more than words. Be a person of action and one whose reputation speaks for itself, not the other way around.

This is where true character is found.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This verse speaks of character being established through endurance. Character is no different. Make sure you are always a man or woman of good character and the rest will always fall into place. We live in a fast-paced world. If we want a hamburger, we can wheel through Burger King and get one in less than five minutes. If we want a new song, we can download it in a matter of seconds. The danger in this kind of world is too many people think they can do the same with their character.

I often say, you can get to the top without integrity…in fact, you can get there faster. God has made it possible for you to know Him and experience an amazing change in your own life. Discover how you can find peace with God. You can also send us your prayer requests. For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. Skip to main content. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN is a global ministry committed to preparing the nations of the world for the coming of Jesus Christ through mass media.

Make a Break for It: Unleashing the Power of Personal and Spiritual Growth. Be very careful not to conform. Learn to value the process of building your character. Can God change your life? Deliverance from Deep Waters. Find a Local Church Now. Get more than a Sunday sermon. We are here to help and encourage you! Find Peace with God. God made it possible for you to know. Discover God's peace now. Email Updates Bible in a Year. Bible in a Year New Testament. Meditating on the Word. The key to pulling down strongholds, capturing every thought, and developing a sound mind is keeping the Word of God in your mind and mouth.

Meditation is thinking about something. You were not created to struggle through life and barely have enough. Controlling your mind controls your life. When you exchange your ways for His ways, you experience a higher level of life Colossians 3: You give your low life and get His high life. You give your death and get His life. You give your sin and get His righteousness. You give your sickness and get His healing. You give your poverty and get His prosperity.

As you let go of what is yours in the natural, you receive what is His in the supernatural Matthew In order for this exchange to happen, you have to become tired of the old and ready to do whatever it takes to have the new. The Power of the Truth. Prosperity of the soul. When your soul prospers, you have a good treasure which you can bring forth.

When your soul is poor or full of negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, you have an evil treasure so you can only bring forth defeat, despair and problems. Believing that the things outside of you—where you live, who you work for, what type of government you live under—are controlling the outcome of your life puts you in bondage. When you have prosperity and health in your soul, they will be evident in every area of your life. Two perceptions found in 2 John 4. Only when you have heard, received and renewed your mind to the Word is the truth in you—this is the foundation for a prosperous soul.

We are to give attention to the Word and keep our heart Proverbs 4: Christians are called to have prosperous souls that are filled with truth and walk in truth; lives that are open and honest before all men. Christians with prosperous souls walk in truth and have lifestyles that are committed and full of passion. Lies are the basis for every negative thing in our lives.

Satan is the father of lies John 8: Every work that he does on earth is based on a lie. He is able to do his evil work in and through those who believe one of his lies. So, we believe a lie. God says He heals all our diseases Psalm The mind is the control center of our lives. It stores all experiences and learned material. It plans and sees into the future with an imagination that is unlimited. God established the mind as a center of reasoning, deciding, believing and envisioning. If you set your mind on negative desires, imaginations, or experiences, you will eventually follow those thoughts and begin to practice that negativity Proverbs Your mind controls your behavior.

God designed our minds to be a great tool of learning His ways and walking with Him. The things you set your mind on soon become behavior so when you set your mind on the things of God that becomes your behavior. However, as Romans 8 indicates, you have a choice where to set your mind. The mind set on spiritual things brings life and peace. The mind set on carnal things brings death—separation from the blessing and provision of God. When you focus on the carnal—fleshly, sensual desires; greedy materialistic desires; thoughts of anger, frustration and violence—you are cut off from the life and peace of God and living those worldly, negative thoughts.

When you focus on the spiritual—thoughts of God; the Word of God; the way God would have you live each day—you have His provision, protection, and peace Isaiah You must practice setting your minds on the things of God, not on the things of the world. If you follow Psalm 1: A habit is a thought or a way of thinking that causes a behavior pattern through frequent repetition.

It becomes so automatic that it is difficult to stop. It can become an addiction, a custom, or a tradition. Most of our habits, whether good or bad, were formed by watching the habits of those around us. Usually, when you start to do something that becomes a habit, it is not easy at first; but when continued becomes easy. When you think something and repeatedly do it, it becomes a habit. Reading and meditating on the Word daily forms a habit that when continually repeated gets the Word in you so that you habitually walk in the Christian values found in it.

But, Christians can have negative, worldly habits just like non-Christians—watching certain worldly TV programs weekly or reading worldly novels daily form the habit of having to see those programs causing you to habitually walk in the values of the world portrayed in those programs. The process of breaking habits. Habits are not so much stopped as they are replaced.

It has been said that it takes a minimum of forty days to replace negative habits with positive ones. Keys to breaking old habits and building new ones. Picture yourself the new way — Hebrews Confess the way you want to be, not the way you are — Romans 4: Practice thinking and doing the new thing every day. Spend five or ten minutes a day seeing yourself as a new person. Say it out loud to yourself: If you slip into the old habit, repent, and continue repeating the above without condemnation. Be alert to past weaknesses that helped develop the bad habit. Definition of soul tie: There are Godly and ungodly soul ties.

Example of Godly soul tie — David and Jonathan 1 Samuel Example of ungodly soul tie — Shechem and Dinah Genesis Ungodly soul ties are ones formed outside the will of God through sexual perversion fornication, adultery, homosexuality, pornography, etc , evil companions and associations, perverted family ties, or religion or traditions. Signs that accompany a Godly soul tie. A godly relationship is mutually beneficial instead of one always being the giver. A godly relationship does not cause you to violate your conscience. A godly relationship does not manipulate through anger but motivates through love.

Signs that accompany an ungodly soul tie. An ungodly soul tie produces a lack of proper reasoning such as interpreting the Bible to support wrong actions. An ungodly soul tie causes a person to evaluate themselves and others according to past experiences. There are those who only have their body living in the present; their soul is somewhere in the past. The past is one of the greatest weapons against the mind and soul. God operates in the now and future, but an entangled soul operates from fear and worry of the past.

It is easier for a person with an entangled soul to run away than face more hurt and disappointment. The devil uses the past as a whip to keep that person running. He uses the ungodly soul tie to harness the person to the failures of the past. The damaged soul has allowed Satan to crack that whip on his mind any time there is a resemblance to the old situation. Jesus admonished us about living in the past — Luke 9: An ungodly soul tie causes a person to shut down emotionally.

Many people operate their lives by feelings. They then think to be spiritual you have to deny all feelings and emotions. They become cold and legalistic and find it easier to relate to God from a distance than to have a close, personal relationship with Him. Breaking ungodly soul ties. When your spirit controlled by the Holy Spirit is in control and making the decisions for your life, it rules your thoughts and emotions, and your soul is at peace; you will hear from God and know exactly what to do. Therefore, it is important to strengthen your spirit with the Word; the stronger your spirit it, the clearer your focus.

How to break ungodly soul ties. You must have a desperate desire to be free. Yielding is the key to receiving from God. Once you yield, the Holy Spirit will teach you and show you the path to freedom. Let Him go into the deep parts of your heart and deal with the issues caused by the ungodly soul tie. You must let go. After you have yielded to God, He will require you to let go of the ungodly soul tie. It is important to realize and understand that in an ungodly soul tie, you neglect the Spirit of God and allow sense knowledge and reason to make your decisions causing the will and plan of God to be temporarily aborted in your life.

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These choices often turn into regularized behavior and this needs to be confessed to God. Most people in the world today have no sense of purpose or destiny.

Renewing the Mind: The Foundation of Your Success - eBook

You must believe God has a plan and destiny for your life. God gave you a will, and before the foundation of the world, He looked out through history and saw the choices you would make. Based on the foreknowledge of your choices, He planned a fulfilling, rewarding, satisfying life for you.

God has a great plan for your life that will offer the maximum fulfillment you can experience on earth. Eight steps to discovering your destiny in the Lord. Seek the desire God has placed in your heart, not what someone else wants you to do or be Psalms To be guided by someone else and what they say you should be will not bring success.

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Renewing the Mind: The Foundation of Your Success Paperback – June 1, Casey Treat, is the senior pastor of Christian Faith Center in Seattle, Washington, and ministers to over people weekly. On January 6, , Casey and Wendy founded Christian Faith Center and began. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Casey Treat, is the senior pastor of Christian Faith Center.

Determine what stirs your passion, drive and zeal John 2: This is a guide to your destiny. Observe what flows naturally with your giftings and talents Romans This will help you find your destiny. Listen to the witness of the Holy Spirit in your spirit Romans 8: The Holy Spirit is the greatest confirmation we can have to the things God has for us. Seek counsel from mature Christian friends and leaders Proverbs The wise Christian opens up his life to others and seeks their counsel concerning a life call and confirmation of what they believe God is saying to them.

Godly counsel can be used by God to help you discover your destiny. This is a sign of your destiny 1 John 3: In the areas in which you are involved, know what produces good results or fruit Matthew Those around you--leaders, friends, acquaintances—know you by your fruit, the results you produce. The areas of your life that bring good fruit are the areas that point to your destiny. Follow the peace of God inside you.

Let it be your umpire Colossians 3: An umpire is a person who resolves disputes, and in sports is the one who keeps the game moving within its rules and regulations. When we have peace on the inside of us in what we are doing, we know it is part of our destiny. You must believe that outside circumstances do not control your life but what is on the inside of you that decides how you live and what you accomplish.

It is easier to blame others and circumstances for the way you are today, but in reality, you make the choices that determines your life. You can let the negative circumstances of your life control you or take control of your thoughts and feelings and live the life God wants for you Matthew You must believe that God desires you have an abundant life in every realm. Our giving is a key to our abundance Luke 6: As you renew your mind to the Word and live according to His principles, you will see His abundance spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.

If you make Jesus the top priority of your life, He will enable you to succeed in all the other areas Matthew 6: New opportunities from the Lord increase and prosperity comes to those who are faithful over little Luke Mediocrity is a curse that causes your family, your business and your ministry to exist far below their potential. Change and growth must become something we love, not just endure Proverbs You must decide to love the process of change though it may not feel good at the time. When you fall in love with the truth of the Word and the results it produces in your life, you will seek it and always be moving forward in the Lord.

When you resist change and growth, you actually open yourself to an evil spirit and bring all kinds of negativity into your life 1 Samuel Are you a lifetime runner? If you accept the thought that outward things must change before you can feel differently, you are locked into a never-ending cycle. You have become a lifetime runner—you run from relationships, responsibilities, and change. Everywhere you go, there you are. A runner takes himself along wherever he goes. It is not bad situations that make you run but bad thoughts about those situations. However, bad thinking goes along with you to the next situation.

You can break this cycle by renewing your mind. Five steps to change. Take full responsibility for yourself and your life—do not blame God or others. Until you take full responsibility, you remain incapable of change. Rethink what you assume to be true. Rethink what you believe is right and what you assume is the way to handle life. Rethink your concepts for living and what you base your decisions on. Reject your old ways and thoughts that block your ability to change. You must consciously take hold of a negative thought before you act on it. Continually doing this stops the cycle before it continues into action.

Review the new thoughts by meditating on them; practice thinking on them. By reviewing your new thoughts, you strengthen your new lifestyle and bring change into your life. Repeat them to yourself and speak them to your family and friends. Speaking thoughts out loud will lock them permanently in your mind and is the secret ingredient that will create permanent change in you.

Change is a process. Change takes discipline, effort and renewing your mind. The solid, long-term, committed Christian sees the real blessings of the Lord. Growth comes from renewing the mind with the Word and practicing living it. Renewing the mind is the master key to all Christian growth. You must continue in His Word before you will know the truth that sets you free. If you are not moving forward, you are moving backward Proverbs Ways to feed your mind. Read the Word and good Christian books. Study—there are study materials covering about every subject. Your imagination—allow His creative.

Lesson 1 Being Born of the Spirit I. You can change to make your life what God intended it to be and be all He planned for you to be 1. The Bible is a map of principles that will get you where you want to go in your everyday living as well as eternally 2. If you renew your way of thinking to principles in the Bible, you will find the success in life you desire II.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People Summary:

Your soul—mind, will and emotions—does not become renewed but stays the same 4. Relationship and intimacy with God A. The purpose of going to Bible school should be to know God more intimately B. Being holy is not an option 3. Lesson 2 Renewing the Mind: When you became born again, these natural attitudes were not changed II.

Renewing the mind 1. To see the good, acceptable and perfect will of God in your life, you must continually renew your mind 2. Practice the thoughts of God until they are your own d. Live the thoughts of God with your actions in everyday life C. Renewing the mind is a lifestyle, not an experience 1. We become successful in every area of our lives by continually renewing our mind with the Word 2. When a person is consumed with any negative or worldly way of thinking, over a period of time it becomes a stronghold d. It is a lifestyle of being corrected and instructed that moves us forward in Christian growth 1.

In the process of renewing the mind, you must realize that there are as many thoughts and attitudes that must be taken off as there are those that must be put on 1. Taking off the old and putting on the new are simultaneous changes—we drive out the old as we focus our thoughts on the new 1. The Amplified Bible says fix your mind on them b. We need to be aware of and resist our old carnal thoughts, but we must also fix our mind on the thoughts of God C.

An illustration of this is the people of Israel who did not enter the Promised Land because they refused to change III. John wrote this passage later in life after many years of being a Christian 1. He realized that the prosperity of our whole life, as well as the health of our bodies, depend on the condition of our soul 2. It is what is in us that controls what comes out of us B.

The key to this verse is the soul—mind, will and emotions—and these three control to a great degree how you experience life 1. The soul consists of the mind will and emotions 2. Your mind is where you reason and think 3. Your emotions are your feelings 4. Your will is where you decide and choose 5. These three control, to a great degree, how you experience life C. You will prosper and live in health when your soul prospers but will struggle and be weak if your soul is weak II. The ongoing sanctification of our lives takes place in our soul and body, where the new birth has not brought change C.

The connection between your soul and your thoughts A.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Your soul is a connector for your spirit and body B. The major tool and function of your soul are your thoughts 1. Every word we speak and every action we take is always preceded by a thought 3. The habitual thoughts of our life control how we live 4. The connection between our spirit, our soul and our flesh A. Part of Christian growth is getting to the place where you can follow your spirit instead of your flesh 1. The flesh is constantly desiring things that are worldly, carnal and negative 2. The spirit is joined to the Lord and desires things that are Godly B. The reason God is so concerned with the sanctification or purifying and renewal of your soul is because without it, you will be constantly controlled by your fleshly desires D.

Handout for Lesson Four Eight things that constitute a poor soul: Lesson 5 The Heart of Man I. Man is known by his fruit A. Your mind decides the kind of life you lead and that life will be known by its fruit actions 3. Decide to make your tree good by getting your heart right and then your fruit actions will be right B.

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So, whatever is coming out of your mouth is coming out of your heart 3. The role of the heart A. Set your mind on the right things A. Setting your mind on the right things affects every aspect of life 1. Your mind should focus on the Word 2.

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The importance of our thoughts A. Many Christians do not understand that wrong thoughts result in wrong actions 1. They are unaware that wrong thoughts are formed from habits based on attitudes they have created in their minds and therefore do not get the fruit they want 2.

They are not operating in the understanding of how to renew their mind, how to change their heart and how to make the tree start producing the fruit they want B. It means getting your thought realm right 3. When you really love God with all your heart, your mind thought realm is right with God V. The affect of Truth on the heart A.

The Word is a sharp, two-edged sword that affects the heart 2. Truth causes your heart to prosper 3. Lesson 6 Strongholds I. Thoughts are like seeds that produce after themselves B. You create what happens in your life by the thoughts you meditate on C. A stronghold is an area in which we are held in bondage prison due to a certain way of thinking Joyce Meyer 2.

Strongholds in our lives are ways of thinking and living that create a fortress where Satan has dominion rather than God D. The process through which a thought becomes a stronghold 1. A lying thought is placed in your mind by Satan 2. You Meditate on and think about it 3. Your mind begins forming imaginations that exalt themselves above the truth of the Word 4. When you accept the thought as your own and begin speaking and acting upon it, a stronghold is built 5.

The stronghold remains as long as you accept and permit it E. We are to capture our thoughts and attitudes and bring them under the control and lordship of Jesus Christ II. Control your mind and control your destiny A. How to pull down a negative thought that has become a stronghold 1. Recognize it as a negative thought 2. Reject it from your mind by making it submit to the Word of God 3. Quote a scripture that deals with the thought B. Meditating on the Word 1. The key to pulling down strongholds, capturing every thought, and developing a sound mind is keeping the Word of God in your mind and mouth 2.

Meditation is thinking about something b. You were not created to struggle through life and barely have enough 1. Controlling your mind controls your life 2. You give your low life and get His high life b. You give your death and get His life c.