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Dreams & Visions

Dreams & Visions, Volume 1: 2 Best Sellers Combined Paperback – April 22, Illustrated Dictionary of Dream Symbols: A Biblical Guide to Your Dreams. Dr. Joe Ibojie, founder and senior pastor of The Father’s House, travels worldwide as a Bible and prophetic teacher. Dreams & Visions [Edgar Cayce] on domaine-solitude.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. By following Cayce's techniquesof dream interpretation you will be able.

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Dark Energy by Alluste. It is one great track with the deeper and cooler and richer phantasy ambient style music from Berlin School EM. There being an Affinity or Analogy between Dreams and Madness, so that the understanding of one will somewhat illustrate the other; for Madness seems to be a Watching or Waking Dream ; I have therefore thought it might not be unfit to subjoyn here certain Considerations touching Phrensie and Distraction, its Causes, Nature and Effects; the rather because the same has very barrenly been handled, as far as I can learn, by those that have undertaken to treat thereof.

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I shall not insist upon the several sorts reckoned up by Authors. The truth is, Madness and Phrensie do generally, and for the most part for some other few particular causes we shall give an account of by and by arise and proceed from various Passions and extream Inclinations, as Love, Hate, Grief, Covetousness, Despair, and the like, which do.

Dreams & Visions of the Great Tribulation

Now when the five inward senses of the Soul are weakened or destroyed, then they can no longer present before the Judge the Thoughts, Imaginations or Conceptions, but they are all formed into words as fast as they are generated, there being no controul or room for Judgment to censure what are sit, and what are unsit to be coyn'd into Expressions: For this cause Mad People, and innocent Children, do speak forth whatever ariseth in their Phantasies ; but on the contrary, all those that attain to Maturity of Years, and the knowledge of good and evil, their inward Senses of the Soul being unviolated, especially such as adhere to the counsel of the Voice of Wisdom, they let no Conception or Imagination be formed into words before it be presented by the five Counsellors of the Soul, before the Judge, which keeps its Court, and Seat of Justice, in the Center of Life; for if this were not more or less observed, would not every man in the world seem to be Mad, or Distracted?

For what wild, incoherent, absurd, ridiculous notions should we hear from the most serious people, if they should continually Speak, and form into words the various Imaginations, and Conceptions that do continually arise.

As for the Species of Madness they are as various as men are in their Complexions; for according to what Principle and property, whether good or evil, does govern the Life, in the time of their retaining their Reason and Senses, such a property does more clearly manifest it self when the Reason and Senses are broken to pieces; for this cause, some who have seemed very Religious, and soberly inclined, as long as they retain'd their Senses and outward Reason, as soon as they become deprived thereof, the bitter envious fierce wrathful proud Spirit appears in its own form, and has its operation without let or hindrance.