Dead Mens Dust: Joe Hunter: Book One

Good but not great so let's see if the next in t The first in a new series following the adventures of Joe Hunter, ex British Forces and now working as a vigilante in the US. Good but not great so let's see if the next in the series can pick up the pace. Aug 24, James rated it it was amazing. The running man conspiracy continues! The running man has already had a good run sorry about that in the blogosphere.

I thought it was time to actually delve inside, and I am pleased to report that Dead Men's Dust is a cracking good thriller. The opening is a ball-tearer, with the character Joe Hunter, from the outset proving that he has the skill set to help the small people of the world. Because tha The running man conspiracy continues! Because that is what Joe Hunter does — he helps people. He's a man who has been around the block — so to speak — and learnt a trick or two along the way. Now he has left that world behind and helps out people who aren't able to protect themselves from the bullies of the world.

But Hunter's past is a bit vague. As he explains on page I was the weapon sent in when all the planning was done with and all that was left was the arse-kicking. Arse-kicking I was good at. His estranged half-brother, John Tefler has gone missing in the U. John has always been a bit of a try-hard schemer — only his schemes and his luck never seem to work out.

Joe has to track down his brother, who has not only managed to attract the unwanted attention of the Syndicate, after he disappears with some counterfeit money printing plates, but also the attention of one of America's most brutal serial killers, Tubal Cain. Dead Men's Dust is written in two styles, alternating chapter by chapter. The first style is first person and the story is viewed from Joe Hunter's point of view.

This is effective to a point, but towards the middle of the book it is a bit frustrating because of the other events happening in the book - but let me explain. The other style, every second chapter is written in third person and recounts the gruesome exploits of Tubal Cain. As we move through the story, Tubal Cain moves ahead of Joe Hunter in the story arc, and as such in the middle there is a small portion where Hunter is really playing catch up and planning his next move - while we readers are far ahead of him.

Thankfully Hilton keeps these chapters relatively brief. The frustrating thing here is that Hunter is such an enjoyable character, especially when he is 'let loose' that we are left wanting and waiting.

Dead Men's Dust

But we don't have to wait for too long and the tense, atmospheric ending is well worth it. Overall, I'd say that Dead Men's Dust is a bloody good read. It does what it aims to do — and that is provide a rollercoaster ride riddled with bullets and broken bones, and it is packaged with a slick sense of style and pace. Especially on a 'street level' where bright yellow and magenta Joe Hunter posters covered every wall and building site hording.

In store it was backed up with a 'publishers promise' - enjoy the book or your money back. Well, they're are pretty safe. I enjoyed Dead Men's Dust from the knee splintering opening to the gruesome knife wielding last pages, and I am eagerly looking forward to the follow up Judgment and Wrath which is due out later this year. Just a brief warning — this story does feature a serial killer - a serial killer whose prefered weapon is a scaling knife — so if you're a little bit queasy then this may not be the book for you.

I think I've just got problems to fix. Hunter needs the help of an old army buddy, a whole lot of hardware and a trip to Little Rock, Arkansas, to fix this particular problem. A brutal encounter with some very nasty criminals leaves Hunter fighting for his life. But blood is thicker than water.

And a lot of blood will be spilt.

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Like the gunslingers of the Wild West, Hunter is not afraid to use his weapons and his fists — but only to save the victims from the bad guys. Tiro su con il naso prima di cominciare. Mi ricordo un'altra opera stratosferica "I libri di Luca" dove i personaggi ogni venti pagine scrocchiavano le dita, insomma sembra che ultimamente negli autori anglosassoni i tic si sprecano, che sian Tiro su con il naso prima di cominciare. Mi ricordo un'altra opera stratosferica "I libri di Luca" dove i personaggi ogni venti pagine scrocchiavano le dita, insomma sembra che ultimamente negli autori anglosassoni i tic si sprecano, che siano artrite o raffreddori.

Tiro su con il naso per dire che siamo di fronte all'ennesimo autore che cerca di copiare capostipiti del genere di Lee Child o Andy Mcnab e come sempre gli viene accostato dicendo che entra nell'olimpo del genere action-thriller, ovviamente non si avvicina neanche lontanamente alle pendice del monte dimora degli Dei. Prevedibile come non mai anche il finale, tiro su con il naso, che lo si aspetta come una fine alle torture inflittami da questa lettura come una benedizione suprema. Bha, cosa devo dire This book proves why I should learn to just ignore other reviewers and make my own opinion.

I read so many not bad but not raving reviews for this book that it put me off wanting to read it, when in actual fact it turned out to be a very enjoyable read that moved at breakneck speed. I thought the book was written very well and it wasn't the usual British author trying to write a book in America and failing, I really felt like I was there when I was reading the book and it felt very authentic. An This book proves why I should learn to just ignore other reviewers and make my own opinion.

Anyway, this book has been on my to read list for ages now. I recently read a series of books by Sean Black focusing on a bodyguard Ryan Lock who is a fantastic creation. I haven't read Lee Child's Reacher series and probably have no intention of now that he is played by Tom Cruise as I would just be picturing him throughout. So I couldn't help but compare this to Black's character Ryan Lock. I do think however that Joe Hunter was a great character and one that I really enjoyed reading about.

I found him believable, funny and a good person. I also enjoyed the friendship with his partner Rink. Like Ryan Lock, everyone needs a friend to help them out Ryan's is Ty. The book moved at breakneck speed and was like a Hollywood blockbuster at times. It amuses me when people talk about books being realistic, I don't really like using that word to describe fiction.

Fiction, in books especially is about exploring things you can't explore in real life or in TV shows and movies. In books you have license to write pretty much whatever you want as you have an unlimited budget, your imagination. So the shooting scenes and the big Hollywood explosions and chases cross country were very enjoyable to read about.

If this book was realistic it would be boring. Overall though I gave this book four stars because Goodreads says that means I 'really liked it' and I did really like it. I have the rest of the books checked out from the library, in anticipation that I would actually want to read them!

And fortunately I liked Joe Hunter as a character enough to want to do so. Especially when I have a to read list that I would need another lifetime to even attempt to get through. Apr 04, Jacki Julia Flyte rated it did not like it.

I hated pretty much everything about this book. It was only sheer stubbornness that kept me going to the end. The characters are unbelievable, the storyline is totally implausible and the descriptions of violence are sickening. It's extremely formulaic and predictable, with no major twists or turns to keep the reader on their toes. The storyline concerns Joe Hunter, a man who has spent 14 years in counter-terrorism. He's the sort of guy who spouts pearls of wisdom like "the scream of a victim sou I hated pretty much everything about this book.

He's the sort of guy who spouts pearls of wisdom like "the scream of a victim sounds the same the world over" and "you don't hear the bullet that kills you". He's not terribly smart but he can punch through a wall and take on lots of bad guys. His half-brother John has gone missing, so Joe sets out to find him. Somehow he's become tangled up with a serial killer called Tubal Cain who is "the world's most prolific undetected serial killer".

Again and again, people act in ways that make no sense, purely for the purpose of advancing the plot. John's girlfriend asks Joe to find John, but then doesn't disclose what she knows that might help him to do that. Because if she had, then he wouldn't need to go and waste the wrong bad guys. The book moves along fast enough, but one key problem is that the reader never cares about Joe or his hapless brother so the suspense is minimal.

The most interesting character is actually Tubal Cain and the best parts of the book are when he's hunting John. When the inevitable showdown comes between Joe and Cain, it's pretty devoid of tension - Joe tracking down a man who's making no real attempt to hide and with a Joe Hunter sequel planned, three guesses who's going to win. I'm sure part of the problem is that I approached this book with high expectations, having heard good things about it. I truly feel that I wasted my time reading it and I hope this review can save you from doing the same. Joe Hunter is a problem solver.

As the story opens, he arrives in Florida and helps his sister-in-law, Jennifer, who is being threatened by a criminal nicknamed "Shank. When Joe removes the threat, Jenn asks him to find his half-brother, John. John had left Jenn for another woman and she doesn't love him anymore but he is the father of her two sons and she doesn't want harm to come to him. She tel Joe Hunter is a problem solver. She tells Joe that she thinks John is in grave danger. John had been dependent on Joe to repay his many gambling debts and when Joe attempted to get his half-brother to change his ways, they became estranged.

In the Southwest a cold-blooded, thrill killer is active. Tubal Cain enjoys killing and then cutting off his victim's thumbs. One day when he stops at the scene of a broken down car, Tubal is robbed of his most precious possession, his knives. He vows to repay the thief and sets out to find him. Unfortunately, the thief is John.

Man's Gin - Doggamn

The story describes Cain's hunt for John and Joe's search for his half-brother. It's the brave man against the bandit and John is the wild-card. If the object of a book is to entertain, the author has done his job. He also does a nice job in setting the scene and permits the reader to visualize the action taking place. I enjoyed the story and following Joe's exploits but I think that he has too high an opinion of himself and doesn't possess the empathy of a Jack Reacher or Elvis Cole and other heroic characters. I do believe that the author can make this happen and look forward to reading more of the author's work.

Nov 19, Toni Osborne rated it really liked it. Book 1 in the Joe Hunter series Take a deep breath before starting; you are in for an exciting ride.

Publication Order of Joe Hunter Short Stories

From the start you will be plunged into an intense thriller that will grab you attention and hold it till the very end. John is deep in trouble, he owes money to very dangerous people and has several enemies in hot pursue of his hide Joe is a former military man, a tough and skilled Book 1 in the Joe Hunter series Take a deep breath before starting; you are in for an exciting ride.

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I felt that the characters were less well drawn and the dialog between the various characters very superficial. I enjoyed this novel from the very start. But then, he lacks any real depth. He is a 4th Dan blackbelt and coach in Ju-Jitsu. Harper Voyager science fiction and fantasy.

Joe is a former military man, a tough and skilled scrapper, volatile and unpredictable, and his friends are as mean as they come. In a parallel story we learn of a twisted psycho serial killer Tubal Cain trying to beat Ted Bundy's killing record. Slowly with sharp and smooth writing the author impressively merges the two stories. From start to finish it is a culmination of violent events.

In my view, the pacing and fast action throughout made this novel quite captivating and hard to put aside. I particularly loved the cat and mouse chase that took place across the States and the climactic showdown in the Mojave Desert. On the other hand I found the main character missing development; Hunter was rather bland and lacked personality compared to the highly eccentric serial killer. In all, it is a good first novel well worth reading. I am looking forward to its sequel Sep 30, Miles rated it really liked it Shelves: Thanks to the publishers at Hodder, not only had they sent me the fourth book they also included books 1, 2 and 3 Hunter series with the aim to get to them when time allowed.

Written from a first person point of view Joe Hunter and third person narrative The Harvestman the story flows, the plot is good and characters believable and engaging. A simple letter draws Hunter in on the action. Full review on my blog - http: Aug 21, Johnny rated it liked it. I have a real soft spot for the men's adventure series books of the s and s.

So I do not in any way mean it as an insult when I say that this book belongs in the stack as a better example of the genre. The action is well-written and frequent. The violence is over-the-top. And it's just plain fun as hell. That said, with the strengths of the genre come the weaknesses, as well.

The dialogue can often be repetitive or exposit I have a real soft spot for the men's adventure series books of the s and s. The dialogue can often be repetitive or expository, and often times there are long passages where a character reminds the other character how tough they are or how well they are trained. I haven't read the Jack Reacher books, so I can't compare them.

But I'm a big fan of Stephen Hunter who has taken the genre and raised it far above the usual expectations. This is Hilton's first book, so my guess is that the series and the character will grow as it goes. But you have nothing to lose with this first book in the series. It's fast and fun. Oct 28, Mark Allen rated it liked it Shelves: I didn't hate this book, didn't love it It seemed like it would be right up my literary alley--a Special Forces trained assassin with a penchant for solving problems by pulling the trigger--but while I breezed through the pages in just a few days, I was never really engaged.

Also, the villain was more annoying than a pillow made of nettles, and his penchant for talking to himself seemed like a contrivance just to provide exposition to the reader. If I was away on a business trip with a few hours to burn in a hotel room, I would be willing to read another Matt Hilton novel Jul 23, Andrew rated it really liked it.

Despite being the first book in the series this is the fourth book that I have read in this series and I have to say I have enjoyed them all. Joe is actually English, and ex-special forces, but all the books I have read take place in the U. He quite often operates alone, or with his ex-forces colleague Jared Rington, and to quote the blurb 'some may call me a vigilante. I think I've just got problems to Despite being the first book in the series this is the fourth book that I have read in this series and I have to say I have enjoyed them all. I think I've just got problems to fix'. Basically he sets out to solve the problems of others and rains down vengeance on them.

In this book he is up against a serial killer The Harvestman as he searches for his brother. A very grisly and cool headed serial killer I have to say, and the final scenes take place in quite a gruesome location! I recommend this series to others. Jan 05, Robert rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is the beginning of a very promising series with a real kick ass type of character. Where Reacher tends to stumble into the most unpredictable situations Hunter charges in with guns blazing. While maybe not all that much of a real world plausible type of book this is a great escape, which is what books are for, into an action packed scenario played out by author Matt Hilton.

Sometime in the future it would be great to see what some of these authors could do with a stand alone novel instead of having to write a series. Jul 20, Ubiquitousbastard rated it really liked it Shelves: Okay, I admit it. The reason I liked the book so much was for the awesome serial killer. Did I say awesome I mean I love that he's not a one-dimensional Koontz-like character.

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Sometimes throughout the story I thought that he was the only one that knew what he was doing. Thinking back on this book, I forget that there is supposed to be a protagonist and I was supposed to give a crap about what he did. Because I didn't, and won't read the second book because really I just re Okay, I admit it.

Because I didn't, and won't read the second book because really I just read this for the insanely awesome antagonist. Dec 27, Larry rated it liked it. Matt Hilton has written six Joe Hunter books. Hunter alone is interesting enough; he is tough and resourceful; a seek-and-destroy black ops specialist who gets the job and basically everything else in between done, but with a moral code that keeps him from going over the edge.

However, when coupled with a fine supporting cast of heroes and villains, the readers' expectations are fairly guaranteed to be fulfilled. Towards the end, you'll also be glad to discover some surprises; none of them earth-shattering, though they are satisfying enough and thankfully, Hilton weaves in a couple of potential plot threads that will lead us neatly into the next installment in this series.

As you can see, I have given Hilton's debut four stars but I do have to tell you that these stars are four Bookbag stars and not four of my personal stars. From my personal perspective, there are better novels out there in this genre. Mariani's hero, Ben Hope, is spot on and for my money, just a bit too hard to beat and anyone thinking of writing this kind of novel, ought to read him first!

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In any case, you may also enjoy Vanished by Joseph Finder as in the Army Of One category, it is definitely worth a look. Having said all of the above, I will, in all likelihood, read Hilton's follow up, just in case. He certainly has the right idea and maybe it will be even better? We at Bookbag would like to extend our thanks to the kind ladies and gentlemen at Hodder for sending this copy to us for review.

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