Sworn (Book #1 of the Vampire Legends)

Series: The Vampire Legends

The grammar and spelling gave me a headache.

The story telling brought tears to my eyes. I feel like I destroyed brain cells jut by reading this. The dialog was atrocious! Much of the story had so many Twilight parallels I felt as if I may as well have been reading a rewrite of the Twilight series. A big annoyance was the list of big name retail items mentioned. I counted at least 36 Kipling, Urban Decay, Converse, etc It was like a big advertisement for everything commercialistic and materialistic. I have downloaded the entire series in the hope that it would exceed my expectations and have been sadly let down. I may be a glutton for punishment but I have begun the second book in the series in the hopes that Ms.

Knight can redeem herself to me. At this point, however, I don't have high hopes. Feb 05, Holly rated it did not like it. If I added up the amount of times the name Rachel is in a chapter, let alone the whole book, I would probably puke. Rachel did this, then Rachel went here. It was like a bad fanfiction writing - shame as the storyline actually could have been good. Benji literally just pops out of nowhere. Their meeting is so unrealistic as this stranger just picks her up out of nowhere and whisks her away If I added up the amount of times the name Rachel is in a chapter, let alone the whole book, I would probably puke.

Their meeting is so unrealistic as this stranger just picks her up out of nowhere and whisks her away to an amusement park where they immediately fall head over heels in love. She's known the guy for all of one night and is coocoo for coco puffs over him. It was an easy read - but not worth anything, Glad this was a freebie. View all 3 comments. Jun 24, Beth rated it did not like it Shelves: I finished it and said, "this might be the worst book I've ever read.

I feel like I need to go read a classic to clean this garbage out of my brain. Mar 08, elizabeth rated it did not like it Recommended to elizabeth by: This book could be the example of how not to show in every telling not showing English class ever. So the best thing about this book is the plot, and considering it is basically a retelling of every other 'vampire' novel I've read and I haven't read THAT many.

New girl, new school 'unpopular' and average looking who suddenly stops hearing from her best friend 5eva and wow is suddenly and completely unexpectedly a boy magnet. Shocking and so different I know. However, there is some great stuff This book could be the example of how not to show in every telling not showing English class ever.

However, there is some great stuff with Peer Pressure that could have made this book great and something a bit different but it didn't go down like I wanted it to Meet Rachel, she's the most stereotypical character I have ever seen in a YA novel and that is saying something. She has a brother and sister, and they're cool and popular and make friends super easy - obviously. And two parents who are there ever so slightly more than some parents but still not really there.

A best friend who's a bad influence. The first time I hang out with someone I would totally take them to the middle of the city and buy them a fake id, then to a tattoo parlor. I'm not even going to go there okay. Along with the pacing. This was two of the fastest cases of insta-love I've ever read, based on little to no foundation in the story. Yes, two cases, one book, one character and love after one look and a conversation.

And we're not going to talk about the writing. But lets just say, not my style. I like to be shown and not told, and this book seriously insulted my intelligence in that area. That and the pacing felt all off. This book wasn't for me, and I can't see it being for many people. Also it ends on a 'cliffhanger' Sep 19, Brenda marked it as to-read. First off, Rachel is supposed to be this likable and smart girl, but just seems kind of shallow to me. All she seems to care about is being popular, and getting with this hot football player.

Another thing that I find makes her so unlikable, is that she seems to hate her sister for liking bad music and being too popular and happy, but so far her sister Sarah has been quite nice to her, even offering to not join the cheerleading squad if Rachel feels bad about not making it.

SWORN (Book #1 of the Vampire Legends)

Then there's the writing; There's too much unnecessary detail, and at the same time too little detail. I mean, I know the brand of every single make-up in her bag, the brand of her bag and even the folder, but I have no idea what Mr. Allan, the main teacher, looks like.

I don't know what her father, mother, or brother look like, they're just talking cardboard cutouts as far as im concerned.

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Then there's her name, Rachel, why is it said so much? Her name is in almost every single paragraph. Does her name really need to be repeated over and over again if we know she's alone in the room? It was driving me mad. Glad it wasn't Bettlejuice or we'd be in trouble. Jul 28, Alice rated it did not like it. I don't need to know the main character's whole make up routine like what she used, how she put it on, and what the brand out it was. Feb 15, Marsha rated it did not like it. During the first fifty pages or so, I quickly grew tired of all of the references to various stores and brand names i.

For a while there I thought it would never end. Then, too much time was spent exploring the whiney angst of the bratty teenage herione, Rachel. By the end of the book, I realized that I just did not like her character very much. Rachel Wood and her family are forced to move to Westchester, N. While her brother and sister are okay with the move, Rachel is not and shows her disdain by moping, whining and just acting like a brat.

Upon attending her new high school, she has difficulty making friends and actually has made somewhat an enemy of one of the popular girls, Arielle. This is where the story does not work for me. I will be honest, this story just did not capture my attention or interest. I will not be going to to read the next book in the series. Jun 10, Jody rated it did not like it. First off, there are so many grammar mistakes I was literally grinding my teeth. In the first chapter, the MC describes her new house as white with black shudders.

Then, there is so much 'name dropping' of products I started to wonder if the author got kickbacks. The MC is unlikeable and washy-washy, being a typical rebellious teenager one minute, then straight and narrow the next. As for the storyline, I First off, there are so many grammar mistakes I was literally grinding my teeth. As for the storyline, I almost felt like I missed something, or it was two books tacked on together. Just like a real teenager, believe me, I know.

Then all of a sudden there is this mysterious paranormal guy that just appears out of nowhere. No foreshadowing, just boom! One of the worst YA books I've ever read. Jan 12, Nancy rated it liked it. Ok, honestly, the story has potential, but the execution was clumsy. The development of the plot was jerky and abrupt in places, and really slow moving in others.

The random insertion of morals seems contrary to the main characters rash decisions in other instances to leave class, skip school, go places she knows she isn't supposed to with people she barely knows, sneak out to go to a party, etc. The male lead doesn't really show up until more than three-quarters of the we thro Ok, honestly, the story has potential, but the execution was clumsy. The male lead doesn't really show up until more than three-quarters of the we through the book, so the reader has zero time to really connect with him Benji before the book just abruptly stops.

I sincerely hope that the sequel goes more smoothly and that we are given more reasons to be interested in the two leads. This was a frustrating short story to read. While the writing is not bad the flow of the story is all over the place. I actually enjoyed the way Knight's writing felt at times, but then the story would speed up suddenly and it no longer mattered. The relationships in this practically sprang out of nothing and her connection with Benji felt premature and childish due to the speed at which it developed.

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Also the over use of brand names was extremely annoying and was just too much. I do give her cr This was a frustrating short story to read.

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I just simply don't like the fact that she is so damn plastic and wanna be popular. Another thing that I have issue with is the pacing of the novel. I only downloaded it off of the Google store because it was about vampires, free and I needed something easy to read. I rated it one star because this book seems like a first draft. He leans over to whisper and then it ends!

I do give her credit for trying to breech the subject of peer pressure but the execution could have used some work. It takes a lot to frustrate me to the point of regretting the free download but this one managed it. Oct 11, Katie rated it did not like it. Don't read this book. It's a waste of space. It's like someone thought "hey, how can I make Twilight worse" and then they wrote this. Apr 30, Diana rated it it was amazing.

Jun 23, Danielle rated it did not like it. Oh my am I glad this unadulterated piece of crap was over with quickly. It must have been written by an 8th grader. Why did I waste my time? Mar 07, Megan rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. If I hated the book, I feel bad about criticizing the author. But in this case I realize, that it's better to just give a bit of warning to the people who might read this in the future.

First off, cover art and plot synopsis. The cover for this book is really quite nice, I like it a lot. The description of the plot too makes it seem like it is going to be a pretty interesting novel if you like YA novels about vampires and romance. It discusses how the main character, Rachel, moves to a new town, and has to get used to the changes in her life- making new friends, boyfriends, and so on.

So far so good. Then, you actually read the novel.

Series by cover

Sworn has ratings and reviews. Cheyenne said: Honestly this book made me mad. The thing that's so aggravating is that Benji just popped out of. Sworn: Book #1 of the Vampire Legends [Emma Knight] on domaine-solitude.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When her dad is transferred, Rachel Wood is.

It didn't start off that bad, like many other reviewers mentioned, there was an insane amount of product placement, but in the beginning it did not bother me that much. I felt like it helped in developing Rachel's character for the book, showing the brands that she likes. However, as the book went on, and the product placements continued and amplified, it started to annoy me more, and was really unnecessary. We know she likes JC Penny. It's not necessary to continue describing her outfit in terms of brands throughout the whole novel. Another thing that I have issue with is the pacing of the novel.

It's a short read, but it took a really long time to finish because the pace was very slow. It was at least two-thirds into the book before the "vampire" even shows up! The whole beginning and middle I use those terms loosely of the book just consisted of Rachel trying desperately to make friends, falling in "love" again- used extremely loosely with the "hottest guy in the school".

The character does call to mind the feeling many real-life high schoolers may face a desperate wish to have friends, fit in, and be cool , but it really does not make for an interesting character- especially not one that I feel sympathetic to. Eventually, Rachel gets stood up by the guy she "loves" with no actual explanation given for his sudden change of heart , and mopes around, deciding to walk home from school suddenly, where she then meets her "real love", Benji.

After Benji offers her a ride home, she "hesitated for a minute. She figured she didn't have anything to lose; she might as well get a ride home. And then they go to an amusement park together. Because they love each other. After having met like 5 minutes ago, Rachel allows this guy, who she thinks , maybe, attends her school keep in mind, she doesn't really even remember him that much, just that she thinks she may have possibly seen him in the cafeteria?! Even when Benji is asking to take her to the amusement park, she asks where they are going because he just asked her if she would like to go somewhere , and he says that is a surprise, but that he knows she's "going to love it"?

He doesn't even know her, she might hate amusement parks! From that point on, it just gets progressively worse, with Rachel suddenly obsessively in love with Benji, and feeling something is off about him because he won a carnival game that no one else can win, that means he must be something else?

She becomes even more whiney than in the beginning of the novel, and the dialogue is extremely weak. I wanted to like this book, I really did. I do feel like it was a good attempt by the author, and I don't want to take away from the pride she should feel for having completed, and gotten published, a novel, but it just really was not my cup of tea. I'm glad I was able to read this one for free. I was thinking about reading the next novels in the series, because I saw that some reviews stated that the others are better, but I really just do not feel like paying money if it is just going to end up more of the same: Or, even if the novel wants to go for a "love-at-first-sight" feel, at least flesh the characters out a bit more so the readers can feel invested in the novel.

Sworn (Book #1 of the Vampire Legends)

After however many pages, I really just don't care about their "love". And I wish I did. Different This was a short but good read. It did seem like it took forever to get to the good parts of the book though, that did kind of bother me a little bit. Jan 25, Halle rated it did not like it Shelves: This was, hands down, the worst book I have ever read. Like, we get it. Her name is Rachel. She literally wouldn't have dialogue with anyone, or even be thinking about anyone else, but her name would be used to start every sentence.

I tried to keep an open mind and trudged on. Then I got annoyed by the constant name dropping. I knew more about what her notebook looked This was, hands down, the worst book I have ever read. I knew more about what her notebook looked like than her parents, brother, and teacher that were repeatedly brought up. Which leads me to my next point: This time line was literally a week and a half. A week and a half where she "fell in love" with not one, but two guys. And the second guy was supposed to be the "vampire true love" of hers, but he doesn't even come into the picture until literally the book is about to end.

I found myself looking at how many pages were left and wondering how the author was going to fit the vampire bits in. Well she certainly surprised me by thinking that her "cliffhanger" was going to be good. HELLO it's literally a vampire series so we know what he's going to say. I just really couldn't get over how unrealistic everything was.

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It was very poorly written and felt like a pre-teen was writing fanfiction about what her life was going to be like in high school after reading twilight. That may sound harsh, but if you read it you'd understand. I'm seriously not over that time line. She was supposed to meet Rob on a date on Monday, but he stood her up so she met Benji and went to some random amusement park with him when she literally just met him And what was up with her description of Benji?

First of all she describes him wearing a handkerchief on his head, but then describes him taking off his helmet That is just one of many continuity errors that annoyed the crap out of me in this book. He's supposed to be this gorgeous guy who she fell in love with at first sight, yet she vaguely recalls seeing him before.

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If she saw him before and he's that gorgeous, there's no way she wouldn't remember him, and how can it be love at first sight of she saw him before and she didn't fall in love with him then?!?!? The author should have just kept it that she hadn't seen him before. Then the day after her date which is Tuesday on the timeline she skips this important class to go meet him. There is no reason he couldn't have met with her after school or something. And she pats herself on the back for having "willpower" because she doesn't succumb to peer pressure later on, yet doesn't care about missing out on an important class.

Later she gets a text from her friend Emily asking if she's going to the homecoming dance the next day. Who has homecoming on a Wednesday?!?!? Since when do high school's have football games not on Friday or Saturday? It made no sense. And that part where Benji claims she's his girlfriend when they literally do not even know each other was so weird. And she seemed surprised when Rob was confused I would be confused too if I was him lol. And then that awful fighting scene happens, which I won't even get into. She gets on the motorcycle with Benji, but was described as wearing super high heels and an extremely tight and short dress Overall, this book was very annoying and all over the place.

The only good things about it was that she did have good descriptions on what it can feel like being nervous about fitting in. The description of her going out with the punk kids was also pretty decent, even though I felt that sequence was a bit unnecessary. Benji should have been introduced waaaaaay earlier in the book, even if she didn't directly talk to him. The characters were very flat all together and I didn't find myself rooting for really anyone. Rachel doesn't say more than ten sentences to him, and yet can just tell that she's in love with him.

Honey, that ain't love that's lust. Horrible book, but I almost want to rate it more because kudos to the writer for getting this horrendous book published. I say all this but I probably will read the rest of them because at least I was entertained. Even if I had to stop reading repeatedly to get over my secondhand embarrassment from reading such an awful book.

Forgot about this freebie. Unfortunately, this was better left forgotten in the cloud. Even for a free book geared toward YA readers, that I chose for mindless beach reading, it's poor. It reads like something I would have put together in creative writing in middle school, if Twilight had been around then to "inspire" me. The protagonist suffers from a hefty case of middle child syndrome, though in fairness, her parents do treat her differently than her popular siblings.

She claims to be indepen Forgot about this freebie. She claims to be independent, but she never stands up for herself and is desperate to be liked by anyone and everyone. She gives herself such a pat on the back for not drinking, except she still took a sip so she would fit in, on two separate occasions.

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I realize teenagers can have a lot of contradictory motivations, but the character is not developed enough to portray them believably. She just comes across as weak and shallow. The tone is off for high school students. Their behaviors and dialog sound more like what a pre-teen expects of high school based on cheesy Nickelodeon shows. The bad girls drink, smoke, get tattoos, and will probably try drugs someday she actually thinks this to herself.

The cheerleaders are all mean. The jocks all punctuate their sentences with "bro. The author seemed to struggle with pronouns. Then Rachel did that. Like many concepts in the book world, "series" is a somewhat fluid and contested notion. A good rule of thumb is that series have a conventional name and are intentional creations , on the part of the author or publisher.

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