Personal and Moral Identity (Library of Ethics and Applied Philosophy)

Virtue in Organizations: Moral Identity as a Foundation for Moral Agency

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What Makes Us Moral? On the capacities and conditions for being moral

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楽天Koboで「Personal and Moral Identity」()を読もう The subject of personal and moral identity is at the シリーズ Library of Ethics and Applied Philosophy # Library of Ethics and Applied Philosophy 32, DOI . identity for each of the TET ethics based on Aquino and Reed's () moral iden- tity measure. Research.

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Nevertheless, there are serious problems with the slogan. Indeed, this might be one way to construe what those working on responsibility and identification are doing e. Why mental disorders can diminish responsibility; Proposing a theoretical framework Darcia Narvaez: Jeroen Van Den Hoven. What seems the most plausible answer is that I am a biological organism, a human animal. Now often advocates of the Psychological Criterion seem to imply that personhood is my essence, that I couldn't exist without being a person, and given that personhood is a psychological matter, psychological continuity is what preserves my identity.

Tales of Research Misconduct Hub Zwart. Responsibility and Punishment J. Ethics after Anscombe D. Personal and Moral Identity Marc Slors.

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Freedom and Value Ishtiyaque Haji. Rethinking Virtue Ethics Michael Winter. Rationality, Virtue, and Liberation Stephen Petro. Time and Ethics H. The Tacit Demand Olli Lagerspetz.

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Back cover copy This book addresses the question of what it means to be moral and which capacities one needs to be moral. Table of contents Preface Bert Musschenga: What makes us moral? An introduction Part I: Morality, evolution and rationality Alejandro Rosas: Rationality and deceit; Why rational egoism cannot make us moral Katharine Browne: Two problems of cooperation Catherine Herfeld and Katrien Schaubroeck: Quantified coherence of moral beliefs as predictive factor for moral agency Part II: Morality and the continuity between human and nonhuman primates Bert Musschenga: Animal morality and human morality Florian Cova: Two kinds of moral competence; Moral agent, moral judge Andres Luco: Humean moral motivation Harry Wels: Nativism and non-nativism Jessy Giroux: The origin of moral norms and the role of innate dispositions Carsten Fogh Nielsen: It's complicated - Moral nativism, moral input, and moral development Julia Hermann: We are very grateful to Dr.

Hendrik Hutter for his assistance in editing the texts and making the manuscript camera-ready. December , The Editors. The Practice of Magical Evocation. The Key to the True Kabbalah.

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