Ascended Masters Newsletters, Vol. IV

Reality and Change The Light is the Heartbeat of Your Universe What is Needed Now? On the Occasion of Hurricane Katrina The Art of Manifestation Compassion in a Time of Change A Message worth Repeating Have Compassion for Your Addictions Connecting With Your "Home Base" All Still Remains in Perfect Order Releasing the Hold of Your Ego Mind Living in the Past and in the Future The Properties of Gratitude Confusion and Misunderstandings The World of Magical Thinking Trust and Let Go of Fear A New Template The Change is Now Sovereignty and Moderation -- Balance and Harmony Everything and Everyone is Your Creation Thinking Outside the Box Change is in the Air -- A Lunar Eclipse Let Go of the Need to Judge The Time of Great Transformation Parts of my story may seem fairly sensational.

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Other parts may seem as if I allowed my imagination to run wild. I assure you that this is often how it felt to me, too. In fact, in the Eastern traditions, my path was rather ordinary!

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Feeling is the Secret. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. This is the latest volume released on Feb. The Solution to Any Problem: Compassion in the Face of Suffering An Offer of Guidance and Help

What was difficult for me need no longer be as difficult for you. I hope my story will help you see that experiencing the Light in all its wondrous possibilities can happen to you as well, and possibly with greater ease! I'd be happy to respond to your questions, please go through one of our websites for e-mail contacts. Take the Self Improvement Tour.

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Ascended Masters Newsletters, Vol. IV - Kindle edition by Linda Stein-Luthke, Martin F. Luthke Ph.D.. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ This compilation of newsletters is a treasure trove of profound information and wisdom, channeled from the Beings of Light. The information and guidance.

Lessons I Chose on my Journey toward the Light. Angels and Other Beings of Light. Balancing the Light Within. Affirmations and Thought Forms.

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Dispelling the Illusions of Aging and Dying. Navigating the Fourth Dimension. Introduction to Psychoenergetic Heali. Law of Life Enlightener was published from 25 A. We are blessed to present it here in its entirety. Have you ever become enmeshed in the distressing and seemingly incomprehensible problems of living — problems to which there seemed to be neither immediate nor permanent solution? If so, at such times did you not long for a clearer understanding of the reason WHY these came about; how to solve them and prevent more from appearing? The knowledge and its daily practical application to solve such problems is now made available to you in the Instruction presented by The Lighthouse of Freedom.

In this set of three books is information and instruction as it was given by the Divine Beings in the 's.

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It was drawn forth by a particular group of trained lifestreams and students who were able to sense and recognize the vibrations of the Ascended Masters and Divine Beings. The Spiritual Hierarchy for the Earth at that time opened various Retreats to the consciousness of mankind.

Linda Stein-Luthke

This book gives information, experiences and phases of Jesus' and Mary's lives not known before. The endeavor here has been to present the life of Jesus and Mary from a standpoint of Law, correlating information and instruction given by Divine Beings, particularly Mary, with that of accountings in the outer world.

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The Chinese translation of Law of Life books 1 and 2. This translation was delicately done to keep the words of the original ideas intact.

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This translation is in. Books now shipped twice a month. Dear Chelas, Students and Friends, We understand that some of you have been waiting for the cost of books and shipping to be established and made available to you on the website so that you can order the desired books. Toggle navigation Law of Life.