The Summoning Bell by daffodilsinguns reviews Alice becomes embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse with an unknown opponent in Chipenden.

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With the weight of her past still pressing upon her, Alice must choose how she will respond. Does she truly belong to the dark?

The Wardstone Chronicles

Spook's Family Nights by kittygirl reviews A collection of one-shots about how I'd imagine spook's couples if there was such a thing as a happy ending for them and they had families together. If there's any particular couple you want me to write about, let me know.

OC in this sense stands for other characters. The Stranger by Grapester reviews Tom Ward has come to give a gift to his niece who seems to not remember him, What will she do when she finds out a little bit about him? Read to find out! When his 23rd birthday arrives, he is taken prisoner by a conniving witch and her peculiar accomplice.

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Alice must do whatever it takes to find him. But will her past catch up with her, following her heart's desire, when she sets foot in Pendle? The County's fate rests on her shoulders! Home Truths by Daughter of Lestrange reviews Tom has taken on a new apprentice. When the girl becomes ill and delirious, she begins to tell him a few home truths that threaten his relationship with Alice, and his career as a Spook Rated: She records how she met John and what she felt after each son was born.

What about a girl with pointy teeth? Spoilers for the last chapter of the dark assassin Rated: You're not just a bad girl, you're literally from Hell by LisaAbiona15 reviews Tom has read about this woman in the Bestiary. Moreso, has read about her terrifying parents the Devil, supposedly, and Bony Lizzy. AU but some things are the same.

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T - English - Chapters: The Witch's Apprentice by Daughter of Lestrange reviews Thorne discovers an opportunity to leave the Dark and return to the living. On her journey, she finds a precious belonging of Grimalkin's and is determined to return it to her, no matter what it costs. Bit of fluff at the end, but I hope you enjoy it!

Untraditional Matrimony by kittygirl reviews It is the middle of spring and Jack Frost, the winter mage, has made it snow specifically for this occasion that will surely raise the hopes of those who oppose the Dark Army. This mage is escorting the earth witch, Alice Deane, down the aisle towards her beloved and her new future. Read about a magical wedding for hope and secure love. First to the sequel of A New Path.

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The Witch's Apprentice by DaringDauntless reviews From the moment Lizzie was born, she was destined to become a witch. Follow her throughout her years of training under one of the most dangerous witches in all of Pendle's history, and find out how this naive young girl of thirteen would grow up to become Bony Lizzie.

Love and Loss by LisaAbiona15 reviews Some one-shots about my favourite characters. I stole stuff, I lied, and I abused every known drug on the streets. My charges were for drug possession, that is what I did time for. I also did time when I was younger for burglary. I was in maximum security for a while, over a few fights. I was in a dungeon cell 23 hours a day, everyday.

Every word on every page of The Wardstone Trilogy was a moment of freedom.

Now he is noted for his epic fantasy novels and his prolific social network marketing activity. Searching for further information about this author reveals a man less concerned about resume status than about storytelling and his book are directed at the Young Adult sector. It made him the person he is today, an extremely talented fantasy author. He dared to step outside the line and risk just how far he could go.

The plot as a stand alone book brings the reader to several aspects - Hyden Hawk Skyler and new friends soar over land and sea on an adventurous quest to find the Silver Skull of Zorellin.

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Shaella patrols the skies and her new black dragon, Vrot. With her father's spell books, and the Priests of Kraw, she decides to aid King Ra'Gren, while scheming to free her lover, Gerard, from the hellish Nethers. The likeable, but dastardly evil wizard, casts spells using potions, scrolls, and spoken spells from memory.

His daughter Shaella relies more on her ability to charm what she wants out of people, but even she is fallible and falls in love with the boy she is using. It's a big continent. Different regions have different customs all the way around. The uniqueness of the characters in the books, and the unexpected events, losses, and emotion are what make my writing unique.

The Spook's Revenge Review (Collector's Edition) [Final Wardstone Chronicles Book]

There are few writers in the genre of fantasy that can equal the creative mind of M. The reader needs only to begin the first few chapters of Volume 2 to become addicted to the flight of fancy and magic Mathias has created. Highly Recommended for Young Adults and adults who long to be young again!

Grady Harp, November Having read the first installment of this fantasy series, I was expecting to be pulled into this next book just as easily, but I struggled a bit more than I had anticipated. There was something slightly different about the writing in the second book; it didn't seem quite as impassioned.

Although the characters were all there, minus those tragic losses from the first book, they didn't seem to have the same energy and dynamism as they'd had in the past. A bit of a sophomore slump, if you ask me. However, about pages in, the writing became more consistent and the plot began to move forward in a sensible way. I feel like parts of the second book dragged because things simply weren't moving forward at a believable pace.

Mathias puts emphasis on certain things that are unimportant and end up distracting the reader from the true point of the story and slowing down the momentum of reading a solid, well-crafted story. All of those critiques aside, the story is still unique and engaging, albeit not as well-executed as the first novel. I think that the character development is adequate, and all of the different players are clearly defined and fleshed out, which is nice.

I will certainly read the final book in the trilogy, and would suggest it to others, but be prepared to be patient and work your way through a few rough spots to find the bright moments of this story. I really enjoy reading this trilogy. If you like mythological battles and books about dragons or other mythological creatures you will really like this one. The detail that the author puts into not just this book but all of them that I have read so far is amazing. I don't want to spoil any of the surprises in the story, but I will say it's jam-packed with epic battles and mysteries as the saga continues.

As an example of one of the adventures, Hyden, with his hawkling Talon, search for the Silver Skull of Zorellin. On their journey aboard the Seawander, Hyden and his companions, Brady, Oarly the dwarf, and the young magician Phen, are forced to go ashore at Kahna Island. They journey into the Serpent's Eye cavern, where Phen finds a treasure that eerily reminds Hyden of the horrible fate of his brother, Gerard.

This is a great, exciting story. The plot and the details of the fantasy world of epic battles and evil wizardry with dragons, giants, and pirates, are spellbinding. If you haven't read the first book, "The Sword and the Dragon," I'd suggest you start there.

The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles Series

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The Wardstone Chronicles

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