SCORING 10 points per PC who makes it to the platform at the top of the totem pole within the minute time limit, provided the eye has been removed and replaced with the red glass orb. The PCs can then place the ladder against the wall and climb up over the top. PCs can take 20 on this roll, but it costs them 2 minutes. It almost look like the creatures carved into the pole have another shape. PCs can take 20 on these checks, but doing so takes 2 minutes, which should be subtracted from their total time limit. In ear- lier Challenges of Champions, similar coded messages are reflected in a mirror to spell out clues, and other sce- narios have hinged upon the secret message revealed when placing "coded message" cards together in their proper order.

In fact, the message formed by the cards is: Once at the top of the totem pole, removing and replacing the glass eye is a simple matter. Ahead of you is a narrow passageway with a floor constructed of hex-shaped stones. At the far end stand two statues of peculiar hybrid creatures with the eyes, wings, and bodies of bees, and the upper torsos and heads of elves. Each statue holds a drawn bow aimed in your direction. This section of corridor is filled with magic traps, see? Them tiles are all pressure sen- sitive, so them guardian thingies can tell where everybody is. They make their way across the hive in such a fashion, picking up the keys as they come across them, and each PC passes to safety with a key in hand.

The hex tiles are each 5 feet in diameter. The walls in the cor- ridor are completely smooth, foiling all climbing attempts. Once a key has been used to get past the two stat- ues, it is rendered nonmagical. Thus, it cannot be passed back to another PC to allow him or her safe passage. Each of the PCs must use a different key. The first one is for the DM. The second blank map is for the players, so they can till in the numbers on the hexes as theii PCs step on them. If a PC steps onto a grub hex, or multiple PCs stand on a single hex.

PCs struck are instantly I rendered invisible, magically silenced, and telekineti- cally levitated through the illusory ceiling of the room To the other PCs, it appears as though their teammates were disintegrated. If the "vaporized" PC was c anying a key, it is also lost. Naturally, "vaporized" PCs are declared dead tor the rest ot the scenario.

This one involves water: A foot-long pool stretches from wall to wall. He indicates a pair ot young men in sailors' garb, both of whom look rather ill. They are shackled together at the wrist by a 6-foot chain. I'm afraid the sailors are not in any condition to assist you, so you'll have to do all of the work.

Not to worry, though: You'll have no problems from them! The hoar has a speed of 10 feet per round. I Yth nu limit, it s actually a bettet strategy to 'abandon" the 1 1 st two teammate -md earn 20 points for the team. The PCs can also accomplish rheit goal r. Since only one of the rings is magical, one PC puts on all four of them to ensure the water walk tbil- ity That PC carries another PC on his back, while the other two PCs and the seasick sailors use the b at to cross the river. The boat can only hold the weight of four people, if five or more people pile mtr r h?

Finally, anyone who succeeds at a Use Magic Device check DC 25 -an open the boaf without a command word consult the "Activate Blindly" option of Use Magic Devi an page 76 of the Player's Handbook While this 'u ; in- vents the truly time-consuming porti n of the chad lenge, clever PCs shouldn't he punished for istng the skills in which they're trained Conic, HuMaN, Die By SworD or Spean fins scenario takes place in a large, open-air arena and thus has natural lighting. The pool of water is a uniform 10 feet deep. SCORING 10 points pet PC on the far side of the river at the end of the minute time limit, but only if the two seasick sailors have been transported there as well.

Two PCs ferry the sailors to the other side of the river, then one returns to fetch the other two PCs. The spell component is this small piece of eggshell, taken from the egg of a red dragon immediately after it hatched. To assist you in your crossing, here is your starting equip- ment: One glove holds a ring of spell storing loaded with an endure elements fire spell, and the other holds a homunculus trained to attack every- one but its master.

Also, be careful with the boards! They can only support the weight of one of you at a time. And nat- urally, anyone falling into the lava will be declared dead immediately. The floor at the far end is pressure-sensitive, so as soon as anyone sets foot there, a wall drops to perma- nently seal off the starting area. I would suggest that you all be out of the starting area when that happens if you wish to succeed at this scenario, if there are no questions, you may begin when you're ready!

The lava pool is 6 feet deep, with four stone platforms projecting 1 foot above the lava. For ease of iden- tification, the projections are labeled A, B, C, and D see the accompanying diagram. The platforms are separated from each other by 9 feet of space, and both the starting area and the exit area are 9 feet from the nearest platform. PC 3 walks to D, picks up the board from the starting area and passes it to PC 2. PC 2 places the board from B to A and walks to A.

PC 3 walks to B, removes the board connecting to A, repo- sitions it to connect D and the starting area, and returns to B. PC 4 walks to D, removes the board connecting to the starting area and passes it to PC 3. PC 2 uses the board to connect A and the exit area, and walks to the exit. PC 3 walks to A, removes the board con- necting to the exit, uses it to connect A to C, then returns to B. PC 3 walks to A, removes the board con- necting A and the exit area, walks to B, and places the board to connect B and D.

PC 3 walks to A. Picking up a board, setting down a board, and walking across a board are all move-equivalent actions.

A PC can take two move-equivalent actions in a round. Note that PCs who succumb to the sleep venom might end up snoozing through the rest of the scenario! Unlike most scenarios, which feature polymor- phic guild wizards as part of the scenario, this is a real homunculus. It belongs to Mercurio, and he can order it to desist at any time.

Item information

The homunculus breaks off from combat and flies away if it takes any damage. PCs with good Jump checks can leap from pillar to pillar. Landing on a pillar after such a jump should require a Balance check DC 20 to avoid falling in the lava. II the PCs release the homunculus, it attacks, biting each PC in turn in an effort to put You are greeted by Parnival, the guild cleric proc- toring the next scenario. He offers each of you a drink of water, filling four glass mugs from a rain barrel.

To further complicate mat- ters, at the center of the maze is an unstoppered eversmoking bottle, which has caused smoke to cover the central area of the maze, as shaded on the map. Here is the stopper. There is no illumination within the maze, so here are two everburning torches. You have 15 minutes to complete this scenario. Once the PCs enter the maze, take the scenario map away from the players. They dip their cloths into the water, wring it out, and study the maze diagram.

After entering the maze, the PCs go straight until they hit the first wall. The PCs can toss one of their everburning torches over the first wall to provide illumination on the other side , then boost one another up and over that wall before continuing in a straight line until the next wall. They repeat the procedure, and then again with the wall immediately beyond that one, entering the central chamber. Once there, they locate the eversmoking bottle and seal it with the stopper.

A short exam- ple follows the example assumes the PCs have tried to memorize their way through the maze instead of climbing over the walls: After a time, you can turn left or continue going straight. After continuing on a short distance, it comes to a dead end. Assume each red section is the equivalent of a 5-foot square for movement purposes. If the PCs begin climbing the walls, keep track of the number of checks they make to monitor the time. It is recommended that once the PCs finish studying the map and head into the maze, you begin initiative, with all the PCs going at the same time.

This will enable you to accurately keep track of elapsed time as the PCs make their way through the scenario. A PC who chokes lor 2 consecutive rounds takes ld6 points of subdual damage. Once a PC has taken more subdual damage than she has hit points, she falls uncon- scious. But once a char- acter fails a Fortitude save, instead of beginning to drown, she must start making saving throws to pre- vent smoke inhalation. Climbing over a wall requires a Climb skill check DC Note that two PCs can use the Aid Another action to help a climber.

If one character has already climbed to the top of the wall which is 1 foot wide — point this out when the first PC reaches the top of the wall and is leaning down to help someone below, as many as three PCs can use the Aid Another action. Note that a PC hanging over the edge of a foot wall and dropping to the ground takes no damage. The same is true for anyone who makes a successful Jump or Tumble check DC 15 to reduce the damage, but anyone foolish enough to leap from the top of a foot-high wall takes the standard ld6 points of subdual damage.

Note that nimble PCs can attempt Jump and Bal- ance checks to leap from wall top to wall top. Cal- culate Jump checks based on distance see the Jump skill description in the Player's Handbook , and require leaping PCs to make a Balance check DC 20 to avoid falling off the wall after making a landing. PCs who fall take the normal ld6 points of subdual damage. If a PC attempts such a feat, impose a circumstance penalty to the Jump and Balance checks to represent the diffi- culty in gauging distance correctly when effectively blind. Once inside the central area, a PC can find the oversmoking bottle with a successful Search check DC Once the bottle is stoppered, the smoke dissi- pates within 10 rounds.

On the other side of the door is a set of stairs leading up to the next scenario. Even if two PCs succumb to smoke inhalation, they still earn their 10 points for the scenario if the other two PCs can drag them out of the door after stoppering the oversmoking bottle.

This encourages teamwork among the group members. If the PCs wind up lost in the maze or succumb to the smoke, they are rescued by guild clerics and escorted to the door at the center of the maze. Any subdual damage is healed by the clerics so the PCs can immediately proceed to the next scenario. Fie leads you to one side of a large pit 20 feet deep, 20 feet wide, and 20 feet long. There are three vicious dire wolves in the bottom of the pit, gnawing on some humanoid bones. Anyone attacked by them will immediately be declared dead.

To aid you in accomplishing your goal, here is some starting equipment: One foot length of rope, one immovable rod, and a ring of spell storing holding an invisibility to animals spell. Please note that there are two other items of possible usefulness: Unfortunately, you'll find the second rod down with the wolves, and the second rope on the far side of the pit. Please note the smoothness of the walls; climbing them is simply not possible.

Good luck to you! The entire area is lit by continual flame spells. The ceiling is 10 feet above the floor of the starting area and 30 feet above the floor of the pit. A failure by 5 or more on any of these checks means the PC has fallen to the dire wolves below. A PC under the effects of the invisibility to animals spell is not automatically detected but takes ld6 points of subdual damage and ld6 points of regular damage from the fall; guild wizards keep track of this character and save their feather fall spells for those PCs not protected.

If more than one PC tries crossing the rope at the same time, a PC holding the end of the rope must suc- ceed at a Strength check DC 20 if there are two people on the rope, DC 25 if there are three or have the rope slip from her grasp. Any PCs on the rope fall to the wolves below and are declared dead again, excluding the PC protected by the invisibility to ani- mals spell. PCs might also attempt to Jump the pit partway, using the first rod to halt their fall a Strength check against DC 5 is required to avoid losing one's grip on the rod.

They can then attach the first length of rope to the rod , and swing back and forth until they reach the other side provided they jumped far enough. PC 1 takes the immovable rod and is lowered into the pit with the rope. The rope is dropped into the pit with her. She retrieves the second immovable rod and uses it and the first immov- able rod to climb up the wall on the far side of the pit. She then retrieves the other foot length of rope, ties both ropes together, and ties one end of it to the middle of an immovable rod.

She then throws that end of the rope back to the other PCs, holding on to the other end of the rope as she does so. She looks at your score sheet, then hands ir to you. At this time, give the players the score sheet with their current scores recorded. Therefore, in the waters below swims a hybrid creature: We call him a tick- pole. Anyone falling into the water will be attacked and probably devoured.

Once the rods are in place, pur your hand on the plate on the right of the door. If you've placed the rods cor- rectly, the door will open. If you're ready, you may begin. The water is 10 feet below the level of the door and at least 10 feet deep. The tickpole swims back and forth across the length of the pool like a hungry tiger pacing in a cage. Each metal rod is 4 inches long and half an inch thick. If the PCs opt not to continue, they earn no points for this scenario. If they choose to go through Sce- nario 10 , read or paraphrase the following: The ten rods must be placed as shown in the DM's diagram.

If any rod is in the wrong hole, the bridge instantly vanishes. Any PCs standing on the bridge at that time fall into the water and are attacked by the tickpole. Each scenario title has the solution phonetically imbedded in it, as follows: Mean- while, the real PCs are escorted out of the pool via a hidden underwater exit point. One round after blinking out of exis- tence, the bridge reforms and is ready for the next attempt.

Make sure you point out that there is no ledge for the PCs to stand on, so whoever is working on the lock is also standing on the bridge. The door is set right into a tall cliff face 80 feet high. Because of the nature of the phonetics involved, the following are also accepted locations for the rods: Allow PCs a make a Decipher Script check DC 20 to realize that the names of the events sound funny — almost as if there are more words within the titles.

If one of the PCs says the name of an event aloud in any context, allow the other characters a Listen check DC 20 to receive the same clue. Once the PCs have finished all ten scenarios, their scores are tallied. To compare their results with those of the other teams, consult Table 1. The characters are escorted to a tent similar to the one where they first gathered. There, they can meet the members of the other teams, who press the PCs for information on how they did.

The questions con- tinue as everyone tries to gauge their success against that of the PCs. As more teams finish every 15 min- utes, the questions and conversation begin again. A guild representative reminds the PCs that they are free to roam the area until all the contestants have finished the contest.

Vendors of all types sell their wares from their carts, and there are guild exhibits set up in tents all along the way. They are warned not to discuss the specifics of the scenarios with anyone other than the competitors who have likewise finished. This can be an easy way to draw the PCs into further adventures. In addition, other competitors might end up as close friends, cohorts, or full- fledged party members or hated rivals, which might be more fun as a result of their meeting with the PCs during the contest.

The contest officially con- cludes, and the celebration begins in earnest. These contests are getting harder and harder to come up with!

The Lesshead Files: Book One: The Odin Witch by Rad, C.J. Paperback Book The | eBay

The contestants are arranged in a semicircle around a wooden platform. Up to the platform steps Farthin- gale, the rotund guildmaster of the Adventurers Guild. The third place team is called up first, followed by the second place team. The members of the second and third place teams each receive brass medals that note their place in the con- test over an engraving of the Adventurers Guild crest. Each medal is worth about 1 gp. Finally, the overall winning team is announced.

As Farthingale calls the team up to the stand, applause rips through the audience as they cheer for the winners. Each member of the winning team also receive a lifetime membership into the Adventurers Guild. However, there are other, less tangible benefits to having participated in the fourth annual Challenge of Champions. Thus, a PC with a perfect score of gains 1, XPs for the experience of having braved the fourth annual Chal- lenge of Champions. This is his first appearance in Dungeon since it converted to 3rd Edition.

If you opt for noisy, consider giving PCs anywhere from a -2 to a penalty to Listen checks to detect other noises. The surface of the stone looks smooth, but that shouldn't deter you from requiring PCs who step near the edge of the hole or on one of the fingers of stone to make Balance checks DC 15 due to crumbling rock.

You can also vary the speed of the streams and vortex. If you want to make the area less deadly, the streams can move at a bare trickle. If you want to heighten tension, they can move objects 30 or 40 feet per round. You can also require the Balance check of PCs walking near the streams. The color is reminiscent of strong acid. If this is the case, PCs who fall in a stream should rake 2d6 points of acid damage each round they spend submerged. Those who fall in the vortex should take 10d6 points of acid damage each round.

The vortex might be composed of raw sewage, eldritch energy in a liquid form , or even trapped souls. If you go with a liquid pool, require characters who fall in the vortex to make Swim checks to avoid drowning see the Dungeon Master's Guide, page The DCs for these checks can range from 15 rough water to 20 stormy water. The room is inhabited by a beholder named Yrbraxxis that despises intruders. Bent on expanding its realm of influence, it has been sending its allies beholderkin from Mon- ster Compendium: Monsters of Faeniii and enslaved minions out to conquer the surrounding territories.

The beholder prefers simple tactics, hovering near the ceiling and either using its antimagic cone to send flying characters into the whirlpool, or its telekines is ray to pick them up and drop them in the pit. Consider making the room part of an evil artifact built by a cleric of Nerull. The whirlpool is composed of slime made through a series of rituals that traps the souls of those the cleric and his minions have slaughtered in the name of their god. The slime is collected in vats after mixing in the vortex to grow the Children of Decay, a new breed of undead that spreads death and disease wherever it goes.

The room might be part of a forgotten layer of sewers beneath a city. A pack of wererats have made this pan of their home. They've also dis- covered that the mixing of the whirlpool has led to a new strain of slimy doom Dungeon Master's Guide, page 75 that they carefully harvest. They plan to eventually introduce the disease into the groundwater, hoping to cause enough chaos in the city above to provide them with uninhibited looting opportunities.

The sound of rushing. Peering into the chamber, you see that both the glow and the strange rushing noise emanate from a massive orifice in the floor, easily 50 feet or more across. Trickling into this gaping maw from worn holes in the rock are small streams of a vis- cous substance the same color as the glow. They spill over the edge of the pit and plunge out of sight. A roiling whirlpool of some yellow-green ichor swirls around the inside of the monstrous pit 20 feet below, perpetually fed by streams falling over the sides. Two 5-foot-wide fingers of stone jut from the floor over the hole, separated by a 20 -foot gap.

This room is a great place to stage a battle with a spell- caster or a creature with excellent mobility a fly speed or teleport ability, for example. Stalagmites and stalac- tites provide areas of deep shadow and make excellent cover. The height of the room is left vague; it can be as low as 10 feet or as high as feet. A flying villain might be lurking near the ceiling, waiting to drop on unsuspecting characters, or standing in the open on one of the precarious stone bridges over the pit. The adventure is intended for good-aligned PCs, and a lawful good cleric or paladin can make the sce- nario much more interesting.

The PCs should have access to plenty of powerful magic weapons and equipment as befits their high level. The setting is the business district of a large city: Any large, bustling dry is appropriate. The DM should become familiar with the powers and abilities of the two key NPCs before running this adventure. Across the planes, forces of good and evil, law and chaos, and different factions within all four wage endless wars for cosmic dominance.

Fiendish armies and celestial hosts battle to determine the true meta- physical forces that will rule existence.

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All of this goes on mostly unseen to mortals of the worlds of the Material Plane, but the PCs — world-wise as they might be — are about to witness a tiny fraction of that struggle. The teenage street-rat Lisa LaBuran has had a rough life. One day ago, Lisa lifted a purse from an unknow- ing merchant and escaped undetected. When Lisa opened the purse, she was overjoyed to find 10 plat- inum coins, a nice pair of gold cufflinks, and a great, big gem!

The black onyx, about the size of a walnut, seemed to glow as she touched it. Unfortunately for poor Lisa, the gem was more than just a valuable stone. Her pickpocket victim was actually a powerful wizard, and the gem was the Eye of Night's Embrace, a powerful artifact of the dark- est evil. Lisa could not even begin to comprehend the power of the small gem she placed carefully in a secret pouch sewn into the inside of her trousers.

When the gem left the zone of protection in which its previous owner had been hiding it, celes- tial and infernal alarms sounded. A planetar was the first to realize the Eye's location. This mighty steward of law and goodness entrusted a servant, the astral deva Ganamemnon, to travel to the Material Plane and fetch the vile artifact so it could be destroyed.

The planetar gave Ganamemnon a talisman that would lead him to the gem like a compass. The deva requested, and was granted, permission to use every means at his disposal. Sacrifices could be made for the greater good. A pit fiend from Baator assigned his lieutenant, a gelugon named Felespar, to obtain the arti- fact. The pit fiend gave the gelugon a ring with tracking aa powers similar to the deva's talisman, and told his subor- dinate to do anything in his ,. Though neither trusted the other, both were T of equal strength and didn't want to waste energy on a temporary truce, joining forces to locate the artifact.

Similar authors to follow

When the PCs meet the current owner of the vile artifact, they unwittingly find themselves caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. She realizes now that it is magical — and probably evil — but still rightfully believes it is worth a for- tune. She is unwilling to discard it because of a few harried, sleepless nights. She escaped out a window, but the deva has been chasing her just out of earshot, unfor- tunately , and the celestial is becoming frustrated. When she finally picks herself up, Lisa can barely put together a coherent sentence.

Exhausted and frightened, she blurts out "Help. He's chas- ing me. Lisa is just what she appears to be: She is nor evil, and she is not truly a threat to the PCs. The object she carries poses the real danger. CR 4; Medium-Size Humanoid human 5 ft. Read or paraphrase the fol- lowing when the PCs reach an area of the town that is lightly crowded: As you make your way through the city streets, the crowds begin to thicken. As you navi- gate the busy street, all of you are nearly bowled over by a young girl covered in dirt and wearing the clothes of a beggar. She must have sprinted out of a nearby side street, since you didn't see her coming.

The nondescript girl looks nervously to and fro as she scrambles to her ieet. Lisa is a nervous, paranoid wreck. She spent a sleepless night the evening before, thanks to the sin- ister but unclear whisperings of the gem she carries. Wis 9, Cha Alertness, Ambidexterity, Two-Weapon Fighting. The PCs have 3 rounds to take actions before the first of Lisa's as-yet-unseen pur- suers shows up. The artifact is tucked in a pocket sewn inside her clothing; finding it on her requires a successful Search check DC He is portly, handsome, and appears to have no gear other than the fancy mace strapped to his side.

Step away from those people. I must speak to you! He has used his polymorph self ability to assume a less threatening form — that of a handsome merchant. Before Lisa or the PCs can consider a course of action, read or paraphrase the following: Before you can react, a burly voice shouts from behind. Four other city guards stand behind him. Help me apprehend that scoundrel now, and the city has a 10, gold-piece reward for you! He intends to use the PCs to help him get the artifact without fighting the deva. He also drank a potion of detect thoughts to scan Lisa's mind, which is how he knows her name.

Ganamemnon and Felespar are above-average members of their respective races. Their combined EL is 19, should things go poorly and the PCs decide to fight both outsiders. CR 14; Medium-size Outsider lawful, good 6 ft. Ganamemnon is immune to electricity, acid, cold, and petrification. All other special attacks and qualities are described on pages 31 and 33 of the Monster Manual. Felespar, Advanced Male Gelugon: CR 13; Large Outsider lawful, evil 9 ft. Alert- ness, Cleave, Dodge, Power Attack.

Longspear, ring of locate object allows wearer to cast the spell locate object as a lOth-level sor- cerer once per day , ring of mind shielding, potion of detect thoughts, potion of haste, potion of cure serious wounds X3. SA — F car Aura Su: This ability works as described on page 53 in the Monster Manual save DC SA — Cold Su: This ability works as described on page 53 of the Monster Manual save DC Consider adapting the adventure as follows: Replace the astral deva with a 10th- to 12th-level half-celestial paladin match the party's level.

The Lesshead Files: Book One: The Odin Witch

Replace the gelugon with a 10th- to 12th-level half-fiend sorcerer again, matching the party's level. Alternatively, you could replace Ganamemnon and Felespar with an avoral and a cornugon, respectively. To explain their different forms, you could provide each of them with arcane spellcasting companions who have cast illusions or poly- morph spells on the outsiders in an effort to aid their facade.

Replace the advanced astral deva and gelugon with average representatives of their respective races with stats as found in the Monster Manual. Otherwise, play as written. Replace the deva with a HD plan- etar, and the gelugon with a HD pit fiend. Alternatively, you can use Ganamemnon and Felespar as written, but provide them with character classes. In an adven- ture like this, paladin levels the deva and blackguard levels for the devil are good choices.

You could also give the two outsiders cleric levels. Remember that changing the Encounter Levels should raise or lower the amount of treasure. Consult page 1 70 in the Dungeon Master's Guide Tables , , and to deter- mine treasure appropriate to the new encounters. Felespar is an authoritarian figure, but two things give him away.

First, he knows Lisa's name due to his potion , and if the PCs ask her, she swears she has never met him. Also, the devil is not well-versed about bounties on the Material Plane; here, no crim- inal who walks the streets unescorted is likely worth 10, gold pieces. Ganamemnon, on the other hand, is full of right- eous fury and indignation. Fie thinks little of mor- tals, even high-level ones who might have connec- tions more powerful than him.

Fie is determined to retrieve the artifact or die trying, and he is impatient to return to the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia and complete his quest. Hand the girl over now or I will have to place all of you under arrest. You have no idea what is at stake here. Bring the girl and come with me before someone gets hurt. Any attempt to bluff the celestial into backing down such as saying he has the wrong person is not likely to work.

Intimi- date checks do not work at all. Such attempts only make him more angry and Ad-hoc Experience: The two constables behind Felespar are the real thing; the devil has used his Bluff skill to convince them he is of superior rank. CR 2; Medium-size Humanoids human 6 ft. Alertness, Great Fortitude, Iron Will. The PCs must now decide what to do. If they pause to assess the situation, the two disguised outsiders just stare at one another until the PCs make a move. They are bound by their word not to attack each other.

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If the PCs deliberate too long or make a move one way or the other, one of the out- siders eventually moves to physically seize control of the situation. If you decide you want to integrate the Eye of Night's Embrace into your campaign, consider some or all of the following options: If power only functions if the devil already has the ability to gate in other fiends.

Any such attempts change his attitude from Unfriendly to Hostile. In combat, Felespar sends his guards into battle first, making Bluff checks to get them to do as he bids, if necessary. He has no fear of causing mass panic in the crowded street which is exactly what happens — see Development below.

He uses his charm monster ability on Lisa to bring her close enough so that he can kill her and grab the Eye. Hold- ing weak-willed enemies at bay with his fear aura, he uses his teleport without error ability to escape. If he cannot secure the Eye, he teleports to the top of a build- ing on the street. He then drinks his potion of haste and activates his fly ability, if no one is in range to threaten him, he uses his magic circle against good ability, then blasts the crowd and the PCs with his cone of cold.

Felespar doesn't hesitate to raise a wall of ice to sep- arate himself from the PCs and make a grab for Lisa. His goal is to retrieve the artifact, not defeat the char- acters or Ganamemnon although Felespar attempts to take Ganamemnon out if the opportunity pres- ents itself. Note that once the devil has the Eye, not much can stop him from using his teleport without error ability to flee.

Stronger powers are possible and encouraged. Ganamemnon remains in human form unless Felespar starts a riot, in which case he heads for Lisa, activating his protective aura as a free action and, if possible, readying an action to use his holy smite spell-like ability or his mace. If Felespar is within sight but not near Lisa, Ganamemnon activates his boots of speed, then uses his holy aura ability on Lisa. He then herds Lisa away from the devil while main- taining a readied action to attack the devil if it appears within reach.

If the PCs have turned against Felespar, the deva uses them to hold off the devil while he spirits away Lisa and secures the Eye. Felespar tells his guards to aid the PCs and attack "that fat merchant" while he closes on Lisa. Once Felespar has Lisa and therefore the Eye , his agree- ment with the devil ends, and he attacks the gelugon without reprieve.

The sight of the winged celestial or insectoid devil causes a stampede of terrified townsfolk including the city guards, if alive. More guards arrive on the scene during subsequent rounds, but they stay clear of the battle. If the PCs do the right thing and begin to herd Lisa toward Ganamemnon, Pelespar sends his guards down the street as fast as they can with orders to apprehend Lisa and her new custodians. He then teleports between the PCs and Ganamemnon and drinks his potion of haste in anticipation of a fight.

If the PCs confront him, he assumes his natural form and attacks. Lisa does her best to avoid the battling outsiders, cowering behind the heaviest armored PC and taking the total defense action each round Player's Handbook, page The devil flees, returning to Baator, when reduced to 30 hit points or less.

He explains to them what the struggle was over, what the gem actually is, and assures them that the best course of action is to hand it over. He offers Lisa and the PCs 5, gp, to be divided evenly among them, in exchange for the artifact. Lisa quickly agrees, but if the PCs refuse, the deva tries to explain that even if they keep the gem, more celestials and devils will come looking for the artifact. If he is still met with stubborn refusal, the celestial tries to grab Lisa or to be an adventuring rogue and gladly follows the PCs in search of new adventures.

The wizard from whom Lisa stole the gem might show up as well. The wizard might even be an enemy the PCs have faced before — someone with powerful servants or friends. If the PCs save Lisa and deliver the Eye to Ganamemnon, they should receive the experience points they would get for defeat- ing both outsiders. If Lisa is killed, they still receive experi- ence, but probably need to answer to the local authorities about what happened.

Felespar holds a grudge against the PCs if he survives; he had served with a perfect record as a gelugon for almost eight hundred years in Baator, and this blemish on his record and the wound to his pride is unbearable. If she survives, Lisa might make a good cohort or follower for a PC. Visit the website now or call A for a free catalog.

PCs who successfully complete the adventure should earn enough experience points to gain one level. A cleric and a ranger are both recom- mended for the adventure, although neither is a necessity. The Elanduen Peninsula can be placed in any coastal area or island with high precipitation.

The Isendale family founded Beardens Hollow years ago as a fishing village that would capitalize on the rich bounty of the Elanduen Peninsula. For gen- erations, the fsendales were the organizing force behind the defense and business of the village. Arundan Isendale and his son, Yohzan, built the first buildings in the village and led a campaign against local lizardfolk, driving them from the land. Jelkallan did not live to see the completion of the new village but passed the duty to his son, Ranuir, who served Bearden's Hollow as governor for many prosperous years.

Sethellen was the last of the Isendale line. Unknown to Ranuir, Dunaman was a man of greed and evil purpose, patiently plotting against the village and the Isendale family. When Sethellen took the position as governor, Dunaman saw his opportunity to seize control of the village. Eural conspired with a mercenary cohort, Haiman Gaith, to murder Sethellen. One night, shortly after Sethellen took office, Gaith, his mercenary group, and Dunaman stormed the Isendale home.

Sethellen was not pletely off guard. Upon hearing the alarm, the intruders hastily subdued Sethellen and Irewyn Isendale. They carried the couple into the swamp as far as they dared. There, Gaith slit the throats of the Isendales. Dunaman was in great haste to return to the vil- lage and cover his tracks.

When she recovered some strength, Irewyn fled into the swamp. She lives there still, clinging to the shreds of sanity left to her by that fateful night. With Constable Gaith in his corner and the head seat in the village council, Dunaman was poised to exploit the village. For years now, Dunaman has grown rich at the expense of the village. Enmar asks the PCs to help with repairs, sending them to Father Denethan, at a local cranberry farm, for instructions. Father Denethan explains that bodies from the old city in the swamp washed up into the bogs during the storm. He also tells them of the attack on farmer Burnean and the Isendale home to the north.

From the Isendale home, the PCs track a mummy into the swamp the creature responsible for the attacks , where they encounter the swamp witch, Irewyn Isendale. Irewyn can tell the PCs who the mummy is and show them its tracks to the old city. In the sunken central halls of the old city, the PCs find city records that help them identify the bodies found in the cranberry bogs.

Judging from the quiet outside, the storm that forced you and other travelers in the area to take emergency lodging has passed. A warm bed at the North Sands Inn was a welcome end to the weary travel of the day.

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The height of the room is left vague; it can be as low as 10 feet or as high as feet. This ability works as described on page 53 in the Monster Manual save DC When the PCs meet the current owner of the vile artifact, they unwittingly find themselves caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. Not all teams have entered the pool, and there is no pressure to do so, but those inter- ested are putting up gold pieces per team, and the winners among those in the pool go home with the pot. Below is the information that should be present in these notices. Andunna Freemidden lived in a rickety, unkempt, two-room hut on the hill overlooking Pellak to the north. Thir- teen bodies have been recovered so far.

A low fire burns in the hearth, drying items the innkeeper did not take for cleaning. Slowly the door to the room opens, and the rosy, plump face of Enmar the innkeeper peers around it. It would seem the storm has washed out all roads to the south. Mind you, folk are working to drain the mess, but most volunteers are being sent to the old Isendale home. Tales speak of an attack from the bog in the night, but I started no such rumor.

I dare say a few extra hands would be appreciated and might speed travelers on their way. If the PCs agree to help, Enmar sends them along the North Road to the cranberry farm for instruction. Head councilman Eural Duna- man, male human Expl. A foot-high wooden palisade encloses the village with a pair of reinforced wooden gates to the southwest and east.

During the storm he was repairing a bog wall when he found the first body. The corpse had washed into Burnean's cranberry bog from the swamp, along with several others. Wading into the turbulent bog, the farmer turned up more bodies. The mummy attacked at this point. Sethellen struck once before Jaiman ran back to his house in fear.

A work crew is searching the cranberry bogs. Thir- teen bodies have been recovered so far. Father Denethan male human Clrl of St.

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  6. Nächtlicher Angriff (German Edition).

Along the edge of the swamp runs a series of flooded fields hedged with low wooden walls. A blanket of crimson berries floats in the fields. There are several people wading through the man- made bogs, churning the water with thick staves. Near the southernmost field sits a farmhouse and three outbuildings. Thirteen bodies are laid in a row between the buildings and the bogs. A man is working to wrap the bodies in white cloths. Judg- ing from his garments, he is a clergyman. He is an elderly man with plump features and a kind face.

Denethan is currently preparing the bodies for blessing and reburial. PCs are welcome to help or speak with Father Denethan. PCs examining the bodies notice how well pre- served they are. Other than discoloration of the skin, the bodies show virtually no decay. If questioned about this, Father Denethan is willing to relay the following information: Deceased are no longer buried on the peninsula but taken to higher ground.

Father Denethen is concerned about the wound Burnean took during the attack. If PCs wish to speak to Jaiman Burnean, the cleric escorts them into the house. Denethan suggests that the PCs might want to speak with Councilman Dunaman, the current resident of the house. When the mummy attacked him, Jaiman was struck on the right forearm. Although little initial damage was done, the wound is incubat- ing mummy rot. Jaiman feels fine and wants to tend to his cranberries; he is anxious about letting them float around the bogs unharvested.

As rhe PCs study the bruise, Jaiman recounts his harrowing encounter with the mummy the night before: A mighty storm was blowing last night, as you know. I should have expected the bodies to come washing up — usually do during a storm. There were more than I had ever seen this time, so I waded in and started pulling them to solid ground when it happened.

The thing splashed up next to me from out of nowhere, moaning a horrible noise that shivered my bones. The adventure provides a moderate challenge at this level. Run the adventure as written but with the following additional changes: At this level more drastic measures are needed to provide an adequate challenge to the PCs. Run the adventure with the changes outlined above, as well as the following alterations: A couple normal mummies, skum, or large alligators make for interesting encounters in an expanded dungeon.

This also gives Sethellen somewhere to flee if turned. Among the other changes associated with advancing the creature, remember to give it another feat. It's possible that the PCs will possess too much magic and turning power for the mummy to stand a chance. However, Sethellen's power can be increased in an interesting way by providing him with class levels.

In addition to the changes outlined above, consider the following addi- tional modifications: Thus a 5th-level party might face a 9-HD advanced Sethellen with one level of fighter. A 7th-level party might face a 9-HD advanced Sethellen with three levels of sorcerer. Thus a 6th-level party would face a 7th- or 8th-level Gaith. Do the same with Dunaman. Consider making them fighters instead of warriors, or add more soldiers to the mix.

You could also make one of the mercenaries a cleric. Remember that changing the Encounter Levels should raise the amount of treasure in the adventure. Burnean can show the PCs where he was attacked. A successful Search or Wilderness Lore check DC 14 discovers tracks leaving the cranberry bogs head- ing north. The mummy left the tracks as it made its way to the Isendale home.

Loriann, the same housekeeper who served the Isendales, still lives in the house and now works for Dunaman. When the mummy attacked the main house last night, Loriann ran for the alarm bell. Morning dawned dreary and overcast, but the day- light drove the mummy to seek shelter.

As the alarm bell rang loud through the chill morning air, the mummy fled into the swamp. A foot-high wall sur- rounds the estate. Read or paraphrase the following boxed text as the PCs approach the residence: The men are mercenaries under the command of Haiman Gaith, the village constable.

The mummy battered the door to pieces during the storm. If the PCs question the mercenaries, they are taken by one of the men to Dunaman and Gaith in the house. PCs who explore the ground outside the work area and succeed at a Search check DC 14 discover tracks leading to the Isendale home from the south and another set heading northwest into the swamp.

The bog mummy made the tracks. A character with the Track feat can make a Wilderness Lore check DC 14 to follow the tracks south to their origin at Jaiman Burnean's cranberry farm. The Isendale house is a large, two-story building with a tall tower in the northwest comer used to keep watch over the surrounding area. As the PCs enter the house, they notice that the doors have been damaged in the same manner as the gate but seem to have with- "Last night was eerily similar to the night when the Isendales were abducted from this very house.

Lord Sethellen Isendale awakened me in the dead of night. I knew something was wrong because he was putting on that black dragon armor his grandfather passed down. He told me to climb the tower and ring the alarm bell, as we were under stood the assault. The PCs are led to the living area by a mercenary, who then returns to his labor, where they find Dunaman and Gaith conversing quietly Read or paraphrase the following at this time: Ornate double doors stand open to a handsomely appointed living area.

A dragon skull hangs over the fireplace with jaws open menacingly. Two men sit in plush chairs by the raging fire, drinking from tall glasses. The tall, lean man on the left remains seated as the other rises in greeting. This second man is ot short stature but generous proportion. The man is finely dressed — clearly the master of the house. Suspecting the worst, he rang the alarm bell in the tower. The pound- ing stopped soon afterward. Actually, Loriann rang the bell while Dunaman cowered in his bedroom. She lives deep within the mire. Peri- odic attempts to put an end to her evil have failed.

Dunaman can site no examples of her evil nor even prove she exists. Cuthbert with Father Denethan. As the PCs speak with Dunaman, Loriann the housekeeper enters with several bags packed for both herself and her liege. Broken splinters of the old door are piled nearby. The men are dressed uniformly in scale mail armor bearing an eagle crest. By then, it was too late. Both Sethellen and lrewyn were gone.

The council figured it was the lizardfolk. She looks forward to staying in the vil- lage proper until all is well again. The coastal swamp of the Elanduen Peninsula is a dif- ficult area to traverse. Movement for Medium-size creatures is reduced by half; Small creatures move at one-quarter normal. During autumn months, wind and rain are constant.

No matter how light or severe the elements, the effects of the wind and rain auto- matically extinguish any unprotected flames. Visibility is reduced by half, resulting in a -4 penalty to Spot, Search, and Listen checks. The poor weather also imposes a -4 penalty to ranged weapon attacks. The soft mud of the swamp makes initial tracking rela- tively easy. However, constant rain and standing water make tracking over longer distances more dif- ficult.

For every hour spent searching for tracks near the trails marked on the map, allow a Search or Wilderness Lore check. The recent rains have flooded many points in the trails, requiring a new skill check about every quarter mile. The tracks of the mummy Sethellen pass through the swamp with no care for obstacles. Lost trails can be found with another skill check for each hour of searching. The crabs caught by the fishermen of the penin- sula are a delicacy, and they fetch a high price in the markets of the mainland. The crabs are biding on shore, recovering from their battle with the storm.

They are famished and attack the PCs on sight. SA — Improved Grab Ex: To use this ability, the monstrous crab must hit an opponent of its size or smaller with a claw attack. SA — Squeeze Ex: A monstrous crab that gets a hold of an opponent with its improved grab ability automatically deals damage with both claws. PCs attempting to follow Irewyn or the mummy notice a new set of tracks — belonging to a lizardfolk druid named Ualeyn — crossing the trail. Although the lizardfolk were forced off the penin- sula decades ago, the area is still of vital importance to the scattered tribes across the bay.

When promis- ing males come of age, they are sent to the penin- sula, Elme den Semuanya nest ol Semuanya , to test their survival skills. Bringing nothing with them but their wits, the young lizardfolk must find their way home. Three lizardfolk were brought to the penin- sula three days ago but were separated during the storm. Learn more at Author Central. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. The Boy they called a Snowball Sep 10, Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Available for download now. Only 5 left in stock - order soon.

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