The Fall of Archeron (Knights of CAME-A-LOT Book 1)

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Detailed explanation in the post.

Now if you use Rotating Ion Shield then it lasts only within the psychic phase and has to be used again in the shooting phase for 3cp each phase on the dominus class. The Aeldari player has 14CP from 2 battalion and another detachment blowing all thier cps within the first 2 turns on Vect as points of knight doing nothing is too much of a blow to make a come back. If you use House Raven strategem to reroll everything then you will face -1,-2 or -3 to hit against flyers.

Even if the Aeldari player failed word of the phoenix roll he would still be able to win as you can only shoot at either flyers or wave serpents. I expect this will be how the tournament players reliably deal with knights and Aeldari keyword would be at the top of the meta again. Honestly the change to Ynnari and dark reaper wasn't to the point of unplayable at all as they only went from utterly broken to above average. With Dark eldar codex reinforcing Ynnari, I'm certain that they will come back to dominance.

Remember that Vect can be used once each phase as well and with Battalion giving 5cp each you can Vect everything in the first and second turn. Thats not even enogh to down a gallant a turn with pts combo, and it is counting all 3 spells go off without issue. Seems pretty fair to me. Which means that he won't be a threat and can be chipped down or ignored. And you can't count Yvraine and warlock pts as they are about the same as HQ taxes every army has to pay anyway.

But if you have just 1 knight then they get focused down.

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If you want a distraction canifex then a lone Gallant is your best choice. I actually use Imperial soup to test and pts on knight seems to reduce the efficiency of everything else. So I took the knight out and replace with points of imperial guard, custodes, blood angel and seem to have a decent chance against the aforementioned Aeldari soup. Seems like people are bringing up valid arguments about why knights will be fine against aeldari and you're just stamping your feet saying, "Yeah, but that doesn't count because I don't care if people kill my wave serpents.

Also they don't need to get the first turn as there aren't that many solid targets for the knight to hit. Since there's no Eldar players around here I don't have to put up with stuff like that, but I've read a few things so here's some pointers I could give. This is just my experience so I don't understand the nuances of your situation.

Their best psyks are limited to 18" range, bring a side detachment of Culexus or Nullmaidens to cripple their targeting. Or counter their stratagems with a little Callidus shenanigans.

See a Problem?

The knight flamers have over 12" range; even though this is just the Valiant and Acheron. There is also the 9" Twinrad Cleanser, but that's more for anti-monster. A proxy Marauder Bomber in an allied slot can seriously mess up Eldar's flying coordination The culexus is an excellent point, I play eldar and they are always a thorn in my side.

The other source available is Space Marine Datalink Telemetry, but it suffers from the Whirlwind not having a good firing profile against armoured infantry Gallant cant move pass vehicles and they will screen your gallant with 2 wave serpents that takes you a turn or two to stompor chain sword through. I'll disagree with the forgeworld comment Also, a gallant costs as much as 2 wave serpents, so if you kill 2 wave serpents Wave Serpents unfortunately have 13 wounds, so there's gunna be times where you land two hits and they survive with 1hp, that's what your heavy stubbers are for.

If the enemy allows you to kill 2 wave serpents with just one gallant, then they must have made a serious mistake which isn't something that would happen with tournament players. And killing 2 wave serpents doesn't really improve the situation at all they are just a distraction carnifex. I just play tested 3 forgeworld knights against a strong magnus list. He did not survive. Also knight archeron flamer. Your shooting back stratagem will be vect and if you explode it will be inside your own deployment zone.

If you use house vulkar you wont have either reroll all 1 from house raven or ignore negatives to hit from house mortan. And anything lower than dominus class wont be a major threat to eldar. Unless something like skyshield house mortan slay the shadow strat which is worse off against everything else. Gallant is cheap enough to be a threat while still being point efficient but he doesn't have a fly keyword and his base is big.

If the eldar screen properly then Gallant won't reach key target. I feel like celestine would be a better choice than gallant while both gives off too many Kingslayer score. Blood angel captain also only gives off 2 kingslayer score. I just feel like the sheer number of stomp attacks mixed with the availability of good stratagems to keep the knight up outweighs blood Angel's captains. For sure celestine is good if she's your style. You will be vect so you can't advance then charge.

Vect simply hard counter knights as they rely on strategem to be effective. While for Celestine at most they can vect my reroll to have Celestine come back to life if I roll a 1. Until GW learns from WotC about how to make and run a long term balanced game Making it balanced has all up side and zero downside, save for GW not wanting to pay for proper testing.

If the game is gonna reach a larger audience, they need to lower barriers to entry and make it balanced.

Knights of Came-a-lot: The Fall of Acheron: Lord Koga: Books

Balancing a game with hundreds of intricate rules, thousands of different models, rules, points values, abilities etc. They do a good job on balancing for the most part.. I can point that argument at MtG and it comes up pretty flat. Thousands of card, hundreds of rules, and hundreds of cards added per year, and they keep it balanced.

GW can too, if they want to evolve and grow into more than who they are now. They balance it out to the best of their abilities, and they do a damn fine job. The game is fun.. The game is fun as is, but as it grows, and the competitive scene grows with it, the community will grow too, and bigger groups make bigger demands. So we will probably see greater and greater attention to balance as this happens.

They balance it the best they can within their means, they aren't going to spend millions balancing the game that already sells like hot cakes when majority of the customers don't even play competitively it just makes no sense. The game is fun, and they balance it to some degree.

The Book of Henry Trailer #1 (2017)

As someone who has played 30k for decades, this is the best it's been.. You also conveniently ignore my argument about the edition changing every few years. This is also why GW doesn't spend too much time or money balancing a game. You seem to like the fact they are getting better at balance.

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She will cherish him, embrace him, feed him even when he is not hungry she is a Greek girl after all that needs to feed her loved ones until they burst , accept his past and acknowledge their common future. And killing 2 wave serpents doesn't really improve the situation at all they are just a distraction carnifex. Deetsy Short answer, you don't have to, she catches you up. Jun 01, Heather rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Goddess Artemis was his lover, his friend and then the worst manipulator and bitch.

So literally on the same page. My point is GW balance it to a point where it's fun.. The only way GW can do what you are suggesting is if everything has the same points, same data sheets, same values But that would make the game absolutely boring. I think it's more balanced than I can remember. I'd like to see Agents of Vect reduced, either one use only or once per turn -- something like that. But it 40k is more and more balanced; those points updates in Chapter Approved aren't for nothing. I'm not saying GW doesn't balance it, they do, they balance it to the best of their abilities with the big FAQ and chapter approved.

I think GW knows but did not wish to balance the game on purpose. Maybe due to their business strategy. If they really wish to balance their game, perhaps they should change and rotate all their play testers to minimize bias. And start closing the gap between armies by expanding neglected forces in terms of new models. I don't think we will ever see true balance in a GW game. Whether GW wants balance is an open debate, but even if they do, I just don't think it's feasible to balance a game as complex as 40k. Maybe if you release every codex simultaneously after extensive play testing you could get close but even then I think you'd have things fall through the cracks.

With a stagerd release, and the detachment allies system we have now If I want to play a fun game in an awesome setting that's slightly competitive, I grab my 40k. If I want a true test of my strategic and tactical chops I log onto chess.