Once a Thief [Thief of Hearts 1]

It was everything I wanted Rowan's story to be! I really hope that there will be more books in this series! There's SO many characters that I want to see what happens to them. Jun 15, Marianne rated it really liked it Shelves: Another great read in this series. I wasn't sure how this would work, but the author did a good job. I'm still keen to read the Duke's story.

And find out more about Percy.

Thief of Hearts

Wonderful series, wonderful story - I do hope there are going to be more! Jul 30, Gabriela Mira Williams rated it it was amazing. Rowan moved through the world a little too bright, a little too sharp, as if he were a song written in D major while the rest of the world played in C. An let me tell you Ms. Foxe never disappoints in building the momentum and leave you craving for more. Although hard to follow right fro "As much as she wished differently, he didn't belong here. Oct 05, Irishgirl rated it liked it Shelves: Mar 14, H.

Irwing rated it it was amazing. Wonderful world I enjoyed the tale. Prefered the first book in the series more. But this is great too. Can't wait for the next one.

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Dec 27, Aki rated it liked it. That connection The connection between Rowan and Hex I just didn't feel it, unlike Romanov or Drexler. I still liked this book, but it wasn't my favorite. Now if Brightlingsea ends up with Paraminter I'll be okay. I didn't hate this book, but I didn't love it either. There was no real conflict in it for me, aside from Rowan having no clue who he was. Oct 10, Veronica A Pitts rated it it was amazing. And Time Thief of Hearts, Yes that does happen in this story. Also Vampires, Time Travel and other evil men. This story encounters many different scenarios.

Hopefully you enjoy fantasy and romance because this is what this book Is about. Mar 27, Little Feather rated it really liked it. I absolutely adored the first two books in this series, but this one just didn't captivate me in the same way. I still enjoyed it and I'm really excited to read about crazy bloody Brightlingsea in this next one!

Jul 21, Cindy Du plessis rated it it was amazing. Can't wait for the Duke's story Apr 08, nicola Morrison rated it it was amazing. Great story I loved the way it kept you engaged with out a lot of sex! I wish I could know more about them I needed at least 4 more chapters. DaveandMickayla rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Melissa rated it really liked it Feb 02, Mary rated it really liked it Mar 26, Sparkie rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Sancha rated it it was amazing Jul 16, Debbie Robinson rated it really liked it Mar 16, Kim Cross rated it it was amazing Feb 09, Maria rated it really liked it Mar 27, Heather rated it really liked it Jun 04, Frost Kay rated it really liked it Jun 07, Kristen rated it it was ok Jan 19, Nicole Hamlett rated it it was amazing Mar 16, Starr rated it liked it Mar 25, Kathleen rated it really liked it Aug 21, Medlock rated it it was amazing May 30, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

I write Steampunk Romance. I am self published and loving it! I also publish Historical Romance under Maggie Fenton. Thief of Hearts is finally finished and available for purchase!!

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She also got mad at Stu at some point, which was understandable but since she couldn't present an alternative way to handle this particular situation I thought her grudge was a little bit too strong. I loved that he had a different kind of intelligence. He was in no way dumb, kudos to L. Cosway for making me see past that impression. Those who know me, know that I usually go easier on the heroes.

Yes, I'm a tramp. So I was able to see past his faults and took his side. I loved how he made Andrea uncomfortable with his naughty and cheeky approach, he forced her out of her shell. And boy does he have a dirty mouth on him. Don't get shy on me now, luv. You stole my post-prison virginity cowgirl style. Loved to catch up a little bit with them. Andrea's cousin Alfie is a very special and lovable person, he made me want to hug him and hold him when he had one of his bad times. Cosway gives us again a very unique story with twists and turns and adorable characters.

She really took me by surprise a couple of times and I look forward to seeing what this author has in store for Trevor and Reya in the last installment of this series. View all 38 comments. There's no judgment here. I loved it so much L. Cosway did an amazing job with this story and especially with her characters! He was smart, funny, hot and so sweet!

Andrea was also sweet and lovable. I loved their chemistry and there were some really steamy moments between them! Overall it was a sweet story with fantastic characters and the perfect amount of humor! I highly recommend it! View all 10 comments. Thief of Hearts Series: October 4, Cliffhanger: Cosway's books comes to expect. Complex and unique characters, along with an unpredictable and completely engrossing storyline.

I always know that there will be plenty of surprises in store, but I have to tell you, I was really impressed with what she created here. You couldn't have torn this book Title: You couldn't have torn this book away from me while reading the tail end of this book for anything. And one particular moment I had to actually sit for a moment to take in the little twist that blindsided me.

It never ceases to amaze me how fresh this author always strives to make her stories. That is why I will keep coming back for more, no questions asked. This book centers around Stu. The brother who had a bit of a bad reputation in previous books. He's the oldest, yet growing up he failed to assume his role of protector of the family.

He was also perceived by everyone who knows him as not very intelligent. Easy to look at, but not a whole lot to brag about. So it goes without saying that I was curious to see how he would fare in the role of a hero. Would I wholeheartedly love him? Let me tell you, mission accomplished, because I couldn't wipe the constant smile off of my face of stop chuckling over Stu and his cheeky personality from the very start.

And by the end, I was convinced of his sincerity and total devotion to the heroine. Andrea endeared herself to me from the start. She's a widow, and having financial difficulties because of the expenses of her late husband's medical bills. Yet, she chooses a profession that will affect people's lives in a positive way. She chooses the struggle rather than an empty career, and she genuinely wants to make a difference. I loved how she was a perfect foil for Stu.

See a Problem?

Different in so many ways, but enhancing the qualities in each other. She was book smart, he's street smart. She's open and optimistic and he's He's hardened and cynical. He struggled with poverty and people's judgements about him and she had a loving and safe upbringing.

But they see each other. They understand the value of each other underneath the surface and I saw the beauty in that. People like you give people like me a soft place to fall. Otherwise we'd just be cold and hard. That's how I was before I met you. Andrea is Stu's teacher and from the first moment he walks in the classroom, he's relentlessly flirting with her. It was absolutely hysterical to see him bombard her with his hot stares and blunt teasing. She was forever flustered and confused over his behavior.

Because really, he was movie star gorgeous, and she was a fashion disaster who had never been pursued this way by men. Surprisingly, her distrust and aversion to crossing the student-teacher line was not a deterrent to him. To her shock, it only seemed to encourage his boundary pushing. And I enjoyed every minute. It was like some little Cupid baby had shot him with a love arrow and all of a sudden Stuart Cross was hot for his teacher.

Of course, things are not as they seem and intentions are not quite as innocent as they are presented by Stu. As the sexual attraction builds between them, it's clear that there are secrets and deceptions waiting to be uncovered. Stu is trying to break free from the choices he made in the past, he genuinely wants to start fresh and not be defined by his mistakes.

And Andrea wants to be that person who believes in him. I love how she pushes him to better himself. She searches for ways to build his self-confidence and motivated him to work for a brighter future. He never really had someone in his life who encouraged him like that, and it was like seeing a flower reaching towards the sun. I loved the incredible sexual tension between these two characters.

The build up between Stu and Andrea was a nuclear reaction waiting to explode. I'm not good for you, Andrea. Please remember that, because the next time I try to touch you, if you let me, I won't stop. Cosway is a master at building those moments that make your heart flutter in delight, and once again she had me giddy in excitement. She balanced the perfect amount of angst and passion as the conflicts between them unfolded. Andrea did a couple things toward the end that left me conflicted, but I encourage anyone and everyone to read this book. I'm a huge fan of the series, and I'm more than a little bit sad to see that there is only one book until it comes to a close.

If you're looking for a sexy and thrilling read that will sweep you away, look no further.

Thief of Hearts 1984 1

Thief of Hearts will connect with many readers and make you fall in love with these brothers all over again. View all 20 comments. Oct 08, Ramona rated it it was amazing Shelves: I became a huge fan of this series and my excitement grew stronger every day until getting to read this book.

I was not over the moon for "Hearts of Blue" and really wanted to have a proper book for one of the Cross brothers. I was not disappointed by Stu's story! It was brilliant, funny and kept me hanging until the epilogue. We all know the Cross brothers from book 4 and got a glimpse of their different personalities and story. Lee, Trevor, Liam and Stu are one united family, being capable of t I became a huge fan of this series and my excitement grew stronger every day until getting to read this book. Lee, Trevor, Liam and Stu are one united family, being capable of the toughest of sacrifices for seeing their love ones safe.

Stu was the one to take the hit for his brother's at the end of "Hearts of Blue" and got sentenced to 2 years of prison for robbing cars. This book's story begins when Stu is out of prison and tries to have a normal life. I don't want to spoil much of the plot and I will try to focus on his relationship with Andrea. Stu enrolls in an adult schooling project, in which he meets Andrea, a young and beautiful girl, but who is also his teacher. Since the moment he walked through the door, Andie was mesmerized by Stu and had a deep connection with him, despite their student teacher relationship didn't allow them to explore it freely.

The characters were amazing, I felt so drawn to them and caught my attention especially because they were different but bind so good together. After this experience in prison, Stu wants so change and everything seems like he is making the progress necessary by taking classes and aiming for higher education. He suffers from dyslexia, being difficult to read properly and keep up with the class, but despite that, he is very good with numbers, a quality that Andrea's sees and will expand later on. Well not all things are like we see them, and we soon discover that Stu has a certain reason why being in Andie's class, needing her help.

I was a little angry at him at the beginning, because I didn't want him to use her this way, but he soon figures out what an amazing person she is, and came clean with the whole thing. Stu is kind of tormented and doesn't believe in redemption and second chances. He can't shake off the feeling that he doesn't deserved better, that he can't have a better life and a higher education, like having his past say a final word upon his future. His only goal right now is keeping his family safe, and will do everything for them. Andie shows him what a bright future he can have, full of love and hope.

She has been a widow for 4 years, and love is not on her menu. She wants to help people, seek satisfaction into seeing them evolve and be someone in life. Stu becomes her mission and she was right not to give up on him.

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After her husband dies, she is afraid to love again, being afraid of feeling lost and vulnerable, and experience pain. Andie and Stu managed to heal each other in the most amazing way possible and I loved their story top to bottom. Andrea was a great heroine for me, with a heart of gold and a patience of a saint. Strong and determined, she helped him figure out a path in life and not be satisfied with low or medium. You should be, you're defying the odds, Stuart Cross..

Well, you know what they say, about the right teacher.. So much so that it took him coming into my life to make me realize I hadn't been living. I loved their deep connection and the way they clicked, the way they healed each other and evolved together. I truly recommend this book, it was an amazing an clever read, a true experience from the first page to the last.

Looking forward to reading the last installment from this series, Trevor's story. For more reviews please check https: View all 19 comments. Stu Cross is the eldest of the clan, but he feels like he's failed as a big brother and left Lee to take charge. However, if you are familiar with book 4, Hearts of Blue , you will know that he stood up to the plate, and spent two years in prison to take the fall when his families dodgy car business was busted.

Now out of the nick, he has a mission to steal a famously missing Rembrandt painting, and the only way he can do that is to get close to adult education teacher, Andrea Anderson. She is a kind, and gentle soul, who wants to make a difference to people's lives by teaching, and keeps herself busy to take her mind off her grief. When Stu enrols in her course at the college she is employed at, she is shocked to find herself developing feelings that she thought were long since buried, and every time he is near her, she is more and more drawn to his contagious charm and charisma, the only thing is, she cannot for the life of her understand why he is pursuing her, and is adamant that he has an ulterior motive I just love the banter, and the tension that LH Cosway is able to convey so well, she is such a unique writer, and humour and good solid connections are always present in her stories, as are the very well thought out and likeable, supporting characters.

Stu was adorably vulnerable and self-deprecating, but also strong and fiercely protective of anyone he cared about. He was always surrounded by the love of his family, but always felt alone, and it's not until he meets a woman who gives so freely, that he realises what he has been missing his whole life. I loved the mystery of not having Stu's POV, and I thought the plotline involving the stolen painting added a great edge to the book. Lot's of butterflies whilst reading this one, I was in love with this couple and was championing their relationship from the start. Also, there was a forbidden element to the story, which I love, and of course it was set in the spectacular city of London, my home.

Hell yes, this book set us up quite nicely for Trevor's story, and as usual, I am left finishing a Hearts book, wishing the next one was written already. I guess I will have to wait patiently, I am sure it will be worth it. Thief of Hearts is book 5 in the Hearts series, but can be read as a standalone if you really must. Told from the heroine's POV.

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review Images featured in this review were created by me using stock images either purchased from deposit photo or from free stock sites. Oct 04, Samantha Young rated it it was amazing.

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The kidnap of brides is not an unusual idea but in the future a whole world believes them must do it to survive. I should mention that this novel does have a bit of a queer theme, and it is portrayed in a positive light. Then is told to do a series of tasks that irk her which leads to a. Preview — Wanted by D. I did get the visceral emotional connection and angst from a secondary character Gabriel Brightlingsea.

Another brilliant five star read from LH Cosway! This is one of my top favourite book series and Andrea and Stu's story is a wonderful addition to it. Cosway has a wonderful ability to make a somewhat less than heroic secondary character into an irresistible hero in his own book. As always the chemistry between hero and heroine here was amazing. The scenes between Andie and Stu were slow build hot my favourite kind! I was reading this on a flight to the US and I kept grinning with giddiness at the banter between them.

There were a few moments I found myself chuckling to myself and ignoring the bemused stare of the man next to me. And then there were the moments I cursed myself for forgetting my kindle cover - the kindle cover that would have hid the screen so people couldn't see the panty-meltingly hot sex scenes that Cosway writes. However, her writing is so addictive that I soon was too absorbed in the story to give a crap if anyone could see I was reading schmexy stuff: Thief of Hearts is just one more reason I keep one-clicking L.

Andrea hasn't had it easy for the past four years. Losing her husband to cancer, a crap ton of bills in the aftermath, and being a strong force in her cousin's life whom she absolutely adores. One thing she loves to do is teach and help a lot of people. So When she gets a new student in her class, her main focus is to help him achieve his goals and pass the class. But what she wasn't expecting was the resident bad boy to turn her world and classroom upside down and sometimes bein too good is overrated.

Stu has always been on the wrong side of the law. Taking the fall for and going to prison for his familiy's shady car business, he's now out of prison and just wants to get on with his life. Being assigned to an adult education class was not on his list of things to do while getting out, but from the moment he walks into Andrea's classroom, he knew this could possible be the best decsion he's ever made. When the most forbidden thing is staring right in front of you, what do you do?

Wouldn't you prefer it to be a rainbow? Andrea and Stu's relationship was extremely complicated and they had ALOT of obstacles in from of them. I liked the fact that Stu say whatever he wanted and he stuck up for Andrea when it was necessary. What started as a game of sorts became so much more and I really enjoyed seeing how everything unfolded. They each had their own layers of being closed off but when they got together, everything was stripped down to nothing but the real Andrea and Stu.

If you've read the previous books in the series then you know you're going to get a story about love, family, and the true meaning of what it means to love and BE in love. Don't miss out on this one. I'm not saying I have an unhealthy amount of love for L. Cosway and her books, or that I become completely crazy when a new book of hers is released That's not weird, is it? With stunning writing, engaging characters, and unique plot-lines, she's an auto-buy author I'd recommend everyone checking out!

There was a lot to love in this novel, but I have to start out with the one thing that absolutely stole the show And I can safely say, Stu was an amazing follow-up. In fact, I'm calling dibs on him right now. He was the perfect combination of flirty and sweet, add a dirty mouth, and I was a goner. No worries, I have plenty You just stole my post-prison virginity cowgirl style. Jesus, your pussy was made for me.

I love everything about you, your kindness, your open heart, your beauty. I know you don't feel the same way yet But I'm going to make you see I'm worth it. We're worth it, luv. Andrea was amazing in her ability to be kind and selfish without letting herself be walked all over. And despite the fact that she's a widow and lost the someone she loved young, she doesn't push him away.

She has moments of hesitance, but it never felt forced or like it's purpose was to further the story. When we read teacher-student romance, an ex-con romance, or a romance where we know that the hero is initially lying to the heroine and seducing her, I think we all make a general assumption of how things will play out. But nothing played out like I thought it would, and this is one of the reason I love Conway's novels. She takes overdone plots and makes them fresh and unique. And I loved how every single preconception I had was challenged and that she took things a different way.

It's easy to write a character off as bad, mean, bitchy There are layers and I love that authors are exploring that. And, as always, there was also wisdom And you're right, just because your muscles are big doesn't mean your brain is small. I'd definitely recommend if you're a fan of Conway's other works; and if you've never read anything by her before, I would urge you to give her a chance!! Andrea is a widow, her husband died four years prior. But even though he's mentioned and she speaks of missing him, I never got the "consolation prize" type feel from it.

She's worried about getting hurt again, but I think she's accepted that he's gone and she never really compares the two. Stu was in prison for two years and was celibate since his release. There is an epilogue, but it's about two of the side characters. Nov 28, Dali rated it it was amazing Shelves: A beautiful contemporary romance that toes the line of forbidden love with a wonderful blend of hope, lust, love and angst.

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Once a Thief [Thief of Hearts 1] - Kindle edition by Doreen DeSalvo. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Buy Thief Of Hearts: Read Movies & TV Reviews - domaine-solitude.com Starring: Steven Bauer, Barbara Williams, John Getz; Runtime: 1 hour, 39 minutes.

But all that changes when bad boy Stu Cross enters her classroom filling it with sexiness directed towards her and vibran A beautiful contemporary romance that toes the line of forbidden love with a wonderful blend of hope, lust, love and angst. After getting to know her sweet kindness and feel the connection developing between them, can he continue to mislead her in order to keep his family safe or will he tell her the truth?

Can they find a way out of the tangled mess? Cosway is a brilliant storyteller, skilled at creating complex characters in interesting and original settings that hook you and keep you invested throughout the story. What you just said means everything. He has a great heart behind the sharp edges. There were times when I felt his story was in some ways similar to one of my all-time favorite movies, Good Will Hunting.

I could so clearly picture him being so gifted in Math with so many possibilities for him if only given the right push. I also loved that he would do anything to protect his family. Mostly though, I enjoyed the attraction between Andie and Stu and the edge of their forbidden romance that made for a delicious slow burn and kept me hooked. I particularly enjoyed the parts where L. They are one happy bunch. Thief of Hearts is book 5 in the Hearts series by L. The excerpts are from that copy. View all 9 comments. That's the jist of the story. Yes, but the author did a fabulous job!

The main characters had a fantastic connection and those sex scenes Stu is no doubt my favourite Cross brother. Super sweet, super tender and those dark, heated stares Stu Cross is palpably hot and i loved that he was s 4 stars Ex-con meets widowed teacher, finds a way to trick her but ends up falling in love with her. Stu Cross is palpably hot and i loved that he was so tender and held Andie with so much reverence.

I expected lots of angst but there was nearly none despite the blurb ok, maybe a little at the end. That didn't bother me too much because the story had so much sweetness, which i'd gladly take in heaps. The first 'twist' in this story is also revealed very early in the book and i applaud the author for that. I loved reading the main characters work around that twist instead of unwanted drama.

Overall, a worth- your- time- read in my shelf and a definite recommendation. Sep 24, Olga therebelreader rated it really liked it Shelves: Andie is a dynamically complicated character, she goes along day after day playing the same role until she meets her new student, Stu. Stu is dark, mysterious and a dirty talker. The teacher was female and there was no age gap issue between the two characters. Andie and Stu have great chemistry together. When he reveals his secret plan to her to steal a famous painting asking for her help, will Andie find the power to do the right thing?

Should she trust her heart? The novel played out an interesting and unpredictable relationship between an intrigued student and quite cautious teacher. I could say that I preferred the secondary characters more; they felt more likable and appealing. Overall, it was a sweet and very cute story that I truly enjoyed. Nov 22, Kate's Corner rated it it was amazing Shelves: First of all there is nothing hotter than an East London Cockney accent. Gets me all hot and bothered. Andie Anderson is a widow at the young age of 28 years old. The dead spouse trope is always somewhat difficult for me.

This oddly enough worked though. After the loss and pain of losing her husband it has been tough going. Only surv First of all there is nothing hotter than an East London Cockney accent. What with all her problems there is no wonder with all the pressure that she is under and not being able to tell anyone.

She did me bloody nut in sometimes. Andie has saint like qualities which I think was taking a little bit too far but hey, just my opinion. Yeah I'm a cynic. Stu Cross has been out of prison he was in for two years. I owned up to his past mistakes and went to jail for Lee taking the fall. Poor sod went through a lot of things in jail and had to do what he had to survive and he did.

After his release the favour that he has to do has been called in. I loved Lee but I think I love Stu more. But then there is Trev and not to forget Liam, can I have all of them maybe? Stu has had a tough upbringing. His family has had to do a lot to stay above board. Andie and Stu meet when Stu joins her class. Stu is the ultimate underdog and I was rooting for him the whole way.

I get his reasons for doing what he did. And how he is with his feelings in the end is adorable and had me sighing. I like clever books and well heist books as well. Cosway takes the most unlikely characters and makes it work and it works well. This is one of my favourite series and I hope this is kept up as it would be a crying shame for it to go all tits up you know. Review can also be found http: Book received by Wordsmith in exchange for an honest review. There's nobody else here. No bullshit, so stop blocking me out.

All of sudden, Stu slumps in his seat. His breathing goes funny, and he closes his eyes. I stare at him, not knowing what to do. It seems like he is ignoring me again, but I see the wetness on his cheeks and I realise that he is crying. Don't worry Stu, come to Mama I'll take care of you. View all 15 comments. Oct 09, Beverly rated it it was amazing. Thief of Hearts is the fifth book in the Hearts series. Since each book features different characters they can be read as standalone. As much as I hate to admit this, this is my first book in this series.

I was immediately pulled into this story when I met Andrea. Andrea is twenty-eight and a widow. Fo Thief of Hearts is the fifth book in the Hearts series. For instance, she lives with her cousin who is an artist and antisocial, she takes care of all his basic needs because he is family and she loves him. She is also selfless in her career choice, choosing to teach adult students because she wants to make a difference in their lives.

From the outside Stu appears to be Andrea's complete opposite. He is a convict who enrolls in her class and immediately begins to challenge her. Stu proved to be so much more than I originally thought. This whole story turned out to be more than I thought. Cosway exceeding my expectations by delivering a unique plot that was written fanatically. I felt completely connected to the story and truly got to know the characters.

There was no question who these characters were and I loved that about the story. I have read a few Cosway books and they are all so well written. I love her character and plot development and how she brings everything together. This story was different with the added suspense and excitement, but not so over the top I lost focus of the romance and connection between Andrea and Stu. I enjoyed this series so much and look forward to reading the other books in the series. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. View all 5 comments. The book may lack the wow factor I anticipated, but it is still quite charming.

Andie is an isolated young widow and devoted teacher who is struggling financially. I sympathized with her and appreciated her nurturing loyalty, yet for some r 3. I sympathized with her and appreciated her nurturing loyalty, yet for some reason I felt a disconnect. Basically, I found her to be rather dull. I really liked Stu. He broke my heart with his incapacity to see the good inside himself and his stubborn refusal to recognize his potential.

Did I feel a huge spark between Stu and Andie? Did they still appeal to me as a couple? I loved their ability to positively influence each other. At any rate, I was definitely rooting for them. I was prepared for the whole painting heist plotting to lead up to an epic showdown, but I felt let down.