Fughetta No. 9 from Twelve Fughettas, Op. 123b

Fughetta No. 4 from "Twelve Fughettas", Op. 123b Sheet Music by Joseph Rheinberger

From the composer's liner notes: The instrumental effects I use are primarily of the extreme tonal sonarities of the harpsichord with the addition of today's multitude of effects to generate a newer more extreme tonal library. Brian Lester [ - ]. Simon Lohet [ - ]. Vincent Lubeck [ - ]. Preludes and Fugues 6 for Organ. Witold Lutoslawski [ - ]. Preludes and Fugue for 13 Strings []. The Art of Fuguing: A Lively and Joyful Orchestration of J.

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12 Fughetten strengen Stils, Opb (Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel) No.1 (D minor) (colour scan) ยท *# - MB, 5 (tp, #) pp. Instrumentation, Organ. Book, Rheinberger: Twelve Fughettas, Op. A. Score type, Non-Interactive, digital-only (no print).

Do not deny yourself this joyous musical celebration! Preludes and Fugues 2 for Piano, Op.

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Preludes and Fugues David Buechner, piano GM Recordings: Venti Composizioni Originali per Cembalo. Movements in sonatas, as well as the separate fuga , are fugues. Felix Mendelsohn [ - ]. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [ - ]. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, K Frank Tveor Nordensten [ - ]. Little Preludes and Fugues on a Theme of Janacek. According to one visitor to the Amazon. In Seventeenth Century performances of the Magnificat the organist was expected to improvise short preludes in all eight of the medieval modes. Or he could draw on this collection of 95 fugues in all the modes.

Pachelbel generally uses short fugue subjects typically 8 notes to keep the pieces short, but there are some exceptions, including a few double-fugues.

Fughetta No. 10 from "Twelve Fughettas", Op. 123b Sheet Music by Joseph Rheinberger

Most of the fugues require manuals only. I play them on harpsichord. Most are easy for fugues. A few are two-voice fugues.

Rheinberger: Op 123a - Fughetta no. 10 in F# minor

Most will delight listeners just the way the famous canon does. Birthday Impromptu and Fuga Giocosa, Op. Paul Pedersen [ - ]. Fugues for Piano []. Flor Peeters [ - ]. Ernst Pepping [ - ]. Fugues 3 on B-A-C-H. Giacomo Puccini [ - ]. Fugues 3 for String Quartet. Preludes and Fugues 2 , Op. Max Reger [ - ]. Preludes and Fugues 4 for Organ, Op. Preludes and Fugues 3 for Organ. Preludes and Fugues 6 for Piano, Op. Easy Preludes and Fugues [5] for Organ, Op.

Preludes and Fugues [4] []. Preludes and Fugues 8 for Solo Violin, Op. Preludes and Fugues 6 for Solo Violin, Op. Anton Reicha [ - ]. Tiny Wirtz, piano CPO Josef Rheinberger [ - ]. The finales of his organ sonatas numbers 1 through 24 are fugues. Francois Roberday [ - ]. Fugues et caprices a quatre parties. Book of Contrapuntal Pieces for Keyboard Instruments []. Dedicated to the memory of Rose Horowitz. Contains canons, inventions, fugues, mostly written between ; fugue [] from Sonata for Piano No. Manuscript held by Theodore Presser Company. Albert Roussel [ - ]. Prelude et Fughetta, Op.

Prelude and Fugue for Piano, Op. Anton Rubinstein [ - ]. Pianoforte Fugues and Preludes, Op. Complete Works for Piano": These compositions are the work of a man who had been writing fugues for half a century and are replete with subleties that only such experience can provide. The Cat's Fugue in G-minor, K.

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The subject of this fugue starts with the following dotted quarter notes, each rising further from the G below middle C: Since the opening notes are each spaced only two or three inches apart on the keyboard, those who could imagine it being played by a cat gave it the title by which it is known today. Actually, I've had cats. So I know that any four-footed animal would present a subject with notes that rise and fall according to whether a forelimb were registering after a hindlimb, or a hindlimb after a forelimb.

But it's a charming title nevertheless. Harold Schiffman [ - ]. My Ladye Jane's Booke: Franz Schmidt [ - ].

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Clara [Wieck-] Schumann [ - ]. Preludes and Fugues 3 for Piano in g, Bb and d, Op. Robert Schumann [ - ]. Rodion Shchedrin [ - ]. Polyphonic Notebook [, includes fugues, canons and inventions. Both of the above works are available with Murray McLachlan on the piano Olympia: Dmitri Shostakovitch [ - ]. Dmitri Smirnov [ - ].

Harry Somers [ - ]. Allegro, with vigor -- II. Lento con moto -- III. Allegro - giocoso -- VI. Scherzando allegro -- VIII. Lento con moto -- XI. Presto ma non troppo -- XII. Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji [ - ]. Easter Hymn Osterhymne for 8 part double choir, Op. Etude and Fugato for organ, Op. Etude for piano in G sharp minor, WoO Fantasy for piano four hands in E flat minor, Op. Five recital pieces for piano, Op. Five tone poems for piano, Op.

Friede, for male chorus, WoO Fughetta for organ in F sharp major, Op. Fughetta for organ in E flat minor from Op. Fughetta for organ in G major Moderato. Fughetta, for organ in C minor Fughetta, for organ in E major Fughetta, for organ in G minor Fughettas 12 for organ, Book 1, Op.

Fughettas 12 for organ, Book 2, Op. Fugue for organ in C minor. Fugue for organ in D minor. Fugue for organ in E minor. Fugue for organ in F minor. Fugue for organ in F minor, WoO German Songs 4 , for male chorus, Op. Great Sonata, for piano, 4 hands or orchestra in C minor, Op. Heimfahrt, for SSA chorus, Op. Hoch geht die See, fantasy piece for piano, Op. Humoresque for piano, Op.

In der Zechstube, for male chorus, Op. In Heaven the stars now are shining. In Sturm und Frieden, Op. Johannisnacht, for male chorus, Op. Die Liebe ist ein Rosenstrauch, for chorus, Op. Lieder 5 , Op. Lieder 7 , Op. Lockung, for chorus, Op. Maestoso for organ in F major. Mass for 8 voices in E flat major, Op. Meditations 12 for organ, Op. Improvisation for organ, Op. Miscellanies 12 for organ, Op. Abendruhe, for organ, Op. Aufschwung, for organ, Op.

Finale for organ, Op. Missa brevis, for 4 part mixed chorus a cappella in F major, Op. Missa in G major St Crucis , Op. Mittagsruhe, for SSA chorus, Op. Monologues 12 for organ, Op. Morgenlied, for 6 voices "Die Sterne sind erblichen". Motets 4 , Op. Motetten 5 for 4 part mixed chorus a cappella, Op. Neujahrsgebet, for chorus, Op.

Rheinberger: Twelve Fughettas, Op. 123B

Nordwind, for chorus, Op. Nun wird es still, for 4 voices. Omnes de Saba, for choir. Piano Concerto in A flat major, Op. Piano Quartet in E flat major, Op.

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Courtly contra-dances Furstlich Oettingen-Wallenstein'sche Kontratanze in 3 parts for recorders or other instruments. Six pieces for treble recorder and pianoforte. To return to this table of contents, either click on your browser's "BACK" button or on the letter at the head of the section you're in. The shepherds in the fields. Peters Corporation, New York [] 4.

Piano Quintet in C major, Op. Piano studies for one hand and for two hands, Op.

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Pieces for organ, WoO Prelude and Fugue "zum Konzertvortrag" for organ, Op. Prelude for organ in C minor. Prelude for organ in D minor. Prelude for organ in E minor. Prope est Dominus, for chorus. Die Quelle, for chorus, Op. Religious Songs 6 , Op. Requiem in D minor, Op. Rhapsodie, for chorus, Op. Rhapsody in D flat major. Sacred songs 3 , Op. Salve Regina, for chorus. Seebilder, 4 songs for male chorus, Op.

Die sieben Raben, opera, Op. Six characteristic pieces for piano, Op. Six pieces for piano in fugue form, Op. Sonata for organ No. Songs 2 from Op. Songs 6 , for chorus, Op. String Quintet in A minor, Op. Der Strom, for chorus, Op.