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The truth about 13-year-old Becky's blackouts came too late

Notification Blackouts can be created on an as-needed basis, or scheduled to run at regular intervals. If, during the maintenance period, the administrator discovers that he needs more or less time to complete his maintenance tasks, he can easily extend or stop the Notification Blackout that is currently in effect. Enterprise Manager administrators that have at least Blackout Target privileges on all Selected Targets in a Notification Blackout will be able to create, edit, stop, or delete the Notification Blackout.

In case an administrator has at least Blackout Target privileges on all Selected Targets targets directly added to the Notification Blackout , but does not have Blackout Target privileges on some or all of the Dependent Targets , then that administrator will be able to edit, stop, or delete the Notification Blackout. From the table, click Create.

Blackout and Notification Blackout selection dialog displays. Choose either Blackout or Notification Blackout and click Create. When creating a Notification Blackout, you will also be able to specify the type of Notification Blackout via the Maintenance Window options. If necessary, use the Search and display options to show the blackouts you want to change in the blackouts table. Enterprise Manager also allows you to edit blackouts after they have already started.

If necessary, you can use the Search and display options to show the blackouts you want to view in the blackouts table. From the Enterprise menu, select Monitoring and then Blackouts and Brownouts. From the Show drop-down menu, select History. However, if you are controlling target blackouts from the command line, you should not attempt to control the same blackouts from the Cloud Control console.

Similarly, if you are controlling target blackouts from the Cloud Control console, do not attempt to control those blackouts from the command line. Enter the appropriate command as described in Table , "Summary of Blackout Commands". Table Summary of Blackout Commands. Be sure to use a unique name for the blackout so you can refer to it later when you want to stop or check the status of the blackout.

The -d option is used to specify the duration of the blackout. Duration is specified in [days] hh: If you do not specify a target or list of targets, Enterprise Manager will blackout the local host target.

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All monitored targets on the host are not blacked out unless a list is specified or you use the -nodelevel argument. If two targets of different target types share the same name, you must identify the target with its target type. The -nodeLevel option is used to specify a blackout for all the targets on the host; in other words, all the targets that the Management Agent is monitoring, including the Management Agent host itself.

The -nodeLevel option must follow the blackout name. If you specify any targets after the -nodeLevel option, the list is ignored.

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Use the following examples to learn more about controlling blackouts from the Enterprise Manager command line:. To start a blackout called "bk1" for databases "db1" and "db2," and for Oracle Listener "ldb2," enter the following command:. As Becky's convulsions subsided, she once more stopped breathing, this time for just under two minutes.

When I explained that with Becky this happened after the seizure, they brushed it aside. But I am a biology teacher and I can go round a class in a few minutes and find everybody's pulse. That was dismissed, too. I said the same thing to about five doctors, but I was not listened to by any of them. But if anything, I played down my anxiety when I was with Becky in the consultations because I did not want her to know how worried I was. Once again, nearly a year went by and Becky remained well. Her friends and teachers were unaware that anything was wrong, because almost all her seizures occurred at night.

At the end of , the seizures started to occur up to twice a week - still mainly at night, though on two occasions Becky fainted during the day. In February , she was prescribed medication for epilepsy. For a couple of weeks this seemed to work. But then the seizures started again. The hospital told Helen and Tom to increase Becky's dose by half a teaspoon after each seizure, but this made no difference.

On Easter Friday, Becky had her first serious daytime seizure. But we had no inkling what was to come. She stopped breathing and we waited for two minutes. Then I started mouth-to-mouth and Tom rang the ambulance: I'd just completed my first aid training at school, so I knew what to do. Professor John Duncan, medical director of the National Society for Epilepsy and consultant neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, says 10 to 20 per cent of the 30, people diagnosed with epilepsy in the UK each year do not have the.

The lack of neurologists is a major problem," he says. There is no definitive test for epilepsy. It can be difficult if there was just one brief episode with no witnesses. Symptoms can also be misinterpreted.

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A blackout - which can have many causes - can look like epilepsy, according to Dr Adam Fitzpatrick, a consultant cardiologist at the Manchester Heart Centre. The fact that so many people in the UK are misdiagnosed with epilepsy represents a major public health disaster. Next month, the world's first rapid access blackout clinic, run by cardiology and neurology nurses, will open at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. Such a clinic may have saved Becky Holt's life. No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards.

Share or comment on this article: The truth about year-old Becky's blackouts came too late. Daycare owner, 60, is arrested for strapping children in Harrowing moment a 'malnourished' lion is spotted having Calamity and carnage as Power was restored to the entire region around On November 10, The failure was caused by a major thunder storm which affected a key transmission line to southeastern Brazil, causing all 20 turbines at the hydroelectric power plant to shut-down due to the abrupt fall of power demand. The entire country of Paraguay experienced the power failure.

It took about seven hours for the system to fully recover. This is regarded as one of the largest blackouts in history. On January 30, two separate transmission lines were hit by lightning, blacking-out the Australian city of Darwin and the nearby cities of Katherine and Palmerston starting at about 6: Power was restored to all areas by 4: In early February, a pair of blizzards hit the Northeastern US on 5—6 February and again just a few days later on 9—10 February.

Among the hardest hit areas was the Baltimore—Washington corridor, with well over , people impacted at the height of the outages and about two-thirds of those without power for periods lasting from half a day to several days. Other urban areas, such as Pittsburgh , were also affected.

Power began to be restored within a few hours, and almost all of the country had power by the following day. The outage was apparently not directly related to damage from the major earthquake that hit the country the previous month. On March 14, a severe windstorm disrupted power to hundreds of thousands of customers primarily in southwestern Connecticut as well as parts of Westchester County , Long Island , and New Jersey as a result of a severe wind and rain storm.

The outage lasted as long as six days for some customers in the hardest-hit communities. Many public school districts were closed for up to five days the following week. On March 30, about 30, homes in Northern Ireland were hit by a power cut, caused by winter weather conditions.

On June 27, Portsmouth UK suffered a massive blackout when a substation caught fire. On July 15, 76, people in Oakland and Wayne counties in southeastern Michigan lost power at approximately 7: On July 25, an estimated , Pepco customers lost power in the Washington, D.

On September 1, Iceland experienced a massive power outage. On February 2, in Texas, forced outages at two major coal-fired power plants and high electricity demand due to cold weather caused rolling blackouts affecting more than one million customers. It is estimated that 53 million people were affected. Major cities Salvador , Recife , and Fortaleza were completely out of power. On February 22 at Over 80 percent of the city approximately , customers lost power following the quake.

Some central city areas were still without power as late as May 1; more than two months after the initial earthquake. On April 27, one of the United States' most devastating tornado outbreaks disrupted power to most of northern Alabama ; some high-tension electrical transmission towers were destroyed by multiple, violent tornadoes. On June 30, Chennai suffered a major power outage that affected many parts of the city for more than 15 hours.

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Starting on July 11, Cyprus suffered a half-week power outage, affecting all cities on the Greek part of the island. The outage was caused by an explosion next to the Vassilikos power plant, shutting down the plant. On July 23, the failure of a glass insulator caused an outage of most of Northern Saskatchewan for about four hours. On the morning of July 11, the Chicago area was hit by a large derecho which disrupted power to over ,, according to ComEd. On August 27—28, Hurricane Irene caused over five million power outages. On September 8—9, the Southwest blackout affected parts of Southern California and Arizona , as well as parts of northwestern Mexico.

The failure initiated after maintenance of a kV line brought it offline, and subsequent weaknesses in operations planning and lack of real-time situational awareness at multiple power stations led to cascading outages. On September 16, South Korea experienced a widespread blackout due to hot weather, the blackout came suddenly and caused disruptions of traffic signals, elevators and machines.

On September 24, nine million people in north and central Chile were affected by the Chile blackout which lasted for at least two hours. Some residents of Connecticut and western Massachusetts were without electricity for over 11 days. Another failure occurred in kV Babaeski substation which caused a blackout in Thrace. The power was back in all cities in the evening. The blackout disrupted metro and tram operation in Istanbul.

Also gas heating systems did not work during the blackout. On April 4, a blackout hit every city in Cyprus after the Dhekelia power station failed. There was a lack of electric power from 4: On June 29, a line of thunderstorms with hurricane-force winds swept from Iowa to the Mid-Atlantic coast and disrupted power to more than 3. On July 30, due to a massive breakdown in the northern grid, there was a major power failure which affected seven north Indian states, including Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Rajasthan.

On July 31, the July India blackout , which is being called the biggest power failure in history, left half of India without electricity supply. This affected hundreds of trains, hundreds of thousands of households and other establishments as the grid that connects generating stations with customers collapsed for the second time in two days. On October 29—30, Hurricane Sandy brought high winds and coastal flooding to a large portion of the eastern United States, leaving an estimated 8 million customers without power. The storm, which came ashore near Atlantic City, New Jersey as a Category 1 hurricane, ultimately left scores of homes and businesses without power in New Jersey 2.

Power outages were also reported in a number of other states, including Virginia, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the District of Columbia. Power was gradually restored over about 10 days. On February 8—9, some , homes and businesses in the northeastern US lost power as the result of a powerful nor'easter that brought hurricane-force wind gusts and more than two feet of snow to New England.

On March 22, , , homes in the Greater Belfast area lost power as the result of a fault with the high-voltage transmission network during a snow storm. On April 1, , , people in Poland suffered under power outages due to heavy snow falls. On 21 May, the southern Thailand blackout resulted when a power failure affected fourteen provinces out of 76 in Thailand , for four hours, starting at 7: On May 22, the Southern Vietnam and Cambodia blackout occurred.

The careless movement of a truck deployed to plant trees in New Binh Duong City urban area was the direct cause for a massive power outage in the southern region of Vietnam. When moving a tree on Wednesday afternoon, the truck driver let the tree bump onto a line in the national power grid kV , causing an outage in 22 provinces and cities in the southern part of Vietnam, said the Electricity of Vietnam group EVN. On September 24, the Trakia region of Turkey lost electric power. Affected population was about 1. Power was restored gradually after an hour and at On December 22, the December North American storm complex , covering an area from Ontario to as far east as the maritime provinces in Canada, caused power failures.

According to reports, as many as , customers in Toronto lost power. According to reports, as many as , lost power with restoration efforts expected through December On February 27, parts of Mindanao , an island in the Philippines , suffered power outages for 6 hours. On July 15, sixty percent of the power grid in Luzon island in the Philippines was lost due to Typhoon Rammasun Glenda that devastated the Southern part of Luzon where many power plants are located, such as the Geothermal Plant in the Bicol Region and the Coal Plant in Batangas.

On August 12, Malta suffered a nationwide power outage for almost 6 hours. Power was lost across Malta and Gozo at 7: Due to problems with emergency generators, Malta International Airport had to close the runway and several flights were diverted to Catania and Palermo. The outage was due to a damaged cable which caused an explosion at the electricity distribution centre and automatic shut down of both power stations.

A previous nationwide power cut occurred on January 9, , caused by a Delimara power station fault.

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This is a list of notable wide-scale power outages. To be included, the power outage must . On July 13–14 in New York City, 9 million people were affected by a power outage. It was a result of a transmission failure due to a lightning- strike on. The New York City blackout of was an electricity blackout that affected most of New York City on July 13–14, The only neighborhoods in the city that.

The power outage cost the strategic facilities of the Suez Canal an estimated LE million, as naval traffic and industrial activity came to a halt along the vital waterway. Some television channels were halted for nearly two hours due to the outage. On October 5 at 2: Over 85, customers in Auckland's central-eastern suburbs lost electricity for over 12 hours. On November 1, Bangladesh suffered a nationwide power outage for almost 10 hours. Power was lost at around On November 21, South Africa experienced rolling blackouts which were implemented nationwide, and continued for the duration of the weekend.

This followed similar outages earlier in the same month, all of which were triggered as a result of a collapsed coal silo at Eskom 's Majuba Power Station , during a period when the state's power company was already experiencing severe supply strain on the national grid due to technical difficulties affecting some of its other major turbines.

On February 11, a technical problem in one of the main power grids in Kuwait caused most of the country to lose power. On March 27, a technical problem in one of the main power grids in North Holland caused 1 million households to not have power for at least one hour.

Unaffected regions were Van and Hakkari provinces which are fed by electricity from Iran. This was BCHydro's single largest outage. On November 17, a powerful wind storm that downed power lines left more than , customers without electricity in Spokane County, Washington , US, plus more in neighboring counties. It exceeded the ice storm that occurred 19 years previous, almost to the day. On November 21, a power outage left 1. On June 7, Kenya went without power for over 4 hours.

The nationwide blackout [] was caused when a rogue monkey entered a power station. On Thursday, September 1, Hurricane Hermine swept across the big bend area of Florida, directly affecting the state's capital of Tallahassee. Hermine disrupted power for more than , people in Florida and southern Georgia, many of whom were without power for a week. On September 21, , a full power system collapse occurred on the island of Puerto Rico affected its 3. The outage occurred after two transmission lines, with power running up to kV, failed.

It was caused by two tornados that destroyed three critical elements of infrastructure, and the power system protected itself by shutting down. This left 10 million without electricity. Power was restored the next day. On March 8, a severe winter windstorm interrupted power for about 1 million customers in the state of Michigan, US. About , were still without power the next day. LA Times Sky News. On July 27 a crew working on the replacement for the Herbert C. On August 15, Taiwan suffers massive power cut , affecting millions of households, before Summer Universiade.

On August 26, half of the population of Uruguay endured a 4 hours outage.

New York City blackout of 1977

No cause has been reported besides bad weather. Restoration efforts involved rebuilding significant parts of the already-dilapidated power grid. On October 30, combination of the remnants of tropical storm Philippe and an extratropical system resulted in approximately 1. The storm was particularly bad in Midcoast Maine where roads became impassible for almost a week,leaving many schools to close for 5 to 6 days. This storm has been said to rival the Ice Storm of ' Many people did not get their power back on for over 10 days in some of the worst hit areas.

On December 7—10, a rare Winter Storm named Benji came through the southeast states of the United States, causing over k customers to lose power. On March 2, a Nor'easter struck the east coast of the U. S, leaving over 2 million people without power. The blackout was due to the failure of a transmission line near the massive Belo Monte hydroelectric station. On April 12, , customers in Puerto Rico lost power when a tree fell on a major power line near the town of Cayey while workers were clearing vegetation.