The Last Prophet

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The Last Prophet

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Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention highly recommend prophet mohammed peace be upon year old animated movie excellent movie last prophet prophet muhammad muhammad pbuh enjoyed watching islam and the prophet movie my kids good movie great movie adults video dvd cartoon muslims animation. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. There is a severe lack of decent programing for children dealing with Islam, so this fills a void. I look forward to watching other productions by these companies, as some projects are promised in the Extras, such as "Salman, The Persian.

I understand the reason behind them - they would have been too confusing for children and so were omitted.

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The Prophet of Islam, by the order of Almighty Allah introduced the infallible Imams as reliable points of reference in intellectual and religious matters and Quranic sciences and considered their statements and manners as the final proof. Many of the Old Testament prophets spoke of these things, but John was inspired to expand on what they wrote. It is automatically proved that governance is only according to rules and regulations of Islam. Yes, I say to you, and much more than a prophet. Ships from and sold by Amazon. Siham voice Mark Hunt

However, some inaccuracies appear to be pointless - such as Ubaydah RA killing his opponent at Badr. Parents may wish to watch the movie with their children and fill in the blanks, as it were, depending on how old the children are. I notice some people suggesting that this is a good movie for adults as well. I would suggest that "The Message" still remains the best movie I am aware of in that regard. Even so, this is a solid production and useful for Muslim children. Buy the product to encourage other productions of this nature! I cannot say enough great things about this movie.

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I bought it for my 4 years old daughter for Mawlid Al Nabi. She likes it, she still does not understand it but she love watching it. I love it too and it makes me very emotional: One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Nicholas Kadi is hypnotic in the part of Abu Sufiyan.

Really brought narrative to life. Wonderful animated movie for all ages. Gives insight to a religion from a different perspective than we see in the news. One person found this helpful. With regard to the changing needs of man it can be said that with attention to the changing conditions of the world and ever-increasing scientific and technological development, inventions of various tools and gadgets of daily use, there will be suitable solutions and fresh laws as religion is answerable for them and the holy religious law of Islam saw two ways to solve this problem:.

It was stated previously that Islam is a valuable heritage of knowledge, religious cognition and laws based on Quran and traditions that is left for Muslims. If the Islamic jurisprudents with attention to the demands of every age contemplate and research the sources of Islam, they can derive the appropriate solutions of the new problems and convey them to the people and may take the Islamic society on the path of progress along with different advanced societies of the world.

The Islamic scholar should be aware of present conditions and place and well versed with modern needs of the great human society; he should also be having a wide view of the world and must be broad minded; he should be able to find out the solution of new difficult problems from self-sufficient religious sources of Islam and convey them to Muslims. And in this way he proves to the world that laws of Islam can be implemented in every time and place and they can guarantee the success of the world and the hereafter of its followers.

Second method — discretions of the jurist: It is automatically proved that governance is only according to rules and regulations of Islam. A large part of rules and regulations of Shariah are related to administration of society and political and social matters and their enforcement, without the existence of a religious, committed and expert ruler is not possible.

Muhammad: The Messenger Of God - Signs of the Last Prophet

Muslim leaders have the responsibility to administer the Islamic government under the limits of the laws of Shariah and by complete application of the laws of Islam they can take it ahead of injustice and moral and social corruption and maintain Islamic justice. For governance of Islamic jurist it is a duty that he should make these arrangements in all conditions and times. Although some Islamic laws are devised with this same aim and by applying them perfectly this aim can be achieved, but the jurist ruler sometimes has to face extraordinary and difficult circumstances in administering the territories of Islam as their solution requires authorities and special qualities and such discretions have been devised with foresight for Muslim rulers.

Last prophet

The Muslim ruler has permission to protect the principles and general sources of Islam and in observing the exigencies of Islamic nation, to frame rules and regulations and to use them in administration of the country. Such rules and regulations are called as the rules of governance. The Holy Prophet S was having this power and he used them. After him the same powers are given to the Infallible Imams a.

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  3. Muhammad: The Final Prophet of God (pbuh).

Especially it is the same law that Muslims are obliged to follow as per the orders of the Prophet and the Holy Imams a. According to a large number of traditions narrated in our sources, the responsibility of governance during the period of the occultation of the Infallible Imam is given to the just religious scholar who has determination and is also well versed in administration and political affairs.

Such a jurist is introduced as an expert on human psychology and who can take over the function of a leader and guardianship of Muslim affairs. Master of affairs of Muslims also in administration of Islamic countries is having special powers of the Infallible Imams a. That is why an Islamic government under no circumstances, in emergency of shortage, applies necessary rules and regulations, because in order to solve political difficulties it either depends on jurisprudential derivations Ijtihaadaat of the jurists who are conversant with the current situation or uses its own special powers.

From that which is mentioned above, it is known that rules and regulations of Islam can be everlasting and assure the success of man in the world and the hereafter. That is why there is no doubt in the finality of prophethood of the Prophet of Islam.

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It is possible that someone may raise other petty objections and say: The past prophets were of two types: After the Prophet of Islam also the existence of such prophets would have been definitely beneficial; thus why were they not continued? In reply, it can be said that the sending of prophets is there to exhaust the argument under necessary circumstances. After the Prophet of Islam such a need did not exist anymore, because man by that time had matured in practical and theoretical intellect and knowledge and thus he was now capable of guarding and propagating his religious and intellectual heritage.

Hence at that time religion was perfected and became needless of a missionary. Shia believe that after the Prophet of Islam S , the responsibility of guarding and propagating religion and administration of Islamic nation is entrusted to the Infallible Imam. After Imam Hasan a. This continued till the time of Imam Hasan Askari a.

As a result of the efforts and struggles of the Infallible Imams a. The Twelfth Imam is in occultation from that time till the present day and he is fulfilling his duties in other ways, although every moment he is in anticipation of the day when people would be fully ready for his Islamic revolution and the rule of absolute justice and equity. At that time, he would spread Islam to all corners of the world with a universal revolution and fill the earth with justice and equity like it would have been filled with injustice and oppression. From what is mentioned above, it can be concluded that by the legislation of the post of Imamate, there is no need of sending missionary prophets who may propagate Islam, because this responsibility is given over to the Infallible Imams.

Jurists and scholars of religion: During the period of Infallibles a. Scholars are the heirs of the prophets. Prophets do not leave behind any material wealth; on the contrary, they leave traditions in inheritance. Thus anyone who takes something from those traditions earns a great advantage.

Muhammad, the Last Prophet

Take care from whom you obtain your knowledge. Among us Ahl al-Bayt a. The scholars of my Ummah are like the prophets of Bani Israel. May Allah have mercy on my successors. O Messenger of Allah S , who are your successors? One who revives my practice and reminds people about it. The simile of the scholars on the earth is the simile of the stars on the sky as people seek directions through them in darkness in land and seas and if they disappear it is feared that those who are guided by them would be lost.

On Judgment Day, the ink of the scholars will weighed against the blood of martyrs and the ink of the scholars will be found to be superior to the blood of martyrs. For one who dies while being in pursuit of knowledge aimed at revival of Islam, there is only a difference of one stage between him and the prophets. It can be concluded from these and similar traditions that the Holy Prophet S has placed the responsibility of guiding the people upon the religious scholars.

The movie was released in limited cinemas in the United States and the United Kingdom. The film focuses on the early days of Islam and Muhammad. In accordance with Islamic law and tradition, Muhammad and the first four caliphs Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali are not depicted in the film or any of its prequels. Scenes that include Muhammad are shown from his perspective, with his words paraphrased by the narrator. The film follows Muhammad's first years as a prophet starting with Islam's beginnings in Mecca in which the Muslims are persecuted, the exodus to Medina , and ending with the Muslims' triumphant return to Mecca.

Review aggregator Metacritic has estimated an average score of 47 out of , based on the reviews of four critics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Last Prophet Promotional film poster. A Biography of the Prophet Muhammad: