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Valentino Rossi


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  • Champions Matchday

    The rivalry died down after Rossi's consecutive World Championships and Biaggi's struggle to find support and a consistent rhythm with his races. The officials said, against the European Taxes Agreements among European countries, Rossi's London residency has enabled him to take advantage of favourable tax conditions, such as only declaring earnings made in Britain and avoiding taxes on his lucrative merchandising and sponsorship contracts, commenting that Rossi had residency in London but his "centre of interests" wasn't there, as shown by a thorough investigation. In , Rossi defeated Lorenzo in several tight battles, at Valencia, Assen, Sachsenring and, most memorably, Lorenzo's home race at Catalonia, after passing him in the final corner to take victory, in that part of the track where any overtaking was considered impossible. Partnered with increased scepticism that the reason for his success was the dominance of the RCV rather than Rossi, it was inevitable [ dubious — discuss ] that Honda and Rossi would part. Di Meglio — J. The season saw Rossi win six races to win his ninth championship title, beating his teammate Jorge Lorenzo into second place by 45 points, clinching the title at Sepang in wet conditions.

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