The Secret Virgin Islands: Resorts of the Rich & Famous

10 (Almost) Secret Caribbean Islands

It has long been customary for the super-wealthy to spend some of their riches on a private island, a tradition which Zuckerberg is clearly embracing to the full.

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The world's best private islands. How to buy your own private island. Millionaire's castaway island dream sunk by planners. Chinese millionaire turns island into game reserve. For that, guests can enjoy two private beaches, pools, tennis courts, a personal chef and team of 60 staff.

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He has said the resort will be open to the public as an example of sustainable tourism, complete with eco-tours of the island. The island has six beaches and uses solar power for its energy supply.

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In , Depp told Vanity Fair: You can feel your pulse rate drop about 20 beats. How about a whole chain. Magician David Copperfield owns a string of 11 islands including the largest, Musha Cay, 85 miles from Nassau in the Bahamas.

Cooper Island Beach ClubBritish Virgin Islands

It's hard to believe that Culebra, with a population of just 3, Culebrenses and expats leading a small tourism economy, is just around the corner from the island of Puerto Rico. An orange and lemon ranch dating back to the s, the property was transformed into a hotel in the s, attracting Groucho Marx, Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Bing Crosby, and Sir Winston Churchill. John Lennon recorded "Imagine" on the console that's now installed in Villa Rockstar's private recording studio. FontainebleauMiami Beach Wintertime Guests: April Orcutt June 09,

A favourite with celebrities including Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates, up to 24 guests can be accommodated at a time. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem were married there in Housemaid Agatha gives a conspiratorial smile and says she tries not to discuss anything that goes on. Agatha's life raising her children in a poor area of Virgin Gorda is a far cry from the exclusive pampering experienced by the island's owner Sir Richard Branson's guests, including those who are present at his personal invitation as well as those who buy time at his never—ending fantasy island party with its colony of flamingos and from where he runs his Virgin empire in his poolside office.

Necker, which is miles northwest of Antigua, may be one of the smallest of the British Virgin Islands — at just 74 acres it is possible to walk around its sandy shoreline in just an hour — but its reputation stretches far and wide.

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It is run like a house party with handpicked staff who are there to help you have a really good time. It offers high—end luxury and is the sort of place where dreams come true.

Setai, South Beach, Miami

Now a new TV documentary has gone behind the scenes at the Caribbean destination to provide an intimate portrait of how the rich, powerful and famous choose to go on holiday. From the visitors who demand their waiters go shirtless, to the self—confessed "hot girls" who serve sushi from their naked midriffs, the cameras reveal a hedonistic world over which Sir Richard presides like a modern—day Ottoman pasha.

The call comes in by walkie—talkie to the house manager.

The Top All-Inclusive Resorts in the U.S. Virgin Islands

The radio crackles a reply. All of this provides something of a headache for head chef Clement Baris, who is on call with his team 24 hours a day. With the nearest airport an hour away, his supplies have to be brought in by boat and plane. One early morning request for caviar from a guest was fulfilled in time for supper that night, having been flown in especially.

Kate Winslet met her third husband — Richard Branson's nephew Ned RocknRoll — here and famously helped carry Branson's elderly mother Eve from the fire that gutted the main house in Many of the paying guests are regulars. Penny, a British—born New York property developer recently enjoyed her 21st visit.

They are all easy on the eye.

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We have some favourites That's just you, plus 29 friends and family on your own Caribbean island waited on hand and foot by staff, hand—picked from the owner's other businesses to offer first—class service. You can learn to scuba dive or kite surf with the strapping team of eight water sports staff, whose favourite downtime activity is swimming with dolphins in the bay. If land—based pursuits are more your thing, even they have a twist — you can hit golf balls at staff wearing sumo costumes on water—borne trampolines fortunately the golf balls are made of fish food.

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