Healing the Wounds of the Past

What are your beliefs around the particular issue or event? The charge may still overwhelm you, but now, there is a little, but growing part of you that is watching. Everyone has stories, beliefs and emotional charges wrought from the pain that accompanies them. You were young and you created these beliefs to help you to survive, to protect yourself. Have self-compassion and accept that the reaction to the pain was a form of your self-care. And now you are in a position to be kind to yourself, to undo the wounds and to become stronger, to be healed.

Learn to go with the emotional flow. Just feel the energy in your body. Get out of your head where the story about your pain is going on. You have been telling yourself a pain story to keep you safe in your head and to protect you from actually feeling the pain. Remember that the story about your pain is not in the present moment. The story is about your past or how it will affect your future. So, feel the energy in your body and this brings you into the present moment. You want to heal and find out what that is. As you get out of your head, breathe, and feel the energy of your wound, something amazing happens.

You are giving yourself the love and attention you really needed when you were young, the tender love that would have prevented the wound in the first place and has the power to heal it now. Through the power of your awareness and your love, the energy will start to dissolve. The charge will lose some power and you will feel a shift.

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Now you are the one loving and healing, not the victim. Keep working on this. These emotional charges contain a lot of energy that has been fed sometimes for years and years, so repeat this process as necessary. Each time you do, you dissolve it some more and your healing, loving, present moment awareness increases. It may take time, or it may happen in an instant, but your awareness and love will set you free. Ask yourself what you have learned from the wounding?

There is always a gift. A shift in perception? That is for you to discover and enjoy. The ultimate gift is freedom! To be able to see the world as it is, and to see yourself as you truly are. Recently I had four friends move away.

Healing the Wounds of the Past

I miss them already, but I never got their new contact info. Healing the Wounds of the Past by T. Healing the Wounds of the Past 4. Provides guidance for woman who have struggled to overcome traumas, tragedies, and disappointments, leading them to cleanse their hearts and souls and develop a better relationship with God.

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Keep holding as possible: I was left feeling so angry at my ex and his sister. Hi Gail, I was with my ex boyfriend from Finding the courage to drive past the challenges, the pains, and even the shortcuts of life to the deeper purpose of living is to thrive in one's divine destiny. We need to not get the messenger in the way of the message. It could be a counselor in your local area, a wise friend or relative, or someone else you trust.

See 1 question about Woman, Thou Art Loosed! Lists with This Book. This was a wonderful book by christian author and Bishop T. It is a story of a couple who seem to have everything; good careers, faith, and good friends within their church. However, when their daughter goes missing everything is in question and painful pasts get revealed.

It is a book about hope, regrets,and learning to forgive through faith. Jun 05, Kat rated it it was ok Shelves: This book was okay. I read the 20th anniversary edition and watched the video clips at the beginning of each chapter. I remember someone giving my mom this book as a gift when I was little. I'd heard so much about it since then that I just knew it was a book every christian woman needed to read. I have never been a T. Jakes fan so I was kind of skeptical about reading it but since it is so well known I decided to make this my first T.

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  • Woman, Thou Art Loosed!: Healing the Wounds of the Past;
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This book was all over th This book was okay. This book was all over the place. I do not think Jakes is a good writer based on this book.

Perhaps I should have asked the Holy Spirit to open my eyes as I read it but sometimes while reading I would be like "what is he talking about? I also did not like the way he tries to tell us what to do as women. I am all for encouragement but there are some things in our lives that are going to take more than reading a book to fix. Jakes is a man and will never understand how it feels to be a woman.

The thing about these self help books is its so easy for the author to write it because they have not gone through it or they are living the grand life now so even if they did go through it they don't remember how hard it was, all they can see is their grand life now. Not only is Jakes living the grand life but he's never even experienced the issues he writes about that us women have to pull ourselves out of. There were some bible stories and scriptures that were helpful and I may check this book out from the library again but I would never buy it, wouldn't recommend it, and I think it was extremely overrated.

Sep 13, Janelle rated it liked it. Woman Thou Art Loose! Jakes exposes the truth behind the struggles of everyday women. I love the mysterious tone in which he writes this story. However, while being mysterious he still keeps the reader in tune to what is going on through clues and hints without actually saying what is wrong. His writing in here has a feel of a poetic flow. Jakes speaks on a young woman that was raped by her step father, imprisoned, and lost. This story speaks volumes on issues that women are not ready Woman Thou Art Loose!

This story speaks volumes on issues that women are not ready to face or too afraid to face them. I admire how he presents many issues that the character is dealing with, but he goes to also present a solution.

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Most stories leave you with a feeling of what ifs and why not? However, here Jakes leave the reader feeling inspired to change, and inspired to heal from past wounds, and hidden hurt. I enjoy how Jakes gives new perspectives to look at circumstances in life. May 04, Kathleen rated it it was amazing Shelves: This a book that surprised me a great deal. I didn'r expect to be so enlightened as I was. It speaks to the heart of a woman, how we live, the hurts, the expectations we put on ourselves and what the Lord expects of us.

The voice of the writer is direct, interesting and continually surprised me because although the writer is a man of God, but he is still a man, speaking to a womans heart. The book takes the wounds, or broken heart, or dashed expectation, or lost innocents, or whatever pain you m This a book that surprised me a great deal. The book takes the wounds, or broken heart, or dashed expectation, or lost innocents, or whatever pain you may have been hanging onto, and helps you to effectively let go of it once and for all.

It helps you to see yourself as God sees you. This book is for woman of all ages, where ever you are in your walk. It was a good, quick read, but nothing life changing for me. I don't like how Bishop TD Jakes has himself as a character in the book, that seemed pompous. In this case, I can say I liked the movie better, but the book is great to read bc you can get in the character's headspace.

I did learn something about myself though and it is that I'm nowhere near as close to God as I wish I were. My faith would have been much like Michelle's, and it pisses me off that a molester can give his sins to God in t It was a good, quick read, but nothing life changing for me. My faith would have been much like Michelle's, and it pisses me off that a molester can give his sins to God in the final moments of his life, and would be sent to Heaven along with all the others who've been living right all along.

I know a sin is sin, but in my mind some are worse than others. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book is about a young girl main character-Michelle who was abused by her mother's drug addicted boyfriend. This book was a very good read and it will keep you entertained through the whole book. This book was very heartbreaking and tear drenched. May 27, Angela rated it it was amazing.

I can usually read a book in a day; this one took me a few days because it touched very sensitive areas in my heart. This book is a powerful tool to help women realize that God intends for us to live a life free from shame of our past.. Jun 12, Terri Carle rated it it was amazing. This book brings healing to your hurt, damaged degraded, torn down, shattered self image, self esteem and soul. It is like God helps TD Jakes look right into your hurt and see what caused that pain.

Jan 11, Havebooks Willread rated it it was ok Shelves: I know I've probably been living under a rock or something, but I don't know anything about the author, T. And I will concede that my reading of this novel is my sole exposure to the man or his teaching. But I've come away from it thinking "Wow! We might be getting a little mixed up as to who we are worshiping here! It's good to use God-given gifts in spreading the Word, but we need to be careful we are pointing people to the Savior and the cross. We need to not get the messenger in the I know I've probably been living under a rock or something, but I don't know anything about the author, T.

We need to not get the messenger in the way of the message. I became less and less impressed as I continued to read more and more about "Bishop Jake" but still no Scriptures in this novel purportedly detailing a woman's journey to the Lord. Bishop Jakes had tapped deep down in his soul" His voice, she decided, had a way of bringing a calm to her troubled soul" Don't care about the guards.

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Naruto squints his eyes at the tomato salad Sasuke forced onto his plate. He looks up at Sasuke. Y-your m-mom's a good cook but I bet you're even better 'cause you're cool l-like that. Sasuke's face at that moment was something none of them would ever forget, purely for the fact that it was redder than the tomatoes he'd just eaten. A few weeks later, the entirety of the Uchiha clan falls into genjutsu induced comas, somehow.

Even Sasuke appears to be. The village freaks the fuck out, knowing those with the Sharingan are supposed to be immune to genjutsu. Sasuke disappears from the hospital. They find him in the forest surrounding Konoha the next day, chakra nearly exhausted. Everyone slowly forgets it ever happened. And if all evidence of the coup they were planning disappeared, even their memories? Well, let's assume it was never even thought of. This work's creator has chosen to moderate comments on the work.

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