Decline and Recovery of the Island Fox (Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation)

Journal of Applied Entomology, Vol. Chris Lovich, Robert E. Scott Ghalambor, Cameron K. Dillon, Adam Garcelon, David K. Gould, Nicholas and Andelt, William F. Adaptive divergence despite strong genetic drift: Winston Clifford, Deana L. Controlling Risk Factors for Cancer Development. Coonan, Tim King, Julie L. Scott Fleischer, Robert C.

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This is the first account of the natural history and ecology of the island fox. Study for Population Recovery (Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation) 1st Edition. Part of Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation. Authors: Timothy J. Coonan, National Park Service, Channel Islands National Park, California; Catherin A.

Scott Morrison, Scott A. Linking vegetation patterns to environmental gradients and human impacts in a mediterranean-type island ecosystem. Cory, Coleen Faulkner, Kathryn R. Strategies for Biosecurity on a Nearshore Island in California.

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On the Fast Track to Recovery: Island Foxes on the Northern Channel Islands. Ecosystem Restoration on Santa Catalina Island: Chris and Sillett, T. Ralls, Katherine Sanchez, Jessica N. Savage, Jennifer Coonan, Timothy J. Social relationships and reproductive behavior of island foxes inferred from proximity logger data. Journal of Mammalogy, Vol. Endemism in host-parasite interactions among island populations of an endangered species.

Diversity and Distributions, Vol. Factors influencing reproductive success and litter size in captive island foxes. The Journal of Wildlife Management, Vol. Flightless ducks, giant mice and pygmy mammoths: Late Quaternary extinctions on California's Channel Islands. Effects of roads on survival of San Clemente Island foxes.

Cambridge University Press Online publication date: October Print publication year: Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation. Export citation Recommend to librarian Recommend this book. Decline and Recovery of the Island Fox. Coonan , Catherin A. Schwemm , David K. Please enter a valid email address Email already added. Actions for selected content:. Please be advised that item s you selected are not available. Your Kindle email address Please provide your Kindle email. By using this service, you agree that you will only keep articles for personal use, and will not openly distribute them via Dropbox, Google Drive or other file sharing services Please confirm that you accept the terms of use.

Save Search You can save your searches here and later view and run them again in "My saved searches". Get access Check if you have access via personal or institutional login. The island syndrome in rodent populations. Quarterly Review of Biology 69 4: New localities, chronology, and comparisons for the pygmy mammoth Mammuthus exilis: Pages — in Brown , D. Mammoths and humans as late Pleistocene contemporaries on Santa Rosa island. Pages 3—7 in Garcelon , D. High MHC diversity maintained by balancing selection in an otherwise genetically monomorphic mammal. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine Pathogenicity of morbilliviruses for terrestrial carnivores.

Hormonal and experiential factors in the expression of social and parental behavior in canids. Pages — in Solomon , N. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Pages 80—87 in Knobil , E. A review of small canid reproduction. Pages — in Sovada , M. Evidence for induced estrus or ovulation in a canid, the island fox Urocyon littoralis. Journal of Mammalogy Relationship of inbreeding with sperm quality and reproductive success in Mexican gray wolves. The spread of commensal species of Rattus to oceanic islands and their effects on island avifauna.

Pages 35—81 in Moors , P. Dispersal, survival, and reproduction of wild-born, yearling swift foxes in a reintroduced population. Canadian Journal of Zoology Chapter 10 in Zimmerman , A. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 7: Estimating and incorporating ecological drivers and parameter uncertainty into a demographic population viability analysis for the Island Fox Urocyon littoralis.

Ecological Monographs 79 1: Demographic and genetic management of captive populations. Pages — in Kleiman , D. Pages — in Williams , E.

Decline and Recovery of the Island Fox

Pregnancy diagnosis in wild canids using a commercially available relaxin assay. Quantifying variation in the strengths of species interactions. Pages — in MacDonald , D. Oxford University Press, Oxford. Experimental manipulation of desert rodent communities: Complex species interactions and the dynamics of ecological systems: Vaccine-induced canine distemper in a lesser panda. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association The swift fox reintroduction program in Canada from to Pages — in Bowles , M.

L and Whelan , C. Conceptual Issues, Planning and Implementation. Factors affecting the captive breeding success of the Channel Island foxes. Unpublished manuscript on file at park headquarters. Fatal vaccine-induced canine distemper virus infection in black-footed ferrets. Strengthening the use of science in achieving the goals of the Endangered Species Act: Ashy Storm-petrel Oceanodroma homochroa.

Pages — in Shuford , D. Studies in Western Birds 1. Finding the Lesions, Improving the Process. Island Press, Washington, DC. Making partnerships work in endangered species conservation: Endangered Species Update Pathogen exposure in endangered island fox Urocyon littoralis populations: Using the pregnancy rates and perinatal mortality to evaluate the success of recovery strategies for endangered island foxes. Some range relationships of feral goats on Santa Catalina Island, California. Journal of Range Management Pages — in Proceedings of the second conference on scientific research in the national parks.

Terrestrial Biology and Zoology. Origin and differentiation of the island fox: Interaction between island foxes Urocyon littoralis and Indians on islands off the coast of Southern California: Morphologic and archeological evidence of human assisted dispersal. Journal of Ethnobiology Ethnographic, archaeological and historical evidence. Taxonomic and biogeographic relationships of the island fox Urocyon littoralis and gray fox Urocyon cinereoargenteus from western North America.

Pages — in Hochberg , F. Recent Advances in Research on the California Islands. Pages — in Garcelon , D. K and Schwemm , C. Does the order of invasive species removal matter? The case of the eagle and the pig. Entering the 21st century.

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Chapter 2 in Zimmerman , A. Zoos in the 21st Century: Recovery strategy for island foxes Urocyon littoralis on the northern Channel Islands. Unpublished report on file at headquarters. Eleventh annual meeting, island fox working group, summary report. Island fox recovery program, annual report. Island fox captive breeding program, — annual report. Island fox captive breeding program, annual report.

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Pages — in Damiani , C. Population decline of island foxes on San Miguel Island. Pages — in Browne , D. Efforts to reduce golden eagle predation on island foxes at Channel Islands National Park. Unpublished report on file at park headquarters. Progress in island fox recovery efforts on the northern Channel Islands. Decline of an island fox subspecies to near extinction. Southwestern Naturalist 50 1: International Zoo Yearbook The use of shock collars to prevent island fox Urocyon littoralis predation on the endangered San Clemente loggerhead shrike Lanius ludovicianus mearnsi.

Vegetation dynamics following grazing cessation on the Channel Islands, California. Control of rabbits to protect island birds from cat predation. Removing protected populations to save endangered species. The last days of the wild condor?: Seed predators and plant population dynamics. Pages — in Fenner , M. The Ecology of Regeneration in Plant Communities. Introduced predators transform subarctic islands from grassland to tundra.

Comparative ecology of the island spotted skunk and the island fox of Santa Cruz Island, California. University of California, Davis, CA. Mesopredator release and avifaunal extinctions in a fragmented system. Resource utilization by two insular endemic mammalian carnivores, the island fox and the island spotted skunk. Ectoparasites of the island fox on Santa Cruz Island. Journal of Wildlife Diseases Exotic disease and an insular endemic carnivore, the island fox. Food habits and prey availability of the threatened San Miguel Island fox, Urocyon littoralis littoralis, during a decline in population, — Population dynamics of San Joaquin kit foxes at the Naval petroleum reserves in California.

Ecological monitoring in Channel Islands National Park. Pages — in Halvorson , W. Update on the Status of Resources. The effect of the male bush dog Speothos venaticus on the female reproductive cycle. Directionality theory and the evolution of body size. Island fox Urocyon littoralis santacruzae distribution, abundance and survival on Santa Cruz Island, California. May through October Familial renal amyloidosis in Chinese Shar Pei dogs. Idiosyncratic effects of species loss in models of community stability. Pages — in Karevia , P. Perspectives on Expendability and Triage.

Princeton Press, Princeton, NJ. Movements, foraging, and survival of bald eagles reintroduced in the northern Channel Islands, California. Predators and prey in the Channel Islands. Density cycles in an island population of deer mice, Peromyscus maniculatus Wagner.

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A large-scale natural experiment on generalist and specialist predators and small mammal populations: Population dynamics of the kit fox in western Utah. Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences Golden eagle predation on experimental sandhill and whooping cranes. Sea otters, shellfish, and humans: Pages 9—21 in Garcelon , D. Rodents, plants, and precipitation: Survival and cause-specific mortality of gray foxes Urocyon cinereoargenteus in southern California. Journal of the Zoological Society of London , Angiocaulus gubernaculatus in the island fox Urocyon littoralis from the California Channel Islands and comments on the diagnosis of Angiostrongylidae nematodes in canid and mustelid hosts.

Journal of Parasitology 87 5: Terrestrial vertebrates monitoring handbook. Journal of Archaeological Science Improving recovery planning for threatened and endangered species. The evolution of mammals on islands. Introduction to Conservation Genetics. Island fox population analysis and management recommendations. Island fox monitoring and demography on San Nicolas Island, Report to Wildlife Management Branch. A serologic survey of the island fox Urocyon littoralis on the Channel Islands, California.

Food provisioning by island foxes, Urocyon littoralis, to conspecifics caught in traps. Application of techniques for feral pig eradication on Santa Catalina Island, California. The role of lethal control in managing the effects of apparent competition on endangered prey species.

Wildlife Society Bulletin Genetic fingerprinting reflects population differentiation in the California Channel Island fox. Pages 19—34 in Soule , M. The Science of Scarcity and Diversity. The use of microsatellite variation to infer population structure and demographic history in a natural model system. Journal of Zoology Population dynamics of the red fox in central Poland. A Primer of Ecology.

Impact of a bottleneck on genetic diversity in the Channel Island fox Urocyon littoralis and genetic assessment of relatedness among individuals in a captive breeding program. Relatedness of Santa Cruz captive population and female within the Santa Rosa population. Genetic assessment of relatedness among individuals in the island fox Urocyon littoralis captive breeding program. Unpublished report on file at Park headquarters.

Reproduction in captive wild-caught coyotes Canis latrans. Unpublished report available online at http: Fur-Bearing Mammals of California: Analysis of avifaunal and bat remains from midden sites on San Miguel Island. Pages — in Power , D. Proceedings of A Multidisciplinary Symposium. New information on the prehistoric fauna of San Miguel Island, California. Distribution and provenance of fossil avifauna on San Miguel Island. Pages 35—39 in Garcelon , D. Response of gray foxes to modified live-virus canine distemper vaccines.

Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly Home range and body weight: Swift fox demography, movements, denning, and diet in New Mexico. The Southwestern Naturalist 48 2: A comparison of population survey techniques for swift foxes Vulpes velox in New Mexico. American Midland Naturalist Emissions pathways, climate change and impacts on California. Rodent control and food supplementation increase productivity of endangered San Clemente Loggerhead Shrikes Lanius ludovicianus mearnsi. Foxy MHC selection story.

Condors soar toward recovery. Endangered Species Bulletin Hemograms and microscopic lesions of herring gulls in captivity.

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Trends in Ecology and Evolution Demography and extinction in small populations. Pages 55—74 in Young , A. Genetics, Demography and Viability of Fragmented Populations. Predation, apparent competition, and the structure of prey communities. Theoretical Population Biology III, Ewel , J. Effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning: Ethology and Sociobiology 1: Predator-induced changes in daily activity patterns of the Channel Islands fox. Zoo and aquarium animal management and conservation: Physical description xvi, p. Series Ecology, biodiversity, and conservation.

Cambridge Core Full view. C22 C Available. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p.

A Case Study for Population Recovery

Evolution and genetics-- 3. Social structure, reproduction, and population dynamics-- 4. Food habits, habitat use, and activity patterns-- 5. Golden eagles and island fox declines on the Northern Islands-- 6. Ecosystem recovery on the Northern Islands: Disease and island fox declines on Catalina Island-- 8. Reproductive biology Cheryl S. Diseases of island foxes Linda Munson-- The role of zoos, education, and the public in island fox recovery-- The ecological role of island foxes--

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Subject Island gray fox. David began studying island foxes in and has worked with all of the six subspecies. Survival and cause-specific mortality of gray foxes Urocyon cinereoargenteus in southern California. Predator-induced changes in daily activity patterns of the Channel Islands fox. L and Whelan , C. Condors soar toward recovery.