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The Funniest Town Name in All 50 States

List of city nicknames in Indiana. List of city nicknames in Iowa. List of city nicknames in Kansas. List of city nicknames in Kentucky. List of city nicknames in Louisiana. List of city nicknames in Maine. List of city nicknames in Maryland. List of city nicknames in Massachusetts. List of city nicknames in Michigan. List of city nicknames in Minnesota. List of city nicknames in Mississippi. List of city nicknames in Missouri. List of city nicknames in Montana. List of city nicknames in Nebraska. List of city nicknames in Nevada. List of city nicknames in New Hampshire.

List of city nicknames in New Jersey. List of city nicknames in New Mexico. List of city nicknames in New York.

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Nicknames of New York City. List of city nicknames in North Carolina. Retrieved from " https: Fictional populated places Lists of fictional locations Lists of fictional cities. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Nederlands Walon Edit links. This page was last edited on 9 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Bob Kane , Bill Finger. A fictional American city that is the home of Batman , and the principal setting for all Batman comics, films, and other adaptations. It was originally strongly inspired by Trenton, Ontario 's history, location, atmosphere, and various architectural styles, and has since incorporated elements from New York City, Detroit, Pittsburgh, London and Chicago.

Anton Furst 's designs of Gotham for Tim Burton 's Batman have been influential on subsequent portrayals: A fictional American city that is the home of Superman , and along with Smallville , one of the principal settings for all Superman comics, films, and other adaptations. Chuck Dixon , Scott McDaniel. A fictional American city located in New Jersey. A former whaling town, which was officially incorporated as a "Commonwealth" in The town had a generally poor socio-economic populace, owing in part to failed efforts to transform itself into a manufacturing and shipping center.

In modern times, it became more dangerous than Gotham, ruled by gangs and a corrupt police department. Nightwing is the most common heroic presence. Fictional city that appears in various Disney comic books and animated projects, located in the fictional state of Calisota.

The Cutest Town in Every U.S. State

Various writers have given it a long and complex history; it was originally known as "Fort Drake Borough," a fort built in the 16th century by British explorer Sir Francis Drake. By the 19th century, the fort had been handed over by its departing British occupants to Cornelius Coot , who renamed the fort "Duckburg". Grant Morrison , John Paul Leon. A ghetto like neighbourhood of New York City , where most of the inhabitants are Mutants , with the rise of Manhattan 's mutant population coupled with racism among normal humans, led to mutants forming their own community in a ghetto established in or around Alphabet City, Manhattan; Middle East Side, Mutant Town are its other names.

List of fictional towns and villages

A series of explosions incinerated much of the neighborhood, with Arcade's force fields preventing fire fighters from entering the area until the entire district had been utterly annihilated. Now District X has been destroyed completely. A fictional town in the American west, almost universally called "Sin City". Founded as a mining town, the Roark family "imported" prostitutes to keep the miners happy, eventually making great profit both from the ore and "tourism".

In the modern era, the town is governed by criminal organizations, most of them descendants of both the Roarks and the original prostitutes, Basin City becoming a dangerous red-light district. Riverdale is a fictional city that appears in the Archie Comics. Its exact location is unknown but it is presented to be a suburban town with parks, shopping malls, and restaurants. Goldwater has said that the town is based on his own hometown of Hiawatha, Kansas, while Archie artist Bob Montana has said that it is based on his hometown of Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Superboy 2 May A fictional town in Kansas that is the hometown of Superman, where he landed on earth as an infant and was raised under an ordinary human identity in a small, idyllic farming community. Comics and adapted media that portray Superman's origin typically show his growing up in Smallville such as Superman: The Movie , and the adult Superman also returns to visit. Smallville debuted in comics as the setting for Superboy originally the identity of Superman as a youth, later made into a separate character but was first mentioned in The Adventures of Superman radio show.

The television series Smallville broadcast from to George Papp , Mort Weisinger. Gardner Fox , Harry Lampert. Home of the fictional crimefighter the Flash. Stan Lee , Steve Ditko. Back to the Future.

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The Wizard of Oz. Frank Baum 's series of Oz books. It was first described in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The city is sometimes called the City of Emeralds due to its extensively green architecture. Zion is a fictional city in The Matrix films. It is the last human city on the planet Earth after a cataclysmic nuclear war between humankind and sentient Machines, which resulted in artificial lifeforms dominating the world. Mos Eisley is a setting in the fictional Star Wars universe.

It is introduced as a spaceport [2] town on the planet Tatooine which Obi-Wan Kenobi played by Alec Guinness describes as a "wretched hive of scum and villainy. Coruscant is a fictional planet and city in the Star Wars universe. It has a population of about a trillion. Although the focus is on the wives, the fictional location is also worthy of note. Questa Verde, California is a setting in the Poltergeist film. The film centered around Carol Anne Freeling and her family who experience poltergeist activity in their house and their attempts at rescuing Carol Anne who was abducted and held captive in another dimension.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Fictional town that borders Burbank, California , it is designed specifically to act as a home for Toons, and as a result, the laws of physics are subject to change within its borders, often making it hazardous for human visitors. Formerly owned by tycoon Marvin Acme, his death and apparent absence of a will triggers an ownership dispute that drives the main plot of the film.

Hometown Celebrations

Haddonfield, Illinois is the setting of serial killer Michael Myers' childhood and mass murder spree of Halloween Founded in , it was named for then-state representative Charles Nelson Pray. After mapping out a town in northeast Nebraska, settler B. Smith was tasked with naming it. He wanted an attractive name for the community that would draw visitors across its borders, so he christened it Magnet in Today the locale is home to about 75 residents. About 30 miles south of Elko, Nevada, sits the small town of Jiggs.

In , businessman Albert Hankins owned the local hotel, dance hall, and general store—which basically meant he owned the whole town. Looking for a new name for the place, he took a suggestion from his kids. And just like the edible kind of sandwich, the town of Sandwich was named after him.

The earl also lent his title to the nearby Sandwich mountain range and Sandwich dome. The town of Loveladies, New Jersey, was actually named after a man, not a group of women. Located on Long Beach Island, it got its start as one of the life-saving stations that appeared on the Jersey shore in the s. The station borrowed its name from a nearby island owned by Thomas Lovelady, a local hunter and sportsman.

When the community grew into a town it tested out several new titles, including Club House and Long Beach Park. In , the early name of Loveladies became official. Sandwiched between Zuni and Navajo reservations in western New Mexico, Candy Kitchen Ranch purportedly got its name when a local moonshine distiller needed a front to hide his illicit operations during Prohibition. To secure the sugar necessary to concoct barrels of hooch, the moonshiner established a confectionery that produced pinion nut candy on the side.

The old town of Neversink is currently sunk under about feet of water.

Alabama: Magnolia Springs

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Named for the Neversink River, the longest tributary of the Delaware River, the city of was one of the unlucky Catskill towns flooded in the s to create reservoirs that would provide water to New York City. Luckily, the town relocated in the s shortly after its old Main Street was sunk for good.

Not all neighboring locales were so fortunate, though. The flooding forced locals to give a bittersweet goodbye to the now-underwater town of … Bittersweet. Around , residents living in the fertile heart of central North Carolina had no name for their home. But when the United States Post Office planned to put down roots in the area, the townspeople convened to decide on a name. Why not name it this? Why not name it that?

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Cannon Ball, North Dakota gets its name not from a battle, but from geological curiosities called concretions. Millions of years ago, sediment naturally cemented around plants or shells in the Peace Garden State and hardened into rock, forming unusually perfect spheres that—you guessed it—resemble cannonballs. While these round rocks dot the local Cannonball River, you can ogle at more if you drive miles west to the northern stretches of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Though nobody can quite pinpoint when the town of Knockemstiff acquired its odd name, they can at least agree that it certainly earned it. The most famous origin tale, though, centers on the advice of a preacher. When approached by a woman asking him how to keep her cheating husband home and faithful, the preacher responded simply: The town received mainstream attention in when author Donald Ray Pollock, a native of Knockemstiff, published a book of 18 short stories that shine a gritty light on life in this rough Midwestern community.

The community formerly known as Berwyn, Oklahoma, took on the name of the famous singing cowboy after the man himself came to town and purchased a acre ranch that he would turn into the headquarters of his Flying A Ranch Rodeo. A few years after the purchase, Cecil Crosby, the deputy sheriff of Carter County, where Berwyn was located, suggested the town change its name to honor Autry.

Though Autry sold the Flying A Ranch after World War II, the town that bears his name still recognizes the late cowboy actor with a museum and film festival in his honor. The unincorporated community of Zigzag, Oregon, is a scenic spot that rests in the middle of Mount Hood National Forest. The community itself is named after the Zigzag River, which drains from the Zigzag Glacier. Though the history of the name is unknown, it might be traced back to Joel Palmer, a pioneer of the Oregon territory, who described the erratic movements needed to descend through a ravine near Mount Hood: In addition to a town, river, and glacier, Zigzag also lends its name to a volcanic mountain and canyon.

There are several possibilities. According to one theory, the name came from the fact that the town—which was originally called Cross Keys after a local tavern when it was founded in —was at the intersection of two major roads. The final theory revolves around the original meaning of the word intercourse: Less than 20 minutes up the road is the town Blue Ball. It was named after an s inn. This Horry County town got its name from a country store built by Herbert Small in , but not because of the condiments it sold. As a town grew up around the store, the name stuck.

Mud Butte was named for a nearby barren butte—that is, an isolated hill with steep sides and a flat top. One holds that when town residents applied for a post office, the U. Residents took the letter as an order, and accepted the name Difficult. The other theory goes that the town named itself Difficult out of spite after a postal official suggested its name was too hard to pronounce.

Upon learning that the town of Ding Dong is located in Bell County, Texas, you might reasonably conclude that the two facts are related.

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Visitors to Mexican Hat, Utah, never have to wonder how the community got its name. The answer is as plain as day: The prince of darkness evidently has franchises in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont—the latter of which was purportedly named by a resentful settler who "expected fertile, rolling acres and had received rocks and hills instead. Many Bumpass residents have developed a no-talking-to-strangers policy.

Maybe they're just tired of being the butt of every joke. This tiny town, located about 25 miles north of Aberdeen famous as Kurt Cobain's birthplace , was once a major logging center.