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How to Build a Website (For Dummies)

Adding Images 95 Chapter 8: Adding Frills and Fancy Stuff Chapter 9: Web Sights and Sounds Chapter Adding a Blog Part IV: Making Money Chapter Publicizing Your Site Chapter Designing for Internet Commerce Chapter The Part of Tens Chapter I want it to start playing as soon as someone lands on the homepage. We have a guide on how to create a website with a video background here. First off, I am wanting to build a website that advertises a service I offer, displays images in two separate galleries, can be involved with a separate calander that can be accessed from my phone and be up to date on available times to schedule an appointment, and, most importantly, can have a payment option to prepay for my service to secure a time slot with a possible escrow type function to be able to add payments onto the set appointments.

Does this make any sense? If it does, does this sound possible? Which website builder would you recommend to have access to these functions? I am just starting out so cost is also a factor, although I am willing to pay a reasonable amount of money to get this set up and to maintain it.

Have a look at Wix. They have a booking system that allows your customers to book and prepay for appointments. Thanks for the article Jermey. I was looking into making a site that serves dual functions. I wanted to create an entertainment news site that also functions as an online business. I purchased a subscription with godaddy for an online shop, but the templates are pretty bland and the customization is dreadful. Is there a site you could recommend for something like that?

But you can definitely publish a website. Further, all hosting services are provided by the website builders listed above. I mean a website for making calls. Can someone throw a little light on this please? You mean you want to be able to use a website to make phone calls? Or maybe something like Skype where you can log into the app and make phone calls? Hi Jeremy, This is the most informative article on web design that I have come across. And I have read quite a number! I had a question though. Have you tried searching for one? What do you recommend for someone who sells Domain Names?

I am looking for a site builder that can sell Intellectual Property like domain names. The website builders mentioned above are probably not equipped for the unique requirements that a domain name registrar need in order to run its business properly. Do any drAG and drop sites offer such a template or or am I looking at a whole different animal.

If you have or know of a possible option it would be much appreciated. It sounds to me that you are looking to build a community type website? Take a look at Ning. I used BigCommerce to build the website, tenbrookeleanne. I do not know any code and before making this website, I knew nothing about ecommerce. The customer service for BigCommerce is awesome! When making the website I had a ton of questions and they were always happy to help, now I very rarely have to call support.

The BigCommerce University and question forums are very resourceful at well. I have to use an expensive and less than satisfactory third party software for the two platforms to communicate with each other. Thanks for sharing your experiences with BigCommerce with us! I also heard that they are working on their own native Point of Sale system. Shopify has their own POS system , which integrates smoothly with an online store built with their software.

For those who are curious about BigCommerce, take a look at this discussion here. I am very happy to find out this post regarding making build a website. I really appreciate your efforts.

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Hey, I find this article really helpful. I am planning to build a video streaming website on which I can upload my movies for people to watch at little cost. Which builder or solution you would recommend? What you can do is set up a membership access only area Wix and Weebly has this feature. Alternatively, take a look at Sentry Login, which is a membership widget that works with Wix, Squarespace and Weebly.

With Sentry, I think you can unlock a membership area once your customer pays.


Another thing you should consider is how big are the videos you want to upload. A workaround might be to get your own hosting solution for such large videos, then embed the videos into your membership only pages. It goes without saying that make sure you have distribution rights for the movies! I believe this article is really helpful to cross the initial mental hurdle of making a website. I do also want to build a website.


Learn how to make a website and set it up. This site contains different tutorials on how to build a website using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & HTML. Create better Web sites by using the seven rules of Web site design and other design tips. Get more out of the sites you build by incorporating CGI, HTML, Java, .

But before getting started few questions are coming into my mind. Brief about my planned website: A website strictly user login based. Those uploaded files should be played or displayed on the website UI only. Is this really possible to build this kind of website though the online website builders? Which builder will be best suited for my requirements? Who will give me this amount of cloud storage? How much will it cost?

How do I write decision making codes inside? How do I maintain database and run query on database? How can I get money from my website without advertisements? Who will pay me money and how? See, I am an IT professional though not working in web development domain. I have no issue in writing codes, but I was wondering if I could do it with shorter timespan and lesser amount of maintenance effort. Lastly, if you really believe that it is quite impossible to build this kind of website online, please suggest me what should be the best way to build it from scratch.

What framework should I use I know Java and Python both? But in that case also, one question still remains: I was wondering, if you built a website using one of the above i. Wix, weebly, word press etc nd it gained lots of traffic, enough to sell, who actually owns the site to be able to sell it?

You can definitely sell websites that you built. A key component of the sale, in addition to the actual webpages, is the domain name. People buy and sell domain names all the time! I am a second year computer science student. I want to build a simple website. How do I get it done. What free builder would you recommend for me? Am ready to learn. You can take a look at the side-by-side comparison chart so you get a birdseye view of the key differences. Also check out this guide on how to pick a good website builder.

Wix is nice but one of the Cons noticed is the inability of the user to build a free site using a tablet device. As for WordPress, I think I am beginning to love it with my new site as I am trying to experiment with it.

Choose Your Website Builder

I have a question I am hoping you can help me with. The original site I started was a free blog through wordpress website.

Understand what type of site you need

This site looks great in all devices, it runs quick — looks really professional and has so many features that i see. Good day, my name is Esther. Please feel free to share our website with others by clicking on the social sharing buttons to the left of this page. The best advice I could offer is to give the free trials a go on Wix , Weebly and Squarespace and see how you get on with each builder. Nicholas Ford July 14, at 4:

I then decided to go towards an actual site with a blog attached, I made the switch to Hostgator. They are now saying they will not release our domain name until May. Does this seem correct? I would like to know whether you can use this drop and drag websites to make money by putting ads on your website. I know it is difficult to make a lot of money through ads on websites. Or you can insert Google Adsense as well, to earn marketing commissions. I wonder if you could recommend a website builder so his customers can view the veggies available, rate them and even purchase online.

Only thing I think it would be best if they would have to log in to get their individual pricing. I think it will be challenging to find a free website builder that will allow you to connect your own domain name to the website. All of the good website builders I know of, such as Wix or Weebly , even though they allow you to build websites for free, they do require you to upgrade to at least their lowest plan before you can connect your own domain to the website.

I suppose this is just a trade off — they can brand their names on your free website, in return for allowing you to build a website for free. Builders such as Wix and Weebly has membership functions, but they just protect pages behind a membership gateway, where all members can access the same pages. And yes, it is written in a simplest way yet being very informative.

I have already tried some site builders but they were not easy to use. I want to create a simple website, just a pair of pages about my family. I want my friends could view videos and photos of the family celebrations. I choose between Weebly and mobirise. They are both free site builders as I know. Can you recommend what builder is easier? I personally think Weebly is a very easy website builder to use already. Hi Jeremy, lots of good info on here.

I am looking at building a website with the intention of pay per click or affiliate marketing. I also heard that some affiliate marketing sites use WordPress. But with WordPress, it is much more technical challenging than drag and drop website builders. But WP does offer more flexibility, if you know how to use it proficiently with a bit of coding knowledge.

Give the ones I suggested a try. Since many web hosts e. I would seem easier to register and build site with them, plus you get email accounts for employees to use. In general, while using website builders with hosts does give you access to a broader range of services, at times, their support teams may not be the best in terms of answering very specific website builder related questions.

For instance, Weebly offers really good website building services, and you can reach them by going to Weebly. You can also use Weebly through hosts such as Bluehost. Both will work and enable you to build your website, but when it comes to support, if you are using Weebly through Weebly. We have a much deeper discussion about this specific scenario here. I own a small business and am looking to redesign our website. Thanks for all your comparisons of the website builders! I currently use Mailchimp to send out weekly emails to my customers.

Do you know if any of these website builder sites allow you to create an email list? Then use a template to create an email like Mailchimp and send it out to all your subscribers. Ideally there would be a tab on your website people can click on to enter their email address….. They would then get your emails. Newsletter services allow you to create a sign up box, then provides you with some codes where you can copy and paste these codes into your website.

How to Build a Website Using Builders

All website builders have a tool that allows you to embed codes into wherever you want on your webpages. Once you publish your website, then the sign up box will show up. If you are operating an online store, you can integrate Mailchimp with websites built with Squarespace , Shopify or Bigcommerce. This way, after your customer buys from you, they are automatically invited to join your newsletter so you can continue to share news with them, or even promote other products to them. My question is that, is there any other payment option that can be added to my site so that my customers can choose different payment options even if that means a third party payment gateway.??

I really have to first say, Thank You for all of your time and energy that you put into providing us, with informative and helpful education! Shopify seems to be a strong interest for me but, I do not know too much about codes. So does Shopify have alot of codes?

Shopify is great for those who are not super technical as they are much easier to use compared to other e-commerce platforms. This is not to say that you can make unlimited number of customizations to the themes without ever touching codes, as some levels of modifications does require touching some codes. Wow, What a great response! You have answered my question for me and what you said really helps me make a great decision.

Thanks a bunch for the awesome guidance and I look forward to following your work. I think that IM Creator is a pretty good website builder, especially if you want to build a very basic website really quickly. Their tools are not he most comprehensive, but in a way that reduces confusion and allows you to focus on the basics which work really well in way.

You can also take a look at our website builder comparison chart here to get a high level overview of who are some of the leading platforms available today. If you want great looking templates, definitely take a look at Squarespace. As for great quality stock images, see our resources guide here.

Looked at a few reviews on your site as well. Could you guide me a bit more? I want to create a website where can I post the restaurant and retirement home business of my hubby. I would like to edit the website at least monthly depending on our promotional activities.

No payment option needed yet but a simple information for local customers and travelers as well. We want our website displays when people searched from their phone while on their travel since our place is in between 2 big cities. I think if you want to build a simpler website, then Squarespace , Weebly and Wix are good candidates for you to test and see which one suits you better. Weebly has the lowest learning curve, then Wix and Squarespace.

But from a design perspective, I think Squarespace will give you the most professional and beautiful looking website. All of them are mobile device friendly and so your visitors will be able to find more information about your website through their mobile devices. I think the best way forward is to sign up for them for free, then invest some time to play around with their tools and see for yourself which one you prefer.

Meet the team behind the expert reviews! How To Build A Website: Which website builder should you choose?


Read Our Full Review. Best Customer Service and Support. Compare The Top Website Builders. Chart features explained Ease of use — How simple the builder is to learn and use. Test your website builder We can point you in the right direction, but only you can know which builder feels right.

Choose Your Wix Plan. If in doubt, start small and scale up. Can you make a website for free? Check out what you can get just by signing up to the most basic website builder premium plans: These are just a handful of the categories you can expect to find when starting your own website: Try Wix For Free. Choose your website builder Sign up for the right plan Choose a domain Pick your template Customize your template Preview and test your website All done? How do you create a website for free? Can I move from one website builder to another? How long will it take to build a website?

How to Build a Website: the Step-by-Step Guide to Easy Setup

Will my site appear in search engines? Contents Click to jump to a section: How to Build a Website with WordPress: For an idea of the range of plans available, just look at Bluehost: Some of the main types of hosting are as follows. Where you share a server with multiple other websites. This helps to keep costs down, but limits how much traffic your site can handle.

These plans are best for small and starter websites with modest traffic. These mimic the control of a dedicated server, but still share space with other websites. A server all to yourself. These plans can take a lot more traffic and offer full admin control. On the flipside, as you can see, they also cost a lot more. Dedicated hosting is for the very top tier of sites. How much does a domain name cost? Make sure your domain matches your site. You want people to remember your URL, so the shorter the better! Sounds obvious, but saves time in the long run. Most web hosting providers offer a similar experience For a complete walkthrough, check out our guide on how to install WordPress with Bluehost , or watch our 2 minute how-to video: Install WordPress With Bluehost.

Made by Automattic, the team behind WordPress, this is essentially dozens of plugins within one plugin. In-depth site stats, automated social media posting, and lazy loading a way for pages to load faster are just a handful of the features available Google Analytics Dashboard. Google Analytics is a superb, free tool for tracking traffic to your website. You want your content to be shared right? Is WordPress easy to maintain? How long does a WordPress site take to set up?

About Jeremy Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it! Why use a Website Builder? Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website. Shrutika September 16, at 1: This is a wonderful article. It is clear, informative and helpful! Nice Blog, thanks for guiding. Kevin July 11, at 5: Great post you had shared here.

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Paul Dean July 2, at 8: Thanks for sharing this article it really helps me lot. Amanda June 25, at 2: Bharat Bhushan June 25, at Your step by step guide is comprehensive and very informative and has given me the confidence to move forward and try to set up my own commercial website … A big thank you! Gabriel June 22, at 3: I understand there is a coding way to make my domain redirect to the WIX site, is this possible?

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Alex January 5, at 9: Wix is pretty much the best platform for beginners and the sites you create are very beautiful. Tom Watts January 8, at 1: Hi Alex, I totally agree with you — Wix really is the most versatile and easiest to use website builder around! Jamie Rockers December 29, at Tom Watts January 3, at 1: Mohan December 26, at Hi Mohan, Great to hear the discussion has proven useful. Tom Watts December 14, at 1: Christopher October 17, at 6: Tom Watts October 20, at 1: Hello Christopher, Users can save your website to their desktop by going into their internet browser e.

You can accept the offered help or continue alone, the choice is yours. In the upper left corner, you can find the Bluehost button. When you click on it, you will be given many tools that you can use to create your website. As simply as that, your new website will now be live and you can start working on it immediately! The front end is what your visitors will see when they come to your website. Many of the tasks performed on the back-end will be visible on the front end, such as theme customizations, plugin functionality enhancements, and content publication.

Actions can also be performed by you and your visitors directly from the front-end of the website, including commenting and social sharing. To access your WordPress dashboard, you need to type yourwebsite. The Dashboard is the center of website administration. It consists of three main parts left-side menu, top toolbar and middle section. To learn more about how to customize your website, make design and layout changes, create your first post or page and much more, check our in-depth guide on How to use WordPress.

The design of your website is essential, and people will form an opinion about your business based on the look and feel of it. Visitors will make an instant decision in 3 seconds or less whether to stay on your site or move on. Depending on the type of the website and the way you choose to build it, you will have some options as far as selecting a design for your site. If you decide to use CMS or web builder, you will be dealing with the pre-made theme and templates. Key things to keep in mind about your website design are the following:.

Content is information that will be presented on your site. Poorly written and badly presented material can frustrate and discourage visitors from staying on your website or coming back. Today, search engines reward by ranking them higher websites that make an effort to create quality content to educate people in their niche.

How to Make a Website in 2018

You will have to make sure your content is: It will be important to create evergreen content content that will not be changing much and will appear on the static pages and also important to have fresh content appearing on your website on a regular basis. Launching your website is an exciting process and people eager to get it live as soon as possible.

With all the excitement, often people ignore the testing step.

How To Make a WordPress Website - 2018 - In 24 Easy Steps

The testing process can seem overwhelming, and you are not sure where to start. Once your website goes live, you need to have a strategy in place on what to do next and how to maintain your site. Here are some basic things to consider:. Creating a website is not as complicated as it was before. So, the first thing you should do is to choose a content management system.

Although it depends on the site you want, we would strongly suggest self-hosted WordPress. The cost of making a website depends on a lot of different factors. On the other hand, if you want a custom website, you should go much deeper in your pocket. WordPress is the most popular content management system, and because of that, the internet is swamped with tutorials, articles, videos and different guides that will help you to learn WordPress. Majority of businesses today have gone online. Which means that a lot of domains are unavailable, especially those that end up in.

So if you are trying to register a new domain, the chances are it is already taken.