Take This Job and Shove It

When he was 15, he ran away from home, hitchhiking, and hoboing his away across the country, singing in honky tonks and clubs along the way. By his late teens, he had joined the Navy, but while he was serving, he assaulted a superior officer and was convicted of court martial.

As a result, he spent two years in the brig. Upon his release, he moved to Nashville, where made the acquaintance of Buddy Killen at Decca Records, who offered him a contract.

Johnny Paycheck - Take This Job And Shove It Lyrics

At Decca, Paycheck released two rockabilly singles on the label under the name Donny Young; neither were hits. Shortly afterward, he moved to Mercury, where he released two country singles, which were also failures.

By that time, he had begun supporting other musicians, playing bass and occasionally steel guitar with Porter Wagoner, Faron Young, and Ray Price. He frequently moved between employers because of his short-fused temper. Paycheck finally found his match in George Jones.

About Johnny Paycheck

"Take This Job and Shove It" is a country music song written by David Allan Coe and popularized by Johnny Paycheck, about the bitterness of a man who. The "Alison Group" has bought four beer breweries in difficulties. The young but rising top Manager Frank Macklin is sent to reorganize one of them, the one.

Late in , he relaunched his solo career with the assistance of producer Aubrey Mayhew, who produced a pair of singles -- "A" and "Heartbreak Tennessee" -- for Hilltop Records. Though it only charted at number 26, "A" caused a sensation within the country community, earning several Grammy nominations as well as reviews that compared Paycheck to his mentor, Jones.

Riley, Bobby Helms, and Lloyd Green. Between and , Paycheck had eight more hit singles, with each record progressively charting at a lower position than its predecessor -- "Motel Time Again" reached number 13 in early , while "If I'm Gonna Sink" climbed to number 73 in late Though "Wherever You Are" showed signs of a comeback in the summer of , peaking at number 31, the label went bankrupt shortly after its release, partially due to Paycheck's declining commercial performance, partially due to his heavy drinking and erratic behavior.

Over the course of the next year, he moved to California and sunk deeply into substance abuse.

Take This Job and Shove It Lyrics

In , Paycheck's appeals had expired and he was sentenced to the Chillicothe Correctional Institute. Al Kasha , Greg Blackwell , J. This is a worthwhile watch movie, even if you only watch it a few times. Listeners Also Played See All. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Meanwhile, Billy Sherrill at Epic Records had been searching for Paycheck with the hopes of producing his records. The label finally tracked him down in and offered him a contract, provided that he cleaned himself up. Paycheck accepted the offer and, with Sherrill's assistance, kicked his addictions.

Like many of Sherrill's records of the early '70s, his Paycheck recordings were heavily produced and often layered with stings.

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Though this was a shift from the hardcore country that Paycheck made on Little Darlin', the new approach was a hit -- his debut single for the label, "She's All I Got," became a number two hit upon its fall release. Lovemaker," and 's "For a Minute There" -- with the more accessible, pop-oriented songs Sherrill crafted for him, but Paycheck's wild ways hadn't changed all that much. In , he was convicted of check forgery and, in , was saddled with a paternity suit, tax problems, and bankruptcy. Accordingly, he shifted his musical style in the mid-'70s to put him in step with the renegade outlaw country movement.

Paycheck's first outlaw album, 's 11 Months and 29 Days which happened to be the length of his suspended sentence for passing a bad check , featured a photo of him in a jail cell on the cover, signalling his change of direction.

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Soon, Paycheck's records were becoming near-parodies of his lifestyle, as the title "Me and the I. Drunk on Arrival " indicated. Nevertheless, he stayed at the top of the charts, with "Friend, Lover, Wife" and "Mabellene" both reaching number seven in late and early Shortly after the twin success of those singles, his career began to crumble due to his excessive, violent behavior.

In , his former manager Glenn Ferguson began a prolonged and difficult legal battle.

In , a flight attendant for Frontier Airlines sued him for slander after he began a fight on a plane. The following year, he was arrested for alleged rape.

Take This Job and Shove It

Coe's recording was released in on his "Family Album". It included the double-meaning line "Paycheck you may be a thing of the past. Though the single released by Paycheck, and subsequent album, both correctly credit Coe as the song's composer. The song inspired a film by the same name. A cover version also appears on Bedtime for Democracy by Dead Kennedys.

It also became a snowclone phrase, leading to a variety of book and article titles of the form, "Take this job and The most notable is "Take this job and love it", which has been the title of dozens of books, mostly about career counseling, as well as the title of a episode of the television series Hannah Montana.

Another variation is the quote "take this job and fill it" from the Simpsons episode, " Lisa vs. Another related snowclone is "take this From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.