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Obviously I am being general in this analysis, as it is my opinion. Nevertheless, I truly believe a huge part of the male falling behind in our contemporary society, or the "gender-war" is caused by the idea of, "boys will be boys". I don't blame women or men for this. Nevertheless, these stereotypes are embedded into young people's brains at an early age and the sense of entitlement to the sense of being unfairly treated as children still prevail into adulthood. A solution is to put a stop to allowing these younger boys to not be held to such a low standard of "boys will be boys".

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I have boys and I have girls and there is no getting around that they are different. And what a blessing that is! They each have their pros and cons.

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I often hear women blame their moodiness and witchiness on PMS, and we're supposed to understand and accept that even if their behavior is unacceptable. So it works both ways. Boys and girls can learn to benefit from each others differences. They compliment each other. I am married to a man and I am glad that he has masculine qualities as opposed to softer feminine ones that some would like men to become.

Gender is determined by one's DNA.

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If you are a psychologist, then you have studied science and biology. Please do not deny science by pretending that DNA can be changed. B Boys will be boys is not a sexist statement. It's not meant to dismiss bad behaviors. It's meant to kind of explain when a boy comes into the hospital with a broken arm because he fell out of a tree. If people use it to make sexist behavior acceptable or worse, normalize certain crimes, then they need to be scrutinized.

C The sooner boys and girls accept that they are in fact boys and girls and not each other or some other made-up gender, the happier they will be. Denying who or what one is will not bring happiness, rather it will just continue to bring dissatisfaction with oneself. I am a woman. Even if I had some sort of mystical surgery to give myself a penis, I would still be a woman.

That would not change, no matter how much I might want it to. Remember the Serenity Prayer. It still has real life applications today.

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There is nothing wrong with saying Boys will be Boys. It's also appaling how you act like there are no biological differences between boys and girls. I'd expect that kind of nonsense on some random feminist blog not a site as prestigious as Psych Today. If you're peddling this, then you better not believe in the phrases "girl power" or "The woman's prerogative to change her mind". I've heard those phrases just as many times as I've heard boys will be boys.

boys will be boys

It simply comes down to whether you had enough home training to know right from wrong. This whole thing has moved from looking for equality for women, To the Emasculation and minimization Of the male gender. Good luck though, you have a platform and you're on your way. Elizabeth Meyer , Ph. Back Psychology Today Australia.

Boys will be boys.

Parenting Adolescents and the Choice-Consequence Connection. Follow me on Twitter. It prompts students to construct gender stereotypes.

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Why not consider your reactions instead? It is misinformed thinking and oversimplifies the problem. I'd expect that kind of nonsense on some random feminist blog not a site as prestigious as Psych Today. The expression "boys will be boys" attempts to explain away aggressive behaviors that a small number of children exhibit by linking it with "natural" or "biological" impulses, without examining other reasons for the aggression. That they don't pick up the message and internalize it and use it to help shape their morals and behavoir. I don't think you understand Submitted by Anonymous on March 18, - 5:

In cases where students were not "reminded" of this group membership—and as a result, the associated stereotypes—students performed much better. Another Psychology Today blogger wrote eloquently about research showing how this impacted children as early as first grade and their attitudes toward math and language arts. Gender stereotypes allow unconscious biases to form and proliferate.

He explains that teachers give more attention to the "more active" boys and have less academic contact with the "quieter" girls, and although more girls are identified for gifted programs in elementary schools, by high school fewer girls remain in gifted programs—particularly African American and Latina girls. These stereotypes also reinforce the myth of the gender binary and " sex differences" which I discuss more in point four below. It is misinformed thinking and oversimplifies the problem. The expression "boys will be boys" attempts to explain away aggressive behaviors that a small number of children exhibit by linking it with "natural" or "biological" impulses, without examining other reasons for the aggression.

It is also often used to justify schoolyard bullying —often very extreme cases that are violent and homophobic in nature —and causes many adults to accept negative behaviors as "natural. Podlesny case—where a student was hospitalized after being beaten up for being gay—justified the assault, using such terms. This phrase allows harmful behaviors to persist unchecked and possibly worsen over time. It also reduces the likelihood of adults intervening in interactions that can be really harmful. It limits the full expression of children.

This meta-analysis of hundreds of studies showed that most reported differences between sexes are quite small. As a result she has developed the gender similarities hypothesis that humans are more alike on most factors than "common sense" would have you believe.

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The Psychology Today editors wrote about this study in a blog post in that summarizes the study quite concisely. Other books have been published that try to perpetuate the belief that males and females are very different, and the media is ready to repeat these stories because they are comforting and familiar to their audiences. After an entire childhood of using the "Boys will be boys" excuse to explain bad behavior, some men turn to "I'm a guy" Why won't you clean the dishes? Blame bad parenting not gender roles Submitted by Anonymous on March 15, - I sympathize Submitted by sy sperling on March 14, - 4: Is wrong that boys and girls are different?

Submitted by Franky on March 14, - 4: I don't think you understand Submitted by Anonymous on March 18, - 5: I don't think you understand the use of "boys will be boys" Oh he punched a kids tooth out?

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Men just want to feel special. There's a misandrist comment if I've ever read one Submitted by Luke on April 20, - 9: Why not consider your reactions instead? Submitted by Anonymous on March 14, - 6: With all due respect to the author and in an effort to be helpful, I ask the following questions: If it's just a simple idiom, Submitted by Anonymous on March 19, - 2: If it's just a simple idiom, why isn't there a similar one saying "girls will be girls"?

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A phrase used to explain a boys natural tendency to be adventurous, hyper- active, and do risky activities which potentially result in hurting themselves (such as. 11 hours ago SIPA USA/PA Images A sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has led many of his defenders to respond with the idea that “boys will be boys.”. That’s the idea at play in much of the discussion of the sexual assault allegation against Supreme.

Dance-pop , latin pop , house. Mexico General Airplay Monitor Latino [12]. Mexico Official Singles Chart [13]. Mexican Airplay Chart Billboard International [15]. Among conservative pundits, what Kavanaugh is accused of doing is being dismissed as standard teen fare. If the story is true, we now have to decide whether a man is unqualified for the Supreme Court because he drunkenly groped a girl 35 years ago when he was I'm going to answer "no" on that one. I don't see how this has any bearing on his qualifications whatsoever.

I do not understand why the loutish drunken behavior of a 17 year old high school boy has anything to tell us about the character of a 53 year old judge. This is a terrible standard to establish in public life.

Even if true, teenagers! Frankly, I don't believe her. Almost 40yrs and now she self righteously comes forward to save us from a dangerous sex offender.