VJ Day - Text of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender

Japanese Instrument of Surrender, 1945
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Truman, who declared a two-day holiday - tomorrow and Thursday - for all Federal employees throughout the nation. He also declared those days legal holidays so that war-plant workers could be paid time and one-half. He authorized Selective Service to reduce draft inductions immediately from 80, to 50, per month as a result of Japan's capitulation. Only men 26 or under will be drafted to fill that quota.

Bedlam broke loose in usually reserved Washington the moment the White House flashed the word that "it's all over. A snowstorm of ticker tape went cascading into the streets. Within a few minutes a tremendous crowd gathered in front of the White House and in Lafayette Park across the street.

Truman, the Missouri boy who became the No.

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Truman, speaking into a microphone hitched to a public address system, had a few words to say extemporaneously. This is the day for democracy. And it is going to take the help of all of you to do it. Thus did the President speak at one of the greatest - and most triumphant - moments in American history. The finish of Japan - hastened by the fury of the atomic bomb, but long since assured by the sweat and blood and tears of an Allied people - came after endless hours of waiting for the Jap reply that carried the inevitable message: Japan's doom was all but sealed when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima Aug.

Then - four days later - Russia threw the weight of her mighty armies into the conflict. She offered to surrender provided that the sovereign prerogatives of the Emperor were not compromised. They so informed Tokyo in a note dispatched from Washington at Japan, they said, must surrender unconditionally. The Emperor could remain, but he must take orders from the supreme Allied commander - MacArthur.

Japan had hoped to conquer all of Asia; to rule all the Pacific - and divide up the world with Germany. This was her hope on Sunday, Dec. This was their hope when the Jap naval leader - Isoruku Yamamoto - said after Pearl Harbor that he would dictate peace from the White House.

The peace was dictated from the White House, but not by Yamamoto, who is long since dead. It was dictated by President Truman in collaboration with Allied leaders.

Japan surrenders unconditionally, world at peace

When Japan hit Pearl Harbor and left most of the American battle Fleet a blazing shambles, she thought the war was over then and there. But she reckoned without the fighting spirit of America. But the "infamy" of Pearl Harbor was Japan's greatest mistake as Hitler's was the invasion of Russia. In its darkest hour the United States emerged completely united and answered the threat to her very existence, answered it with a miracle of might and production such as the world never dreamed of. Out of the ashes of Pearl Harbor there came the mightiest Fleet in all history. There came the greatest aerial armada.

And there came an unbeatable array of ground forces. For six months after Pearl Harbor, the Jap navy roamed the Pacific at will. American possessions were gobbled up. Tiny Wake Island and Guam were the first to go. Then came the Philippines. The glory and the agony of Bataan and Corregidor. But the United States was just starting. The home front took another hitch in its belt. It produced a bridge of ships; a multitude of warplanes.

It produced weapons not only for American boys fighting two wars half a world apart, but for their Allied comrades on two global fronts. On the fighting fronts, the American boy dug in and stemmed Japan's advance.

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The Japanese Instrument of Surrender was the written agreement that formalized the surrender The date is sometimes known as Victory over Japan Day, although that designation more .. Wikisource has original text related to this article. The surrender of Imperial Japan was announced on August 15 and formally signed on from the Japanese government signed the Japanese Instrument of Surrender, Allied civilians and military personnel alike celebrated V-J Day, the end of the . While this judgment does not accord with the much-lauded character of.

Japan's imperial fleet was slowed down in the Coral Sea Battle of May, The Real Estate Market. Quick links Horoscopes Puzzles Customer service My account. Article text size A.

Open this photo in gallery: Japanese Surrender document Handout. Special to The Globe and Mail.

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Japanese Instrument of Surrender

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