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Dr Anna Banerji - Living her Calling

The place is a mess and important messages are being lost. Paul may have to eat humble pie to make things better! Chaos at Tip Top Trading! Denise has left and things are getting busy!

How will the team cope being one member down? It's Denise's last day at Tip Top Trading and she's worried about the future. Hopefully Anna can give her some good careers advice! Anna's consulting the development team about her plastic aubergines. Will they understand the project? Triumphant Tip Top Trading are back from the awards ceremony, but it's not all good news! It's award time at the International Plastics Convention! Will Anna and the Tip Top Trading team win the prize?

Will Anna be able to network effectively? Anna's in charge following Paul's biscuit-related accident, but things are about to take a turn for the worse. How will she and Tom deal with a mysterious note they find in the office? Paul's gone missing after he went to a biscuit convention. Anna and the others at Tip Top Trading have been left on their own — who will step up and take charge?

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It's time for Anna to pitch her idea for a new plastic vegetable product to her boss Paul. Will she be able to capture his attention and get her idea off the ground? Crisis at Tip Top Trading!

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Something's happened to the computers and everyone's work has disappeared! Anna needs tech support but can she say the right things to get them to help?

Anna is developing her idea for a new plastic vegetable. But has she considered all the information before she pitches the idea to her boss Paul?

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She's going to have to do some proper research before she can! Anna and Tom are finally on their dinner date! Tom has romance on his mind but Anna is thinking about something else entirely — putting together a perfect business proposal! Tom's had an accident! Can Anna find the right language to use to sort out health and safety problems at work? It's time for Anna's appraisal - a chance to review how things are going and to set some challenges for the year ahead. But will Anna like what Paul has to say? New recruit Rachel has been making life difficult for Anna and she's been making some bad business decisions.

It's time for discipline and someone to give her a warning!

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Tense times at Tip Top Trading! Anna is having trouble working with new employee Rachel, who's making some big mistakes. What can Anna do before Rachel goes too far? Anna's struggling to work with Rachel, the new member of staff at Tip Top Trading. She's becoming more and more difficult and Anna will have to deal with it soon! Anna's back from her French trip, so things should be going well at Tip Top Trading. But there's a new person coming in to work — will she and Anna get on with each other? Anna and Tom have managed to complete a lucrative deal selling their Imperial Lemons.

But not everything is going so well — their flight back to London has been cancelled! What will they do?

Anna Soubry receives messages calling for her to be hanged as a traitor

Anna and Tom are still in France trying clinch the deal with the French trader. Will they get him to sign the deal? Anna and Tom are off to France to finalise a business deal. Will Anna manage to book the flight with Denise's help? Last time we left Anna and Tom locked in the stationery cupboard — will they escape and will Anna be able to secure a deal with a French company?

One of the companies Anna cold-called has got in touch! Will she get her negotiating hat on and get them to make an order? Anna's making some cold calls to find new clients for Tip Top Trading. But will they warm to her approach? After announcing a new strategy, Mr Socrates joins the team at the pub. But after a few beers he says some things he shouldn't! What is he going to say? The big boss is visiting from America, and he's quite fussy about his hotel room. Looks like Anna has to do some complaining! There's a fire at Tip Top Trading!

Will Anna be able to use the right phrases in this tricky situation? While the abuse came from a tiny minority of people, Soubry said, it seemed indicative of deep divisions in the country that were not being addressed. The idea perpetuated in some newspapers that she and other Tory rebels were seeking to overturn Brexit was nonsense, Soubry said. So, I accept we are leaving the European Union , even though the result was close. My argument now is how do we get the best deal, and I want parliament, finally, to be involved in getting the best deal for our country.

Why does that make me a traitor?

MPs press social media firms over failure to take down hate speech. Twitter suspends Britain First leaders as it enforces new anti-abuse rules. But a lot of what drives me is my conviction that things are unequal and unfair and that every single one of us has capacity to make a difference. The ability to give guidance and make decisions to move a vision in a certain direction.

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Who will come to the rescue? Inverness, Australia Title s: Thirty years ago in medical school, when I wanted to do global health, people would say, "What's global health? However, Anna's charming curiosity gets the better of her and she secretly reads the letter. Towards Advanced Upper-intermediate Courses: Tom's walked out after Anna rejected his marriage proposal. What I do is not for people to follow me, because for many years no one cared what I was doing.

What I do is not for people to follow me, because for many years no one cared what I was doing. But now with my current position at the university, the conferences, my clinical work and research, some people consider me an expert in Indigenous and refugee health. I've had to work harder to get recognition. And the older I get the more I see discrimination. I've been told by other women, including women of colour that my standing up to the status quo gives them courage to do the same. A lot of younger people, students and residents say that my work and leadership inspires them to speak out for others.

Some students have told me they considered me a mentor even before they ever met me. First, never give up! There are always people who discourage you. So, if you really believe in something, you have to persevere. I've been doing research in the Arctic for 20 years, mainly unrecognised until 5 years ago. Now many of my publications end up on Canadian national TV. My expertise and leadership in refugee or Indigenous health was not recognised until I became the Director of Global and Refugee Health and the chair of large conferences.

So it's taken me most of my career for my work to be recognised. Second, believe in yourself and your convictions. If you truly believe in something don't let other people persuade you otherwise. Thirty years ago in medical school, when I wanted to do global health, people would say, "What's global health? Many young people care passionately about the world and want to make a difference and now it's becoming acceptable and responsible to care about vulnerable people. Young women of today have it easier than I did, and hopefully they will get many more opportunities.

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